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A/N: Okay, so i know this chapter is kind of short. And I tried to make it longer, but it just wasn't working for me. Grr. So, I hope you still enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who reviewed on the previous chapter. I smiled lots!

Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling.

Breaking Old Habits

Dear James,


Well this is something I would have never thought I’d ever be doing. Emailing you, that is. James Potter. Emailing James Potter. Haha I think I just got a shiver. Just kidding? Okay, I don’t know what to say if you can’t tell.


So let’s answer some of your questions and concerns from that first email, shall we? We shall. Oh god. Okay…so first of all, no I didn’t delete your email (and hey, I know how to! I’m not completely retarded Potter). But yeah, I kind of liked it. Don’t read too far into that though. And yes, I did read the whole thing all the way to the end. I guess I am special like that. So props for calling that. So about your little paragraph of reminiscing…well I guess I already answered that question in the forest. When you asked if I’d actually sooner go out with any other guy at Hogwarts but you. Hahaha? Hey, admit it, it was a good insult. But an insult nonetheless. Not exactly 100% true.




Anyways. I know what you mean about everyone growing up though. It happened so fast. I mean, James, we are head boy and girl! Final year at Hogwarts! When did that happen?? I’m not sure if I’m ready for the ‘real’ world, are you? We’re going to be totally on our own. I want to be the best team of heads that we can this year, alright? It will definitely be a way to get practice at some real leadership. With a good headmaster. If we do great things, then think of all the great references we can have, (the teachers). So…are you in for pulling your own weight and making this year amazing for everyone?? Sure it’s nerve-racking…but it’s also so exciting.


Okay, well the real purpose of this email was just for me to say thank you for tonight. The stars are actually quite beautiful from your backyard. And the hot chocolate wasn’t half bad! And…oh here it comes…I had a good time! Hehehe. So yeah, thank you.




P.S. You really need to find a way to tame that hair of yours.





I think that should provide him with a few smiles at least.


Hopefully he doesn’t think I want to date.


Because he totally will.


Oh dear.


Well I can’t really do anything now. How come you can’t delete an email after you send it?


Now that would be some wonderful technology.


I’ll look into it.


Wow, it’s pretty late. Stupid Potter.


No. Not stupid Potter. He was nice tonight.


It must be late…I’m having unheard of thoughts.


Better get some sleep since I have to be up for breakfast tomorrow.


Oh, how I miss the days of sleeping in.


James can sleep in. He doesn’t have to babysit his cousin this summer.


Stupid Potter.





“Morning Mrs. Potter!”


Surprisingly, I don’t feel as tired as I really should.


And it’s a beautiful day.


And the hills are alive with the sound of….oh no.


I’m quoting musicals again.


Maybe I am feeling tired.


“Well we are off, Lily. Sorry we can’t have breakfast with you, dear, but Harold has an early meeting this morning and we must be off.”


Well if you must.


“That’s alright, have a great day!”


It’s not easy to be cheery when you have musicals running through your head.


So what really was the point of waking up then?


I’m eating breakfast alone.


Dylan won’t be up for at least another hour.


My life is grand.


“Would Miss like some more orange juice?”


Holy who was that?


Oh. House Elf. Definitely just jumped five feet off my chair.


“No thanks, Kizzy, I’m good.”


Just survived the heart attack you gave me so I’m not really in the mood for some OJ.


And really, I’m perfectly capable of getting my own juice.


What would my sister say if she could see this?


Probably some non-witty comment. Out of spite. Out of jealousy. Or so I like to think. I’d rather her be jealous that she didn’t get into Hogwarts then have her really hate me.


Now where’d that house elf go?


Some conversation would be nice.




My god. She needs to stop doing that. The cracking sound is so loud.




Hmm, where to start.


“Sit down, let’s talk.”


Oh dear, she looks confused.


But at least she’s sitting. Oh no, now what’s she doing?


“Kizzy, put the fork down.”




“Kizzy is just punishing herself for she must have done something wrong.”




Not in my books.


“Why would you think that? You did nothing wrong, put the sharp utensil down.”


I mean, honestly. She’s worse then the sheep I’m getting paid to babysit. He doesn’t go near the forks.


