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“What about Clayton?” Hermione asked shifting through a large book of boy baby names that rested partly on her protruding belly.

“Clayton Weasley? Kind of girly, what about for my baby?” Ginny answered as her book of girl names rested on her equally large stomach, “Jami and Clay.”

“Eh, no I don’t like it, much.” Hermione told her truthfully. The two obviously pregnant women were sitting in two oak rocking chairs in the third of five bedrooms that were in Hermione’s house. The walls of this particular bedroom were a medium-blue with a variety of small painted Quidditch items plastered over the walls. Ginny had the same wallpaper for her unborn girl’s room, only the background was pink. A strong oak crib was on the wall opposite, with a matching changing table, and twin bed. The nursery was complete with everything from stuffed animals to baby clothes to diapers. The only thing that was missing was the baby. Said baby was set to arrive in three weeks and four days.

The women were left to themselves to look through names while the men took advantage of an impromptu “take your daughter to work day.

“Chase?” Hermione went back to her name book.

“… me around the mulberry bush,” Ginny finished.

“I am never going to find a name for him!” Hermione sighed and leaned back in her rocking chair.

“You will, too.” Ginny flipped the page. They sat in silence for a minute then Hermione jumped as Ginny exclaimed, “Kendra Lily Potter,” and tapped the book dramatically.

“Oh, I like that one.” Hermione smiled with her eyes closed.

“Harry said that he liked Kendra, too. Kennie and Jami. Jami and Kendra. Goes nicely, eh?”

“It does,” Hermione nodded, “ and it will sound better in about a month when these to decide to grace us with their presence.”

Ginny laughed, “Yeah. “Grace us” is a bit wrong, more like claw their way into the world.”

“Oh.” Ginny had been through this, and even though Hermione now had a baby girl, she had never experienced labor, “What’s it like, really?” Hermione asked.

Ginny looked up, “Merlin, I forgot that you haven’t given birth,” she smiled, “well, honestly, it’s about as painful as… hmm.” She looked up in thought.

“Well, you saw Jami when she was born, right?”

“Yeah.” Hermione said raising an eyebrow.

“You remember how big she was? Can you imagine… that thing comes out of you. That’s what it feels like.” Ginny tried, “Does that help?”

Hermione remembered, Jami had been eighteen inches long and nine pounds on the dot. That’s bigger than Crookshanks! Hermione thought, “Ouch.” She said and Ginny nodded.

**Three Weeks Later**

Hermione awoke in the middle of the night as a searing pain ripped through her stomach. She opened her eyes and read one-fourteen a.m. Maybe he just kicked again, she thought wildly, though her heart was pounding and sweat was building on her forehead.

She had nothing to do but lie in bed and wait. Five minutes later, no more pain had come so she pushed the thought out of her mind and closed her eyes again. No need to wake Ron.

She was in the process of drifting back to sleep when she grabbed her stomach as pain tore through it. After a minute that seemed like eternity, the pain resided and Hermione opened her eyes. One twenty-four.

It’s happening. Hermione reached her arm backwards and slapped around until she made contact with a body.

“Ron! Ron!” she said as she continued to hit him on whatever part she was hitting him on.

“Ow, Hermione, that’s my neck!” he moaned.

“Ron, it’s time!” Hermione said.

“It’s one-thirty, can’t you read the clock yourself?” he whispered sleepily and rolled over.

“No, you git. The. Baby. Is. Coming.”

There was a ruffling of the covers then a loud thump, Hermione was sure that Ron fell off the bed. “I’ll get the travel bag, grab the toothbrushes, and clothes…” Ron muttered. The lights flicked on, Hermione squeezed her eyes shut. She attempted to get out of bed, but found two things: one, her legs were soaked, and two, she was too weak to move.

“Baby portkey, camera,” Ron hurried around the room grabbing various items and shoving them into a light blue Quidditch baby bag.

“Okay. I think I got it all. Got to go.” The lights flicked back off and the door slammed shut.

Hermione rolled her eyes from her spot in the bed, “Ro—OHH!!” she yelled as another contraction took over. The door banged back open and the lights flew on.

“Hermione!” he breathed, “I was just putting the bag downstairs, I was coming back!” he explained as he ran to her side of the bed, “Are you okay?”

“Does. It. Look. Like. I’m. Okay.” Hermione growled as the pain started to reside.

