Chapter 7
The Return

Remus Lupin sat in the kitchen of head quarters staring into space. His two best friends were gone. He had also received news that Harry was also missing. He couldn’t believe how close he had come to dieing as well, although he supposed it wouldn’t have been too bad as he would get to be with those that he lost once again.

‘No, I can’t think like that. I need to be strong for Harry’s sake.’ He told himself for what seemed like the hundredth time. His thoughts continued to wander until he was startled by something landing on the table in front of him.

Looking up he saw a snowy white owl looking at him.

“Hi Hedwig” he muttered. It took a second to click “HEDWIG!” he jumped up fast startling the owl which took off into the rafters. “Sorry Hedwig, have you got something from Harry?”

The owl looked at him as if judging him as to whether or not it was safe to come back down. Deciding it was safe Hedwig returned to Remus and stuck out her leg.

Remus untied the letter that was address to him and watched as Hedwig took off to deliver the other letters.


Molly Weasley was sitting in the kitchen of The Burrow all in a world of her own. Her daughter and the boy, that she thought of as a son, were both gone, and she didn’t know where.

Her heart was aching for them. She looked up from the cup of tea that she was holding between her hands and spotted a white owl heading towards the window. She recognised the owl immediately.

As fast as she could without hurting the bird she took off the letter that was address to the family and watched as the snowy owl flew back out the window and out of sight.

She looked at the letter in her hands, opened it and began to read. As she got further on a fresh wave of tears rolled down her face. ‘Well’ she thought ‘At least I know they are ok’.


The headmaster of Hogwarts was sitting behind his desk, his pensive in front of him. He was watching memories of the mistakes he had made; currently he was viewing the last time he and Harry spoke. He was interrupted from his musings by a tap from the window.

A snow white owl was sitting impatiently on the windows sill wanting to get in and deliver the letter attached. He opened the window for the bird then untied the letter from the offered leg. Once free of her burden Hedwig took off back out the window.

He returned to his desk and read the letter. After he finished it he sighed. So they knew about the bond and marriage, but they were safe but gave no indication of where. Tonks had been watching the international portkeys, but none had been issued in the past few days, so they were either still close by or had found some other means of transportation.

He sighed again and sunk back into his thoughts.


Harry was sitting at the table eating breakfast and getting to know his sister. Ginny walked in and gave Harry a quick kiss.

“Morning Harry, morning Rose.”

The siblings looked at each other and smirked.

“Good” They started together.

“morning” Rose continued

“Ginny” Harry was next




“well?” They finished together.

Ginny looked at the two then groaned.

“It is bad enough with the twins. Now we have to listen to you as well?”



Ginny hung her head shaking it before dropping down in Harry’s lap. Harry grunted at the force she sat down in.

“We have only been here are week, it took years before Fred and George could do that”







“fast” they finished as one before all three teens broke out laughing.

Their laughter was broken by a thump and groan coming from the entrance hall. Pulling out their wands they snuck quietly into the hall.

Harry recognised the bloody, battered and very unhealthy looking figure instantly.

“Sirius!” he shouted as he ran forward.

“Hey Kiddo” His voice was broken and rusty.

Harry remembered security.

“What is your nickname and the names of the participants of a group as Hogwarts?”

“Padfoot, your dad was Prongs, Remus Lupin Moony and the traitor Wormtail.”

Hearing the commotion Elise came running down the stairs wand drawn. When she saw the source of the commotion she froze.

“Sirius” she breathed almost fainting as she wobbled on the spot.

“Who are you?”

Elise pointed her wand at him and muttered something that the teenagers couldn’t hear. Sirius had a dazed expression before his eyes cleared and widened.

“Elise” his rusty voice full of shock.

“Come on let’s get you into a bed and clean you up.”

