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((Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, nor do I wish that I did. I could never have produced the masterpiece that JKR has.))
A/N: I have the best Beta in the world. Her pen name is Pingo and my story would not be nearly as good with out her. She is the talent, I am just the story teller. I couldn’t write my way out of a paper sack with out her help. Thank you so much Pingo, you’re the best.

Chapter 3: The Lucky Man

Several hours after breakfast, close to midday, Ron, Hermione and Hugo departed the Potter house. This time they used Harry and Ginny’s fire place and floo powder as a means of transportation, their destination, the Burrow. Now that the kneazle was out of the bag, Ron and Hermione decided they had better drop in on Ron’s mom and dad and let them know about the expected family addition and then they planned on spending Sunday evening with Hermione's family telling them the good news. Ron was hoping his mom would offer up some lunch and maybe, if he was lucky, he would get Sunday dinner at the Granger’s.

Harry spent most of Saturday afternoon searching the attic for his old school trunk and found it buried under Ginny’s old Holyhead Harpies Quidditch equipment and robes. She played seeker for the Harpies for three years prior to the birth of James, helping them finish out of last place for the first time in their history. Harry levitated the trunk removing it from the attic and set it down in the middle of the living room. Never having really unpacked it since finishing up and leaving Hogwarts it was full of old junk. Lily and Ginny had a good time helping him clean out the trunk, sorting through everything, tossing out the trash and boxing up the rest. Harry repacked the trunk with normal everyday clothes, several sets of robes, quills, parchment, several types of ink, his invisibility cloak and the Marauder's Map.

As he packed the last two items in the trunk he thought about them a bit. The future ownership of these items had bothered him for some time. He wanted Lily to have his invisibility cloak, he knew that for sure, but the Marauder's Map was a different story. He had thought he would give it to Albus in his second year at Hogwarts seeing as James managed to get in enough mischief without it but with Ginny wanting another child, now he was unsure. Harry heard his wife calling out “Harry, Lily, get washed up, dinner is almost ready,” Harry closed the trunk trying to make a mental note of the other things he needed to bring with him as he headed to his bedroom and its bathroom to get cleaned up for dinner.

The family table still felt a bit empty without James and Albus. Harry ate quietly while Ginny and Lily talked excitedly about Hermione’s good news. Before dinner was completed an owl arrived at the dinning room window tapping loudly. Lily rushed over and opened the window. The owl, with a note attached to its leg swooped in and landed on the dinning room table. Harry asked Ginny humorously, “Would you do the pleasures, I am in no mood for any more letters today,”

Ginny removed the note from the owl, scratched its head giving it a scrape of food from her plate. The owl hooted and remained in place. “I think this is the new owl George bought mom and dad. After Errol passed away they never seemed able to replace him themselves, One of these days Harry maybe we should think of getting a family owl, or Lily an owl, when the boys aren’t home it makes it kind of rough,” Ginny had been examining the owl as she said this knowing darn well Harry had never been able to replace his owl, Hedwig, even after all these years, now she turned her attention to the note, “Yep, it’s from mom, after Ron and Hermione’s visit, mom has decided to get the family together tomorrow for lunch at the Burrow and have them make the official announcement, she is asking if we can make it?”

Ginny looked up at Harry, Lily looked at her dad too and said “Daddy please,”

How could he say no to that, Harry shook his head “yes”, saying “Ron’s having a good weekend, he’s probably managed to nick three meals so far,”

Ginny gave him a fake look of disapproval for his comment about Ron, giggled and wrote their acceptance on the note returning it to the owls leg, Lily came over and gave Harry a kiss on his cheek and a hug saying sweetly “Thank you daddy,”

With a loud hoot the owl took off and flew out the window. They all finished their dinner with Harry thinking how his daughter had the same knack as his wife, for getting what she wanted from him.

Harry woke up Sunday morning smiling, feeling extremely contented again. Ginny was sleeping with her head on his shoulder all snuggled up to him. He had slept like a rock for the second consecutive night and he laid there soaking it all in. Every morning he woke up with Ginny beside him was a gift that nineteen years ago he never thought would be possible. “I’m a lucky man,” he whispered aloud.

Ginny surprised him by whispering back “I know,” and she hugged him gently.

