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'Hard to imagine a Comet would be the fastest broom around, Comet 5000, I thought they would of stopped making them way back! Whad'ya think Harry' asked Ron.

'I think your just jealous cos you bought the second best!' replied Harry, looking at the smooth red wood with 'Comet 5000' insribed on the side in metalic red ink.

Harry had his mind set on something much smaller than brooms though, in a few days time it would be his 21st birthday and Ron had informed him the girls (Molly, Hermione and Ginny) were planning a 'suprise' party for him. Harry had planned it all out, Harry and Ginny would dance all night, drinking butter beer and having a good time. Then Harry would draw the guests attention with his impressive patronus (Ginny likes it when he does that), and ask Ginny to marry him. It was all he could think about, he had already been a gentleman and asked Arthur Weasley if he had his approval. He was delighted at the thought but said it would be rather strange, as he already thought of him as a son, but he said yes anyway. It would all be perfected,Harry was in the middle of daydreaming this when Ron started talking.

'Erm,Harry, do you want to get a drink? I need to ask you something.' Ron murmured nervously.

Harry was puzzled, Ron didn't even look this nervous at the Battle of Hogwarts, his own brother had died and he had actually seen Voldemort yet he still didn't look as afraid as he did now.

'Sure Ron, are you OK?'

'Yeah sure' said Ron not sounding very sure.

Harry and Ron walked into the Hogs Head very slowly. As soon as they placed their feet on the moving welcome mat the smell of warming butter beer and old wood hit them. The smell strongly remided Harry of his first trip to Hogsmead. They sat down at the bar just as Aberforth, the barman and a close friend to Harry and Ron walked over.

'What can I get ya for boys?' growled Aberforth through his thick, straggly beard.

'Two butter beers please' replied Harry, still worried about what the green Ron was still so nervous about,

'Actually can we have one butter beer, I need a fire whisky...'Ron looked like he was ready to throw up.

'Comin' up' Aberforth gave a gentle flick to his wand and a large glass came flying out of a cupboard and poured itself some butter beer. Meanwhile the wizard himself was pouring a large shot of firewhisky and passing it to Ron.

Harry sipped delicately at his drink, still keeping a watchful eye on Ron who was draining his firewhisky.

'So what did you want to say Ron?' asked Harry, timidly.

'Here goes...erm...Me and Hermione are getting married.' Ron rushed through the whole sentence and it took Harry a litle while for the information to sink in.

'What, when did this happen?' Harry said, shocked.

'When I found out me and Hermione might be having a baby, I was going to save it till your birthday before  I asked her, but when she said we might be having a baby I jumped at the oppurtunity and she said yes.' Ron said this a little slower then the previous time.

'Hermiones pregnant?!' whispered Harry.

'Maybe, all the signs point to a baby, well, she has morning sickness and lots of stomach aches. Hermiones not sure what other things are meant to happen, this is one subject she knows nothing about.'



Harry couldn't believe his ears, they sat in silence for a bit beforeHarry spoke.

'Good for you!'

'Hopefully' murmured Ron.

Harry decided he would tell Ron his big plan, after all he just spilled his beans. 'I'm going to propose to your sister on my Birthday.'

Ron gulped, then fainted.

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