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Chapter 9: Immoral;

Immoral-Contrary to established moral principles.

“Just add the shredded newt!” I shrieked as my stupid potions partner clumsily knocked in the whole vial.

“You idiot,” I said scathingly, as I did my best to salvage the potion, flipping to the page in Severus’s book and searching for a short cut.

I did my best, and instead of royal blue it was a moderate baby blue, but at least it wasn’t orange anymore. Sighing and shooting a dirty look at my clumsy, scared looking Gryffindor partner, I filled our flasks and marked them before handing them to Professor Slughorn.

“Miss St. Clair, if you will, could you see me after class?” Professor Slughorn asked as I nodded and walked back to my table to pack up my things.

“I’m sorry about the potion,” my nameless, stupid partner said. I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Don’t worry about it.”

He looked somewhat surprised I had accepted his apology, and ran off to join his friends as the bell rang. Why was he surprised? Did he expect me to take a cheese grater and shave off his nose? Sighing, I picked up my things and headed to the front of the room, and stopped in front of Professor Slughorn’s desk.

“You wanted to see me, Professor?” I asked.

“Yes, I hear you have been tutoring for Professor McGonagall, is that right?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I said slowly. There isn’t a rule about this, is there? I’m allowed to help her even though she’s a different House ruler, right?

“Well, I was wondering if you would like to tutor Potions as well,” he said, “I saw how you handled the blunder your partner had. You would be excellent.”

I thought about it. Could I really deal with four more hours taken out of my week?

“I am sorry Professor, but I am going to have to decline your offer.”

“Very well, Miss. St. Clair. The offer still stands if you change your mind,” he said, smiling.

“Thank you Professor,” I said, smiling graciously as I walked out of the classroom.

“What was that all about?” Evan asked, looking at me.

“He wanted me to tutor,” I said, sighing, “and I said no.”

“Oh, I see.” He took my hand as we turned into the Great Hall.

“Ooh, stew,” I said happily as I hungrily filled up my plate. My stomach had been rumbling unattractively all day.

“So how is everyone’s day going so far?” I asked, looking up at my friends.

“Well, I have not gotten bothered by those filthy Gryffindors all day and have had two classes with them, my tentactula bit me in Herbology, and this stew has onions in it. I don’t like onions,” Severus said. I chuckled at him.

“I don’t particularly care for them either,” I agreed.

“How was everyone else’s day? Come on, speak up people,” I said, encouraging conversation.

It was getting slightly awkward these days between everyone. With Narcissa knowing about Evan and I, Solana and Regulus not liking each other but still going out, and everyone’s personal feelings, I hated the awkward silences that we would succumb to.

“So far today I got a good laugh out of watching you freak out when your Potions partner knocked in the shredded newt, I passed the Charms quizzes we got…Martha Mackenzie winked at me in the hallway…,” Evan said.

“Oh, Martha Mackenzie?” I said, raising one eyebrow.

“What’s she doing winking at you?” I added, shaking my head. I honestly could’ve cared less, but I had to seem somewhat jealous.

“Why wouldn’t she wink at him?” Solana said.

“Because he’s off-limits,” I said coldly.

Squabbles over him were never in the deal! I am not supposed to fight for him. No. NO. Nooooo.

“Oh yeah? Who took him off the market?” Solana said, her voice raising, if that was possible.

“Ashlynn did,” Evan said, gripping my shoulder tightly and standing up, “now, ladies, sit down.”

Reluctantly, we sunk into our seats, still sending icy death glares at each other.

I hate her. I really do, like she is probably my least favorite person in the world. I would tear off her head and feed it to mudbloods if I had the chance. Actually, no. Even they don’t deserve that sort of torture. She’d taste horrible. And there would be nothing in her head anyway.

“I had a good day,” Narcissa said breezily, cutting through the harsh silence. I grinned and shook my head. It was quite comical, how she picked up right up after everyone left off before the little tiff.

“My potions partner was a Ravenclaw, so that was good because I didn’t have to do too much. Just chopping stuff. I had some chocolate frogs before. I got a Dumbledore card. See?” she said, yanking the card out of her pocket and smiling childishly.

“Well I think you had the best day of all,” Regulus said, laughing.

“Oh definitely,” she said, nodding firmly.

“Well then, shall we proceed to Transfiguration?” Evan said as the bell rang.

“We shall,” I said, glancing at Regulus, who looked nervous. Today was his first huge exam since we started tutoring, and I was hoping he would do a lot better then usual.

“You will do fine,” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s hope,” he said grimly as we sat down and the exam commenced.

* * *

“Reg! You got an A!” I squealed as the exams were passed back.

“Acceptable?” he asked, looking disbelieving. His eyes were lingering on the bright red ‘A’ and slowly a huge smile crept across his face.

I hugged him and he smiled proudly. “I have never gotten one of these,” he said, chuckling.