After breakfast they all readied themselves for the gathering at the Burrow. Ginny wanted to get there early and help her mom get ready. Lily had been waiting impatiently by the living room fireplace for fifteen minutes when her parents finally joined her. Lily said “I go first,” Harry watched Lily grab a hand full of floo powder from a bowl that set on the floor next to the living room fireplace; she threw it into the hearth and green flames burst to life. Lily stepped into the flames and said, “The Burrow,” and disappeared. Ginny went next and Harry followed. Harry stepped into the green fire, the fire was not hot but felt cool instead, he said, “The Burrow” and started to spin, the sensation was as though he was traveling and spinning down a large tube, he could make out the openings of other fireplaces and the rooms beyond along the way, he began to slow down and Harry spotted the Burrow’s kitchen where he stepped out from the flames feeling a bit queasy and wondering if he would ever get used to the sensation of traveling in this method.

When Harry materialized into and stepped out of the Burrow’s kitchen fireplace, Ginny and Lily were there, brushing some soot from their clothes. Bill’s wife Fluer, and their two youngest daughters, Antoinette who is ten years old, and Bridget who is eight, had already arrived and were busy helping Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen. After everybody was properly greeted with many kisses and hugs, Ginny and Lily joined the work being done, Ginny asked Fluer “Have you heard from Victoire,” Bill and Fluer’s oldest daughter Victoire is seventeen and in her seventh year at Hogwarts. Harry’s Godson Teddy and Victoire had been inseparable growing up and now romance was taking over, where once a strong childhood friendship existed.

Antoinette answered for her mom, “Oh yes, all she says is how she misses Teddy, Teddy this and Teddy that,” The women laughed.

Fluer added, “She might concentrate on her studies a little, aye Molly?”

Harry made his exit from the kitchen as quickly as possible missing the rest of the women’s conversation, leaving the house, he headed to Mr. Weasley’s shed where Harry figured his father-in-law was probably hiding out. Harry entered the shed and saw that Arthur was indeed inside; he and Ginny’s brother Bill were sitting in old wooden chairs, drinking butterbeer and listening to a big old wizarding wireless set. Arthur and Bill looked a bit startled when Harry entered the old shed. Arthur, stood up, offered his hand “Blimey! Harry, I thought you might be Molly or Fluer coming to put us to work, they didn’t spot you heading this way, did they?”

“I don’t think so,” Harry shook Arthur’s hand and then Bill’s in greeting.

Bill asked, peaking out the door toward the house, “How’s Ginny and the kids” and Arthur with a wave of his wand caused a chair to emerge from what looked like a pile of old debris at the back of the shed and set it down next to the others.

“They’re great, I saw Fluer and the girls when I got here, they look good,” Harry could now hear the broadcast from the wireless; it was a Quidditch match. “Who’s playing?” Harry asked as they all took their seats and

Arthur offered Harry a butterbeer which he accepted gladly and replied, “Ginny’s old team the Holyhead Harpies against Puddlemere United,”

Harry mused aloud, “I thought they played yesterday morning, I was going to listen but Ron and Hermione stopped by,”

“For breakfast I bet,” Bill ribbed and Harry nodded with a smile.

Arthur chuckled a little, “They did start yesterday morning. The Snitch hasn’t been caught yet. Puddlemere United is breaking in a new Seeker and he hasn’t a clue and every time the Holyhead Harpies Seeker makes a move, she is blocked by a Puddlemere United Beater. The Harpies have scored most of their points on penalty shots. Right now it’s Harpies 1010 to Puddlemere United’s 870,”

Harry sat listened to the game, enjoying his drink, “Who is coming today?”

Arthur thought for a moment and then responded, “Well besides your family, Bill’s family and Ron’s of course, Percy will be here, in fact I’m surprised he’s not here already, and George and his family, Charlie can’t make the trip from Romania, he is on Dragon watch duty this weekend and his wife Bianca doesn’t like traveling with their four boys without him, so they won’t be here either, Lee Jordan and his family were going to be here but that’s him your listening to, so unless this match ends soon, it’s likely they will miss it,”

Bill added, “even if it does, he is likely to be exhausted, won’t he?”

“Bill, you know Lee, he’s like Ron, it there’s food and it’s good, he’ll show up if possible,” Arthur quipped.

Arthur handed out another round of butterbeers and the three men settled in to listen to the match. Harry realized, now that he was listening more closely, it was indeed Lee Jordan doing the commentary. He was a little hoarse but still recognizable. Harry had first heard Lee’s commentary style from high up on his broom as he competed in his first Quidditch match as Gryffindor’s Seeker in his first year at Hogwarts.

