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With a wave of his wand, Blaise sent the letter to Ginny Weasley and let out a deep sigh. "What's the matter Blaise? You don't sound so great... I'm afraid Doctor Malfoy is giving you strict orders not to attend tonight's party," Draco said smirking.

"Since when have I ever taken orders from you, Draco?" Blaise said, a small smirk creeping on to his face. He walked up to the couch and plopped down on it right next to Draco. Draco shrugged and put his hands behind his head. They sat on the couch in a comfortable silence, just relaxing.

"Hey man, I'm gonna go down to the kitchens and tell the house elves to make this place look like it's ready for the most awesome party ever, and I have to tell them what food we're gonna need for this party so I'll be seeing you later," Blaise said getting up.

Draco nodded his head and watched Blaise descend down the stairs. "I wonder what's going on with Blaise," he muttered to himself. He got up and stretched, "Well I'm bored, might as well go get ready for this party". Draco walked up the stairs and went into his room. He came up to his closet and started to decide on what to wear.


Adalia was sitting in her room with her party clothes on. She was sitting on her bed listening to her ipod, when she saw a small owl outside her window. It was holding a letter in it's beak and was fluttering around impatiently. I wonder who it's from... Adalia got up from the bed and opened the window. The owl flew inside at top speed but Adalia caught it with ease.

"Well would you look at what we have here, Pigwidgeon. I wonder what that stupid Weasley has written to me. Oh well, too bad his owl won't be returning, right pig? What a stupid name for an owl... Pigwidgeon. HA!" Adalia said as the owl looked at her with it's big round eyes.

Adalia snatched the letter out of Pig's beak and put it on the table. She looked at Pig with a sinister smirk and began tightening her grip on the little owl. Electricity was now coursing throughout her veins and surrounding her whole body. Pig was screeching like crazy until he couldn't take it anymore. Adalia laughed evily as she dropped the small, dead owl onto the floor.

Draco heard loud screeching coming fom Adalia's room and ran out of his room at top speed. He burst into her room to find that the screeching stopped and that she was laughing evily. He looked down on the floor and saw a small lump of something that looked like a fur ball. He came closer and saw that it was a small owl, and it was dead.

Adalia turned around to see Draco standing there looking at her, confused. "What?" she asked. Draco looked at her and then at the dead owl.

"What did you do with that stupid little thing that some people think is a proper owl?" Draco asked disgustedly.

Adalia shrugged and smiled innocently, "Me? I don't kow what you are talking about. I had absolutely nothing to do with that poor dead thing. He must've died of exhaustion or something. Poor thing had a long flight and the Weasleys are probably to poor to feed their own owl. So you can only guess what happened to it."

Draco looked at the owl once more, shrugged, and walked out of the room. Adalia smirked as Draco closed the door. Wonder what's gotten into him... oh well. Oh yes, the letter, let's see what that's all about. Probably fan mail from Weasley saying how much he hates my guts.
Adalia opened the letter and was surprised to see that the letter wasn't from Ron, but it was from Ginny...

Dear Adalia Riddle,
           I am very happy that you invited me to your party, but I can't help but feel... well surprised. I mean I'm a Weasley and you're the daughter of the Dark Lord. We don't mix well you know. My family are a bunch of blood traitors and well you are... well you know, practically royalty. Still, I can't help but feel special that you decided to invite me to your party at Malfoy Manor. I accept your invitation and thank you once again for the invite.
  Yours truly,
                Ginny Weasley.
P.S. Ummm... I don't feel comfortable asking this, but... well... is there any way you can pick me up?
Adalia laughed after reading the letter and she threw it into the fire. Well this is definitely going to be an interesting party. I'm glad she accepted my invitation because she can be a very useful ally to father and I have a feeling that she wants to be on our side. As for the whole picking her up thing... she won't have to worry about that.
Adalia walked out of her room and knocked on Draco's door. Nobody answered so she walked in. Adalia walked in to the room to find Draco sleeping on his bed, already dressed for the party. Oh he looks so hott. I don't want to wake him, that would be so mean... OH who am I kidding!? Of course I want to wake him up. Like I said, that would be so mean...
Adalia snickered and walked up to Draco. She was about to jump on him when all of a sudden, Draco pulled her onto the bed and began tickling her. Adalia was laughing so hard that she couldn't breathe. "Dra- Draco st- stop please... I.... can't.... BREATHE!!!!" Adalia shrieked so loudly that Draco instantly stopped tickling her and put his hands to his ears. He rolled off the bed, clutching his ears tightly. Adalia looked over the bed to see a groaning Draco rolling on the floor while clutching at his ears.