“I’m proud of you,” I said, as I looked over his exam. He swelled with pride and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Merlin Ash, you really do have some skill,” Evan said, snatching Regulus’s test.

“I thought so,” I said happily.

“Well, let’s go down to lunch and you can have all of the really good pieces of everything. You know, like the best middle chunk of whatever. You have earned it,” I said, smiling. Regulus put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close momentarily.

I loved it.

“I feel honored,” he said.

And then I stood up and Evan grabbed my hand and walked with me, walking really close, actually. I took in the look on Solana’s face and loved it. Her eyebrows furrowed all frustrated-ish and stuff. I smiled at her and sat down.

“You know you don’t sound as American as you did in first year,” Narcissa said, looking over at me.

“Really?” I asked, trying to actually examine the way my words sounded.

“Yeah,” Evan said, nodding, “you have a weird half and half accent now.”

“Oh,” I said, suddenly a little self-consious.

“I think it’s cute,” Regulus said as Solana furrowed her brow again. Yes, you will pay for everything you have ever said to me, Solana Nott, I don’t like you and I am enjoying this.

“Yeah, it isn’t bad,” Narcissa said reassuringly, skillfully smoothing over the possibility that Solana would jump in and say something stupid.

“Thanks,” I sad as I continued to eat.

“Excited for the game tomorrow?” I asked. Quidditch. Again. In the name of Slytherin, I don’t know why people are so obsessed with the sport, but I guess whatever lights their cauldron is okay with me.

“Yeah!” Narcissa said excitedly.

“Not so much,” Regulus said, shaking his head, “that Ravenclaw seeker doesn’t exactly like me too much.”

“Yeah but you hexed him last year,” Narcissa reminded.

“And Solana went out with him right before you,” Evan said.

“Plus you always beat him to the snitch,” I said.

“Thanks for the ego boost guys,” Regulus said as the bell rang.

* * *

“Why do they keep doing that!?” I shrieked as another skillfully smacked bludger whizzed dangerously close to Regulus’s ear. I jumped to my feet, joining Narcissa in her loud, enthusiastic cheering.

“Because he’ll get the snitch if they don’t,” Narcissa said impatiently.

“Yes but why do they have to try to decapitate him?”

“Because it’s the only way they’ll win this game,” she said, shaking her head.

“Tell me when it’s over,” Severus said, never looking up from his book.

“AH!” I screamed as a bludger actually did smack Regulus’s nose. Blood poured from his nose thickly, yet he continued to chase after the snitch. I gasped in disgust as blood began to splatter on the bright green grass below them as well.

“YOU IDIOT!” Evan yelled, chasing after the Ravenclaw beater.

“They hurt his face!” I said in scandalized tones. He’s going to die, he’s going to die, he’s going to die! Oh my God, oh my God…

“His beautiful face!” I moaned, shaking my head.

“I’ll hex that Ravenclaw duffer into the year 2060 if Reg’s nose doesn’t heal properly,” I said hotly as I watched Regulus continue to race for the snitch, though the blood was still streaming.

“He is so stupid,” Narcissa whined.

“NO!” Narcissa and I yelled in unison as the Ravenclaw seeker caught the snitch and Regulus was promptly escorted to the infirmary.

We weren’t far behind him. That stupid idiot. Dummy. Silly goose. Why couldn’t he have just stopped when his face got bashed in? No, he had refused to lose – and oh, his blood…EW…I don’t like blood…It’s completely weird that I still found him attractive as blood was gushing out of his nose, right? Maybe just a little weird?

“What were you thinking?” I yelled as I stopped in front of his bed. His nose was perfect, straight, and gloriously sexy, thank Merlin, but he had almost given Narcissa and I a heart attack. Well, mostly Narcissa. I mean, she’s the motherly one, I never actually worried about him, I knew he’d be okay.

“I was thinking if my arms were just a little longer I could’ve gotten that ruddy snitch,” he said, obviously frustrated.

“It’s okay darling,” Solana cooed, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Get off of him! Get off! You are too clingy!

He sighed. That gorgeous sigh.

Why must he do everything perfectly?

He gets his face broken and he’s still damn sexy.

There is something wrong with me. Something horribly wrong, I tell you. I am not supposed to be this obsessed with him, and he is definitely supposed to be more obsessed with me, Solana isn’t supposed to be here at all, and Evan should be holding Narcissa, not me. Not me. This doesn’t feel right.

Evan’s all sweaty. He doesn’t smell icky, but his arm is all icky and sticky. Disgusting! Boys. Doesn’t he realize this is rather gross?

That could probably be considered a skill in some countries, though. Honestly, to be sweaty and disgusting but not to smell? He could sell the secret and make trillions of galleons.

Madame Pomfrey bustled over, checked Reg’s nose one more time, and then we were on our way down for some food.

“It wasn’t that bad of a game,” Narcissa said soothingly as Evan and Regulus stiffened. Members of Ravenclaw were gloating, and the Gryffindors were really enjoying this. They were also highly enjoying reenacting Regulus getting hit with a bludger over at their table.