“Er… let’s go, up you get.” Ron grabbed Hermione’s arms and helped her out of the bed.

“I need to change, water broke.” Hermione breathed. She was so weak.

“No, let’s just go.” Ron pleaded, hating to see Hermione in such pain.

“Fine,” Hermione gave in, not really having the strength to change, anyway.

“Should I call Mum?” Ron asked. Since Ginny was set to give birth anytime, also. Hermione and Ron had agreed that Mrs. Weasley would be called if Hermione when into labor.

Ron was helping Hermione past their daughter’s room. The door was cracked and the night light illuminated Erin’s sleeping face, “She wants to be with us, Ron.” Hermione whispered.

“‘Mione, it’s one in the morning.”

“I want her with us.”

“I’ll tell mum to bring her once we’re settled in a room, then,” Ron told her.

“Okay,” Hermione agreed.

“Let’s go,” Ron helped Hermione down the stairs and to the spot where the baby bag and the special baby portkey were waiting.

Hermione leaned against the wall while Ron flooed his head to the Burrow. After what seemed like forever to Hermione, Ron pulled his head out of the fireplace and Mrs. Weasley walked out behind him.

“Oh, Hermione! Go have me another grandbaby!” she called. Hermione nodded weakly as she and Ron grabbed the portkey and were taken directly to St. Mungo’s Maternity Ward.

“Accio Wheelchair!” Ron called. A wheel chair and two medi-witches came rushing towards them.

As Ron and a kind looking medi-witch with long blonde hair hoisted Hermione into the Wheelchair, another contraction hit. Grabbing her stomach and doubling over as far as she could with her huge belly, Hermione thought that even being “crucio’d” couldn’t be worse than what she was feeling now.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Weasley, we’re taking you to your room,” the medi-witch tried to soothe her. Nothing was working until Ron took her head in his, “Just squeeze, honey.” He told her has he kept pace with the fast moving wheelchair. Hermione squeezed her husband’s hand, but not hard, because the pain was again residing.

“Those really suck,” she breathed as the last tinge left.

The healer laughed, “So I’ve heard, Mrs. Weasley.”

The wheelchair took a turn around a corner and soon turned into a room with burgundy walls. The witch stopped the wheelchair and pulled back the covers of the bed as Ron helped Hermione to crawl in.

“You’re Healer will be with you any minute,” the medi-witch said. Hermione nodded at her and she left.

“How do you feel?” Ron asked as he pulled a chair next to the bed.

“Just dandy.” Hermione replied.

“You’ll make it through this.” Ron whispered as she rubbed Hermione’s belly.

“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one with a baby trying to come out of you!” Hermione closed her eyes, “Why the hell would Ginny want to do this again?” she grumbled.

“Oh, you know deep down that you’ll do it again, too.” Hermione’s eyes shot opened and a very pregnant Ginny stood in the doorway.

“Ginny?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah, this little one drug Mum to our house to tell us that she was going to have a brother tonight,” Ginny yawned as she opened the door wider and Erin stood next to her with a smile so wide it threatened to fall off her face.

“Hi Mummy!” she said, “You tried to have my brother without me!”

Hermione and Ron laughed, “No we didn’t we just didn’t want to wake you!” Ron told her. She ran over and jumped on Ron’s lap.

“That was stupid.” Erin grinned and placed her hand on the rail of the hospital bed.

“How come you’re here?” Ron asked his sister.

“With charm like that, how could I stay away?” Ginny replied sarcastically,  “That, and when Erin and I arrived, the medi-witches assumed I was in labor and tried to force me into a wheelchair,” Ginny was trying not to smile, “Well, I had to bat-bogy hex him, then Erin and I found you so I could hide out here while Harry fixes him up. Mum’s with Jami.”

“Gin, you didn’t have to come.” Hermione told her, while she inwardly rejoiced that Ginny and Erin were with her.

Ginny waved her hand at Hermione and conjured another chair, “How far apart are the contractions?” she asked as she eased herself into the chair.

“About ten minutes,” Hermione answered.

Ron looked down at his watch, “In that case, brace yourself.” He told her.

Hermione tightened her grip on Ron’s hand and felt Erin lay hers on top. Sure enough, about fifteen seconds later, Hermione once again shut her eyes and clinched her teeth as pain roared through her. She grabbed the rail with her second hand and squeezed it until she was sure her fingers fell off.