"What the hell was that all about!!!" Draco said while getting off the floor. Apparently, if Adalia screamed like that, it was like a sonic boom to the ears of the people around her. Adalia shrugged and got off the bed.

"Anyways, I came in here to tell you that I have to do something, so I'm gonna be gone for like 15 minutes. Which is perfect since the party is in 20 minutes," Adalia said while looking at her watch. She looked up to see Draco looking at her with that confused expression that he was giving her all day. She smirked inwardly. He's awfully confused a lot to be the smartest boy in school. Especially when he's around me. Oh well... I guess I am a bit confusing.
"Right then, I'm off so I'll be seeing you before the party," Adalia said walking out of his room. Draco was about to say something, but she disapparated right before he was about to say it. Draco sighed and went back to the position he was in before Adalia came in.

Adalia apparated right in front of a tall, ugly house. The Burrow. She walked briskly towards the house with an air of superiority around her as she held her head up high.
She came up to the front door and knocked. There was a lot of noise coming from inside the house and she couldn't help but frown in disgust. So many people in such a small house. Disgusting. Absolutely revolt- She was snapped out of her thoughts when the door opened to reveal the Weasley twins. 

"Oh wow... uh.. I mean hi," George stuttered. Fred laughed at his twin and pushed him out of the way to see what was so amazing at the front door. His mouth fell open as he saw the breathtaking girl before his eyes. He quickly regained his composure and flashed a handsome smile at Adalia, who was smirking at their reactions.

"Hello there, is there anything I can do for you? My name is Fred by the way and this is my twin, George," Fred said pointing to George, who was still a bit dazed. Adalia smiled politely at Fred.

"I am here for Ginny. Is she around?" Adalia asked nicely. She hated being nice to those who were lower than her or who weren't her friends and followers. Fred's smile fell slightly, but he nodded anyway. He's probably upset because I'm not here for him. He isn't ugly or anything. He's actually pretty hott. Pity that he's a blood traitor. Adalia waited patiently as Fred called Ginny over to the door.

Ginny came bounding down the stairs and ran to the door. She skidded to a halt right before she can collide with Adalia. "Oh... hi. I wasn't expecting for you to personally come and get me. Thanks," Ginny said as she walked out of the house. Adalia smiled at the younger girl and grabbed her arm. Within seconds, they were standing outside of Malfoy Manor.

Ginny gasped at the sight in front of her while Adalia smirked. Obviously the manor was quite a sight for the poor girl. Adalia pitied that a girl with so much potential had to be raised by poor blood traitors. If Ginny will join us, then she will be living with me after this whole war is over. She will be like the sister I never had. If she doesn't, I will miss her dearly after I kill her.
Adalia led Ginny into the manor and showed her around. Ginny looked around in awe at the huge manor. They came into the living room and were greeted by Draco and Blaise. Blaise looked from Ginny to Adalia and smirked, making Ginny blush. Draco saw this and raised an eyebrow at Blaise, who only shrugged in response. "Well the guests should be arriving in 3... 2... 1!" Blaise said as the doorbell rang.

Draco went to greet all his Slytherin housemates and surely there was a good 20 teenagers in the house, ranging from 6th to 7th years. "Welcome everyone, to the Malfoy Manor. The reason of this party is that I'd like to introduce you to a new fellow Slytherin. This one is special, so treat her with respect. Everyone, this is Adalia Riddle, daughter of the Dark Lord himself. All of your parents have met her already, so I'm pretty sure some of you already know of her existence," Draco said smirking.

Everyone greeted Adalia but stopped when they saw who was standing next to her. Blaise saw the angry glares of the Slytherins being directed at Ginny and cleared his throat so that everyone looked at him, "Ah... well before any of you say something stupid. Ginny Weasley is here because she is Adalia's guest. Apparently, Miss Weasley here, did something very Slytherin-like earlier today. I wasn't there to see it, but Adalia told me everything and I trust her judgement". Ginny looked confused at the mention of her doing something Slytherin-like but decided she would ask about that later. For now she was staring at Blaise with gratitude shiing in her eyes. He just smiled at her and winked.

Adalia couldn't help but smirk at the little show of affection between the two. She looked at Draco who was also smirking at this and her smirk got even wider. "Now that we all know who our two guests of honor are, let the party begin!!!" Draco roared loudly. The large group of teens yelled out in response and the music was turned on.

