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Dark red hair spilled over a muscular arm, the arm twitched in it’s deep sleep and the dark red hair moved to face the man beside her. She felt a wonderful warm with her bare skin covered by sheet and his powerful arm draped across her naked body. Feeling her presence the man opened his eyes.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said deeply, snuggling closer.

“Morning handsome,” replied Ginny, “sleep well?”

“Of what sleep I managed to get,” he winked roguishly, “kept me up most of the night didn’t you?”

“I wasn’t sleepy,” Ginny replied sweetly.

A small brown owl suddenly twittered into Ginny’s room with a note in it’s beak. Professionally it landed on the bedside table closest to the muscular man and he stretched his arm out to read it.

“Oh honey, I’ve got to head back to the States this afternoon.”

“How come?”

“Press conference,” he sighed and sent the owl off with his reply, “you should come with me.”


“Think it over, I’m going to have a shower.”

Ginny watched his strong, naked body strut to the shower. His name was Corey and he was a Seeker in an American Quidditch team, he was the absolute fantasy of every witch alive. Ginny had spotted him at Harry’s funeral, while Corey comforted the distressed ‘fiancée’. She had not made her move at the funeral, her conscience telling her that would be poor taste. Only a week after the funeral was Ginny and Corey stumbling drunk home and ended up in a passionate encounter lasting a month now. Ron and Hermione had not spoken to her since the news spread, her own parents even treated her quite coldly.
She knew they were angry at her for moving on from Harry so quickly, but you couldn’t mope around all your life. Going away from everyone would be painless solution she thought.

Ginny was all about impulse decisions she scribbled on parchment to her mother that she was going to America and she didn’t know how long but to give her love to the family. Corey emerged from the bathroom the hot steam making sweaty clouds around him.

“Babe,” Ginny smiled, “let’s go!”

Harry lazily opened his eyes and suddenly remembered where he was, he remembered the sleeping Layla next to him and wriggled a little further away.

“Oh good you’re awake, I made you breakfast,” spoke a soft voice from somewhere beside him.

Harry sat up and blinked in front of him was a perfect English breakfast; crumpets, sausage, jams, bacon, eggs even kippers. Layla stood a little bashfully to the side, wearing the guest bath robe, a strange bird-like creature perched on her shoulder. It was elegant and graceful like a cat but feathered wings and sharp beak, it’s plumage was bright orange and purple.

“This is an Exotica it carries our post, I thought you might like to send a letter to your friends,” Layla gestured to his bedside table where parchment and a quill lay, the quill was orange and purple like the bird before him.

“Thank you and for breakfast it’s just like home,” Harry said earnestly.

“I thought you might be a bit homesick, I asked Aldi what you ate for breakfast in England, he lived there when he was growing up,” Layla carried the tray to Harry’s bed and propped it up, “I can’t use magic so the toast is a bit burnt.”

“Why can’t you use magic?”

“The Sultan took my wand and any of the other muggle born’s or half blood’s wands that work in this palace, we are not fit to have one according to him.”

“I’ll get you a wand,” Harry said smiling, “I’ll get you whatever you want the Sultan loves me. Do you want some breakfast?”

“Oh no, it is for you! I will eat with the other girls and leave you to your breakfast,” she bowed humbly.

“Please, join me if you’d like,” Harry cast a replica spell on his breakfast so an identical meal materialised next to his, “please?”

“You are too kind Harry,” she smiled and tentatively sat on the edge of the bed eyeing her food hungrily.

“You saved my life, if it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead. I would’ve told the guards who I was and I’m sure I wouldn’t of had such a warm welcome,” he paused watching her eat, Harry got the impression that the Sultan didn’t not feed his slaves much, “how did you know it was me?”

“Excuse me?”

“How did you know when you ran into me that, it was me?”

“I have seen a lot of photos of you, you’re famous in my town, I was unsure so I looked at your forehead and saw the scar and when you helped me up I flattened your fringe down,” she looked a little bashful.

“That was clever,” he admired making Layla blush brilliantly.

“You’re friends must be so worried about you,” she asked changing the subject.

“Yes, I can’t imagine what they must be thinking, I better write to my fiancée and she will pass on the message,” Harry reached for the quill.

“Must be a difficult letter to write,” Layla observed, after ten minutes all he had written was ‘Dear Ginny’.

“It is, I don’t even understand what happened.”

“Then say that,” Layla said simply.

“Thanks,” and the letter was finished in two minutes.

“You’re going to have to go back Harry, everyone will be so worried. Your fiancée won’t want you away any longer than you have already been gone, you should flee now.”

“I said I am going to help you and that’s what I am going to do, I explained it all in the letter, with any luck my friends will come too,” Harry made the breakfast mess disappear and noticed Layla’s face pained with the longing of a wand.

“Could Aldi make you a wand?” Harry asked.

“He made a wand for Faris which he still has and Aldi got in a lot of trouble, only that Faris defended Aldi in saying that he felt Faris would be able to better serve the Sultan with magic,” Layla paused with her eyes glistening, “they were tortured for days.”

“Leave it to me,” Harry smiled.

“I know you mean well Harry, I really know you do but you have to go back home, you’re life is there. Everyone thinks you’re dead, you can’t just send a letter and say, ‘hey everything’s fine’, your fiancée—“

“My fiancée knew what she was getting herself into when she began a relationship with me, Ginny’s tough she’ll manage, Ginny will be the first one here to fight for this town. She’s an amazing dueller, really fiery, she always has a little grin on her face.”

“She sounds wonderful,” Layla said sadly.

“I’m sorry, weren’t you seeing your fiancée yesterday?”

“I was trying to see him, he’s on a list the Sultan has with all the half bloods but he’s been lucky because his last named is descended from royalty. The Sultan really wants him gone, I was trying to tell my fiancée Sandi, to flee, I don’t want him killed,” Layla’s voice shook, “I better go back to work, thank you for your kindness, it was nice to just sleep.”

“My pleasure and please if you don’t want to stay with the Sultan, I’ll request you.”

“Thank you.”

Layla left and Harry released the Exotica out his window and watched it swoop gracefully out of the distance. He dreamed of Ginny receiving his letter and rushing straight to his side. It would be so good to see her again to feel her body in his arms. The moment the Exotica had gone out of sight Ginny Weasley was locking the door on her apartment, never to return.

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