Lee and the twins Fred and George had been best of friends at Hogwarts. Afterwards, Lee had managed to run a mobile renegade Wizarding Wireless Network program during the months prior to the end of Voldemort’s reign. He used this program to broadcast the truth about the Ministry’s take over and to bolster support for the resistance. Under assumed names Fred, George and others had appeared on Lee’s program called “Potters Watch”.

Lee became famous in the Wizarding Wireless Network business after Voldemort’s defeat. He spent the following two years building what had been a sporadic, single hour a day program into a twenty four hour a day operation. Lee’s own expanded three hour a day late afternoon program was the cornerstone of what became the most successful Wizarding Wireless Network station of its day. Lee’s life became all work and no fun and he’d lost touch with his one remaining best friend, George, in the process.

Several years ago, over dinner, Ginny’s parents had taken Harry and Ginny into there confidence and shared with them the truth of how George and Lee had reconnected. It was Percy who’d contacted Lee seventeen years ago and told him of George’s plight. Lee tracked down George the following night in Hogsmeade, at the Hog’s Head pub. George was already half crocked on fire whisky. The two sat and reminisced all night about Fred and all the mischief and fun the three of them had gotten into. No one knows exactly how it all came about, but Lee sold his Wizarding Wireless Network station for a small fortune to a very wealthy wizard named John Peel, who was looking to break into the wizarding broadcasting business. Part of the deal included Lee doing his late afternoon program three times a week and occasional doing commentary of Quidditch matches. He used a portion of the proceeds to buy into George’s stagnating business, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and became George’s partner. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes rebounded and over the years, they became the largest producers and retailers of magical novelties and practical jokes in all of Europe. Lee became a regular at Weasley family gatherings, Molly and Arthur virtually adopting Lee as there own.

Four years after their reunion and partnership, with the business flourishing, the two went on a four week hiatus to a sea coast wizarding resort in Somerset. While relaxing and having a good time the two met and spent time with two witches, Opal and her younger sister, Jasper. Within a year the Burrow became the site of a double wedding, George took Opal, the more rowdy of the sisters, to be his wife and Lee married Jasper, the prettier of the two. Then five years ago George and Opal presented to the Weasley clan a son name Fred after George’s twin brother. The day after Fred was born, Lee’s wife, Jasper gave birth to a daughter who they named Minerva, after Lee’s favorite teacher at Hogwarts.

It was a loud cry of “No!” that brought Harry back to the present from his reminiscing. He looked around realizing that the cry had come from Bill and Arthur. They sat there shaking there heads with displeasure.

Harry heard Lee over the wireless shouting “they don’t deserve it the bloody gits, so after twenty three hours and twenty minutes of fouling and brutalizing the Harpies Seeker, the Puddlemere United win the match. What a pile of ghoul manure! The final score Puddlemere United 1070 to the Holyhead Harpies 1060,”

Arthur taped the wireless with his wand turning it off in disgust “I don’t know why I root for those witches,”

“Yes you do,” Bill replied with a snicker.

Color rose in Arthur’s checks and he meekly responded to Bill’s jibe, grinning, “yeah well, maybe we better head back to the house, we are probably close to exceeding the good will of our witches, don’t you think?”

Ron, Hermione and Hugo had just got there when Harry, Arthur and Bill returned from the shed. Percy arrived a few minutes after them. George and Lee with their families turned up together a few minutes late, citing the long running Quidditch match as their excuse.

Lunch had been, as it always was at the Burrow, a warm and pleasant family affair, with good food, great conversations and plenty of love shared by all.
Several years ago, George had given his parents an expensive anniversary present. He brought in wizards who specialized in home improvement charms and spells. Although from the out side, the Burrow looked just the same, the inside had been magically altered. It had the same look and feel about it, but when required, certain rooms and furnishings expanded to allow for the growing Weasley clan, making it possible for all of the subsequent Weasley gatherings to take place indoors without anyone feeling crowded. During Lunch Ron gave the announcement that they had all been brought together for. Everyone cheered and toasted the expectant parents, as well as the soon to be big brother Hugo, who turned a startling shade of red, as all good Weasleys do, with the embarrassment of garnering so much attention.

After lunch the kids were sent off to play, the adults remained inside, enjoying each others company. Several times, Harry attempted to converse with Percy about all this special assignment business but Percy always seemed to slip him. He didn’t seem to be overtly avoiding him but much to Harry’s annoyance, Percy seemed to have something important to do or somebody else he needed to talk to every time Harry approached him. Before he could get the chance to corner him, Percy had said his goodbye’s and left.

