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As he limped down the corridor to his next class, Scorpius grudgingly admitted to himself that Zabini had been right.  Not only had Matilda Flint kicked him in the shins, but Albus Potter, who had seen him talking to Lily, had tried to cast the Full-Body-Bind curse on him causing him to fall into a nearby suit of armor.  Fortunately, Professor Longbottom had come to his rescue, and he had escaped any more injuries.  He laughed as he remembered the shock on the Potter boy’s face when he hadn’t squealed on him.  He had told Professor Longbottom he had tripped.

Scorpius had to give Lily credit for her quick wit and cunning.  She had managed to shake him, and in the process, he could tell she had risen several degrees in the Slytherin girl, Matilda’s, estimation.  Yes, she was definitely feisty.

The schedule he had nicked from a nearby first year at the breakfast table that morning after Lily left told him that she had Transfiguration next; he mentally mapped out the shortest path there.  He sat down at a table near the back and took out his quill and parchment.  He saw someone take the seat next to him out of the corner of his eye and flinched when he looked over to see Albus Potter staring at him inquisitively. 

“What?”  He asked feeling uncomfortable under the black-haired boy’s scrutiny.

“Why didn’t you turn me in?”

“Well, if you’re disappointed, I’ll make sure to next time.”  Scorpius unscrewed the cap on his ink bottle.

“You know what I mean.”

“Momentary lapse of sanity?”  He threw out, hoping Albus would cease the Spanish Inquisition.

“Why were you following my sister?” 

Scorpius sighed to himself.  Apparently he wouldn’t.

“Look, I got you off the hook.  I figured it was the least I could do for the kid whose father saved mine.  Just drop it, okay?”

He saw Albus’s raised eyebrow and knew he wasn’t convinced, but the professor started class.  Scorpius silently thanked the Professor for the long lecture which made it impossible for Albus to continue their conversation.  He absentmindedly scribbled on the corner of his parchment pretending to take notes not really paying much attention to what he was doing.  The paper slid from underneath his hand and he looked over to see Albus staring at the letters he had unconsciously drawn, SM and LP.  Blood rushed to his head, Scorpius tried to snatch the parchment back from Albus, but the professor got there first.

“Hmmm.  Nice notes Mr. Malfoy.  Since you enjoy writing so much you can write me a three foot essay on the charm we’ve been discussing if you have any idea what it is.”  He returned to the front of the classroom with the parchment in his hand, and Scorpius slumped down in his seat trying to appear invisible.  He spent the rest of the class trying to ignore the dark looks Albus kept shooting him. 

As soon as class ended, Scorpius stuffed his belongings into his bag and ran out of the room wincing at the pain in his leg.  He found a tapestry and moved down the hidden corridor behind it.  Breathing hard, he watched the first students step out into the hall.  He waited patiently for the flash of red hair that would alert him to her presence, but the line began to dwindle and still he didn’t see her.  Could she have stayed after class? Scopius peeked into the classroom.  Professor Finnegan stood alone looking at some papers on his desk.  He looked up at the sound of movement.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Malfoy?”

“I was looking for Lily Potter.  I’m supposed to give her a message,” he lied.

“She didn’t come to class.  I thought she must be sick.  Try checking the hospital wing.”

“Oh . . . thanks, Professor.”

He walked quickly down the hall to the hospital wing.  Lily seemed fine when last he saw her.  What could have happened to her?  If she was hurt, Albus would be sure to blame him.  He pushed the door open and saw the healer turn to him with an inquisitive look. 

“Well, what’s ailing you Mr. Malfoy?  Stomach ache?  Bit of a cold?”

“No ma’am.  I’m looking for Lily Potter.  I’ve got a message to give her.”

“Lily Potter?  She’s not here.  No one’s been in all day.” 

“Oh . . . thank-you.”  He walked back down the hall trying to think of where she might have gone.  What could have kept her from going to class?  Deciding to start with the place he had last seen her, he turned down the hall where she had stood on his foot.  Just as he passed the bathroom Matilda and Prissy had been standing near, he saw her come around the corner ahead.   

“Potter!  What are you playing at?  Why weren’t you in class?”  She looked at him dazedly. 

“Class?”  Her voice sounded dreamy, as though she had just woken from a deep sleep and was still disoriented.

“Transfiguration!  Professor Finnegan said you weren’t there!”

“I missed Transfiguration?  But . . . I was just on my way . . . I . . . ”  Looking at him with wide eyes she finally seemed to realize who she was talking to.  She side-stepped him and hurried off down the hall away from him. 

Scorpius continued to follow Lily from class to class, bumping into her “accidentally”, poking her in the ribs to make her jump, and pushing the strap of her bag off her shoulder.  She retaliated by shoving him into another suit of armor, giving him another bruise on his shins, and tripping him into Albus.  By the time dinner rolled around Scorpius felt truly lucky to have made it through the day at all. 

He sat across from Lily at the Slytherin table taunting her repeatedly without a single response.  She was ignoring him.  This was intolerable.  Bumps and bruises he could handle, but no one ignored a Malfoy.  He picked up a pea and threw it across the table pegging her on the forehead.  Victory at last!  She raised her head and glared at him.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to end my miserable day in peace, Malfoy.”

“Oh, but I do mind, Potted Lily.  No reason for you to start enjoying yourself now is there?”

“It’s amazing your mother didn’t abandon you at birth, or did you drive her to the nut house?”

“No, I flew her there on my Firebolt Series 7.  Bet you’ve never even seen a racing broom.”

“Malfoy, I started flying when I was three, long before you could ever sit up by yourself.”  He heard Zabini snort into his goblet.

“Potter, you wouldn’t know a broom from a feather duster.”

He picked up another pea and flicked it at her.  This time it went down the front of her robes.  She started squirming around crazily while Scorpius felt his ribs might crack from laughing so hard.  After a minute or two she stopped and looked at him.  Expecting another kick on the shins, he tucked his legs underneath the bench, but she merely smiled widely.  Little tingles ricocheted around in his stomach.  Zabini was right.  She is pretty.   Something cold and wet hit him in the face shocking him out of his trance.  Juice dripped off his bangs and the end of his nose.  He watched Lily and Sharpe beat the table with their fists, both laughing hysterically.  I think he’s right.  I have met my match. 
A/N:  Let me know what you think.  The line “No reason for you to start enjoying yourself now,” is from Two Weeks Notice.

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