“Breathe, Hermione, in and out, in and out,” Ginny was coaching from her chair. Hermione could barely here her through the pain but she did as she was told and started concentrating on breathing. Slowly the pain diminished and Hermione laid back against her pillow and opened her eyes.

“All better?” Erin asked.

“All better,” Hermione repeated weakly.

Three hours later, Hermione was moved to the Delivery Room. Only Ron had been permitted to come with her. He sat next to his wife, looking a bit pale. Hermione was hooked up to many monitors, but thankfully was not in much pain thanks to the potions that Ginny heavily suggested she take.

“Almost crowning, Hermione,” the healer announced, “You’re almost there, on the next contraction I need you to push as hard as you can, understand?”

Hermione nodded weakly, the potions hadn’t taken away the enormous amount of pressure she felt in her stomach, nor all of the pain.

“You can do it,” Ron coached as he ran the hand Hermione was not holding through her messy, sweaty hair, “He’s almost here.”

Hermione smiled as another contraction started, they were only seconds apart now. Hermione tightened her grip on Ron’s hand, squeezed her eyes shut and pushed as hard as she could. She felt Ron grab her hand in both of his and heard him coaching her softly.

“I see the head!” the healer called as the contraction ended, “beautiful red hair he’s got. Head’s almost out, the next one should do it, Hermione.”

“One more and you can see your son,” Hermione whispered to Ron.

“Can’t wait,” Ron smiled.

“Ready, push!” Hermione did.

It took no longer than fifteen seconds of pushing before Hermione felt the pressure lift and twenty before she heard him cry.

“He’s beautiful, Hermione,” Ron croaked and the medi-witches wrapped him in a blue blanket, “Open your eyes.”

Hermione opened them slowly and saw her son as he was handed to Ron, “Look, Hermione. Just look at him!” Ron cried as he sat down on the bed next to her.

“Wow,” Hermione gasped. Ron leaned over and ever-so-carefully handed their son to Hermione. Hermione looked into her arms at the little boy. A red tuft of hair was already visible. The baby was crying, hiss little fists in front of his still-red face.

“Go get Erin.” Hermione told the nearest medi-witch.

“I’m sorry, but she’s not allowed –”

“Go get Erin,” Hermione repeated sternly, tearing her eyes off her son.

“Yes m’am!” the medi-witch disappeared.

“Do you have a name for him?” the healer asked.

“MUMMY!” Erin burst through the door, in little sterilized booties, cap, and oversized gown, “I wanna see my brother!” Erin shuffled over to Ron, who lifted her up and set her beside him, close to Hermione and the now-sleeping baby. Erin knelt and leaned on Hermione’s shoulder.

She was quiet for a minute, when she spoke it was in a whisper, “Can I kiss him?”

“Okay,” Hermione hesitated. The baby looked so fragile, “Be careful.” Erin held onto Hermione’s shoulder and gently kissed the baby’s forehead.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need a name for the birth certificate.” The healer asked.

“You want to tell him, Erin?” Ron looked at the blonde girl, who nodded.

“Do you remember the whole thing?” he asked his daughter, who nodded again.

“Reynolds Arthur Weasley,” Erin pronounced exactly.

The healer looked to Ron, who nodded, and then left the family of four alone.

***Six Years Later***

“Mum! I need help!” called a voice from down the hall.

“Yeah! We – can’t – get – this – thing – to – shut!” called a younger voice, “Not even when I jump on it!”

Hermione sighed as she pulled a pink sweater over her three-year-old daughter’s head, “Didn’t Daddy help you to shut it yesterday?” she called as she stood up and walked over to the closet to grab a pair of little Madelyn’s tennis shoes.

“Yes!” called the two voices.

“But I had to add something else!” Erin called.

“We’re going to be late,” Hermione mumbled to her youngest daughter as she scooped her and the trainers into her arms.

“Doe?” Madelyn shrugged and pushed her bushy red hair out of her freckled face.

“So, your sister will miss the train, beautiful.” Hermione laughed as she entered Erin’s room and saw the backs of Reynolds and Erin sitting on top of Erin’s Hogwarts trunk.

As she looked at her children, she couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. Her little Erin was all grown up and going to Hogwarts. Erin was still on the skinny side, but no longer looked younger than her age. Her long white-blonde hair cascaded down her back and looked perfect as it was contrasted by the black of the uniform the eleven-year-old was already wearing. When she heard her mother enter, Erin turned and looked at Hermione and the mother saw only thing that tied all of her children together: big blue eyes.

