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WARNING! THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS MATURE MATERIAL. I really enjoyed writing the Party Scenes, this is happening the next day after Amore punched Regulus. 


“I never knew that was how I taught you to behave, really no respect. You are getting married to him, and you punch him? Why? And at our party. But that’s not the end of it you were sneaking out of the Ballroom. Though I do forgive you for that, since you had taken all your friends with you, but Amore…you punched the boy. He is from a very well respected family; as are you, so you should uphold our name,” my mother yelled angrily, half-yelling, half-whispering. 

I rolled my eyes ignoring her. If only she really knew what happened then she wouldn’t say such things. I sighed, most of the things she was saying was going in one year and out the other. At this point I had such a big craving for chocolate, I wouldn’t be surprised if my stomach grumbled so loudly that my mother would have to scold me for that to. I had been starving for the past couple of days, my mother had rationed off my food, so I could ‘get in shape,’ for the wedding. All this was doing was strengthening my resolve to eat like a maniac once the wedding was over.

“You will go and say sorry to him and his mother. I mean what would she think, that her new daughter-”

I snapped out of my trance, interrupting my mother.

“Say sorry?” I asked, disbelief etched on my face. My eyes wide with trepidation, for her answer. 

“Of course, your father and I didn’t raise you to become a barbarian. Even though after last night I’m beginning to doubt it.” 

I went back to ignoring her as she went on with her long speech. How could I possibly apologize to him? I mean after I had punched him I was more concerned about my hand, which was now wrapped up from the pain. I knew that it was as simple as saying sorry, but I didn’t find my fault in the matter at all. I would joyfully put the blame on the alcohol, and his annoying behavior. I muttered to myself, cursing under my breath until my mother finally finished her two-hour long speech and sent me upstairs to change into something decent. 

I ran into my closet, quickly grabbing a pair of jeans and an white shirt. I pulled them on, grabbing my wand, and my trainers. Bounding down the steps, I waited till my mother did an overall observation to make sure that I looked presentable. With a nod of her head we climbed into the carriage, and we were off. I rested my head on the cool glass window. This was going to be interesting… 


I opened my eyes briefly, just long enough to catch a glimpse of the gray manor that was in front of me. Fully waking up, I sat upright in the carriage turning to look at my mother. Who seemed to be thinking of different ways to say sorry to Mrs. Black. 

The carriage came to an abrupt stop, my body being thrown forward into the seat in front of me. I groaned rubbing me head, I managed to hit it in the same spot that I had hit it last night. I rubbed it self-consciously while my mother tapped her foot waiting for me to get out. 

Jumping out of the carriage, I swallowed quickly, knowing that in a few minutes I was about to be pummeled with insults. My mother rapped her small knuckles on the door sharply. I looked up in worry when Mrs. Black stood behind the door. Her face seemed emotionless, but she ushered us in with a gesture of her hand. 

“Walburga, I’m here because my daughter felt so deeply saddened by the events that 
happened last night. She insisted on coming here personally to say sorry to you and Regulus.” my mother said. 

I tried not to scowl at my mother’s completely false statement. I turned to look at Mrs. Black who only gave a smile, 

“No worry, that’s what happens with kids. And I had planned on doing it for a while, your daughter just beat me to it. Even though it was always more Sirius that needed it.” she exclaimed giving a high-pitched laugh. 

I smiled uncertainly, 

“But since you’re here, stay for tea,” she said to my mom, turning back to me she said, 

“Oh and dear you know where Regulus’s room is, or if you need a house-elf to show you.” 

I shook my head no, telling her that I knew where to go. She smiled, my mother and her leaving in the direction of the dining room. I watched their retreating figures, hoping, no more so praying that my mother would have a change of heart and take me home. But of course no such luck. I actually considered for a moment, pretending to have said that I was sorry. I knew that Regulus would probably say something along the lines of “No Amore never came to visit.” 

I walked up the stairs slowly, dreading every step with more and more fear. Finally I found myself in front of his dark brown mahogany door. Much like my mother did early, I let my uninjured fist rap against the door. I waited for a second and with no answer, I quietly turned the glass knob, letting myself in. I looked around for a moment, it looked so different then before. 

The curtains were open, letting light pour in from every possible space. Now that the light was streaming in, I actually got a good look. The room was enormous, quite as big as mine, maybe bigger. He like me had a sitting nook off to the corner. The ceilings were so high, giving the impression of the Hogwarts Great Hall. He had a queen bed in the middle, but his walls were surprisingly bare. They were old and wallpapered with a heavy antique design. I looked at how different his room looked from mine, while mine was a little more modern to suit my taste, Regulus’s was more old-fashioned. 

