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The heat sweltered around a modest house on a grassy green hill. It was difficult to breathe, but despite the rather uncomfortable conditions, a family joined together to share a meal at the recently purchased house. Situated around a rickety old table were three men around the same age, all with fiery red hair, a frazzled looking woman with hair just the same, two young boys playing with their food, and a small baby, secured tightly in his mother's loving arms. The cause of the untimely celebration was the purchase of the house, which was the first for the young couple and their children. The woman's twin brothers were there to spice up the celebration with their wit and insight, and also to keep the children occupied.

Gideon and Fabian Prewett were good uncles to their nephews, Bill Weasley, age six, Charlie Weasley, age four, and Percy Weasley, who was only days away from turning one year old. The boys' mother, Molly Prewett Weasley, was tired and strung out, but so happy to have her brothers dine with the family. Arthur Weasley, the head of the household, beamed with pride as his son Charlie used his fork to scratch an awful melody into his plate.

"Charlie! Please stop doing that, it hurts Mummy's ears," Molly said, giving her son a stern look. "And Bill! Stop egging him on and eat your vegetables so you'll grow up nice and tall like your father."

"Molly, you'll repress their inner creativity if you keep scolding them!" Gideon said with a laugh, winking at his nephew.

"Yeah, Mother never said anything to us, and look how well we turned out!" Fabian added, elbowing his sister. Molly gave her brothers equally scathing looks, but her eyes were warm as she scoffed at them.

"Well, you might've turned out decently, but poor mother always had those headaches. Don't you remember? And I don't want to spend my days with a cold compress on my forehead. Don't give me that look, Bibi, you know it's true, you drove mother bonkers, the both of you!"

Fabian's mouth turned down into a small frown as he eyed his well-meaning sister. "You know I hate that name. My grown little sister shouldn't be calling her mature older brothers "Bibi and Dede" anymore, don't you agree?"

"I only do it because it gets under your skin," Molly said with a smile, as her sons began a glorious chorus of "Bibi and Dede, Bibi and Dede!"

"Oh now look what you've taught them!" Gideon said.

"Boys!" Molly said, quickly remembering her mothering role. "Stop that this instant. Bill, if I have to tell you again to finish those vegetables..." Her voice was lost in the chatter as the men began to discuss work.

"So how are things in the Auror office nowadays? Is Alastor keeping you busy?" Arthur questioned, taking a bite of his dinner.

"Oh, the same, I suppose. Mad Eye Moody'll keep ya busy, even if there isn't anything to do, really," Fabian said, his brother nodding in agreement.

"Seems to think he can keep us on task one hundred percent of the time. I've got news for him, though, because my attention span isn't that long!"

"Mad Eye Moody? He sounds real mean!" Bill chimed in, once again ignoring his mother's directions to eat his vegetables.

"Oh, Mad Eye? Not as mean as he thinks he is. Talks about the war constantly, mostly because he doesn't have anyone to talk to when he goes home at night. He's more...disturbing than he is mean, what with that magical eye and all," Gideon told his nephew.

"Magical eye? Is there such a thing?" Charlie asked quietly.

"There is, there is! And he can see behind his back, in all directions. A bit loopy, but very good at what he does," Fabian divulged dramatically. The boys' eyes were wide, and suddenly their vegetables looked more appealing than continuing the conversation about a man who could see in all directions.

"But enough about that, how are things in the Muggle Artifacts office? Just got hired on, eh?"

"I did, and I've never been so happy at work! Interesting creatures, Muggles. I've just learned about something so exciting, I can barely contain my enthusiasm. Fortunately, I've secured one of the objects in question, and I am proud to say I can show you right now!" Arthur reached down deep into his robes and pulled out a modestly sized stone. His face was flushed with excitement as he laid it on the table for the dinner party to view.

"What is it?" Gideon asked, wrinkling his eyebrows.

"I've recently learned that this is all the rage in Muggle circles in America. I've been informed that it is called a "Pet Rock," and Jamison Frindeling, who is on a reconnaissance mission there, imported it to us. It seems that Muggles teach these rocks to sit and stay. It's quite fascinating really," Arthur said.

"But...does it move at all?" Molly asked incredulously. "American Muggles aren't really...that dull?"

"I've not tested its full capabilities, but it does leave me baffled. How very curious!"

Molly patted her husband's hand and quickly changed the subject away from the pet rock.

"So, actually, there's a reason I've called you here tonight, other than the fact that we've just purchased this beautiful new home for our family."

"Really? And whatever could that be?" Fabian asked.

"Well, Arthur and I...we're going to have another baby. Another...two babies, actually," Molly beamed.

"Planning that far in advance? You're on much more of a schedule than I could ever be," Gideon joked.

"No!" Molly exclaimed, color rushing to her cheeks. "I mean to say, we're pregnant with twins."

"Twins! But Molly, you've just had this one!" Gideon pointed to Percy, who gurgled on Molly's lap and snuggled closer into her chest.

"Oh brother, when the twins are born, Percy will be a year and a half at least. Besides, I've always wanted a lot of children. And you'll be around to take them when I need a break!" Molly laughed, flattening her youngest son's hair lovingly.

