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“Mum, what do you think happened to him?” Ginny asked Mrs. Weasley, tears glistening in her eyes.  

It was about two hours later and they still hadn’t got any news. 

“I don’t know sweetie, I don’t know,” said Molly, looking her only daughter in the eyes.

“That’s it! I’m going. I can’t stand it anymore! I have got to find out what’s going on!” yelled Ginny hysterically.  

“Now Ginny, that’s not necessary,” scolded Percy, he was never very good at calming people down.  

“I’m going with her!” said Ron firmly as he stood up, then added to his mother, “you can’t stop us, we are of age.”    

“Now Ronald be resona-” she never finished her sentence. Ron had apperated to St.Mungo’s without Ginny or anyone else.  

“What in the name of Merlin is wrong with him?” asked a raged Hermione.

“We are all worried, but there’s no need to run off!”   

Just then Luna and Neville walked in the door of the burrow.  

“Hello,” said Luna in her dreamy voice. “You wouldn’t believe what we heard in Diagon Alley. Someone said that the boy who lived was dead. What a strange thing to say.” Then she noticed that Ginny was crying, and asked, “Ginny, what’s wrong?”  

“Mum! You don’t think that those people heard before us?” asked Ginny very frantically, even though she had stopped crying now.  

“Of course not Ginny!” said Molly, although she wasn’t sure she was telling the truth.  

“He is fine, Ginny. I’m sure he just accidentally ate a Fainting Fancy, thinking it was a mint or something,” said George in a normal tone, although it wasn’t normal for George, he hadn’t been himself lately, but that, of course was to be expected.

Just then Arthur’s head appeared in the fireplace.  

“Oh Arthur! Thank goodness. We have been dying here,” said Molly rather loudly, running to the fireplace. The rest of the group followed not far behind.  

“Is he okay Dad?” asked Ginny, her voice steadying.  

“We are not sure yet, but you can come and see him now. Ron is already here.”

 “What’s wrong with him, Mr. Weasley?” asked Hermione anxiously.

 “We don’t know anything yet. You’ll have to wait. I have to go now, see you all soon.”  

And with a pop, he was gone.  


A few minutes later they all arrived at St.Mungo’s. Ginny had stopped any tears and was calming down as Arthur and Ron met them in the lobby of the wizarding hospital. Ron looked like he had been reprimanded severely and his ears were very red.

“Where is he dad?” she asked.  

“He's in room 7 on the third floor. I’ll take you there, he has a private room as they thought it would be best for the boy who lived to have some privacy.”  

“Okay,” agreed Ginny, and they all followed Mr. Weasley along the corridor, Neville, Luna, Lee, and George going downstairs to get something to eat as they quite fancied a  butterbeer.

The walls of Harry’s room were painted bright blue, with paintings of magical flowers on them. Harry was lying on the bed unconscious, and covered in a green blanket.   “Oh, Harry,” cried Ginny as she rushed to sit in the seat by his bed.  

“Don’t worry sweetie. He's fine for now. Someone has poisoned him, but he‘s just resting,” said the healer that had just walked in the room.  

“Poisoned him? Who? When?” asked Ginny, very fast.  

“Well obviously we don’t know who. But it probably happened sometime in the last few days as far as we can tell. Did you go anywhere different to eat, or was he around any enemies? I’m sure that being Harry Potter, he has plenty...” said the healer.

“My name is Healer Felica Hobson, by the way, but most people call me Felica.”  

Ginny frowned. “I can’t think of anywhere different we have been. We had a party at the house a few days ago. Someone could have snuck in there and poisoned him. Is it a regular poison or was it made by a wizard?”  

“Wizard made. It’s a very dark potion, and quite rare actually. He's lucky we found that he’s been poisoned so soon. Though I’m sorry to tell you, there is currently no antidote…”    

Here Hermione interrupted her. “But, every potion has a counter potion.”

“Do you always have to know everything Hermione?” asked Ron, looking at her angrily yet slightly relived.

