Summer was ending and autumn was approaching. The warm nights had turned slightly colder and the leaves of surrounding trees had turned to reds and gold, falling to the ground and then being swirled in the winds.

Not than any of the occupants of number twelve Grimauld place had the time to notice.

The anti-Voldemort movement was not the only thing in full swing.

The Weasley-Delacour wedding was drawing ever the nearer and a slight problem in preparations had arisen.

Bobbie sat at the overly crowded kitchen table slightly bored. She leant back in her chair so that it was balancing on one leg.

“But even if we could get him over to the burrow,” Sirius was arguing. “There’s still the problem of when he’s there. We can’t do the fidelius charm, because then we’d never be allowed to let in the waiters and the guests and every one involved in the wedding!”

“Yes Sirius I understand that,” Molly retorted. “But it is Bill’s wedding! I’m sure Harry wouldn’t want to miss it! Now don’t get me wrong I love the boy like a son and don’t want anything to happen to him-”

“Then why are we discussing this?” Sirius cried standing. “Isn’t his safety more important than having enough ushers?”

“I have an idea,” Bobbie said but the two adults jus kept arguing.

“It’s not that!” Mrs. Weasley shouted also standing. “But Harry is part of the family and this is a family event!”

“I have an idea,” Bobbie repeated a little louder, but to no prevail.

“But the problem still remains! What about Voldemort?”

There was a collective shudder and recognition around the room; several people who had been dozing of after the long argument awoke suddenly.

Bobbie stood up and putting her fingers in her mouth let out a shrill whistle.

“I have an idea!” she said loudly gaining the interest of the entire table. “Polyjuice potion.”

“I could get some of that from the ministry stash,” Kingsley spoke in his deep voice.

“Yes but who are we going to disguise him as?” Moody growled his magical eyes trained on her, she didn’t back down at it bore into her. “We can’t use any of us as we’ll all be present at the ceremony or otherwise publicly detained.

He shot a glance at Kingsley with his normal eye who was going to be protecting the muggle prime minister.

But Bobbie had already thought of that.

“We’ll use me,” she shrugged.

“But like Moody just said,” Remus smiled. “You’ll already be there.”

“I know but listen,” she smirked conspiringly, that and she knew she was right. “No-one knows who I am, know one’s even supposed to know I exist.”

She felt Sirius stiffen slightly beside her.

“So we both go as me and introduce him as my twin sister Jessica.”

Everyone was looking at her thoughtfully.

“Sounds good!” Bill said from down the other end of the table, his ponytail swinging as he turned to his fiancé. “What do you think love?”

“I like eet,” she replied.

“Problems?” Bobbie asked Moody who was staring at her curiously.

“No,” he growled begrudgingly. “It’s adequate.”

“Great!” she smiled taking charge. “Mr. Shacklebot will retrieve some polyjuice potion and unless I go bald in the next few days we’ve go plenty of my hair, we’re all set. We transfer everyone to the Burrow using the previous plan and we’re all set.”

She clapped her hands together.

“Ok then, ‘night all.”

She walked quickly from the kitchen and up to bed.

Once changed into her pyjamas then went into the pensieve, this time choosing an awake memory to watch before going to sleep.

She landed heavily on the cool green grass. There was cheering all around her, she looked up to see the familiar colours or red and gold as they played Ravenclaw.

She pulled a seat up on the grass as this was a fairly low game and she could make out the players clearly.

She watched for a few minutes as Gryffindor scored another goal making the score 70 – 20. Faith was flying around hitting bludgers at the other team and away from her own.


The voice came from in front of her and she looked down to see Hermione and Ginny.

“What are you doing her?” she asked not troubling to keep the hint of anger from her voice.

“We are so sorry!” Hermione gushed. “We cam in to see if you wanted to come down to the drawing room and play exploding snap and you weren’t there and we saw the pensive and went to go look at it and fell in.”

“It’s ok,” She sighed looking finally of Ginny.

The redheaded girl was staring off towards the far end of the pitch where Gryffindor were passing around between the three chasers trying to score.

“He looks exactly the same,” she spoke quietly looking at James who was above the chasers searching for the snitch (A/N – I know he’s chaser but I made the mistake in the first one and I can’t change it now so I’m keeping it that way!)

“Yeah I know,” Bobbie sighed.