"Oh will we?" Fabian asked, a wide smile stretching across his face.

"Of course you will! The boys are always asking for one of you to come around, preferably both. And I just- Bill and Charlie, if you don't stop banging those forks, so help me-"

"Boys, why don't you go play in the garden, and leave us to talk," Arthur commanded, freeing his sons from their chairs. They ran off like a flash of lightening in the night, tripping over each other in their happy freedom.

While the proud parents watched their sons play in the dim light of the setting sun, the Prewett brothers eyed each other, well aware of the news they still had to deliver. Clearing his throat, Gideon commanded the attention of the table.

"Fabian and I, we're being sent on a mission by the Order of the Phoenix." Molly paled as she sat Percy down in his high chair.

"What kind of mission?" she asked faintly, knowing full well the danger her brothers were in.

"It's a stake-out of sorts. Dumbledore thinks he might have located Voldemort's headquarters."

"Well, you'll just tell him you won't go! I mean, you've've got things to take care of, and...and I'm sure they have someone with...less to stake out his house!" Molly cried, her voice becoming more frantic as each syllable left her trembling lips.

Fabian smiled warmly at his sister, nodding his head as she finished. "Molly, dear, we know this news is difficult, and we know it's a dangerous mission, but we actually have less to lose than some of the others. We're not married, we've got no children, and we're very proud and honored to accept this mission. Besides, no one said it was a death wish, you're just catastrophizing in your head. We'll be fine."

"But you have a family! You have us, and...and, Fabian...Gideon...why you two?" Her eyes clouded with tears, but they did not fall.

"Because we're the best, aren't we, brother?"

"Indeed we are, brother. And this mission deserves the best. Besides, we're Aurors anyway. We knew what we signed on for when we accepted it, and Dumbledore sought us out personally to deliver the news. This could be big, Molly," Gideon said, nodding his head toward his little sister. "If this is indeed the headquarters of the Death Eaters, then we'll know when they're coming and going. There won't be anymore surprise massacres. We could save lives."

"And you'll have back up to call, won't you? If something does go wrong?" Arthur spoke up finally.

"Arthur! How dare you say such a thing! Why would they need back up when they will be home later that night!" Molly cried.

"Yes Arthur, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Frank Longbottom will be standing by at a location miles away. They'll take the information to Dumbledore, should one of us require the use of the patronus."

"Well, when does this silly mission take place?" Molly asked.

"Tonight. At midnight," Fabian said sadly.

"T-tonight? Tonight?! I won't let you go!" Molly stood suddenly, looking ten years older than she actually was against the pink hues of the sunset. "You'll have to get through me first! You two're my brothers, and you can't! You can't go. You just can't."

The brothers stood and moved to their sister, enveloping her in a hug as tears finally spilled over her eyes. "What'll I do if I never see you again? What will the boys do?"

"The boys will be fine. They've got a beautiful, loving mother, and a warm, caring father. You'll raise them right. And we shouldn't even be talking like this! There's a chance we'll walk away!"

"A chance? I want certainty! Promise me you'll come home, promise me!" Molly said quietly to them.

"We can't promise you, Molly dear. But we will try our hardest to come around for supper tomorrow night." Gideon yelled to the boys, who came stampeding, clothes filthy from dirt.

"Be strong, won't you, lads?" Fabian said, ruffling their hair.

"'Course we will, Uncle Fabian!" Bill replied always the leader.

"Yeah!" Charlie chimed in.

"Well good. Now run along, and we'll be seeing you later!" Gideon said enthusiastically, which was the opposite of what he actually felt.

"And Molly, thanks for the meal. We've got to run now, but we love you."


"And we'll keep you and your family in our thoughts."


"Pray for us."

And then they were gone, Apparating to an unknown location, away from their sister and her family. Molly collapsed in tears, fearful that the last of the Prewetts would be gone forever.


"Do you see it?" Fabian whispered, trying to feel his way through the inky black landscape. No moon was apparent in the sky, and to cast a lighting charm would be deadly.

"No, but let's keep moving, we should- there!" Gideon said a little too loudly, pointing ahead at an old house afflicted horribly with age. Outside, two death eaters roamed, keeping watch over their makeshift fortress.

"Something's not right," he whispered, stopping in his tracks. "I can sense it. Something is definitely not right. They know we're here."

"How would they know? How could they know? Maybe we should fall back."

"We can't send our patronus yet. Let's just...poke around. Besides, the two they've set to guard are probably the dullest of the lot." Suddenly, a hand firmly grabbed Gideon's shoulder.

"Going somewhere, are you?" Fabian spun around to see a tall death eater, wand raised. Quickly stunning him, Fabian bound him and threw him under some bushes.

"Well that was close. We've got to move before they wonder where their little friend has gone," Gideon said bitterly, side stepping the area and moving behind a tree.

"So what's our plan, exactly? What do we wait for? Clearly this...ridiculously creepy place is the headquarters. Why do we stay?" Fabian said quickly, his patience thin.

