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 Later that night Harry had finished his transfiguration homework and was getting ready for his walk with Hermione.
He was going to tell her the truth, how he felt, he had never made so
much effort with his clothes and hair, and all of his appearance.

'Mate, what are you doing?' asked Ron who was playing with a piece of string.

'I'm going for a walk tonight,' said Harry checking his hair.

'With who?' asked Ron but he looked as if he already knew.

Harry didn't answer him, but Ron grinned and said, 'don't forget breath mints.'

Harry shot him a glare but took a breath mint when Ron wasn't looking.

Harry fidgeted with his messy hair trying to make it flat, but it always stuck up at the back.

Ron looked smug and looked at his watch, 'go on Harry, Hermione is waiting,' he said.

Harry glared at him but went down to the common room. 'Good luck!' Ron yelled after him.

Hermione waited, Harry felt immensley stupid, he flattened his hair self-conciously.

'You look handsome,' said Hermione and as she had intended he blushed.

She seemed to notice he was fidgety and she ruffled his hair.

'That's better,' he heard her say as she walked out, he followed her smiling to himself.

They avoided Snape and Filch, and left the castle to walk by the lake.

It was very romantic, the moonlight hit the lake and it sparkled, Hermione's hair looked beautiful, reflected from the lake.

Harry saw a distant figure in a window, he could see the it was Ron.

He turned away and looked at Hermione, she smiled and held his hand.

He looked down at it and then nervously looked into her eyes, he drew closer and closer to her, she drew closer and closer to him, their lips nearly touched when...

BANG! spells shot from all around them, people in black billowing cloaks and snake-like masks had appeared.

'Death eaters!' yelled Harry 'run!'

As they run Hermione breathed, 'it's impossible to apparate inside of Hogwarts.'

'They must have found a way,' yelled Harry.

A green spell shot out of no where and Hermione gave a scream and the spell hit her, she fell gracefully into the lake, her eyes shut.

'You can walk away,' yelled a death eater, 'walk away or stop and face us to save her. You have a choice Harry Potter.'

Harry knew what he was going to do. He threw his jacket off and dived into the lake to fetch Hermione.

She was falling to the bottom, Harry grabbed her wrist, his breath running out, but one of the merpeople grabbed her other wrist.

Harry gave out a yell that echoed all over the seafloor, the merperson flinched and Harry took advantage and pulled Hermione up and out of the water. The death eaters were waiting.

Harry pulled out his wand and shot spells at them, soon joined by Ron and some Gryffindors who had come out to join them.

Harry shielded Hermione in his arms, shooting spells everywhere, not caring about who he hit, only caring about Hermione.

The death eaters disappeared, Harry wrapped his jacket around Hermione and picked her up in his arms, he carried her indoors.

He had not realised he was so wet, Hermione was even wetter, the squeek of the floor echoed, but he didn't care who heard, he just wanted Hermione to be safe.

He entered the hospital wing and found Madam Pomfrey in a dressing gown reading a book.

'Potter,' she said, 'what are you doing here?'

'Hermione,' gasped Harry, 'she's hurt, death eaters. They...'

He didn't finish his sentance because Madam Pomfrey went to the fire, threw some green powder in it and said, 'professor Dumbledore'. And then she stuck her head in it.

Soon later Dumbledore burst through the doors and Harry collapsed to his knees with tiredness, and Hermione's weight.

'Put her down on the bed Potter,' said Madam Pomfrey and at that moment Professor McGonagall entered the room.

'Albus,' she said 'what...?'

She spotted Hermione, she gasped, Hermione had always been her favourite student.

'Hermione,' muttered Harry as he collapsed to his knees beside her.

'Potter,' said Madam Pomfrey, 'I think you should go to bed.'

'NO!' said Harry loudly, 'no I'm not leaving her. I'll never leave her.'

Harry felt dizzy with tiredness, he pulled himself onto the bed next to Hermione and closed his eyes.

'Let him sleep beside her,' said Dumbledore as Madam Pomfrey opened her mouth to protest. 'This is the most powerful remedy.'

'What?' asked Madam Pomfrey indignantly. 'All my years as a matron, we need to act.'

'We need to leave them,' said Dumbledore, 'love is the most powerful remedy. Let us leave them together.'

With that McGonagall nodded briskly and turned to leave, 'are you sure Albus?'

'No one can be positve,' said Dumbledore. 'But I have a feeling.'

Madam Pomfrey huffed and went back to her office and Dumbledore looked down at Hermione and Harry.

Hermione was in Harry's arms, a smile formed on her face as she turned to face him.

Dumbledore smiled at them. 'Nothing ever changes,' he murmured. 'History is repeating itself. Just like Minerva and I.'

And with that he turned and left.

'I love you,' murmured Harry in his sleep.

'I love you,' murmured Hermione.

Harry held Hermione close, she was safe, safe in his arms.

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