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Adalia woke up to the sound of screaming. She squinted and blinked so her eyes can adjust to the light flooding from the window. She slid out of her bed and turned around to find Ginny sleeping, still in her party clothes. Adalia looked down at herself and found herself still in her party clothes as well. She smiled at the sleeping figure of Ginny and was about to walk into the bathroom when she heard sreaming, again. Adalia wore a confused look on her face which quickly changed to a look of horror. SHIT! Oh No SHit! Adalia ran out of the room and down the stairs, where she stopped right in time before colliding with an extremely angry Lucius Malfoy.


Lucius was about to start again but was cut off by a low groan. Adalia and Lucius turned around to see Draco stirring on the floor. He slowly got up and put his hands on his head, groaning in pain. Draco looked down at the sleeping figure of Blaise and sniggered at the way he was passed out on the floor. Draco looked up and his eyes widened in horror at seeing his father standing a few feet away from him. "Umm... ahem... good morning, father?" Draco said nervously.

Lucius sighed angrily and walked towards the door. He stopped and said, "I want this house all cleaned up by the time I come back. If it is not, Draco you know what will happen". And with that being said, he walked out of the house and slammed the door behind him. Draco turned to Adalia with his eyes widened in horror and was practically staring at a mirror when it came to face experssions. They turned around when they heard Blaise groaning.

Blaise stood up and quickly regretted it as his hands flew up to his head. "Owww.... My head is killing me. Draco... do we have any hangover potion? I need it really badly," Blaise said painfully. Draco was still horrified, so he ran for the potion without a word and stumbled on his way down to the kitchens. Blaise turned to Adalia and found her smirking at him. "Oh no, the evil smirk of Adalia. What?" Blaise groaned.

Adalia laughed before smiling innocently, "Nothing. When Draco comes back and you take that hangover potion, make sure you wake everyone up and get them out of here. Also, tell the house elves to clean this place up. We wouldn't want dear old Lucius to come and scream at us again, now would we". Adalia turned around and headed back upstairs to her room.

Blaise watched her retreating figure, confused. "Again?" Blaise whispered to himself. He heard hurried footsteps and turned around to see Draco running towards him with a big flask of hangover potion. Draco took a sip and handed it over to Blaise, who snatched it out of his hand and quickly took a sip. Blaise handed the flask back to Draco and said, "Right. So Adalia said we should wake everyone up and tell the house elves to clean this place up. Let's get to it then". Draco and Blaise walked around waking up their fellow Slytherins and giving them the flask of hangover potion. Everyone muttered their thanks and headed back home.

Adalia walked into her room and found that Ginny was still sleeping. She walked up and stood behind her. "You won't be able to delay your explanation forever, Ginny," she said before grabbing some clothes and going into her bathroom to take a quick shower.

Ten minutes later, Ginny woke up and looked around the room. She remembered the party last night and couldn't help but smile. Then a thought popped into her head and she frowned slightly. Ginny sighed heavily and muttered, "What am I doing here?" A hand was put on Ginny's shoulder, which scared her a bit but relaxed when she turned to see Adalia smiling at her.

"What are you doing here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're having the best time of your life here. Also, I think you want to be here. I think that you believe in what my father believes in and that you don't want to hang with Potter and your brother. I am giving you the chance you never had, and you like the fact that someone is actually doing that for a change. Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm not right," Adalia said softly. Ginny tried but couldn't. She knew Adalia was right, so she turned her head away. Adalia turned Ginny's face back to her's and smiled a knowing smile.

"You know what, you're right. I have the same beliefs as your father, and I am sorry that I have a family who thinks otherwise. I don't want to hang around with my brother because he is stupid as hell and a total asshole. I don't want to hang around Harry because he proved that he would cheat on me when I wouldn't be around him. I want to hang out with you and Draco and... Blaise. I want to be a supporter of your father. I want to fight this war... by your side," Ginny said with a hint of rage in her voice.

Adalia smiled at Ginny who smiled right back. Adalia hugged Ginny and said, "Welcome, Ginny, to our side. Now, let's go see how the boys cleaned the place up. I wouldn't want another run in with Lucius Malfoy like the one I had this morning". Ginny laughed lightly and followed Adalia out the door and down the stairs. They reached the living room and saw the boys grinning at how Lucius praised them on doing a good job with cleaning the house. Lucius turned around smiling at Adalia, but the smile vanished as soon as he spotted Ginny.

"WEASLEY!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!? WHAT IS A FILTHY BLOOD-TRAITOR DOING IN MY HOUSE?! WHAT IS GOING ON TODAY!? FIRST I COME HOME IN THE MORNING TO SEE MY HOUSE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, AND NOW THIS?" Lucis yelled, his eyes filled with rage. He was gripping his cane so hard, it lookled like it was about to snap. Ginny was hiding behind Adalia, who was watching Lucius' fit with amusement.

