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Life continues even when you wish for a moment that it wouldn't. Sometimes staying in bed and ignoring the world can seem like the best remedy in the world. Today that was not the case for Bianca. Upstairs in her dorm she lay still asleep, a bit droggy from last night. Her head was titled to the side and she lay under three of her pillows. A small hole to the left allowed the sun access to heat up her cheek. It took her a few seconds to sense the change of temperature.

Slowly she opened her eyes and not seeing anything, but darkness she wondered where she was. Lifting up her head she surveyed her surroundings. The two beds in the corner of the room with a table in the middle made her realize that she was in her and Liz's room.

A short yawn escaped her lips as she lifted her hand to gently rub her right eye. Suddenly as if remembering how to think and comprehend she thought about the strange dream she had. There had been a game, she kissed Harry, a disheveled Ron, something going on between Draco and Hermione, dancing between Cho and Harry, and a lot of other things that made her even more confused.

Still thinking about the dream she sat upright in her bed and positioned herself Indian style. Only a few silent seconds had passed when in walked Liz holding a cup.

"Oh you're up" said Liz

"You say it like it's never been done before" replied Bianca

"Well just admiring you for every courageous deed you've ever accomplished" said Liz as she walked over to place the cup onto the table and seated herself on the chair next to Bianca's bed.

"You gonna sit like that forever" asked Liz

"Just thinking about the craziest dream I had" said Bianca as she scrunched up her eyes

"Let's not talk about that dream ok.....hey let's play a game Me Jane You Tarzan" said Liz as she began to stand and pace the room

"Wait how do you know about my dream?" asked Bianca with a puzzled look

"I.....I.." began Liz a hesitant look upon her face

"Did you finally make a mind reading machine to test on me?" asked Bianca with a humorous expression

"No the damn thing needs stupid muggle double A batteries" spoke Liz with disdain

"Liz answer the question" said Bianca in a stern tone

"Ok, but just for the laughs do you wanna say the line or should I?" asked Liz as she walked towards her

"You can" replied Bianca as she buried her face in her hands as if she knew already what Liz would say

Liz took in a breath of air right before exclaiming "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! Welcome to the day where all of Bianca's dreams come true" said Liz as she clasped her hands together

"Oh my God" said Bianca as she fell back to land on her pillows

"Ok look it's not that bad" said Liz as she attempted to pick up Bianca

"How can it not be bad unless......does Harry really have to go with Cho?" asked Bianca a bit cracked in her voice with her eyes shut tight

When Liz didn't answer Bianca sat back up opening her eyes to see Liz starring at her with a huge creepy smile. One that someone with an orange peel in their mouth would have only this time there was no orange.

"Is that a no?" continued Bianca with wonder

"Oh no that part really did happen, but on the bright side our parents sent us some money for dress shopping" said Liz still bearing a smile

"How can you joke about everything?" shouted Bianca throwing her hands in the air

"Don't give me that shit, you know me better than that...our parents have already expected us to go with the boys" said Liz with contempt in her words

"Great....this makes things so much better" said Bianca rolling her eyes

"At least you know how Harry feels about you" said Liz her eyes falling to the floor

"Well then what was with the whole disheveled Ron?" asked Bianca

"Nothing happened, we were just quite and I tried to give him a kiss on the cheek and it would have happened, but a bag full of dust landed on his head....I helped him to get it out of his hair" said Liz

She looked up to find Bianca with a hand covering her quivering lips. Bianca had to bink her eyes a couple of times to try and hide her amused appearance.

"It's not funny" said Liz

"If it happened to me you know you'd be laughing" said Bianca

"Yeah, but it didn't so I can't really laugh" said Liz

"I'm just gonna boycott the damn dance" declared Bianca

"Your parents would kill you if you did, besides what happened to making the most of our time here?" asked Liz

Bianca sat not speaking, thinking about Liz's words. Things had become even more complicated since arriving here. Harry being here would have at one time seemed like the best thing in the world, now the world seemed to be getting in their way of being together. Now the dance was coming and she was expected to attend it with Logan, her parents had the perfect life and dream for their daughter. To marry Logan and start a family of their own. The only problem was that wasn't Bianca's dream.

