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It was as though my head was still spinning from what had happened yesterday afternoon. I sat in the warm bathtub, letting the scented water soak my body in it’s velvety richness. I had woken up at eight this morning, perspiration covering my body and my bed spread. The whole night I had visions of what had transpired at Regulus’s house yesterday, the thought of the kiss fazing me a little more then a bit. It wasn’t that I didn’t admit to what I had done, it was that I was having troubling actually believing what I had done. 

I didn’t understand what I had done, I mean one second I was prepared to make him unable to reproduce, and then the next I had snogged him. I mean a chaste kiss, or a small peck on the lips would’ve probably sufficed. I groaned aloud at the thought that right now Regulus Black was sitting on his bed smirking at the thought that he had actually gotten me. 

After this truly disgusting thought, I decided that I wouldn’t fall for Regulus Black ever again. Or at least, as long as I could manage to… 


I stepped out of the bathtub cautiously , wrapping my pruned skin in a fluffy white towel. Walking into my room , I pulled out a pair of shorts, and a large t-shirt. I grabbed my wand, quickly brushing, and drying my hair in one easy motion. Reminding myself to put make-up on, I waved my wand again, make-up applying itself on my face. I checked in the mirror quickly before heading down the steps to meet my mother. 

My feet barely touched the ground, almost tip-toeing over the cold marble floor. I ran hurriedly to my mother’s room, rapping on the door gently with my knuckles. I watched as the dark mahogany door opened, revealing my mother’s room. I glanced around surprised, everywhere I looked there was clothes, jewelry, trunks, or pieces of parchment laying around my mother’s normally immaculately clean room. I sat myself down on a black leather seat, pushing aside all the paper and dresses lain out. Picking up the list, I read the list my eyes zooming over it quickly before stopping on words like ‘wedding,’ and ‘needs to pack,’ I sighed my mother was writing my moving lists for me. 

Looking up quickly, as my mother bustled into the room, a house-elf dutifully following behind her. 

She glanced up at me, 

“Amore, dear, I was just going through what you will need to take to the Blacks.” she told me, answering the questioning look on my face. 

“What for?” I asked surprised. 

At this she stared at me questionably, 

“Your moving into the Black’s house tomorrow after the wedding, you do remember, do you not?” she asked inquisitively, her blonde eye-brow raised up in disbelief.
I groaned as the thought hit me, after tomorrow I would no longer live in my house, or my room, ever again. 

“Well, go pack now dear, you don’t have all day.” 

With that my mother glided back into her main chamber, her house-elf jotting down things my mother was rambling off. 


I sighed standing up tiredly, my mother was right, I didn’t have all day. And that was the one part of her whole speech that actually clicked in my mind. I trudged upstairs, the cold that was entering my feet not concerning me the slightest. Opening the tall wood door, I shut it behind me angrily. I had to give up my life to be with this prat. 


I looked up and screamed- there right before me, as though vaporizing from my thoughts was Regulus Black, in other words King Prat himself. I sighed miserably, 

“What are you doing here?” I snapped irritably. 

“My mother made me come to help you pack.” he drawled, poking his finger into my sofa. 

I slapped his hand away angrily, 

“I don’t want you to help, and how did you get here?” I asked the thought falling into my mind. 

“Apparated, unlike a few select few I use my ability.” he replied looking at me thoroughly bored. 

“Whatever.” I muttered stalking off to my bedroom, I whipped out my wand muttering a few spells as clothes folded themselves into my ornately decorated trunks. I sat down wearily, 

“Why must you be here though? I mean your not even helping.” I pointed out, watching as he sat down lazily on my ottoman. 

“Because, I need to side-long-apparate with you, since someone is to uncoordinated. Your mother was so afraid of you landing somewhere else.” 

“Trust me I wouldn’t have minded.” 

“Neither would I,” he replied, “I was actually hoping you would land in Timbuktu. Grab your trunks; we have to make the first stop.” 

I obeyed silently not feeling the need to say anything more at this point. I flinched inwardly as I felt his large hand wrap around my small wrist, and once again the tingling sensation erupted in my body. As soon as it had started it stopped, leaving me and my trunks in a tangled lump on the floor of the Blacks. I gazed up only to find myself face-to-face with Regulus’s room. 

“Why are we in here?” I asked, my nose automatically wrinkling itself in distaste. 

“Because this is where you are to stay.” he answered almost automatically, his lips curving into a smirk. I groaned picking myself up from the mess on the ground. I waved my wand, minimizing my trunks and setting them near his sitting room. With the number of clothes I had, I would probably have to make twenty trips back and forth. I groaned at the thought, my poor stomach wouldn’t fair that well. 


I plopped myself down on his chair tiredly. It had been exactly seven hours, and finally everything had been moved to the Black’s mansion. My trunks were standing in a pile, magically minimized until the house-elves could come and arrange them all. The poor things, they would probably break their backs trying to lift them. I kicked off my sandals, letting my tired feet get some well deserved rest. 

“Bloody hell White, how many things do you need?” 

I turned to glance at the worn-out figure of Regulus Black who was sprawled across his bed lazily. 

“Ask my mom.” I muttered quietly. If it had been up to me I would have no trunks, not forty. 

“Do you always do what your mom tells you to do?” he asked, his smirk returning to his face. I swore quietly, even when the boy was tired he still had enough muscles to smirk . 

“Don’t you?” I countered angrily. Was he really trying to tell me that I was the only one that did what my mother told me to do. I immediately regretted saying anything, for he jumped off the bed and walked over to me. I groaned here we go again, 

“White, no matter what you try to say, we all know how naughty you actually are.” he 
drawled his finger reaching up to stroke my cheek. I shuddered involuntarily, turning away from his hand. 

“I mean you even have the tattoo to prove it.” with that his hands found themselves intertwined around me once more, while his lips attacked mine hungrily. I almost began to actually enjoy the kiss, I mean I knew that he had all this bent up frustration in him. He had only said a couple of things to me the whole time anyway, I guess this was how he was taking the rest of it out. I remembered the promise I had made myself, and on the count of three I finally did it- I apparated home. 

I clutched my stomach as I landed on the cold floor of my own manor. I looked around noticing that the only thing that remained in my room was the furniture. Suddenly the coldness and the bareness of the walls brought all the reality back to hit me in the face. Tomorrow was the day of the wedding, and there was nothing that I, Amore Lynette White, the perfect pure-blood daughter, was ever going to do, to possibly even get out of it…


Well it’s finally coming the big day that you all have been waiting forward to….the Wedding! Next chapter: Wedding Woe’s- will come out soon!


ssb : )

(P.S- Thanks to all my awesome reviewers, you guys rock!)

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