“Masters never ask me to sit down with them just to talk.”




If Mrs. Potter is mistreating her house elf, keeping secrets from Dylan, and making James feel like he’s not good enough for this family, then someone needs to do something about it.


Preferably not me.


Why is it always me?


“Don’t worry about it. So Kizzy, do you like working here?”


I feel like someone from the union.


For the people, about the people.


“Oh yes, the Potters are a good family. They don’t make Kizzy do too much, and I always get to go with them when they take Master James to Kings Cross Station.”


Isn’t that lovely.


Potter gets his house elf to come say goodbye to him before he goes to school.


“So then you like…erm…Master James?”


This could be the make or breaking point in my budding friendship with the boy.


“Yes, Master James is my friend. He says to me sometimes that we are friends!”




I guess that’s another check on the pros side of James’ pros and cons list.


Why is it that that side is getting awfully long ever since I’ve been in this manor?


“That’s really awesome, Kizzy. So you never even think about being free?”


I know I would.


Even if James called me his friend.


“Liberating my house elves now are we, Evans?”


Speak of the devil.


He really is the king of good timing.


When it comes to some things.


“I was just having a conversation with my new friend.”


Excellent, Kizzy is smiling.


You know, for a house elf, she’s not that unfortunate looking.


“I’ll go clean up my dishes, Master James.”


And she’s gone.


Really, quite impressive.


“Care if I join you?”




I like company, obviously.


And I’m proud to say, there was no sarcasm whatsoever in that last thought!


“No, take a seat.”


“Thank you.”


Uh. You’re welcome?


Easy, manners.


“So I’ve been thinking…” James started.


“Well that’s a first.”




I should be nice to him.


Wow old habits are hard to break.


That’s embarrassing.


“Just kidding, James, go on.”


Good god, I’m turning soft.


“Yes, I was just thinking, (I know, James Potter thinking, the whole world must have turned upside-down)..”


Oh dear. I really didn’t mean it like that. He knows that.


He never lets me get away with anything that easily.


“James, honestly. We’re tied for the highest grades in our year, and we’re the head boy and head girl. Believe me, I actually know that you are smart, okay?”




Oh no, was that too nice?




“So what are we eating?” he asked.


Well I’m eating a bagel, don’t know about you.


Oh, how I love my bagels.


“Clearly I’m eating a bagel, silly.”


Whoa, didn’t mean to call him that.


“Are you eating a bagel silly? Like as in eating it in a funny way? Or are you calling me silly?”


Oh god, don’t smirk.


“Well I was calling you silly, but now I regret it to be perfectly honest.”


He’s laughing. What a surprise.


“So are we having another swimming escapade today with Dylan and the marauders?” He asked.


Not if I can help it.


“Actually I was thinking about something much more enjoyable.”


That sparked his interest.


“Well, you see I have some scissors in my room…and your hair is getting really long. So Dylan and I were just thinking that…” I started.


“No way, Lily.”


No need to scream.


Mind you, he is smiling.


“Please, James? Just let me cut your hair, it will be fun, I promise! I’ll bring cookies along or something. And Dylan will be there to hold your hand.”


This is fun already.


“Lily Evans. Do you have any idea how precious my hair is to me?”


I have some idea.


“I have some idea.”


“Okay then you’ll also know, being so smart and all, that there’s no way you are getting near my locks with the scissors from your room.”


Yeah right.


Everyone has their price.


“I’ll go on a date with you,” I whispered.


He’s raising his eyebrows.


I wish I could see the torment going on in his mind right now.




Price found.


“But it has to be secret so that your parents won’t find out.” I added


My God, stop smiling!


“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


What a silly boy.


And the sheep just walked in!


“Hey guys, morning!”


I like this kid so much.


Impeccable timing.


“Good morning, Dylan! We were just sitting down for breakfast. And My God, do I have a fun activity planned for us today!”


Haha, Dylan turned and smiled at James.


What a smart boy.


Well, that wiped the smirk off James Potter’s face.


“Thanks for inviting us, Lily, I’m definitely going to scrapbook this moment so that I can remember it forever!” came the voice of Sirius Black.


