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Chapter 3: Hagrid The bell rang so everyone went to the common rooms to drop off their bags. Harry and Ron walked Hermione to her Arithmancy class and then they went outside to go say hello to Hagrid. They walked out onto the grounds and took in the beautiful scenery that was Hogwarts. Hagrid’s little hut sitting on top of a little hill under the shadow of the forest and over looking the lake. They reached his front door, knocked, and heard Fang barking happily. They have known Hagrid long enough to know that Fang was harmless, just like Hagrid. “Shut up you dozy dog, I need to get the door.” Harry heard Hagrid say. “ comin’, I’m comin’ be there in a minute!” Hagrid opened the door and Fang leapt on top of Ron and started to cover him in slobber. “ Off Fang, settle down. Crazy dog!” “So Hagrid. How was your vacation? Did you do anything for the Order?” asked Ron excitedly.” “Ron you know I can’ tell you that. Stop trying to nose into everythin’ it’s not good for you.” “Ron knows this Hagrid but tell us, what did you do?” “Well, I did do some stuff for the Order but I can’ tell you. Oh I did see Madame Maxime. Ah…..” After letting Hagrid think about her for about five minutes Harry decided to interrupt. “So Hagrid…do have a good time?” “Oh yes. Oh, look at the time. Dinner should be starting anytime. Let’s go to the castle. I’ll walk with you.” “Okay Hagrid,” with that they walked to the castle. Hagrid in the lead taking his gigantic steps. They reached the castle ten minutes later and entered the entrance hall to find Hermione. After Hagrid walked up to the teacher’s table Harry, Ron and Hermione went to go find their seats. The afternoon tea was quite nice today. Harry enjoyed a helping of his favorite steak and kidney pie followed by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He went to the common room after supper to work on the essay for Potions. Harry and Ron got it done in twenty minutes but Hermione wouldn’t let them go to bed without checking it over to see if they got everything right. When she was finally done the pair went to bed and slept peacefully. * * * When Harry woke up it was Wednesday morning. Time for Herbology followed by a quick lunch, clean off, and Care of Magical Creatures. Harry woke up Ron, Dean, and Seamus. They all got showered and dressed to go downstairs to find Hermione and Neville waiting for them. Lavender and Parvati were in a corner giggling as usual. They went down to take there seats at breakfast when Snape came over to talk to Harry. “Harry, I wanted to ask if you are having any problems with your essay?” “No professor, I finished it last night. But thank you.” “Of course Harry. I was wondering if you would like to meet me in my office after supper tonight?” seeing the look of terror an Harry’s face he added, “There is nothing to worry about Harry, you aren’t in any trouble I just wanted to talk to you.” “Yes of course sir.” “Thank you,” and with that he walked away. Ron turned to Harry and asked, “Boy I wonder what that was all about?” “I have no idea.” After Harry and his friends finished eating they went off to Herbology with Harry still wondering what could cause Professor Snape’s abrupt change in attitude. ~ A/N: Sorry if this is too short, I am just in a hurry. I wanted to get this up-dated today. My up-dates will start happening less frequently now that I am writing about two or three other fics. They will be up-dated about every three days. Thank you to all of my reviewers at, and A great thanks to Githoniel for the advice. This being one of my fist fic it’s hard to get in control but I think it is running a bit more smoothly. Check out my other fics and poems. And please read and review. All criticism is welcome. Peace and Love ~ Rose Eva aka, rose petals.

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