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The next morning, I woke around nine, ordered breakfast in my room, and ate it while I got dressed. Then I immediately set out to find James Potter; I was on a mission. I decided that since breakfast was still being served, I could probably find him in the dinning hall until the cleaning crew kicked them out so they could do their job. But much to my surprise, they weren’t there. For lack of a better idea I checked up on deck next and after walking almost completely around the deck, I found both him and Sirius in a secluded spot sitting on deck chairs with large piles of parchment and some quills. They were so engrossed in what they were doing, that they didn’t notice when I came up behind them and said tentatively “James?” they jumped about a foot in the air and spilt their parchment all over the place, after furtively glancing around to be sure no open was watching we quickly restacked the papers with our wands. Once everything was cleared up, they both turned to face me. Sirius was wearing a wide smirk, which I took to mean he knew about everything that had transpired between James and I. James actually look a little bit nervous.

It was just then when I caught sight of what was written on their papers. My mouth hung open. “Who are you writing to?”
James glanced down at the letters and laughed “Oh, just our fan club, you know, they keep owling us asking how our summer’s going and what we’re doing.” He rolled his eyes. “They’re actually getting kind of creepy, keep telling me their single and really good kissers.” He grinned at me.
I gave him a disbelieving look “You do not have a fan club.”
James nodded earnestly “Actually I do! It’s not as big as Sirius’s, I’ll admit, but still. Actually I don’t think they fancy you much, which is probably why you were never invited to join them.” 

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. How in the hell could he possibly had a fan club! He didn’t, did he? If he did… well… then that explained who had died my hair green last year, and let crickets loose in my dormitory, and played countless other pranks on me. 

I shook my head and moved on; it wasn’t important. “Potter, can I have a word?”
He and Sirius exchanged a look that I didn’t totally understand, and then Sirius abruptly got up and walked away, humming innocently as he went. I sat down in Black’s abandoned spot and faced James.

“Look, James, The other night I-“
But James cut me off before I could finish “I knew this would come.’ He said sadly, looking down. “You’re going to tell me that you weren’t your self or that you had a fever, or you weren’t thinking clearly, but to any effect, it didn’t mean anything and you still hate me and never ant to see me again.” He finished, staring at his shoes. And I felt a lump in my throat; I was just beginning to understand how this must be for James. He could have any girl he wanted in the whole school, but the one he wanted didn’t want him.

I cleared my throat, causing James to look up at me. “Well, that actually wasn’t what I was going to say. What I was going to say before you so rudely interrupted me” I gave him my best professor McGonagall look, “was that,” but I was cut off, yet again, this time by a shout coming from farther down deck.

“Oy! Prongs!” James’s head snapped up to look at Sirius’s approaching figure, which had continued it’s shout “Ol’ Buzzkill is coming! He knows it was us! I think we might have to lay low for an hour or so.” Sirius was standing with us now and had ceased his shouting. James was grinning mischievously.

I was thoroughly confused. “Who’s Buzzkill? And what does he know you did?” I questioned but Sirius talked over me.
“The funny thing is, is he can’t figure out how we got it shoved way up int- “
But James covered Sirius’s mouth with his hand, hastily, saying “Aww now I’m not sure Lily needs all the gory details…”
Sirius laughed as James removed his hand “Right we’ll save those for later, but he’s probably only about two minutes away so we need to scram.”
“But Lily and I weren’t done talking yet!” James began to protest.
Sirius looked exasperated “James, you know your mother’s going to throw a hissy fit if we get caught one more time. I mean, heck, she might even punish us for once!” Sirius looked appalled at the thought.
“I don’t care.” James muttered, looking very much like a sulky child. 

“James!” Sirius said frustratedly. But then we all saw a hulking figure appear out of the stairwell a ways away.
“Oh, shite, that’s him. Fine James you can take Lily with us, just hurry! And if we get caught because of her I’m blaming you.” Sirius muttered in a rush so that just James and I could hear.
“Fair enough.” James muttered as equally low and fast. And then, before I really knew what was happening, James had taken my hand and we were running. 