“Yes, but we haven’t found one yet. Like I said, it’s a very rare poison,” replied Felica smartly.

 “Okay, so what does the poison do?” asked Ginny, drawing in a large breath.  

“It causes memory loss and fainting, and if it progresses for a long time, death. But don’t worry my dear…that would take six months or more. We will have the antidote long before then,” she reassured, seeing the look on Ginny’s face at the mention of death.  

“So when is he going to wake up?” asked Ron.  

“As soon as you all make enough noise! No, I’m just kidding. Probably any time though,” Felica replied with a happy grin on her face. “I’ll be back in a bit. See you all later.” And she left the room.  

“Well, she is a bit, well cheery, isn’t she?” remarked Mrs. Weasley in a strange tone.  

“Err, yeah she is,” replied Hermione.  

 “Why don’t we leave you all alone, I’m going to go and get some mangos in the cafeteria, come on Arthur,” she said, leaving the trio alone with Harry.  

“I’m really worried about him,” said Ginny taking her boyfriend’s hand and stoking it gently.  

“He’ll be alright Ginny, he just needs the antidote. Felica said he had nothing to worry about for a while,” said Hermione kindly.  

“He doesn’t look too good though, does he?” stated Ron.  

Well, I’d say not, he’s been poisoned,” Ginny replied sarcastically, glaring at her brother.  

“Who got poisoned?” came a familiar voice from the bed beside them.  

“Oh Harry, you're awake!” exclaimed Ginny, kissing his forehead.  

“Obviously,” he stated with a grin. “Now what’s going on? Where am I?”  

 “Your in St.Mungo’s, Harry,” replied Hermione.  

“Really? Why, what happened to me? Last thing I remember I was talking to your mum and dad, Ron.” Harry's brain was still feeling a little fuzzy.  

“Someone poisoned you at the party apparently. Stupid git. Your memory is going to be affected, and you are going to pass out once in a while, until they give you the antidote to the poison,” explained Ron.  

“Did you just call me a git?” asked Harry staring at Ron.  

“No, the person that poisoned you,” he replied.   “Did anybody give you anything weird to drink at the party, Harry?” asked Hermione.  

“Err… Not that I remember...When do I get to get out of here? I have to go and buy a watch for Ginny.”  

“You already did Harry,” said Ginny, holding out her arm for Harry to see the gorgeous watch strapped around her wrist.  

“That’s just what I was wanting to get you!” he exclaimed, and then asked again, “When do I get to leave?”  

“Err, sorry Harry that’s one of the questions we forgot to ask.”   Molly and Arthur walked in the door, their eyes lightening up at the sight of Harry, now fully awake although looking slightly confused.  

“Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, you know that question I asked you? Well, umm…what did you answer to it?” he asked, not wanting to say too much in front of Ginny.  

“We said yes, Harry,” Arthur told him with a wink.   “Don’t you remember Harry?” asked Mrs. Weasley, with concern in her voice.  

“Err…no. When did I pass out?” he asked.  

“A little after lunch. We were just walking up Diagon Alley when it happened,” replied Ginny.  

“Oh Merlin! What else did I miss? What time is it now?”   “About six,” Ginny replied looking down at her gorgeous new watch.

Healer Felica walked into the room, smiling to see that her patient was awake, although not altogether surprised. “Harry, you are free to go now, but you will need to come back every week to get tested to see how far the poison has worked its way through your body. As soon as we find the antidote we will owl you. Bye!” she said, leaving the room again.  

“That answers your question, doesn’t it? “ asked Ginny, teasing her boyfriend.  

“It sure does, Gin,” he replied with a wink.

A/N: Okaysies, sorry for taking so long this time. :D I hope you will keep reading the story anyway. I promise it gets very… interesting. Lol Leave me a review!!!


O.P. Thank you Rose for editing!!! :D I know what P.S. means!!! It was a joke!!! lay off people. Jea manie!!!

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