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“’Urry up, Victoire, your ‘oing to bee late,” Shouted Fleur
            “I’m coming mom,” she yelled back while levitating her trunk down stairs ((hey she was 17)) 
“”lrite Bill iz, taking your brotherz and your zisters, so you and ‘e can disapperate,” Fleur said with a smile.
  “Alright what are we waiting for,” Victoire said with a loud POP soon following behind her. 

            When she arrived at the platform it was hectic as ever. Everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Parents saying goodbye to kids that clearly just wanted to be left alone. 

          “Okay, ‘oney you have a ‘ovely time at zchool, make Bill and I Proud,” Fleur said while kissing her daughter on the cheek. “I am going ‘o meet up wiff Bill and everyone else, ‘oodbye darling have a lovely time at Hogwarts.” 

            “Goodbye mom. I love you,” Victoire said with a wave goodbye. She took her trunk and found an empty compartment and sat down. She took out her latest Herbology book and started to read it, while she waited for her friends. 

            There was a knock on the compartment door and it opened. Victoire looked up at her book and to her surprise she saw Teddy looking back at her.

            “Hello?” she said skeptically. 

            “Well, I came here to say goodbye and-” he did not finish his sentence; instead he leaned down and kissed her. Victoire welcomed his warm embrace and hugged him tighter as the two of them kissed in the compartment.  

            Victoire pulled away and looked into his now green eyes, “So your really gonna miss me, aren’t you,” she giggled.

            “How’d you guess,” he said while leaning down and kissing her once again only this time the kiss seemed deeper. Victoire was so caught in the moment she didn’t realized James outside looking at the two of them in astonishment. 

            “What are you two doing? Ewww disgusting,” James said with a shudder causing Teddy and Victoire to pull away from each other, “You guys were snogging. Ooohhh wait till I tell everyone about this…”

            “What? I just came to see her off” Teddy said with a grin.

            Apparently James was not satisfied with this answer, “Teddy and Victoire sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” he started to sing.

            “Don’t you have anything better to do with yourself?” Victoire asked.

            “Your right,” James said in a near dead sprint. 

            “Now where were we?” Teddy asked with a childish grin spread upon his face.

            “You, my dear, were just about to go, the train is about to leave,” Victoire replied with a sigh.

            “Oh goodness I forgot about that,” he said while running his fingers through his now blonde locks. 

            “Listen I am really going to miss you,” Victoire said honestly.

            “Yeah… me too,” Ted said while looking down at his feet, “Well, I did put some thought into the next time we can see each other,”

            “Oh really now?” Victoire said with a smile.

            “Well I live right above The Three Broomsticks, so I was thinking the soonest Hogsmeade trip you and me could maybe meet up.”

            “And don’t forget, I will Owl you every other day… or when I can” Victoire added

            “Yeah, you can!” Teddy said with a smile. 

            “I am really going to miss you Ted,” Victoire said while pulling him into another hug

            “I’m already counting down the days to the next Hogsmeade.” Ted replied while giving her a kiss on her forehead afterwards.

            “Goodbye Teddy,” Victoire chimed softly.

            “Goodbye,” he replied still not letting go of her embrace.

            “You can let go now,” she smiled

           “Oh right,” he said while taking a step back.

            “I will Owl you as soon as I can,” She said as he walked out of the compartment.

            “I’ll be looking forward to that,” he replied and hustled out onto the busy platform, purposely trying to avoid the Weasley/Potter clan. He thought he was just out of the clear when all of a sudden a daft voice called for him. 

            Teddy cringed and the voice grew closer. 

            “OY! Ted, I reckon you better get over here,” shouted Ron, followed by Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Hugo, and Lily. 

            “Oh, hey Ron, Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, I didn’t see you guys there,” Teddy said as casually as he could. 

            “Teddy are you going to marry Victoire?” Lily asked wide-eyed. 

            Ted was taken aback, “Umm- No were just friends.” He replied. 

            Ron gave a smudge look, “See, Hermione, I told you that that would never happen,” triumphantly punching the air.

            “Honestly Ronald, you can be so daft at times,” she said while rolling her eyes. 

            “James said he saw the two of you kissing,” Lily chimed. 

             “Did he now-” Teddy started but Lily cut him off. 

            “It’s perfectly alright, I mean I wouldn’t mind having you in the family, and James said you can have his room, and he and Albus can share a room-”

            “That will never happen-” Teddy laughed
            Lily looked flustered, “Well it was just an idea-” she complained. 

            “Thanks Lily, but I’m good living in my apartment, and anyways you see me so often, you must be sick of me,” Everyone seemed to giggle at his last comment. He laughed as well feeling the satisfaction that he successfully dodged a twenty-questionnaire about him and Victoire.

            “Listen guys I have to go, I really need to catch up on this book that I really should have started a while back, I just never got around to read it…”

            “Alright goodbye Teddy,” Ginny waved him off. 

            “Goodbye everyone, I will probably see you guys tomorrow, I heard aunt Ginny is cooking Kidney Pie, so I will definitely be around for that.” He said with a grin. 

            “Teddy go,” Harry smiled

            And with that Teddy Disapperated from platform nine and three-quarters, and back to his apartment where he caught up on the book he was suppose to read, although he did find it difficult to concentrate with the butterflies floating around in his stomach. 


             Victoire sat in anticipation in the great hall, Albus’s name had just been called for the sorting hat. He timidly got up to the chair and took a seat, almost instantly the hate screamed out Gryffindor. Victoire watched intently across the hall as Albus smiled from ear to ear and quickly ran and took a seat in between James, and a first year-looking girl. 

            Soon the sorting hat had finished and the headmaster had made a long speech about how great this year is going to be. Victoire found it extremely boring now that she had heard the same one for seven years. Plus she could hear her stomach rumble with the idea of all the great food. 

            Just as she was thinking it food appeared on the table, and she could not wait to dig in. After she was stuffed to the gills with all the wonderful food she ran upstairs and wrote her mom and dad, telling them about what house Albus had been placed in. She changed out of her school robes and then crawled into bed, images of a certain someone fluttered throughout her dreams.

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