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Author's Note: Readers, my computer is...fried, I'm surprised I managed to get this chapter up. It may be the last for awhile until I get my computer running. Bear with me please!


I waited by the window the next day watching the snowfall. I ate breakfast with my family, and then attempted to read, do homework, watch a quidditch match…I was just restless. Nothing could sate the restless mind residing in my head. Finally, I tried just looking out at the snow. I had found some peace.

I felt a kick, only it was at a stomach that wasn't exactly there…it was very weird I can assure you. So I took the spells off my stomach to see a larger bulge than had been there the day before…so it was beginning to grow again, and quickly.

I smiled down at my stomach, thinking of Oliver…before a cold feeling reminded me of the scared look he was trying to mask in his eyes the day before. Of the anger that had managed to creep into his voice before restraining it again.

I know I deserve this, I really do, after keeping him ignorant for all those months, but I was worried. I might not see him until school if he didn't want to be found. I needed to make this up to him, but how? Maybe Braeden would have some kind of idea. 

That's when I heard the door open in the main hall. I heard Oliver's voice. I started to get up, but something held me back. I wanted to know if he wanted to talk to me. 

"Hey Oliver, Let me just go get Fallon," I heard Braeden's voice greet. 

"No, Braeden, I just need to talk to you for awhile. I just need to talk to a friend," Oliver asked quietly.

"Is something wrong mate?" Braeden asked.

"No, I mean, yes, but…really I just need to get my head together, and having a friend along would make things a lot easier," Oliver managed to get out.

"All right, let me just go grab my coat and we'll go talk, alright?" Braeden suggested. Oliver just nodded numbly.  


I felt tears spike at my eyes but I blinked them away. This was my fault. It was time I take responsibility for my actions. If I had told him sooner he wouldn't be so shocked now. I couldn't cry now. I'd cried enough. It was time to be strong, for myself, my baby, and most of all for Oliver. It was time to stop living in my misery and realize that I had a life growing inside me, and it was going to be helpless, and need me to be mom; Not Fallon, mom. 

 I watched Braeden grab his coat and make his way out of the house. That's when I realized…I may know what I needed to do now, but I didn't know how. I didn't know how to be a mom, or how to make Oliver feel better right now…

Books! Of course, that's how Hermione managed to be so smart! She read nearly all the time. I'm sure I could find some kind of a parenting book. Certainly! Right?

I made my way to the vast cavern my parents called a library. My great grandparents had built it in the house…not that any of the current generations were readers. I began to search through the immense library in search of some parenting book that wasn't older than I was.

There! Found it. The First Child: A book on Parenting for New Parents. Perfect. And it wasn't that old. It looked as if my parents had bought it recently….they were probably planning on having me read it soon, I just beat them to the punch. 

I removed the book from the shelf and began to read. I took in word for word what was being said. From beginning to end. I spent hours in that library. I ended up skipping lunch so that I could continue the large book. But by dinner I had closed the back cover. And, surprisingly, I could remember every word I'd read. So now, it would be okay if Oliver didn't know everything. I would, or at least, as much as he might have known if he'd known immediately when it happened. 

I left the library and ate dinner with the family. I automatically followed Braeden up to his room after supper, as we often talked after dinner like that when we were in school. 

I plopped on his bed just like I normally would and he sat at his desk. 

"Braeden, how's Oliver?" I decided not to beat around the bush. 

"He's been better," Braeden knew to be straightforward if I was being that way also, "He's not exactly angry at you. He's just lost and confused, and angry. He wants to be angry with you for lying for so long, but he doesn't want to because he feels like a fool for breaking up with you, but still on the other hand he feels like he wouldn't have been angry if you'd told him the truth. But he's knows your right. If you'd told him from the beginning, well, he'd have forgotten all about his own dreams. He's just…confused, and needs reassurance, and time to clear his thoughts…" Braeden attempted to explain. 

I plan began formulating in my head, but it would have to wait until later. 

"I wish I had told him from the beginning," I commented mostly to myself. Braeden caught it though and rolled his eyes.

"Well, I've only been expecting that for- how far are you along?" He asked.

"Five months," I replied.

"So, I've only been expecting that for five months," He finished his earlier statement.

"Braeden, I just wanted to say, thanks, for dealing with me through all of this," I told him gratefully. 

"No problem. Hey, now I don't have deal! Its on Oliver!" Braeden said with a laugh. 

"Yeah, I suppose…hey, you wanna see my stomach?" I offered. I planned on, starting tomorrow, leaving it spelless, at least when I wasn't at school. 

"Sure. I can't wait to see you fat. The last time you were fat…you were never fat actually," Braeden changed his mind with one of his famous little grins. 

"Yeah yeah," I let him laugh it up as I took the spells off revealing my rounding stomach. It was larger since this very morning…or maybe it was just me. Now it looked like I was fat, getting fatter.

"Geez, Sis, you're becoming a porker," Braeden laughed good-naturedly.

"I know right?" I replied. 

"Oliver's seen it right?" He asked.

"Of course. How else was I supposed to convince him I'm five months pregnant? It's gotten bigger since he's seen it though," I replied.