“Thank Merlin,” Erin sighed.

“Here, take these,” Hermione handed the white trainers to Erin, “and her,” Erin took her sister, “and please put her shoes on her while I finish your trunk.”

Erin walked over to her bed and sat Madelyn down on the edge. Reynolds hopped off the trunk, too, and threw himself on the bed next to his sisters.

“I’m going to miss you guys,” Hermione heard Erin tell her siblings as Hermione tried to fit everything in the trunk.

“Stay here with me and Madelyn,” Reynolds told Erin.

“I can’t Reyn, I have to go to school. But I have an owl now so I can write you and you can practice your letters by writing back!”

“Not the same,” Reynolds muttered

Hermione gave up on packing the trunk regularly and waved her wand. The trunk struggled shut, then locked itself.

“Done!” Hermione announced at the same time Erin did. They both started laughing.

“Come here, you,” Hermione hugged Erin tightly, “my baby, off to Hogwarts.”

“Save it for the platform, Mum,” Erin whispered.

A horn blared from outside, “That’d be Daddy with the Potters!” Hermione announced.

Erin released her mother, “Reynolds, Madelyn, race you to the car!” she called and the three children rushed out the room and Hermione heard then pounding down the stairs.

The Potters, Harry, Ginny, Jami, Kendra, and the twins, Brian and Sirius, were coming to see Erin off to Hogwarts. Ron had gone in the *cough*enlarged*cough* car that they had borrowed from the Ministry.

Hermione magicked Erin’s trunk and owl to follow her as she made her way down the stairs and out of the house. When the trunk was safely in the trunk and the owl up with Harry and Ron in the front seat, Hermione slid into the back beside Madelyn.

“Hi Aunt ‘Mione!” Brian and Sirius chorused from beside their mother, their green eyes shining under a mop of messy red hair. They were a year older than Madelyn, and about ten times as mischievous.

“Hi boys, Jami, Kendra, Ginny,” Hermione greeted.

Jami was the second oldest of the bunch, behind only Erin. She was tall for her age, nearly as tall as Erin, even though she was almost three years younger. She had Harry’s green eyes, but Ginny’s long red hair and freckles. Kendra was the only Potter that didn’t inherit the Weasley red hair. She had deep brown eyes, like Ginny, but Harry’s raven hair that was nearly always worn down and hardly ever neatly brushed; nevertheless she was as beautiful as her sister.

“Aunt ‘Mione, can I come sit by you?” Kendra asked. Hermione nodded and Kendra happily hopped out of her spot next to the twins, leaving Reynolds the lucky spot.

“How’re you doing, Hermione?” Ginny asked. Hermione looked to her other side, past Madelyn and saw Erin animatedly talking to Jami.

“I’m not so sure, Gin.” She confessed. She knew that Ginny was sympathetic, but she just couldn’t understand what Hermione was going through. Erin was leaving for Hogwarts and Hermione wouldn’t see one of her little girls for at least three months, “I don’t know how my parents did it.”

They arrived on the platform at fifteen til eleven, “Everyone off the Knight Bus, I hope you enjoyed your stay,” Ron opened the door. Erin and Jami giggled, having heard about the violent purple bus, but the rest of the children looked at Ron as if he was crazy.

After coaxing the children through the wall and onto the platform, the five Weasleys and the six Potters stood before the scarlet train.

“Here we are.” Ron swallowed.

Erin eyed the great train wearily, the turned to face her cousins, “Bye Jami, I’ll write.” She said as she embraced the cousin that she had known the longest.

“I’ll miss you, bye Erin,” Jami whispered.

Erin hugged each of her other cousins, then Ginny. When she went to say bye to Harry, Harry handed her two pieces of parchment, “You’ll need this first,” he told her, “this one explains,” he gave her the first one, “what this one does,” he handed her the second, “Keep it safe,” he winked at her. Erin hugged him tightly.

“I will.” She said.

Then, came the hard part. Turning to her siblings, Erin took both of them into one big hug, “I’m going to miss you so much,” she told them.

“I miss you, too.” Madelyn told her.

“Me too,” said Reynolds.

Around the family, everyone was beginning to board the train. Erin looked at her parents. Hermione was about to lose it; but she had to stay strong for Erin.