“It’s not a big deal,” I said, “I don’t even like the game. By tomorrow people will have forgotten about this.”

Narcissa nodded earnestly as Evan and Regulus slowly picked up their forks and grudgingly began to eat.

“How’s your nose?”

“Shut up Potter,” I said defensively, glaring up at him.

“I’m surprised you’re over here all on your own,” Narcissa said coolly, “usually you won’t pick fights unless you have three other mindless gits backing you up. Where are they, fighting some of your other battles? Picking on little kids? Or maybe they are torturing owls in the Owlery. Better hurry up, wouldn’t want to miss that.”

Narcissa doesn’t usually open up her mouth like that, but I can tell the two subjects, quidditch and her family, when mixed together, would definitely not bring out a good side of her.

“Retract the claws, one of his mindless gits is here,” Sirius said promptly, appearing at his side.

“Where the hell did you come from?” I asked. He had just materialized out of thin air. POOF, he was there. He couldn’t have Apparated; you can’t do that here…

“Well, one night my mummy and my daddy-,”

“Spare us the details,” Regulus said coldly. He shouldn’t be talking to his brother, I can, Sev can, Evan can, and Narcissa can get away with it but he is supposed to pretend Sirius doesn’t exist. He is supposed to ignore his existance completely.

Sirius too, looked a little taken aback that Regulus had openly addressed him, especially right after he had mentioned their parents.

“Did I strike a nerve, Reggie?” Sirius said.

Regulus stood up and faced his brother, eyes narrowed.

“Better watch it or I’ll re-break your nose,” Sirius said.

“Stop it,” Narcissa said, standing up and roughly shoving them both apart from each other. Her eyes were a little teary, but only I noticed it.

“Quite frankly, I am ashamed at the way you two treat each other. Your brothers, you are supposed to have a bond, but you let something as stupid as your Houses get in the way of it! It’s disgusting, and you guys can be as vile as you want to each other but I don’t want to see it!” Narcissa yelled heatedly.

She threw her fork down and stormed out of the Great Hall, blonde hair streaming behind her. Sirius and Regulus both looked at each other, looking mildly ashamed, and then Sirius stalked away.

We all exchanged glances.

“Who’s going after her?” Regulus asked, running his hand through his hair.

“I’ll take this,” I said, standing up.

Something told me she had gone outside, although it was freezing out and I wasn’t wearing a jacket, I walked out on to the ground and immediately spotted her shimmering blonde hair.

“Cissa?” I asked cautiously. I didn’t know if I would meet the Mad Narcissa, Scary Narcissa, or Crying Narcissa – she has multiple personalities, I swear.

Ah, Crying Narcissa.

“When Sirius moved out it broke his mother’s heart. And he showed no remorse. When Andromeda left, it broke everyone’s heart. And you know, at least Regulus goes to school with Sirius. If he wanted to talk to him, he could. But I can’t talk to Andromeda, I can’t visit her,” Narcissa said, wiping her eyes with her palm.

I put my arm around her shoulders and leant my head on hers.

“I miss her. And if I risk it all by talking to her…what if she doesn’t even want to see me? What if that happens and I lose my family and gain nothing from risking my neck? Then what am I supposed to do? But what if she thinks I hate her?”

“She knows you don’t hate her,” I said soothingly, “she knows you miss her, Cissy.”

“How do you know?” she asked, voice cracking.

“I just know,” I said knowingly. Although I didn’t.

“What if Regulus completely loses Sirius? This is the last year they’ll be living in the same environment…. They used to be best friends, you know? And I know deep down they both miss each other. I just don’t know why they have to take each other for granted like they do.”

She took a deep, steadying breath. I hadn’t realized until then that I was probably on the verge of hypothermia. I was freezing and shaking, sitting still in the winter chill was doing me no good.

“Let’s go in and get you some dessert, okay?” I said, pulling her to her feet.

She nodded and wiped her eyes again before we walked back up to the castle.

Disowning is the most primitive practice purebloods follow, I swear, it’s almost disgusting how people are expected to just forget all emotional ties, forget how much they love them – to forget them completely.

It doesn’t work that way.

A/N- This update took forever. It feels like its been years! The sad part is this, this chapters been written, but I have literally had NO time to post it. Swimming started and my nazi coach drills us to the point of throwing up and exhaustion.

Plus, I am now the watergirl for the football team, (don't laugh, you'd do it too for the shirtless guys,) and that will take up my time. Plus the Honors schoolwork is drivng me crazy. But there you go, chapter nine. I'm going to finaalllyyy reread chapter ten and make sure its perfect, then maybe I'll post it in a few hours. Oh, and I will finish chapters eleven and twelve hopefully, and that should be enough to get us through the week.

Okay. Now that you've gotten your dose of pointless, useless information you didn't need, you can now tell me what you thought of this chapter.

Review, lovelies.

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