Percy’s apparent avoidance left Harry feeling apprehensive as he, Ginny and Lily got ready to head home. Molly inquired of Ginny “I was going to ask you if Lily could just spend the rest of the day and tonight here, she is going to be here in the morning anyway. You haven’t forgotten that we’ve planned to start the children’s classes tomorrow have you? Fluer has already agreed to let Antoinette and Bridget stay, I thought they could help me finish getting things ready and then the girls could have an end of the summer slumber party.”

The Ministry discouraged witches and wizards from sending their children to public muggle schools as it was near impossible for the Ministry to monitor accidental displays of magic and cover them up. Most magical families home schooled or found other means of providing primary education for their children. Mrs. Weasley schooled her grand children in the basics of reading, writing, basic wizarding history and other essential skills just as she had done for her own children. This tradition started when Andromeda Tonks, Teddy’s grandmother had been having a hard time keeping the boy busy and keeping up with his growing curiosity. She‘d approached Mrs. Weasley with the idea of combining to provide care and primary education for Teddy and Victoire together in one setting. Molly was already taking care of Victoire during the week days for Bill and Fluer and she agreed thinking it would be good for the kids. As other grandchildren came along they were cared for and taught at the Burrow as well. Ginny joined her mother and Andromeda after James was born taking over the care of the small children freeing Molly and Andromeda to concentrate on educating the older ones. Fluer resigned her position at Gringotts Wizarding Bank when she was pregnant with Antoinette and replaced an aging Andromeda. Wave after wave of young witches and wizards found their way to the Burrow and when they turned eleven went off to Hogwarts.

In reply to her mother’s request that Lily stay over night, Ginny looked at Harry and Harry looked at Lily who said “please daddy” and she gave him a hug. Harry looked at Ginny helplessly and shook his head “yes,”

Ginny leaned over and gave her mother a hug goodbye “You always make everything so wonderful mom, I love you,”

Molly whispered into her daughter’s ear, “now you take that man of yours home and cook him a nice dinner and be sweet to him, ok, Ron and Hermione’s new baby is going to need somebody its own age to play with,”

Ginny pulled back from the hug turning slightly red in the face,” Mom!”

Her mother responded giggling and winking slightly at her daughter. “Ginny I might be old but I’m not that old,”

Harry caught only the last part of this exchange between his wife and his mother-in-law and he couldn’t help but feel as if he was being lead down the yellow brick road. Tentatively, he gave Molly a hug goodbye and a kiss on her cheek, meekly he muttered “Thanks mom,” and Ginny and her mom giggled.

“What?” Harry asked,

Ginny replied “Oh, nothing dear, lets go home,” Harry caught the wink she gave back at her mother, and knew that tonight he would probably sleep like a rock again for the third night in a row.

Upon arriving home Ginny helped Harry finish putting the things together for Harry’s trip to Hogwarts. “When do you figure you’ll be leaving in the morning?”

“I thought I would apparate from the back yard around six in the morning. I was hoping Hagrid would meet me in Hogsmeade and help and accompany me to the school grounds. I was hoping to get there early and visit with Hagrid maybe he has an idea of what’s going on, but I just realized I forgot to post him a note telling him when to expect me,” Harry responded,

“Well you better not forget these,” Ginny said as she walked over and set Harry and Albus’s brooms down on Harry’s trunk.

“Thanks, I don’t know what I would do without you, I am going to miss you Gin,” with this Harry reached over and took is wife’s hand in his. Looking into her eyes and he felt a little glum “I don’t like being away from you even for one night,”

Ginny came closer to Harry and snuggled into him getting a hug in return she looked up into his face and said sweetly, “I’m going to get the stuff put together for Lily and pop it over to the Burrow, I’ll use mom and dad’s owl and let Hagrid know you’ll be there in the morning, why don’t you go in and take a short nap, when I get back I’ll get dinner and I’ll wake you up when it’s ready,”

Harry noticed that same mischievous look on his wife’s face that she had when she and her mom where their saying goodbyes at the Burrow. He kissed her tenderly pulling her even closer and whispered into her ear “I love you,”

Ginny pushed him away playfully saying “You had better Harry Potter,”

Shaking his head and smiling he did what he was told and as headed for the bedroom he thought to himself “I am a lucky man.”

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