"How is it that I thought it was a dream?" asked Bianca

"Well after Filch almost caught us we all ran and I'm not sure if you hit your head or what and then we came back here and you gulped down your own mixture of pumpkin juice and something else that had a very peculiar color, I would have like to paint my room that shade and then you passed out" said Liz starring at something off into space

"Oh yeah" said Bianca as her head began to hurt

"Today's the Hogsmeade trip, we should go get our dresses" suggested Liz

"I really don't want to see anyone today" said Bianca

"Are you going to pretend to be blind?" asked Liz

"Only if I can have a stick and poke people to death" said Bianca

"Would that someone be Cho?" asked Liz

"I wonder if he's asked her already?" said Bianca

"You know that the boys are going to do something romantic don't you?" said Liz raising an eyebrow

"Like they would ever miss out on a chance to be dashing gentlemen" said Bianca with a faint smile

"Come on let's get some regular colored food in you" said Liz

"That is so non-original" said Bianca before the girls shared a laugh

The girls showered and got ready. Today they didn't have to wear the school attire. The dance was less than two weeks away, she knew today would be a big day for the guys to ask the girls out. Bianca put on some jeans with a deep blue shirt and light brown jacket to go on top. She knew it would be chilly outside, winter had arrived. Her hair was pulled up tight into a ponytail. A blue scarf hung loosely around her neck. Liz wore jeans with a light green sweater. Her hair hung down. Both girls were wearing dark brown hats as well.

Together they made their way down to their dorm's living room to find the guys dressed and ready to go. They stood when the girls entered still not saying a word. Their faces showed signs of them having an equally rough night, but they had decided to put the game behind them.

"Seth are you wearing your sign?" asked Liz ending the silence

"Oh yeah" said Seth as he turned around to show a sign that had been charmed to stick on his back. It read MY BALLS GOT CUT OFF IN NEED OF SOME LOVE

"Well in that case I will be happy to escort you to breakfast" said Bianca as she linked her arm with his

"See Liz I told you my looks were irresistible" said Seth as the group made their way to the Great Hall

"Maybe you just became better looking when you lost them" said Logan making everyone laugh

Bianca turned to smile at Logan. Their brown eyes connected and once again they were reminded of a time when they meant so much to each other. Bianca thought how that felt like a lifetime ago. Now that she had met Harry, she was sure that her and Logan use to have was nothing compared to what she and Harry could have. It was as if she was in a battle between her past and her future, one that kept her from living in the present. She suddenly realized that perhaps the game of Truth or Dare was a way for Logan to release his anger at Bianca for stringing him along.

"I think they're laughing at you Seth" said Bianca as people behind them were laughing quite loudly

"Nah they're laughing with him" said Liz

"She makes quite the point there" said Logan

"So do you think Ginny?" wondered Bianca

Her question was answered when they walked into the Great Hall, their eyes immediately spotting out a Gryffindor who's pants and shirts were backwards. Ginny's hair hung in a loose ponytail. She turned to smile at Bianca and Liz, although Bianca could have sworn that she saw signs of sympathy in it. The girls returned the smile and made their way over with the boys to sit by Blaise and Draco who were laughing at Seth's sign. Bianca and Liz's backs were to the walls and they ate and talked while the boys had their own conversation.

"I don't see them anywhere" said Liz

"I really don't want to see him anyways" said Bianca her eyes not meeting Liz's

"Bull" said Liz

"Let's just try to survive these next two weeks alright" said Bianca dragging out the words

"So who do you think you two will be going to the dance with?" asked Blaise addressing the topic of the ball

"If it were up to me Zambini I'd be dance with my freaking self" replied Bianca

"I see, but one is the lonliest number" said Blaise

"It's also the least complicated one" answered Bianca with much seriousness in her tone

The atmosphere of the table changed dramatically. Logan hung his head ashamed at how angry he had made Bianca. Seth's eyes landed only on Liz desperately trying to make out her emotions through her expressions. Draco as if sympathy had only recently been a discovered feeling looked at Bianca with large eyes. Blaise a bit interested in how the girls were unwilling to be tamed smirked.

"But if I do go with someone I'd like to hope that they get their asses on the dance floor" said Bianca simplistically

"You need to take notes here Flame" said Blaise turning to look at Logan

"Yeah he's right Logan" added Draco

"Oh my what's this the Malfoy is talking in a recently discovered new language of first in all my years I never thought to see it happen" spoke Liz with humor

"Yeah yeah laugh it up Liz" replied Draco putting emphasis on the name

"Now don't get the pretty lady all angry right before her night in shinning armor asks her out" said Seth winkning at Liz

"Well that prince better find himself a horse to carry his fat butt" said Liz

"My butt is not fat!!!" answered Seth

"How do you know she was talking about you" said Bianca with a grin

"Well in that case I better eat and get the fattest butt" said Seth as he began pouring more food onto his plate making everyone laugh