"Lucius, I suggest you don't grip your cane so tightly. It might break," Adalia said calmly. Lucius' eyes thinned and he was about to start yelling again but Adalia cut him off. "Don't. I let you off earlier today when you yelled at me. Don't expect me to do it again. I am your guest, therefore you should be treating me with respect. Ginny is my guest, therefore I treat her with respect. Do you realize who you have been yelling at?" Adalia said menacingly.

Lucius stepped back as his eyes widened in horror. He had just realized who he was yelling at and was regretting it more and more by the second. He quickly got on his knees and bowed down in front of Adalia, making her smirk. "I'm sorry. I completely forgot who I was talking to. It's just that... I couldn't stop my self from overreacting. I mean... there is a... Weasley in my house. And that Weasley isn't dead, so I don't understand what she can possibly be doing here. Why is she your guest?" Lucius asked, silently praying to god that Adalia wouldn't hurt him too hard.

Adalia smirked, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lucius, I thought you of all people know that you should not question the actions of your superiors. As for your question... it is none of your business. It is only my business what I do and who I associate with. Unless I tell you, you shouldn't ask. Now, we are going to go swim in the pool. You are dismissed, Lucius". Lucius nodded and quickly swept from the room.

Adalia turned around and saw everyone staring at her. "What? Can't a girl speak her mind? Now let's go for a swim, shall we?" Adalia said and walked out the door followed by Ginny. The boys followed Adalia and Ginny, all the while muttering something about Adalia being lucky she can control Lucius. They arrived at the pool and the boys took their shirts off. Adalia and Ginny looked at the boys, smiled, then turned to each other and burst out laughing.

Draco and Blaise wore confused looks and started checking if there was anything funny about the way they looked. Draco was wearing green trunks with silver patterns while Blaise was wearing black trunks with blue flames. Draco couldn't find anything funny about his appearance so he decided to ask, "What is it that you find so funny? Is there something wrong with us?" Adalia and Ginny laughed even harder at this because they knew that there was definitely nothing wrong with Draco or Blaise. Actually, they were perfect when it came to their looks.

The girls stopped laughing and began to take their clothes off. Draco and Blaise stood there, gaping obviously. Adalia was wearing a green bikini with silver trimming and Ginny was wearing a sky blue bikini with black trimming. The girls smiled at the gaping boys and Ginny spoke, "See... we match. That's why we were laughing. It's just funny how we all think the same thing when it comes to colors. It was just to big of a coincidence, and we found it pretty funny". Blaise smiled at how childish Ginny sounded. The boys turned to face each other and smirked. They turned back to the girls and started advancing towards them, smirking.

Adalia and Ginny looked at the boys in horror and slowly backed away. This made the boys smirk even wider. The girls turned around and began to run. Ginny was caught easily by Blaise who ran swiftly and practically jumped on her. Adalia was running extremely fast, which caught Draco by surprise, but he ran after her and eventually caught her. Blaise neared the edge of the pool with Ginny in his hands. He was going to throw her in but she was too feisty for him, so he ended up falling in the pool with her. Blaise laughed at the soaked Ginny who was glering at him for getting her wet.

Draco held Adalia above the water, her face turned to his. He smirked at the glaring girl and asked, "Any last words?"

Adalia's glare disappeared and she smirked wildly. "Actually yes... You are a foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach".

It happened so fast thar Draco didn't even realize what happened. Draco looked like he was just slapped in the face. He looked into the pool and saw  Adalia swimming with Ginny and Blaise. He was so shocked with her words that he must have dropped her into the pool right after she said them. Draco stood at the edge of the pool deep in thought. Why would Adalia use the same exact words as Granger used in their third year? She wasn't there... was she? Maybe she went through Granger's memories before killing her... Draco looked at Adalia and decided to ask her about it later. Right now, he was going to have some fun with his friends, not think about stupid mudbloods.

Draco jumped into the pool and swam up to his friends. They had races in where they had to swim in many different styles. Adalia and Draco won most of them while Ginny and Blaise were too busy looking at each other to try. After all their races they decided to just float lazily. Blaise looked at Ginny and made her blush. He laughed at this and  that caused her to splash him. "Hey! Stop... I like it when you blush when I look at you. It makes me think you like me as much as I like you..." Blaise said while Ginny splashed him.

Blaise backed her up into the corner of the pool and Ginny smiled, "Well maybe I do..."
Blaise couldn't hold himself back, so he dove in for a kiss. Ginny giggled at his enthusiasm and kissed him back. Draco and Adalia smirked at how their friends were snogging uncontrolably.

