Before I begin I want to thank nymphomaniac for the great ideas. Thank you! Now on to the story! *** Disclaimer: I own nothing! *** Last Time: Lily told him everything and James sat and listened. After Lily had talked herself out James helped her to the great hall. An hour later they were sitting in the school train to take them home for winter break. Lily hated the fact that Liz didn’t sit with them. She didn’t want Christmas to come with her best friend mad at her. Though she was mad at Liz for saying the things she did to her. Lily kept herself alive during holidays at home knowing she had friends at Hogwarts and she couldn’t die. Now that Liz was mad at her she didn’t know if she could survive the break. Hopefully someone, anyone cared… *** Lily was quite the whole time during the train ride. Liz didn’t show up in their regular compartment, Lily figured she was sitting somewhere else. James, Sirius and Remus joined her when they found out she was alone, Lily didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. She did need something to take her mind off of the winter break to come. Though Sirius left to find Liz and didn’t come back, but she didn’t care. Sirius was going out with Liz so she assumed Sirius stayed with her. James and Remus tried to cheer her up but they didn’t know half of what was bothering her. They just thought she was upset about Liz and their fight. Of course she was upset about that but she couldn’t stop the feeling she got when she thought about her father. Lily was used to these feelings but this one was strong and she was scared. “Come on Lily, cheer up,” James said. “Yeah, once Christmas rolls around Liz will realize she’s sorry,” Remus said. “Why Christmas?” James asked turning to Remus. “Because Christmas is a time for family and friends. Liz will miss her and realize she’s made a mistake,” Remus explained. Lily tried to convince herself that Remus was right but she couldn’t do it. Liz was stubborn and she knew it was going to take a whole lot more than Christmas to make her sorry. *Come on Evans! Friends fight all the time! Liz will see and then we’ll go back to being friends again.* The train was almost to the station when an owl flew into the window, which made the glass shatter. James repaired the glass with a wave of his wand and Lily picked the snowy owl up; it was Daisy’s owl, Pansy. Lily took the letter and the Pansy flew off. Opening the letter she read: Dear Lily, How are you? I’m ok, for now. I’ve been getting really worried about you lately. I know that you’re going home for break and I hope this gets to you before you get home. I wanted to let you know that I am working on a way for you to get out, I didn’t forget you. Though I’m having a hard time with it. Remember when we went to the hospital together? Well I found out father thinks that you knew where I was all along. He’s mad Lily…and he’s going to take it out on you. Lily fight him, don’t let him ruin you. You take control of your life, don’t play his game. You can win Lily, I know you can. Fight him, don’t be like me. I believe in you, and don’t be scared to ask for help, when you need it. I don’t know if mum is going to be out of the hospital so it might be you and father, well petunia to but she’s no help. Take care of yourself. Love always, Daisy The train stopped and so did Lily’s heart. She didn’t want to get off the train; she knew that once she got off, there will be no going back. Lily took a deep breath got up, got her trunk and followed James and Remus off the train. James and Remus turned to say goodbye to Lily, to her surprise she got hugs from both of them. When she was hugging James she felt someone staring at them and it made her blood run cold. She knew it was her father, and she didn’t want to turn around. “I’ll owl you, ok?” James asked. Lily nodded and watched James go wishing he stayed. Turning around Lily held her breath and saw her mother and father. Seeing her mother there put a smile to her face, she was afraid that she would still be in the hospital. Though her mother was in a wheelchair, she was still there. Taking another deep breath Lily walked to her parents and hugged her mother. “Hi mum, how are you?” Lily asked. “Better now that your coming home,” Her mother said smiling. Lily turned to her father and said, “Hello father.” Lily’s father nodded his head as a greeting but she could see the anger in his eyes. She had no clue what she had ever done in her life that made her father angry. Not wanting to think about that right now she forced the thought out of her head and followed her father to the car. He was pushing her mum while Lily dragged behind them with her trunk. The car rise home was quite, though her mother was trying to talk to her but Lily’s mind was some where else. She really want to jump out of the car and ran after the train. *Please, please don’t let him touch me.