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So James was ok with us after all… I mean me and Sirius… but still we maintain a sort of distance when it came to being around him… so that we don’t infuriate him more or anything… So we are pretty happy right now, though much cannot be said over ten days I guess it’s great for life as of now! Tomorrow will take care of itself! I am feeling so much lighter and much happier now…

Just a tiny little regret that James and Lily hadn’t made up… she was still angry with him for treating her the way he did and right now was angry he didn’t apologize. And he felt that Lily should come to him if she cared as much. Well both of them act like its no big deal but everyone knows it is… Insensitive Ida comes walloping along the way trying to take James into her folds… well good luck Ida!

Anyway coming back to the James-Lily problem, we decided to let it solve itself… I mean look at what happened the last time we interfered and we so didn’t want that to happen again. Or anything else for that matter… my pigheaded brother and my hotheaded best friend are so made for each other… they know it and so do us… but ever heard of this big thing called ego? Of course you would have! We all have it don’t we?

Well yea that is the only thing on my mind these days, even when I am on a date with Sirius we end up talking about them… like right now, I am waiting for Sirius to turn up but look at what I am thinking when I could be feeling exhilaratingly anticipatory about what Sirius has planned for us…


“… and then Crabbe goes walking around the entire school for a day with “I’d stay away if I were you” written right on the backside of his pants!” I hooted with laughter when Sirius finished that story!

“Wish I had been there to see it!” I said, laughing again. Sirius caught me just outside the common room and planted a kiss right on my lips before brushing his lips against my cheeks and straightening up. I didn’t let him though, my hands still around his neck, I pulled him down and started to brush my lips slowly near his mouth. I knew he liked that…

“Mmm… don’t you think our date was a little to short today?” he asked suggestively.

“Yes…” I was now raining small kisses on his lips, “I’m afraid it was…”

“I think I can do something about it…” and with those words, he gave me one of those passionate kisses that we generally reserve for special moments.


It was Defense and we were practicing shielding charms. I was paired with Lily and Sirius with James. We were having a lot of fun as Sirius kept blocking both Lily and James’ charms at the same time. I was frustrated because I didn’t get any chance to throw spells and I started throwing them at Sirius. And then both of us were laughing and throwing spells at each other. Lily kept intervening in the middle with spells of her own and it was a sort of a riot… until one of the spells, not sure whose since it was like flying colors all over the place, hit James and he toppled over.

“Oh My God!” I ran towards him, “James…”

“It’s ok…” he said, “I’m fine… It sort of whooshed past my arm!” he said, trying to get up. Sirius found his glasses and I pushed it up his nose.

“I’m sorry…” It took a while to realize that it had come from Lily. I didn’t dare to turn around and give her a smile but I did exchange one with Sirius. James however stared beyond me at where I knew Lily was standing. He shrugged and then looked away. I knew that he was fighting pretty hard with mixed emotions… I knew that look on his face. I turned and looked at Lily who had turned red and was looking everywhere but at any of us. Sirius and I looked at each other and then Lily suggested that we return to our pairs and that was the end of the fun.


We were walking through Hogsmeade... a day after that little James-Lily incident in charms. Sirius and I snuck away to enjoy some private time together and I was determined not to let this time be stolen by my thoughts about James and Lily… But well, I guess guilt doesn’t spare anybody and especially not the ones with conscience…

But well everything works out for the good. I guess they will make up in time, they are not that dumb and Sirius says the he thought he saw a sort of spark in James’ eyes when he learnt that Lily wouldn’t mind coming with him and peter to Three Broomsticks… so I hope it works out for them because they deserve to be together… And I know it will… because guess what, Peter turned matchmaker…

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