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Hermione rolled over in her sleep. Burrowing her face into the pillow, the silk pillow. Her eyes flew open and rather then seeing the soft blue walls of her room she saw a deep blue.

“So you awake then” said a cool voice. She bolted up, instantly her eyes met his, they where a deep purple, his dark hair fell loosely over his face. He was leaning against the wall in the same outfit he had worn the night before, only in the faint light cast by the lamp beside her helped his tight shirt to show off his lean but muscular build. The inside of his cape was a deep red. He stepped away from the wall and sat on the end of her bed.

“How are you?” his voice was beautiful it held her and made her feel at ease. He looked young. Hermione shook her head to clear her head

“I’m ok. Where am I?” He smiled the tips of his fangs showing slightly

“This is my home or rather one of them” Hermione shrunk back slightly and he smirked

“Relax I’m not going to do anything to you” Hermione felt the backboard of the bed against her back

“How do I know if I can trust you? No offence you’re a vampire, I’m a young girl.” The Vampire smiled in amusement.

“You have a suspicious mind, that’s a good thing in these times” at that moment there was a rap on the door

“Sir? Some people are here to see you” The vampire sighed and rose from the bed and walked over to the dresser where he picked up a necklace and walked over to Hermione

“Put this on, it marks you as mine. If you don’t wear it people will think you free for taking and kill you” Hermione frowned and put it on. The Vampire smiled at her

“There are clothes in the closet, put something on feel free to go where ever you want”

He waved his hand and her wand appeared beside her. He turned looked at her once more and left. Hermione frowned as she watched him leave. Shrugging she moved off the bed to the closet and opened it. There where many fancy dresses, a single blue dress got her attention. She pulled it on. The silk fabric felt rich as the square neckline showed off her shape. Once she was dress and had brushed her hair she opened the door and walked into a hall. She’d been walking for a while when she heard voices she moved towards these and saw an opened door. Moving to this she saw the vampire that took her from her room sitting on a type of throne. He lent slightly to the side as though he was bored with the whole thing.  Three people in death eater robes stood before him Hermione moved to the side and listened to there voices

“Our lord would reward you greatly if you where to join him in this fight”

“But you still haven't given me a reason to fight under this man” one of the death eaters raised there voice

“The dark lord is a great man! He can give you as many mortal’s as you want” the vampire yawned and eyed her off

“You don’t know much about vampires do you?” She stepped back as he rose and moved down to stand ten steps away from her

“Well if you wont join willingly…you will join us!” said one of the men pointing there wand at him, He laughed and Hermione felt her heart go to him, he was laughing at sure death. His voice took on a strange sound as he replied to the threat

“tell me mortal, how much do you know about vampires?” his voice dropped a level becoming more dangerous, “do you know it’s not wise to threaten a vampire in his home?” his voice dropped another level now it promised death “are you aware you are talking to one of the most powerful vampires of the last two centuries?” in a blur of black he was gone. One of the death eaters fell forward there throat cut, the one who had pointed there wand shot a curse at him but it was deflected with a flick of his wrist it was sent flying back killing the man in a second. The Lady screamed as he sank his fangs deep into her neck drinking her blood until she too was dead. Lifting his head his eyes meet Hermione. She stood horror struck at the door. Licking the blood off his lips he turned to a servant

“Remove these corps, drain the two males of blood first” he then turned to Hermione in time to see her turn and sprint. He smirked faintly and moved into the chase.



They moved faster then Hermione could follow, she could hardly make out there shapes as they seemed to dance around each other teeth bared

“She’s mine” hissed the dark voice of the vampire that caught her, the other laughed

“I see no mark on her neck she is free for the taking” said the other. Hermione stepped back fearfully. He’d warned her that this would happen. Why in the seven hells hadn’t she listened?

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