She levitated him up the stairs and onto a bed in one of the spare rooms. After carefully lowering him onto the bed he passed out. Elise began to work on his wounds. A flash of fire appeared above Sirius and Kenneth began to cry on some of the more severe wounds. Elise began barking out orders for potions she needed and where they were stored/

After an hour of frantic work by all five, Sirius looked almost as good as new. Rest was what he would need now. The teens silently left the room so Elise could spend time with her lover.


A few hours later Elise came down with one of the biggest smiles the teens had seen since Harry and Ginny had arrived and told her the news of Sirius’ death.

“How is he?” Harry asked

“He will be fine, just needs some food and sleep now.”

“Did he wake at all?” Rose queried

“Yes. It was hard to get him to stay in bed. He is not one that likes to stay still.”

Elise began to prepare lunch. She still had a bright smile on her face and was humming a very upbeat tune to herself.


“Good Harry, good” Elise complemented Harry on his spell work.

The four had spent the afternoon the duelling room working on their physical fitness and spell work. Harry and Ginny were fast learners. They were now about to out duel Elise and were almost able to defeat Rose. The physical results were also starting to show. Ginny was very impressed with Harry’s changes, and when ever she mentioned them he would blush to the amusement of the three witches.

“Ok let’s have a quick break before we start work on your animagus forms.” They were currently all working on their individual forms decided to get them right before they worked on their joint one.

Elise knew the three were special but with that in mind she still couldn’t get over the shocks that they were about to produce. Animagus transformations should take months just to get the first part of changing one part of their body into their form. After one week they almost had it. At their current rate they would have completed their transformations before they returned to school, or in Rose’s case started school.

She had convinced them all to return to Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny were not particularly happy with the decision but agreed. Elise had found out from Harry and Ginny that the Defence Against The Dark Arts teaching job was once again open. She had contacted Dumbledore and applied under a false identity and received the job.

Being close to the three teens would allow her to continue with their training. She had told the teens that they would not be on the train to Hogwarts as she had let her mischievous streak show and planned a surprise entrance to shock the old man.


Harry was cooking dinner with the help of Ginny while Elise and Rose were out shopping for food.

“That smells great, what are you making?”

“Shouldn’t you be in bed Sirius?” Harry asked without turning around?

“I should but with smells like that floating through the house. I haven’t eaten in a while.”

Harry turned around to face his godfather with a true smile that reached his eyes on his face. He walked over to him and wrapped him into a tight hug that would have rivalled Molly Weasley.

“I missed you.” He mumbled into Sirius’ chest.

“I missed you too kiddo. Now while you wait for that to cook why don’t we discuss where the hell we are, why we are here, and how this pretty red head finally got hold of you.”

Ginny turned and beamed at a blushing Harry.

“Then I have some messages to pass on.”

“You saw my mum and dad! What did they tell you?”

“Your story first kiddo.”

Harry glared at him.

“Well as for where we currently are, we are in Perth, Australia at one of the Potter manors. We are living here with my godmother, your fiancĂ© and my twin sister Rose.”

“Interesting” Sirius muttered “Continue”.

“Well after you died, Dumbledore showed me a prophecy between me and Tom”

Sirius looked confused at the name.

“Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.”

Sirius nodded “I knew of a prophecy but didn’t know what it said.”

“Well in brief I am the only one that can kill him or die trying.”

“I suspected something like that Voldemort always seems to be going after you.”

“Well he doesn’t know the full prophecy, or the one that we found out involves me Ginny and Rose that I was told a few days ago. Well when I got back to the Dursley’s I wasn’t in good shape.” Harry looked at Ginny.

“I overheard a conversation that Dumbledore was having with my parents. He was going on about how important I am and how I must be kept safe. He also said something about a bond with Harry. My parents decided to take his words a little to the extreme. They would not leave me alone. So I made a decision and left. I gathered that Harry would not be taking your death very well so I went to the Dursley’s and rescued him.” Ginny looked back at Harry to continue the story.