We ducked down into the stairway near us and ran for our lives. Sirius was in the very front leading James, who was pulling me by the hand, I nearly lost my footing on several occasions. Once we reached the landing below where there were more people around, we slowed to a fast speed walk. We continued on like this down the hallway, keeping our heads down and not saying a word, listening for running feet or shouting from behind us. I think several people looked at us funnily, but it didn’t matter. We had almost reached the end of the hallway when we did our routine glance behind us and we saw him, the hulking figure from up on deck, just coming out of the stairwell way behind us. James and Sirius had picked up the speed again as we saw him, but James was still leading me by the hand so I kept my eyes fixed on the man behind us. He was huge, probably 5 foot 7 or so, but every one of his limbs bulged with muscle. He was terrifying, even from a distance. I was thinking all this and staring at the man when suddenly I was jerked to the side and everything went black. I fell down, hard, and landed on something rather squishy.

“Oof! Lily! That was my face!” came a disgruntled and muffled voice from below me.
I muttered sorry as I picked my self up, only to trod on something on the floor.
“Ouch! Mate, my feet!” came Sirius’s whispered cry of pain as I heard who I assumed was James pick him self up from the floor where I had pushed him down.

I muttered a sorry again, this time with a little more frustration and then hissed “Where the bloody hell are we?” from somewhere in the darkness surrounding me came quiet snickers, then Sirius answered;
“Storage closet, it’s our favorite one to hide out in ‘cause to all the muggles it’s locked. They never check in here. If you hadn’t been staring at ol’ Buzzy, you might have noticed that we were ducking into a closet and not have caused so much pain.”

I ignored his semi-insult and rolled my eyes. Why did it not surprise me that they already had favorite hiding spots on the ship? By now the inside of the closet was becoming a little clearer. I could make out James’s silhouette on my right, and Sirius’s standing opposite me, leaning against what seemed to be a set of shelves. Now that it looked like we had some time to talk, I decided to ask the few questions I had left.

“So who exactly is Buzzkill?” I hissed into the silence.
Again with the snickers, then Sirius whispered “That’s just our nickname for him. You would know him as the first mate. He kind of has it out for us just because of a few innocent pranks.”
I rolled my eyes again “And what ‘oh-so-innocent’ prank is he out to get you for this time?”
This time it was James who spoke up “You don’t need to know the finer points, the less you know the better actually, but let’s just say that it involves an ‘inappropriate’ picture” 

“A bottle of sleeping pills” Sirius cut in 

“The first mates’ rear” 

“And a good strong sticking charm.” Sirius finished. It was kind of scary the way they finished each other’s sentences with out thinking about it. 

We must’ve sat in the closet for a good fifteen minutes. I thought seemed like an unreasonably long amount of time, but seeing as Sirius and James were the masters of that particular art, I didn’t argue.

When at last we emerged from the closet, blinking form the sudden light, we stood out side the closet awkwardly before Sirius, finally registering what James’s meaningful glances towards me meant, gave an excuse about needing to finish writing fan letters and sauntered off.

James and I turned to face each other rather awkwardly. “How much you bet he goes and finds Melanie?”
I gave him a blank expression. “Who?”
James smiled “You know, the girl he has been steadily flirting with all trip?” 
I nodded “Oh.” And we were at loss for words. I knew that, in a second he would ask me about what I had begun to say earlier, and I dreaded the moment. But, to my surprise, he seemed content to wait, he just stood there, smiling somewhat serenely while I had time to gather my thoughts.

At last I began, for the third time that day “Look, James, about the other night…” his face perked up as I said this, and he stayed silent, anxious to hear more. “The other night I don’t know what happened. I acted very impulsively.”
His face fell “But, I thought you said…?” he asked confused.
“You didn’t let me finish. I acted impulsively, but that impulse showed me something I didn’t know… feelings I didn’t know I had. And I- I- I think I might love you, James.”

A/N Ok i hope you like this chapter, it took me a while but I had fun writing it. And thanks to writersblock, my dearest friend, for betaing my chapter. Please Please review people, the last chapter got like half of the reviews the other ones did. What's going on?! Reviews make me happy so please be a nice person and review!

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