Within a couple of hours, there were people making out all over the place. Whether it was in the living room, one of the many guest rooms, in the pool, or on the roof of the house, it was being done. There were empty bottles of Firewhiskey strewn all over the house and a few empty packs of what used to be weed as well. It was one crazy party and it was still going strong. Adalia was sitting on the couch with Draco, while Blaise and Ginny were sitting next to them on the floor.

"This was one hell of a party you guys," Ginny said thoughtfully. Adalia, Draco, and Blaise smirked at each other and laughed. They thanked Ginny for the compliment and returned to watching their schoolmates make fools out of themselves. They all burst out in laughter when Allen Krulek, one of the 7th year Slytherin boys, tripped over a bottle of Firewhiskey and fell on the floor face first.

He got up and looked at the laughing quatro and slurred, "Yeah, yeah. Verrrry funnnnnyy youuuu guysssss". They laughed even harder at this which caused Allen to glare at them while walking away.

There was a knock at the door and Draco looked at Adalia confused, "Are you expecting someone?" Adalia shook her head no. They all looked at one another, confused, when someone knocked again. "I'll get it," Draco said as he stood up and went to answer the door. "What do you wa-" Draco stopped mid-sentence and stepped back in horror.

Adalia, Blaise, and Ginny all stood up to see what was going on. Ginny and Blaise stepped back in shock and Adalia's eyes danced with amusement when they saw who was at the door.

There stood Hermione Granger, completely unharmed. She stepped into the house and glared at Adalia, who was still very amused. Draco closed the door slowly and asked, "Mudblood?"

"Surprise," she hissed out venemously at Adalia. Blaise, Draco, and Ginny turned to Adalia, looking for answers. Adalia stood there with an amused expression on her face.

"What is it with all the surprises?" Blaise asked confused. Adalia smirked at his question while Hemione stood there, glaring.

"Yes Adalia, you never mentioned this was a surprise party," Draco said sarcastically. Ginny looked at Adalia and then Hermione. She couldn't register what was going on. She turned to Hermione and glared at her.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Ginny asked, seething. Adalia smirked at the tone of Ginny's voice while Draco and Blaise turned to her, shocked at the tone of voice she was using. Hermione glared at Ginny and was about to answer when she was cut off by Adalia.
"You were so close. I thought you could've done it better. Didn't even have me for a second there," Adalia said smirking. "It was a nice attempt. Although you picked the right time to do it, it was a sad performance. But I'll give you my props.... Bellatrix," Adalia said smugly.

"You really can't be fooled, can you?" Bellatrix said as she waved her wand and turned into her true self. Draco, Blaise, and Ginny stood there dumbfounded while Adalia and Bellatrix lauged at their faces. "You should've seen your faces!!! As if you were looking at the living dead!!!" Bellatrix laughed.

"For a moment there, I was pretty sure that I was looking at the living dead," Draco said. Blaise and Ginny nodded their heads to show that they agreed with Draco. Adalia just laughed while the other three were a little annoyed at the fact that they were scared so easily. "Alright you can stop now! It wasn't that funny," Draco muttered.

"Ok, ok but you wouldn't say that if you were in my position and I in yours," Adalia smirked. Draco glared at her, causing them all to burst out in laughter. "Oh get over it already. Right, so Bella, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at a meeting?" Adalia asked.

Bellatrix smiled at the quatro, "Yes, but Narcissa asked me to check in on you guys. You know, make sure none of you were harmed or dead. Now that I see that everything is ok, except for this house, I'm going to go back to the meeting. It was nice seeing all of you, bye and have fun". With that said, she apparated out of there.

"Well that was amusing," Blaise said simply. They all looked at him before erupting into another fit of laughter. "Alright, and now we get down to business. Gin, what was with the tone of your voice when you saw Bella as the Mudblood?" Blaise asked curiously.

Adalia, Blaise, and Draco all looked at Ginny waiting for her to answer. Ginny looked nervous but calmed down after Adalia motioned for her to go on. "Well, you see, I've never really liked Hermione. Actually, I've always hated her". Blaise and Draco were completely shocked when they heard this and passed out from too much shock and Firewhiskey, while Adalia smirked at Ginny. She walked up to Ginny and hugged her.

"Welcome to our side, Gin. I hope you're still together with Harry because I have a lot in store for him. Tomorrow, I'm expecting a full explanation about everything, but for now, that's all I needed to know". Ginny and Adalia smiled at each other and walked up the stairs so they could get some sleep in a comfortable bed.

A/N: Omg!!! Chappie 5 is finished. YAY!!! I had a lot of fun writing this one. I think it's my longest chapter so far. I hope all of you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I was up all night writing this and I hope to god that it was worth it. Love all of you.

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