Adalia looked at Draco who looked back at her. She swam up to him and he grabbed her around the waist. Draco swam up against the edge of the pool and pushed Adalia against it and pressed his body against hers. She raised an eyebrow at him which made him smirk. Oh this is going to be fun. Malfoy thinks he can get what he wants. Boy is he in for a surprise. Adalia put her finger on his chest and began tracing it downwards, leaving a little trail of water running down his chest. She stopped at his waist line and traced her finger around his waist. She tugged on his swimming trunks, which made Draco very hungry for her. She leaned in to kiss him but turned her head at the last second so that her mouth was near his ear. "Sorry Draco, we've run out of time," She whispered into his ear. She pushed him away and climbed out of the pool.

Draco was dumbfounded. He thought he actually had a chance and that was ruined because... they were out of time? He watched Ginny climb out of the pool, Blaise following her. Draco climbed out of the pool angrily. He dried himself and went to put his shirt on. After he got dressed, he went into the house to change into something comfortable, since they planned to play quidditch.

Blaise ran after Draco, but not before he passionately kissed Ginny on the lips. Adalia smirked at Ginny and asked, "Didn't you do enough of that already?" Ginny blushed and muttered something that sounded like 'shut up'. Adalia laughed and followed Ginny into the house.

Adalia sat on the grass watching Draco, Blaise, and Ginny playing quidditch. More like passing the quaffle around but still, it was part of quidditch. Draco got tired of yelling at Blaise and Ginny to pay attention, because they kept flirting with each other. So while they flirted, Draco practiced by himself with the snitch. Adalia smiled to herself at how silly Blaise and Ginny were being. She turned her gaze to Draco and sat on the grass watching his every move.

Draco decided to practice some of his best tricks so he flew after the snitch with top speed. It stopped going in one direction and quickly sped into the opposite one. Draco was ready for this so he pulled up and was now flying in that direction, upside down. The snitch sensed that Draco was gaining speed so it went in for a dive. Draco dove quickly after the snitch and spiraled downwards. He caught the snitch with ease and pulled up so that he was sitting on his broom normally.

Adalia watched as Draco did this without  breaking a sweat. She stood up and yelled to him, "Why do you let Potter win every year? I know you can beat him with those moves. Why don't you show him how it's really done. His moves aren't half as good as yours". Draco looked down at Adalia and then at Blaise and Ginny, who all had looked at him with questioning eyes.

Draco scowled and replied, "Why should I? He'll just steal all my moves and use them to become the most famous quidditch player to exist. Potter isn't worthy enough to see my moves. I don't want to be accused of stealing his moves when it's actually him who stole them from me". Draco looked back at Adalia to see her glaring at him.

Adalia was now seething, "What makes you think Potter will live long enough to become a peofessional quidditch player? Personally, I don't think he will live to see the day". Draco was shocked. How could he have not thought about Potter being dead by that time.

"Ummm... I'm sorry. I didn't even think about that... I should've considered Potter being dead," Draco said honestly. He looked at Adalia, who was still glaring at him, but then she lay down on the grass and closed her eyes. Draco turned to Ginny and Blaise and motioned for them to follow him and join her. Draco, Blaise, and Ginny landed on the ground and put their brooms down. They walked up to where Adalia was laying and lay down next to her.

The four of them were all lying in a comfortable silence when Blaise spoke, "Hey Gin, I know you're friends with us now, especially me, but I still want to know why you hated Granger. I mean... in details, why did you hate her?" Adalia opened her eyes when Blaise asked this. How could I have been so stupid to forget asking her about that? Thank god Blaise picked the perfect time to ask. I will have to thank him later... or I could let it pass... no that's just mean. But I live for mean..... Adalia's thoughts were interrupted by Ginny's voice.

"When I first met Hermione, I really liked her. I thought she was a nice girl and she was extremely smart. She hung out with Ron... and that made me happy for my brother, because he was poor but happy. I had Harry and Hermione to thank for that. When I came to Hogwarts, I thought I would join in the adventures of the 'Golden Trio'. I was obviously very wrong. No matter how much I tried to go with them... Harry and Ron would never let me. They would always say that they needed only one girl with them... and that girl was Hermione. I never understood what they saw in her. Sure she had a brain, but when it came to the looks department... well... you know, she was downright UGLY!!! I became jealous of Hermione... not only did she go on all of these adventures, but she spent time with Harry. I loved Harry, ever since I laid eyes on him. You could say it was love at first sight... Well Harry spent all of his time with Hermione. It was always Hermione this and Hermione that. It was never Ginny... It was always... HERMIONE!!! Obviously, my jealousy beacame something like anger and rage. I wanted her gone... not only from the school or the wizarding world. I hated mudbloods and muggles because of her. I wanted her... dead. So there you have it... That's why I hated Hermione Granger," Ginny said with a menacing tone.

Adalia's facial expressions were changing throughout the whole explanation. From shock to rage to disappointment. Now it was just one full of glee. She was so happy for this girl. I'm so happy that I was able to sway Ginny into our side. I mean it wasn't done willingly since I was Hermione Granger. But now... I'm so excited for Ginny. I know she has potential. I knew she had potential... but now... she's ready to use it. Big time. 