No problem.


“You have a scrapbook, Sirius?” James said from his position on the hard black stool.


Oh dear, Black is raising and lowering his eyebrows.


I don’t even want to know the answer to this question.


“James hold still!” I said.


I really don’t want to cut into his head or something. That would be very unfortunate. I would be packing my bags. To go home to an empty house, mind you.


“This is very uncomfortable Lily, as I’m sure you know. Pass me another cookie and maybe I’ll behave.”


Well that’s not going to fly.


“I really don’t think you’re in the right position to be making deals, Potter. I don’t see scissors in your hands. Only cookies.”




I’m almost done anyways.


It’s not very easy to cut hair that doesn’t lay flat. Even when wet. I wouldn’t want to have hair like this. And I feel sorry for his future kids. What hard lives they will live.


Remus handed him a cookie.


“Hey who’s side are you on anyways, Remus?” I asked, jokingly.




“I wasn’t aware there were any sides to take. You two seem to be getting along very well today,” he said.


And what exactly does that mean.


I wish I could understand the language of marauder.


“Yeah, Moony’s right…what gives today guys? Prongs, you do realize that your sworn enemy (who you’re not so secretly in love with), is cutting you precious hair! Your hair, Prongs!” Sirius exclaimed.


Haha. Good point.


James shrugged.


Wow, I didn’t expect him to keep our date secret from the marauders.


“Yeah, we’re just trying something new for today,” I said in response to James’ silence.


Why is Remus smiling again?


Why does he always know?


There’s actually something creepy about how the marauders always know everything about each other.


It would be hard to be their friend.


“K, I’m done James! And let me be the first to say that you look good!” I said, maybe too excitedly.


Shortening his hair brought out his eyes.


Did I just think that?


“Well that’s a first,” Sirius said, “Seriously I can’t believe you just complimented my boy James.”


Oh, Black.


Sometimes, but only sometimes, he can make me smile.


“Don’t read too far into it,” I said.


But honestly, someone should make me a medal or something. I actually tamed the un-tamable hair.


A shiny gold star wouldn’t hurt either.


“Can we go do something else now?” Dylan whined.


The boy whines?


I guess he is five, after all. Off the hook.


What should we do today though?


“Yeah sure, what do you have in mind?” I asked.


The marauders have taken to sitting in the corner talking amongst themselves in private.


That’s great.


“James! What do you guys want to do today?” I asked.


He rolled his eyes. Why roll your eyes? That is a very non-eye-rolling question.


I think I need to make a mental list. Organize my thoughts.


What I Don’t Understand About James Potter

1. Why he rolls his eyes at very random times.

2. How he’s never managed to get the hang of brushing his hair yet can ace every exam ever given at Hogwarts.

3. How he doesn’t feel like a complete idiot for stealing his smirk from his mother.

4. Why his friends and him all have ridiculous nicknames.

5. The fact that he’s being a decent human being this summer.

6. Why he didn’t look at my chest that first day when I arrived here wearing my very revealing shirt.

7. How he can get the whole world to love him. Even his house elf. It’s sickening. Really!

8.Why he won’t confront his mother about the whole brother-cousin thing.

9. Why he acts like the biggest player on the face of the earth when in reality he’s no further along then me.

10. How he can still like me?!?!?!


Okay, now that we’ve got that all settled, back to the situation at hand.


What to do today.


“Let’s go fishing,” James said.




Who goes fishing? Well besides my dad and other men around his age.


“Are you serious, Potter?” I said.


Sirius is about to laugh. Oh no. Here comes the bark.


“Either we go fishing or you go out with me,” James said.


I hate ultimatums.


Glad to see we’re back to normal though.


I didn’t want my formula to be proven wrong today.


Even though I already said I’d go on a date with him.




How does his mind work? Honestly. I’m adding that to the list of things I don’t understand.


“Okay we’ll go fishing, you crazy, crazy boy.”


No way he gets another date.


A/N: Sweetness. Let me know what you're thinking. P.S. if you like this story then you'll probablly enjoy the book "Can You Keep A Secret" by Sophie Kinsella. Hugs!



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