"He just saw it yesterday," Braeden argued.

"I know, it seems to be growing quickly. Like it's going through a growth spurt or something," I attempted to explain. 

"You're stomach going through a growth spurt? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?" Braeden asked. I shrugged it off. "Is it kicking yet?" He finally asked sheepishly. 

"Occasionally," I replied. (FYI, I know nothing of babies, so I've no idea if this is the right time period for the baby to be kicking)

"Fallon," My mother opened the door without knocking, "We set up an appointment with the doctors at St. Mungo's tomorrow. Perhaps Oliver would like to go." She was SO subtle (note the sarcasm). 

"Hey, I'm gonna get in the shower sis," Braeden said once the door was closed. He wasn't telling me to get out, just literally informing me where he was going.

"I'm going to bed. G'night," I replied. I made my way out his room and to my own. The moon was full tonight, perfect for flying. The world outside my window lay beneath a silver blanket I planned on jumping into any minute. 

I grabbed my broom and opened the window of my second floor room. The air was cool tonight. I climbed through the window and pulled my broom under me before flying off to the large building not too far away that was the Wood's Estate.

I knew which room was Oliver's without having to think, second window from the top on the far left side. 

I hovered near the window. I tried to open it to find it locked. I rapped hard on the window. His parents were on the other side of the house and if I weren't loud I'd never get Oliver awake. 

I rapped even louder now for the sleeping lump that I took to be Oliver's form was not moving. Finally I saw a response from inside. The lump stirred to reveal the tousle haired man I'd come to love. 

He stumbled sleepily toward the window, not even really comprehending who was at the window or why he was opening it. 

 He opened the window and mumbled, "Fal? What are you doing here?" He rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"I need to talk to you. Grab your broom and meet me out here," I asked. He nodded, though it was clear he didn't fully understand what he was agreeing to as of yet. 

He came back a minute later wearing only plain black cotton pajama pants. He hopped out of the window and pulled his broom underneath him. 

"Where are we going?" He slurred.

"The pitch?" I suggested. He nodded in agreement.

We flew to the pitch, our pitch, home, in silence. Oliver because he was still attempting to gain full 
consciousness. Amazing that he could still fly as well as he does when he's not even really awake. I was in silence because I was attempting to gather my thoughts back from the scattered state they had reached.

We reached the pitch and flew in slow, quiet circles for a time before landing on the grass below, neither of us had said a word yet. 

"Fallon?" Oliver asked quietly. I was the one who'd dragged him out of the bed at god knows what hour. 

"I needed to talk to you Oliver. I heard how you were feeling, and I thought it was time we had a bit of a talk," I took a quick pause so I look at his face to read his expression. It was confused, hurt, but the anger no longer lingered in his eyes. That was at least a perk.

"Well, you see…first of all, sorry again for not telling you. Now you'll only get four months to get used to the idea compared to the nine I'll have had. Also, I wanted to tell you…its okay that you don't know what to do yet. You'll be amazing, and until you are, you've got me. I've been reading the books," I explained, a bit of pride entering my voice at the end. 

"And," I rambled on, "I understand if you don't want to talk about it with the family, or me even, for awhile, because, well, you do deserve time to get used to the idea. And, I just want you to know the only reason I never told you was because I was trying to protect you."

Oliver looked at me for a time. His dark brown eyes scrutinized my own hazel ones. Finally, after, I'm assuming, he gathered his thoughts.

"Fallon, I want you to know that I love you and nothing it going to change that. I'm both upset and loved that you didn't want to tell me for so long. I feel horribly guilty that you had to bear this yourself, with some help from Braeden for all these months. And trust me, I want to scream from every bloody tower in Britain that your going to be my wife and your having my baby. But for normalcy's sake, I'll not do that. You can decide whom to tell, as people will think most of you and it will affect you most. As for the engagement, I want everyone to know you're mine." 

"We'll tell them all whenever you want…" I promised and laid my hand gently on his. "Do you want to see my stomach? Without the spells I mean," I offered, "Its already been kicking."

"I'd like that," He replied. I quickly removed the spells and put his hand on my gently rounding stomach. I felt the baby kick lightly at the area where his hand was. He smiled a bigger smile than I've seen on his face since…the argument that started back in potions class. 

"Fallon, do you think you could leave the spells off, while we're home I mean," He asked. I nodded and smiled. 

"Maybe we ought to get home," Oliver eventually commented, "I'll fly you home."

"Thanks," I mounted my broom and kicked off lightly as did Oliver. We flew as close as humanly possible back to my home. There I clambered into my room through the window as Oliver hovered outside it, watching to be sure I got inside safely.

"Good night Fallon," Oliver said just loud enough for me to hear.

"Night Oliver. See you tomorrow," I replied and closed the window silently. 

I returned my broom to its normal place and snuggled deep into the warmth that was my bed. Oliver was going to be okay now. Maybe not straight away, but much faster and more easily that before. And he seemed to be accepting what was to come. Tomorrow would bring a new day, and with Christmas in a mere three days tomorrow was going to be busier than I could handle! That meant I needed one thing: sleep.

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