Blaise and Draco listened to the story with a look of shock etched on their handsome faces. Blaise got up from the ground and pulled Ginny up with him. He took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. When he pulled back, he embraced her and just held her in his arms. He let out a deep sigh and said, "You really are the perfect girl for me... you know that?" Ginny giggled into his chest and held him tightly. They pulled stopped hugging each other and smiled. Blaise held Ginny by the waist as Draco and Adalia got up from the ground.

Draco smirked at his friend while Adalia was smiling at Ginny. Draco began walking towards the house with Adalia right next to him. "Just wait until they get married, then we won't even be able to be around them anymore. I can already see it, Blaise and Ginny always snogging each other. That's probably how they're going to die. They didn't pull apart to get some air and well... you know the rest. I'm sure going to miss Blaise, he is my best friend," Draco said smirking. Adalia was laughing histerically while Ginny and Blaise were blushing like crazy.

The quatro went inside the house and changed into some nice clothes for dinner. They had a lot of fun and conversed about everything they can think of while they ate. Adalia and Draco said goodbye to Ginny and Blaise, who were going to their own homes for the night. Ginny was upset that she was leaving but Adalia reassured  her that they would see each other tomorrow. They hugged while Blaise and Draco pounded each other with their fists. Blaise took Ginny by the hand and disapparated with her.

Draco and Adalia were about to head upstairs, when there was a loud crack. Draco turned around and on instinct, pulled Adalia behind him. Adalia looked out from behind Draco to see her parents standing in the living room. "Daddy!!!" She cried out while running towards him and hugging him tightly. He chuckled lightly and kissed her on the head. Adalia looked up at her father and pouted, "And I was beginning to think you wouldn't come and see me before I left".

Voldemort looked down at his daughter and smiled, "Oh princess... you know I would never lie to you. If I said we would see you before you left, it means that we will see you. I'm here aren't I? Of course I am. I wouldn't disappoint you if my life depended on it. So did you have fun during your stay at Malfoy Manor. I'm sure you were treated with a lot of respect from everyone". Voldemort looked up at Draco who nodded his head.

Adalia smiled at her father and enthusiastically replied, "Oh I had loads of fun, father. I made a new friend. She is a very useful ally to our side father, despite the family she comes from. At least one of them didn't turn out to be a blood traitor. Ginny Weasley. She proved that she is on our side and Draco, Blaise, and I trust her completely. She wants to fight for your cause and she will until the day she dies. I already have a plan which involves getting Potter in your hands. That is where Ginny comes in".

Voldemort looked at his daughter with pride shining in his eyes. He chuckled heartily and kissed his daughter once again. "My... don't you work fast? Already has everything figured out. Well what can I say, you have two extremely proud parents. I can see where you get your beauty and intelligence from," He said softly while turning his head to his wife. Sofia smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I am extremely proud of you princess, but I want you to get some rest. You are leaving for school tomorrow and you have to wake up early in the morning. Good night sweetie," He said kissing her on the forehead. Adalia kissed him and her mother on the cheek and watched as they disapparated together.

She sighed and turned back to Draco, "Ahhhh.... yes where were we now? Oh yes we were going to our rooms. Let's go Draco, we have to wake up early tomorrow. But then again, don't we always?" She walked up the stairs and bid Draco good night. He bid her good night as well and they walked into their seperate rooms.

Adalia walked up to her bedside table and took out her Headgirl badge. They won't know what hit them when they see me wearing this. Poor Potter and Weasley, no more Hermione to save them. They are all alone now. Now... Adalia is here, and she is going to make them wish that they were never born. Adalia laughed evily and climbed into bed. She fell asleep with an evil smile on her face.

Draco walked up to his desk and picked up his Headboy badge. He wondered who would be Headgirl now that Granger was dead. He thought it would probably be somebody from Ravenclaw. He put the badge back on the desk and plopped down onto his bed. He put his heaad in his hands and began to think about Adalia. Why did she seem so familiar to him but so unfamiliar at the same time? Draco shook his head trying to get all his thoughts out of his head so he can sleep in peace. Draco wasn't very successful because when he fell asleep, he dreamt of Adalia and....... Granger?

A/N: Hey everyone!!! Sorry it took so long... I had to rewrite this chapter three times because while I was writing it, someone would accidentally close the program and all my hard work would close. I hope you liked it because I wouldn't want my hard work to go to waste. I love all of you and chapter 7 will be written as soon as this one is validated. I would also like if you checked out the story called 'The Wicca Way'. It's by my very best friend, wiccasandwands2193. It's an awesome story from what I read and I think you would all like it too. I love you all and you all know it so don't say I don't.
                                                                                                                    Love, MalfoyHugger

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