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A/N:  Sorry the chapters are so short.  I have the whole story finished though, so I will try to post the chapters quickly.  Thanks to those who have reviewed.

Scorpius Malfoy watched the youngest Potter stomp away, an odd feeling swelling in the pit of his stomach. Reaching up, he pressed his fingers to his swelling eye. Silence alerted him to the fact that he was the only one left in the hall  He pushed himself to his feet and wandered dazedly in the direction Lily had taken.

Scorpius paused in front of the stone wall long enough to mutter, “Espionage,” and then walked into the common room. The first years headed into their rooms. Scorpius watched Lily walk through the door on the girls' side of the dungeon, an odd mixture of irritation and admiration swirling in him. He stumbled through the door into his dorm. Several boys in various stages of preparation for sleep pulled on pajamas, closed hangings around beds, and chatted amiably to one another, but he hardly noticed as he fell backward onto the bed, alerting them to his presence.

“Oi! Malfoy. Can I borrow your broo—who gave you the black eye?” Sharpe Zabini looked shocked.

“Lily Potter,” he said as he touched his hand to his eye again.

He still couldn’t believe it. She had hit him! Hard! He tried to recall the last time someone had struck him but came up blank.

“A girl hit you!” He glared fiercely at Zabini which did not faze the black boy in the least, “and you aren’t plotting revenge? Hey blokes!  Malfoy fancies Potter!” Scorpius lobbed a pillow at Zabini’s head barely missing him. The other boys made kissing noises.

“Shut it Zabini! I would never date Potter. Can you imagine a Malfoy with a Potter?”

“Fire and ice, mate.”

Scor grumbled picturing her wicked grin as she looked at his black eye, her long red hair flying as she spun away from him in the corridor. Zabini carried Scor’s pillow over and sat down on the end of the bed as the others climbed into their four-posters.

“Who does she think she is?”

"Someone capable of taking you on, apparently," Zabini said with a snigger.

"She's just a stupid first year."

“Oh and you’re so much older, Mr. Third Year. She’s struck your fancy. Admit it.”

“I’ll admit she’s pretty feisty.”

Zabini grinned.  “That’s what you need, mate. Aren’t you the one who begged your Dad to obliviate your Mum so she would forget your birthday because she kept inviting over all those ‘silly girls in frilly dresses?’” Zabini’s grin widened.

“Yeah.” Scorpius could not imagine Lily Potter wearing a frilly dress.

“Tormenting her will not only give you great pleasure but also give her Griffy brothers more ammo for their hatred." The triumphant sound in Zabini’s voice couldn’t keep Scorpius from smiling at this thought. She didn’t back down, a quality he could respect.

He had nothing against the Potters. He enjoyed teasing them, like he had done on the train, but it was all in jest, to him at least. An image of Lucius Malfoy flitted through his mind unbidden.

“It will be like Romeo and Juilet.”

“What are you blathering on about, Zabini?”

“Sheesh, don’t you ever read? Never mind. Go to bed. You’ve got a long day ahead of you. Oh and can I borrow your broom?”

“No one touches my broom except me.”

“Aww come on!”

“Borrow Goyle’s.”

“Fine.” Zabini turned away grumbling under his breath.

“Hey, what did you mean ‘I’ve got a long day ahead?’”

“Well, I figure you have two choices. Number 1,” he held up a dark finger. “Play Prince Charming and drive her brothers nuts,” Zabini snorted at this, “or Number 2, pester her to death and drive her nuts.”

“I think I’ll choose the latter,” Scor said. Sharpe just smiled.

“Well, then you’re going to need your sleep because I think you’ll be getting quite a few bumps and bruises along the way,” and with that, Sharpe walked off to his four-poster across the room. Scor rolled on his side thinking of Zabini’s words, "Tormenting her will give you great pleasure."  Well, he's right about that, at least.

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