“Bye, sweetie,” Ron said as he knelt down to her level. Hermione followed suit.

“We’ll miss you, but you’ll have so much fun at Hogwarts. Especially with Uncle Harry’s present.” Hermione laughed. Erin looked over her shoulder and then whispered to her parents, “I don’t want to be in Slytherin like them.”

Hermione was taken back by this confession. They hadn’t spoken of them in forever. Ron looked to Hermione.

“Erin,” Hermione started, “from the time you walked into our lives, you have been the bravest person I have ever met. Bravery is the key personality of the house that all of us were in, Gryffindor. If you’re not sorted there, I’ll be so much more than shocked.”

“Really?” Erin asked.

“Really.” Ron told her.

The whistle blew loudly, “Your trunk and owl are already on the train. Write often,” Ron said.

“More than often.” Hermione agreed.

“Love you,” Hermione and Ron said.

“Love you, too,” Erin replied.

With one last hug to her parents, Erin dashed onto the train just as the compartment doors began to shut.

***Twelve Years Later***

“Mum, will you zip this up for me?” Erin asked as she turned to face Hermione, traces of her long blonde hair framing her face. The early August sun shone through the windows and highlighted Erin’s happy blue eyes.

“Of course,” Hermione answered as she walked over to the triple mirror her daughter was standing in front of. Erin turned back around and examined her twenty-two year old self in the mirror. Hermione pulled the white zipper of the wedding gown up and then looked over Erin’s shoulder.

She couldn’t believe that her daughter was getting married in about an hour. Her little girl was officially grown up. Sure, she’d moved out of the house almost five years ago, but today was the day that Hermione and Ron gave her to her new husband, Nicolas Wilson, whom she had met when she started working in the area of the court system that specialized in Child Protection.

She does look beautiful, Hermione thought. The strapless wedding gown Erin had picked out back in April – along with Hermione, Jami, and Erin’s best friend from Hogwarts, Anka Krum – fit her wonderfully, showing off Erin’s perfect curves. Erin’s blonde hair was pulled back into a messy bun, with white flowers stuck all in her hair.

“You look gorgeous, baby,” Hermione whispered.

Erin turned to face her mother, “Thanks, Mum.”

“I can’t believe it. My little girl.” Hermione was tearing up.

“Save it for the wedding, Mum,” Erin told her.

Hermione smiled and the two embraced.

“Erin, everyone’s ready when you are,” Anka came into the bridal room wearing the powder blue dress that Erin had picked out for the bride’s maids, Anka, Jami, and Kendra. Madelyn, though only fourteen, was of course Erin’s maid of honor.

“Thanks, Anka,” Erin told her friend as she and Hermione pulled apart.

The door shut as Anka left, “Do you think that Daddy’s going to break down?” Erin asked Hermione as they did one last make-up check then headed for the door.

“Of course he will, you’re our first little girl,” Hermione answered as they met the rest of the wedding reception in the room outside the church.

When Ron saw her, he froze.

“What do you think, Daddy?” Erin did a model-like spin.

“You look so… so… wow.” Ron stuttered.

Erin smiled, “Thanks, Daddy.”

Anka saw that Erin had arrived and opened the doors to the church. The music began and Reynolds happily held out his arm to his mother.

“How’re you doing, Mum?”

“I’m not sure, Reynolds.” Hermione told her son honestly.

Soon everyone was in his or her seat except the bride and her father. The bridal march began. Hermione saw Nicolas straighten up nervously; he looked over to Hermione, who smiled back. You couldn’t help but love Nicolas, even Ron had approved.

Hermione turned her head and watched as Ron and Erin made their way down the isle. Erin was beaming and holding a bunch of red roses while holding onto Ron’s arm.

It reminded Hermione of the time that Ron had taken Erin to pick flowers for her when she was pregnant with Reynolds. They had walked into the living room where Hermione was reading, hand in hand, Erin holding a bunch of flowers.

They reached the front of the isle and Ron turned to face Erin, “I love you, Erin.” He whispered and kissed her forehead. Ron then allowed Nicolas to take Erin’s arm then came to sit with Hermione.

Erin looked back at her parents and blew them a kiss before walking up with her soon-to-be husband.

“We did a good job, didn’t we?” Hermione asked Ron.

“Yeah, yet in the end we still have to give her away.”


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