"We've got to get a clear view. And we've got to stay to find out the information for Dumbledore. We'll just stay here, hopefully without disturbance, and watch for a while. We knew what we signed up for. Dumbledore was quite plain in his directions. I'd give it another hour, and then we'll Apparate back to headquarters.”

The two sat, still as death, and watched the scene unfold. About five death eaters, their faces obscured by masks, congregated outside the doors of the house. There was some chatter among them until a leader spoke up.

"The Order of the Phoenix is on the move. Dumbledore has been foolish. The clues left for us should be enough to take out at least ten of them, which will be a major blow to their operation. Should we succeed tonight, the Dark Lord will not only honor us, but we will have achieved a great victory against them! Lestrange, Black, I don't want to hear any whining out of you this time. This is a matter of grave importance. Now come, we march a mile off the grounds and then Apparate. I will instruct you from there." The voice was hoarse as it spoke, cold and unforgiving with minimal inflection.

"Dolohov is leading them," Gideon whispered. He recognized the voice from his nightmares.

"Oh great. Well, we can't let them go. I don't know how they found out about it, or even if it is a real lead, but we can't risk them finding Dumbledore. We can't let them kill our friends, Gideon. We'll have to...we'll have to make a stand."

Gideon nodded solemnly. "Tonight, we stand for our friends."

"Tonight, we shall defend."

As the group of Death Eaters began to move, Gideon sent a stunning spell over their way. One of them dropped suddenly, signaling the rest of the crew to stop.

"Where did that come from! Where?" Dolohov demanded loudly, his head turning in every direction.

"I think it came from over there," a female voice issued, pointing dramatically toward the brothers.

"Ready, brother?" Fabian asked quietly.

"Ready, brother," Gideon replied. Catching their nemeses off guard, the two jumped up, spells shooting out of the tips of their wands. Outraged, the Death Eaters began their attack.

"Lestrange! Over there!" Dolohov yelled directions. Their spells didn't touch the brothers as they effectively employed a balance of shield charms and defensive spells.

"Fabian! Now...would be a good time!" Gideon yelled through gritted teeth, dueling with Dolohov, the woman who he assumed was Bellatrix Black, and Rabastan Lestrange at the same time. A great cheetah erupted from the tip of Fabian's wand, carrying the message of a possible attack on the headquarters of the Order and the exact whereabouts of the enemy headquarters. The second it took for Fabian to produce the patronus, the other two death eaters had cornered him. Dolohov turned his attention to Fabian, who could only manage to shield incoming threats. With a great roar, Dolohov issued a spell unknown to both of the brothers. A jagged purple light shot through Fabian's shield, and he fell, dropping his wand.

"Fabian!" Gideon shouted, pain shooting through his heart as he watched in horror. "What did you do to him!"

"He's not dead...yet. But that'll teach you, won't it?" Dolohov laughed, and soon it was five against one. His brother’s painful cries were not ignored as Gideon dueled the five. It would prove to be too much, however, and Gideon fell beside his brother, a victim of the jagged purple spell.

"Aww, look, Dolohov, they're brothers!" Bellatrix cooed cruelly, poking Gideon's neck with her wand.

"Leave them, Black! The first I hit will be dead in about a minute and the second has about three. That's my favorite spell, don't you know? It causes massive internal injuries!" Dolohov laughed wildly before stepping over the bodies of his victims.

"Fabian...are you still there, brother?" Gideon forced out, his breath ragged.

"I-I don't know," Fabian replied faintly, to which Gideon laughed softly.

"You won't be waiting long, and I will be there with you." Reaching out, he grasped his brother's hand and squeezed it, cherishing the mimicked muscular movement. It wasn't until the grip loosened that Gideon felt a tear fall down his cheek. His twin, his other half, had breathed his last breath. Using what little energy he had left, he reached up and closed his brother's eyes before collapsing upon his chest, where he died minutes later. Their bodies lay there until Frank Longbottom, James Potter, and Remus Lupin, who had received the message in time to inform the order and move them to a safe location, were able to return to Voldemort's headquarters and retrieve the brothers’ remains safely.

They died like heroes, defending their friends and allowing them enough time to escape a surprise attack.


April 1, 1978.

"They're beautiful, Arthur, look at them," Molly Weasley said, wiping tears from her eyes. "Two more boys to add to our wonderful family. What should we call them?" Arthur smiled down at her and patted her shoulder lovingly.

"You're so great at naming them, I think you should do the honor," Arthur said.

"Well, how about Fred and George? I've been thinking it over a while in my head. Fred Gideon Weasley and George Fabian Weasley. Then they'll have opposite initials...FGW and GFW. And I'm sure...I'm sure Gideon and Fabian would be honored." Despite the happy moment, a sad tear slipped down her rosy cheeks.

"They would have; I know it, dear. The twins will carry their name in memory, and we'll be sure to tell them all about their brave uncles. You won't let them forget, I'm sure."

"No," Molly said quietly, "I won't."

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! It's been my absolute pleasure to write this story, I had a great time writing these characters. I do hope you'll choose to read and review!! Thanks for stopping by to the Slytherin Story Collaboration, we've put a lot of time into this and I hope you'll stay with us through the end :) ~LovlyRita

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