“ARGH!” came the collective cry from the crowd.

“AND THAT’S GOT TO HURT!” the commentator cried. “Gryffindor beater Faith Porter has taken a bludger to the shoulder! Diving in front of seeker and captain Potter, who is now calling for I time out.”

“Is that your mum?” Hermione asked as the Gryffindor team landed on the ground in front of them.


“You okay?” James asked Faith as she cradled her arm, her face screwed up.


“Good,” he said nodding before beginning to yell. “WHAT IN HELL DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?”

She rolled her eyes at him.

“I was saving the game,” she spoke quietly but in a hard tone. “If you’d have been hit, in the head I might add, you would have been gone and then we’d be seeker-less.”

“But you should of hit it!”

“If I’d have swung back the distance I needed to block it with out breaking my wrist I would have hit you, and that would just defeat the purpose.”

He glared at her.

“You right to keep going?”

“Pfft, take more than a broken shoulder to stop me.”



“That’s it you’re off.”


“What? What do you mean ‘no’?”

“N-O. Means I’m playing.”

“No you are-”

He stopped when she mounted her broom and flew off. Her injured arm cradled against her chest, her other hand clasped firmly around the bat and broom.

Bobbie smiled and tugged on the other two’s sleeves.

They landed softly in her room.

They didn’t speak as they walked down to the drawing room.

They played exploding snap with Harry and Ron for an hour or so.

That was the first night that Bobbie didn’t fall to sleep in the pensieve.

“Here you go!” Bobbie said passing the dark hairs over to Harry.

He dropped them into the goblet of thick frothing potion. The minute to hairs made contact the potion frothed and steamed before turning an inky black.

He looked rather hesitant at the thought of ingesting it.

“What?” she asked joking. “Don’t I look like I taste good?”

“You smell like smoke.”

She laughed. “Just drink it.”

He screwed up his face and swallowed the vile liquid. “Urgh. You taste like it too.”

But after a few moments Harry’s face began to distort, he shrunk to Bobbie’s height of five feet two inches, his hair grew to hang around his chin, his eyes went brown and his body shrunk so that it was very thin and pixie like.

“Wow,” Ron said circling his new friend.

“Yeah. Freaky huh?” Harry spoke, his voice a little higher and more feminine.

Ron burst out laughing.

“Shut up Ronald!” Hermione scolded hitting him on the head.

“Well come on Jess,” Bobbie smiled heading for the door of the drawing room. “We have to get you dressed before it’s time to go.”

He held up his arms and looked at the overly large clothes now hanging from his new body.

They walked up the stairs to Bobbie’s room shutting the door behind them.

“What’ll it be?” she asked gesturing to her bed where her clothes where laid out.


She rolled her eyes before grabbing a pair of dark denim jeans and a black t-shirt.

“Thanks,” he blushed taking the clothes and heading for the door.

“Um… Harry,” Bobbie called him back.

She held up her arm and dangling from her finger was a black lacy bra.

Harry froze staring at the underwear.

“Maybe we should blindfold you and let me dress you,” Bobbie said.

“Yeah ... er … right…” he stuttered walking back into the room.

She rolled her eyes and grabbed a red bandana from her rucksack before tying it around his eyes.

Ten minutes later, and looking identical, the pair made their way to the kitchen where everyone else was waiting.

“Which one’s Potter?” Moody asked looking between the two.

Harry raised his hand.

“Right,” he growled. “You’re side-along apparating with me, everyone else can go by themselves except the real Bobbie and Ginny, you two will be side-along apparating with Kingsley and Remus.”

Everyone either moved off to their buddies or began disappearing with a pop.

Bobbie held onto Remus’ arm and they disappeared, reappearing on the grass of a small yard.

Chickens and gnomes were darting around, the grass and garden were both overgrown and full of weeds, behind the door were piles of old Wellington boots and a couple of rusty cauldrons as well as a large object that looked suspiciously like an engine.

Mrs. Weasley was running around seeing who was here before leading everyone into the kitchen.

Kingsley and Moody excused themselves, walking out of the house before disapparating back to work.

“Ok!” Mrs. Weasley called. “Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Ha-Jessica and Bobbie you lot will be inside cleaning up for when the Delacours arrive tomorrow, Everyone else will have to be outside working on the spells and such.”