* She begged. *** Later that day Lily was hiding up in her room; she couldn’t go downstairs for dinner either. She just told her mother that she was tired from the train ride and she had something to eat on the train. “Lily! There’s somebody at the door for you!” Petunia yelled from downstairs. Reluctantly Lily got up and walked downstairs to the door. She opened it hoping that maybe Liz was but to her surprise James Potter was standing there. “James!?!” “Hey, Lily,” James said smiling. “Mum! I’m going out! I’ll be back later!” Lily yelled to her mother. “Ok dear, have fun!” Lily’s mother yelled back. Lily grabbed her coat and closed the door behind her but before she did she saw her dad look at her. She couldn’t read his expression so she just let it go. Lily and James walked down the block and she could have sworn she seen a shadow in the window of her house. They walked to the near by park and sat down on a bench near the swings. Lily was getting nervous now, why would James come to her house. Lily looked around and saw little kids swinging, running around and playing. Looking over by the park there was a snow hill, one that she used to go with her father and Daisy to sled. Watching a family sledding made her miss the way her father used to be. Snap out of it Evans! *Huh?* Come on! James Potter comes to your house and here you are dwelling on the past! *Your right* Of course I am Lily wanted to knock her head around but then thought that it would look kind of weird to have an argument with her head. So snapping out of it she turned to James. “So, are you going to tell me what you are doing here or do I have to guess?” James was watching her the whole time she was sitting and it kind of made her nervous. “Oh, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought that I’d come and see you,” James said. “In the neighborhood? James who lives here who you know, besides me?” Lily asked wondering what the hell he was on. “My older brother, Matt,” James said. “Really? I didn’t know Matt moved out of your house,” Lily said. Matt was 18 and graduated last year. Lily liked Matt; he never tired to show off though he still got a lot of attention anyway. *Must be a Potter gene. * Lily thought. *See James didn’t needed to show of to be popular!* Whatever! Lily stopped before she started to talk to herself again. “Well mum didn’t want him to, but he didn’t really let mum have a say in it,” James said looking out at the park now. Something crossed Lily’s mind that she didn’t think of before, “James, how did you know where I live?” “Oh well Sirius and I went over to Remus' house and we got to talking about Matt and Remus asked where he lived and I told him. He let it slip that you lived near by, I got him to tell me where,” James said. (Remus knows where she lives because Lily gave him the address). “Oh.” “Hey do you want to go to Matt’s?” James asked looking at her again. “Um…I don’t know,” Lily said not sure what her father would think. “Please,” James begged, “If you haven’t eaten yet you can there.” “I don’t want to show up uninvited,” Lily said. “You won’t,” James said getting up and dragging her up, “They‘re expecting you.” “What do you mean there’re?” Lily asked eyeing James. “Matt and Sirius,” James said walking ahead of her. Lily ran to catch up, “Sirius?” “Yeah, don’t worry Liz isn’t there,” James said noticing her look. “I don’t- “Don’t tell me you don’t care. I know you do,” James said cutting her off. “Fine, I’ll go,” Lily said giving up; at least she didn’t have to see her father for a while longer. *** “Lily Evans? Is that you?” Matt Potter asked when James and Lily walked in. “Hey Matt,” Lily said. Matt and Lily sat down at the table in the dinning area of his house. Sirius sat on the couch watching TV, the way he was staring at the remote made Lily believe he never seen one before. Sirius parentally didn’t see Lily come in; James walked over by him and kicked him on his leg witch he had propped up on the table. “Ouch, what the hell was that for, James?” James looked over at Lily, “Oh, hey Lily!” Sirius said turning off the TV and joining them in the kitchen. James rolled his eyes and followed Sirius; they all sat down at the table talking for 2 hours. When Lily looked at her watch she screamed, and jumped up. It was 11 at night. Her father was going to kill her! “Is something wrong, Lily?” Matt asked concerned. “No…Yes,” Lily said, “its 11, and I have to get home!” “Now?” Matt said, “Why don’t you stay the night, I have an extra room. It’s really late you should walk at this time of night.” “No, I mean thanks but I really have to go,” Lily said grabbing her coat and heading towards the door, “Thanks for having me over Matt.” “Wait, Lily!” James said grabbing his coat, “I’ll walk you.” “You really don’t have to,” Lily said. “No, I want to,” James said putting on his coat. *** Hey! I’m sorry for just stopping right there but this chapter was getting long and if I kept writing it would have been really long. I thought that this would be a good place to leave off. Don’t worry though I plan on getting the next chapter up really soon. Thanks to: Nymphomaniac mistyqueen Tam Faithful ShellyV929 Me KayEmily littleaquarianprincess Next time: -Lily has to face her father -something big happens that makes James realize Lily could be in trouble

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