“We got into London and after some glamours we picked up some supplies and went to the ministry to get an international portkey. Unfortunately Tonks was watching them.” He paused “A phoenix named Kenneth bonded with me and brought us here.” Harry looked to his wife.

“When we got here Harry admitted how he felt for me and the house elves had seen the bond between us and explained it. The next morning” Sirius raised an eyebrow “No Sirius we just slept in each others arms. The next morning we met Elise and Rose. Elise explained a few things and has now begun to train us. That is what we have been doing the past week.” Ginny finished.

“Speaking of Elise and Rose where are they?” Sirius questioned.

“Just out doing some late afternoon shopping before the shops close.” Harry answered.

“Well that tale isn’t anywhere as interesting and exciting as mine, so I won’t tell it. I have a few messages for both of you from Lily and James. Ginny first; from Lily she couldn’t have chosen a better witch for Harry, she also mentioned for you to hang in there and that he will come around, I see that part of the message is irrelevant now.” Ginny blushed “James also said there couldn’t be anyone better and just suggested that you took hold of him by his shirt collar and drag him into a broom cupboard and snog him senseless.” Ginny’s shade of red deepened, Sirius ginned. “Harry, your mum couldn’t be prouder with the wonderful son she has. Although some of your adventures would have had some summer long groundings.”

Harry blushed but smiled.

“She loves you with all her heart and wants you to remember she will be with your forever. Oh and wants to hex her sister.”

Tears began to form in Harry’s eyes and threatened to fall.

“Your father also couldn’t be happier for you. He congratulates you on your achievements, especially seeker. He also loves you and will be with you forever. He also said for you to hurry up and snog Ginny.”

Ginny smiled as Harry’s blush deepened. Harry turned away to tend to the meal to hide his tears that were now falling. Ginny came up behind him and wrapped him in a tight hug. There were two soft pops from the hall.

“We’re home.” Elise’s voice floated into the kitchen.

“Mmm that smells nice. What you cooking bro?” Rose said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Lamb Roast. I found the recipe in one of Elise’s recipe books.”

“Can’t wait”

Elise then walked in.

“Smells good” then turned to the table where Sirius was still sitting “Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“With the smells that me godson is producing no hope.”

Elise just smiled and sat down next to him placing a kiss on his cheek.


After dinner which had received the approval of all, including a comment from Ginny about her mother now having a challenge on her hands which caused Harry to blush.

The five were now sitting on the couches in front of a roaring fire, being winter in Australia. Kenneth had joined them and was sitting on Harry’s shoulder. Ginny snuggled into him. Sirius and Elise were telling stories about their tome at Hogwarts.

“And Lily levitates Sirius and James out of the dorm window and over the lake where she released the spell. Those two had a nice cold wake up call.” Elise was telling some of the pranks that Lily, Alice Longbottom and herself had played.

“I remember that, that was in our forth year. It was the first time she got detention because Slughorn saw it. I will never forget the look on her face. For some reason it made James even more determined to ask her out.” Sirius said laughing.

“How did mum and dad get together?” Rose asked.

“Oh that was so funny. When was it Elise? Sixth or seventh year?” Elise shrugged “Well anyway Lily was telling James off about something, while he was much more mature in his later years of Hogwarts he still got into trouble. The whole school knew they liked each other, well James was pretty obvious and Lily was just refusing to show it. Anyway Alice ‘accidently’ bumped into Lily knocking her forward and into James causing them both to fall to the floor, Lily on top of James. By some fluke Lily’s lips landed on James’. Instead of pulling back, she kissed him.”

All the occupants in the room, including the phoenix, we laughing hard.

“Oh yes, they were the good days.” Elise said through her laughter.

Harry yawned and removed his harm from around Ginny to look at his watch. Ginny gave a whimper at the lost of contact.

“I’m off to bed. Coming Gin?”

“What time is it?” Rose asked


“Definitely bed time.” Ginny commented as she got up, stretched, and joined her husband. “Night all” she called as she lead her husband to the bedroom.

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