They group split and Sirius, Tonks, Remus, Arthur, Bill and Charlie went outside to start work.

The others remained waiting for further instruction from Mrs. Weasley.

“We’re just waiting on your brothers,” she said as there was to cracks and Fred and George appeared.

“Tw-t-twins,” Fred said staring between Harry and Bobbie.

“Wow,” George agreed staring also.

“Dibs on the one we met,” Fred whispered.

Bobbie, Hermione, Ron and Ginny laughed whilst Harry stood there blushing deeper with every second.

“That’s not going to happen sorry,” Ginny said somberly. “See the one on the left happens to be my boyfriend.”

“What?” the twins said staring at Harry.

“Harry?” said Fred.

“Blimey,” said George.

“Right,” said Fred. “Well…”

“Back to the original arrangement?” asked George looking at his twin.



“Enough!” Mrs. Weasley chided.

She continued to set them all tasks from changing sheets to regular housecleaning. Ginny and Bobbie were helping with the cooking though Bobbie didn’t have a clue what she was doing.

After the fourth fire Mrs. Weasely sent her to help Hermione prepare rooms for Mr. and Mrs. Delacour.

Later on that evening the groups ate dinner before heading off to bed, ready for another day of hard work.

As Bobbie and Ginny walked up the stairs to Ginny’s room they heard voices coming from Ron’s.

“…These are bits of Voldemort’s soul we’re talking about!” came a voice she recognized as Harry’s. “The Horcruxes aren’t going to be easy to find! Dumbledore said they’d be in places where he’d committed a great evil.”

“Yes,” came the reasoning tone of Hermione. “But I don’t see how we’re going to be able to go and get them! Kingsley said the ministry’s getting more and more corrupt! And It’s not like Sirius and Mrs. Weasley are going to let us run off any time soon.”

“I reckon Sirius will understand though, right?” Ron said. “If we tell him Dumbledore left us something to do he’ll understand?”

“We just have to make sure nobody knows why we’re going,” Harry sighed.

“Right, well I’m off upstairs,” Hermione spoke. “The other two will be wondering where I am.”

At this Bobbie and Ginny glanced quickly at each other before racing up the stairs, they began hastily getting ready for bed so that by the time Hermione was there they were almost finished.

“Night guys,” she said before crawling under the covers and extinguishing the lights.

Over the next couple of days they worked hard getting everything for the guests’ arrivals. Bobbie was working with Hermione when an idea came to her.

“I think she’s trying to split you three up,” she said stopping folding the laundry.

“What?” Hermione asked looking extremely confused.

“I think Mrs. Weasley is trying to make sure that you, Harry and Ron don’t spend any time together so that you can’t plan.”

“Plan what?” asked Hermione as she continued pairing socks.

“Whatever it is you three are off doing,” she replied before lowering her voice. “With the Horcruxes.”

Hermione froze, mid pair. “How?” she asked her eyes wide as she turned to face her. “How do you know?”

“I overheard you,” she shrugged. “If you were smart you’d put silencing charms up.”

“Ronald,” snarled Hermione.

“I’m not going to tell,” she reassured. “I want to help.”

“You what?”

“I want to help. Its not like I’m not completely incapable, my mother took me with her to work for the most part and doing what she did I picked stuff up, you know curse breaking, spell work, combat skills, I’d be useful.”

“It’s not my decision,” Hermione sighed. “It’s completely up to Harry.”


They continued to work throughout the day, after an hour with Ron chasing gnomes around the garden she was paired with Harry mucking out the chicken coop.

After a little while he pulled her off to the side.

“Hermione told me you know,” he whispered.

She nodded.

“I don’t want you to come.”

“I really don’t care what you want,” she growled quietly glaring. “And don’t give me the ‘it’s too dangerous I’m supposed to do this by myself’ crap. I don’t care if the queen herself said that it had to be you, I want to help. You don’t have to do everything alone.”

He stared at her.

“Bobbie if you were to be killed-”

“Stop!” she said holding her hand up. “I don’t mind really. If I die then I die, I have no regrets there’s no-one here for me, you have to live though, for Ginny and Ron and Hermione.”

“Ok,” he sighed in defeat. “Tonight we’re meeting in Ron’s room for some planning.”


She smiled and continued sweeping out the chicken droppings.

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