"Seth I think your sign is scaring the first years" said Bianca as a little boy walked by Seth's sign and nearly ran into someone

"Hey now they don't have to have that 'talk' from their parents the sign will teach them all they need to know" spoke Logan

"Still a little queasy from it huh?" said Bianca nudging his arm

A small spark ran itself up the arms of both Bianca and Logan. Each sensed it and each knew it was there. Bianca realized she hadn't had any physical contact with him since their first night. The old flaming passion they still shared only increased her sense of confusion. How could she be in love with two boys? Maybe she didn't even know what love was and she was just kidding herself. No, she knew her feelings and these connections were real, the only problem was she had to figure out which connection was the strongest.

Logan slowly raised his head to look Bianca in the eyes. Wondering if he would push her in any way Bianca parted her lips for only a second before closing them again. Not wanting to make the gap between them any larger, Logan merely nudged her back before returning his attention back to the boys. Bianca smiled knowing that his feelings were still there and how hard he was attempting to wait for her with patience. Her head looked to its left to see Liz bearing a small smile. Suddenly Liz's eyes seemed to be starring at something else. Bianca followed them spotting out Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry was wearing jeans with a dark gray sweater. His hair looked messy as ever causing Bianca to blush remembering their closet inncident. Ron was wearing a hand made sweater that had a large R on it with his jeans. Liz's eyes once again fell to her plate a bit hurt at how he wasn't making his feelings known. Hermione was wearing her hair down in soft curls with a white hat and peach colored sweater. Draco released a breath of air that he had been holding in upset that they hadn't had a chance to talk after the game for she immediately ran to her room upstairs. He was in a desperate need to talk to her and understand these feelings he was having.

"Speaking of dares seeing as how you have to take someone no one would expect you to go with Blaise I suggest you start asking out Moaning Myrtle now" said Logan

"Now now no ghosts will be going as my date everyone will just have to wait and see" replied Blaise with a smirk

"Yes Mr, I'll be sure to set my alarm clock" replied Bianca

"Hey Seth did you and Logan send your letters?" asked Draco with interest

"About those letters...." began Seth

Suddenly a ghost appeared wearing an angry and worried look. He floated right up to Seth opened his mouth as if ready to scream and then replied with "What time should I be ready?"

Seth looked dumbfounded while everyone else around the table began laughing quite loudly. Especially Liz who looked like she was about to die from laughter. Tears were falling from her face. Bianca had her head turned to the side to try and hide her amusement. Draco, Blaise, and Logan felt no shame in hiding their joy in the embarassment of Seth. Everyone in the Great Hall became silent wanting to hear what Peeves was saying.

"What?" stuttered Seth

"Well you know the letter......I think we should take a stroll together then we can get to know each other better." answered Peeves

"WHAT!!!??" shouted Seth

"Look if you're not serious about this then maybe we should just give up now" said Peeves

"WHAT!!!!??" shouted Seth once again

"I knew you were just a little tease" said Peeves and with that he exited the Great Hall

All eyes were upon Seth. Bianca and Liz were the loudest ones laughing unable to contain themselves. Harry grinned knowing it was too much to ask Bianca to contain her precious laughs.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry Seth it's just so damn funny" said Liz

"Alright everyone shows over go back to your food" said Logan before everyone's attention turned else where.

"Man Seth why did you have to go and get his poor hopes up?" questioned Logan with a grin playing on his lips

"Shut-up" said Seth

"I think it's almost time to get going" said Blaise seeing how the older students were beginning to

"You girls ready?" asked Logan

"Yeah let's get going" said Bianca as she and Liz exited their seats and began walking towards the door with the guys. On their way there they caught up with Luna who was walking with Ginny.

"I love your vision" said Liz to Ginny making everyone laugh

"So Luna when are you going to complete your Dare?" asked Bianca

"These things cannot be rushed" said Luna with a dreamy tone

"What are you girls going to do today?" asked Ginny

"I don't know...we need to find our dresses" said Liz

"Oh how about that so do we" said Ginny with a high sarcastic voice

"Woah that really is something" said Bianca. All girls shared a laugh.

The group of students continued walking until they were met with the sight of snow on the school grounds. It was as if the snow was a white blanket covering everything with its magic. Bianca smiled wishing she could spend this day with Harry, but so far she hadn't been able to make him out from the crowd. She wished she was little where there was once a time when a cup of hot chocolate and snow made everything better, but that just wouldn't heal Bianca's wounds today.

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