“I always knew you were nosy.” 

I jumped at the at the new voice, turning around in the direction. And there was King Prat himself leaning against the doorframe, with nothing but a towel covering his waist. 

“What are you doing here, feel the need to punch me somewhere else?” 

“Yes,” I muttered softly, thinking of one area that I wanted to punch him so hard that he could never reproduce again. 

“Well, so what is it what do you want?” he asked almost bored at the prospect of me being here. 

At this I actually turned to look at him in his face. I raised my hand to my mouth, along his jaw bone was a small purple imprint. 

“Sorry.” I murmured, not really meaning it at all. 

“What was that?” he asked his oh-so famous smirk on his face once again. 

This was annoying, 

“I bloody said sorry.” I yelled. 

He smirked even more, 


I glared at him, 

“It’s not as though I think that you actually deserve an apology. My mum is forcing is me to apologize to you, since you’re the son of the Blacks.” I said with fake enthusiasm etched clearly in my voice. 

“Okay, fine I forgive you.” he drawled pulling on a shirt. 

“Thank you O’ Merciful One.” I replied sarcastically. 

He turned around to look at me, 

“I changed my mind, I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.” 

I scoffed, 

“Ya, right I would rather kiss Blaise.” I snorted, talking as though Blaise was a dead cow. 

“That could be arranged.” he said smirking heavily at me. 

“And so could your funeral.” I retorted sweetly. 

“Aw, come on now White how should we tell mummy about your little tattoo.” he drawled, taking steps closer and closer to me. I backed up with each of his steps, only to be pushed up against the wall by Regulus’s body. 

“And if I said no?” I inquired quietly, trying to ignore the dominance of his body over mine. 

“I would have to tell your mother about her Naughty Little Girl.” he said his lips coming dangerously close to mine. I knew that turning to the side was out of the question, because he would take this as a sign of defeat. 

“You do know that my knee is right near you, and I wouldn’t hesitate a moment in making you unable to reproduce. Merlin knows that we don’t need and Regulus Jr.’s running around.” I exclaimed, the thought of it enough to make me barf. 

But to this statement all he did was slide his hand up my leg, I flinched inwardly as it got closer to my thigh. I sighed, praying a way out of this situation, before quickly closing the space in between us. 

I guess I had shocked him, he took a while to respond. But once he realized what I was doing, he was quick to follow. His lips almost pouncing on mine hungrily. Instead of moving his hand down he only went further up, his hand barging into my shirt. At this point in time, I didn’t seem to notice, only wrapping my legs around his body. I knew that if I hadn’t done this I would’ve slid down from the wall onto my arse. My hands found themselves up in his hair, only when I felt my bra unclasp did I realize how far I had actually gone. I removed my hands quickly pushing him away. My legs released themselves automatically, causing me to go sliding down the wall onto the cold stone floor. 

Only I looked around, my face twinged red exhaling deeply, but it wasn’t only me it was Regulus as well. I turned to look at him, our gaze only meeting for a second or two. I got up on wobbly feet still unable to believe what I had just done. I had kissed…no snogged the enemy! And the worst part about it was that I wanted to do it again. 

I finally opened my mouth, 

“So will you tell her?” 

He looked at me, the smirk forming again on his face. 

“Blaise was right White, your not to damn bad. And don’t worry your blonde head off, mummy won’t figure out until you tell her.” 

I nodded my head as a pregnant pause filled the air, luckily at that moment a house-elf showed up announcing that I had to leave. 

I got up quietly exiting the room but not before asking the question that was on my mind, 

“Why did you only ask me to kiss you?” 

I knew that he could have easily asked anything, but he asked for a kiss. 

“Because we’re getting married in two days, in two days it won’t matter.” he declared, getting off his bed to snatch a magazine from under his bed. I merely shook my head in refound disgust at this, and followed the house-elf down the steps.


I sighed when we were in the carriage, trying to make myself believe that I didn’t want to touch Black at all. That I hated him to the next century and beyond, but even with all this futile mental persuasion why did I feel the need to go back and snog him again. I sighed, the girls at Hogwarts knew what they were talking about when they said he was a good kisser. At that thought I groaned aloud, and banged my head against the window until my mother made me stop. I had come down with what they called back at school, Black-Syndrome. And all I could say was that this patient wasn’t about to take her medicine so easily…

Well this is third time I updated in less then two weeks! I'm really looking forward to finishing this story, so I can post the sequel. I've already gotten the first two chapters written and I really do love it, so I'll probably try to finish this story before Halloween. I'm sorry if you didn't like some of the Mature stuff in the story but the warning is already up, so you guys are reading this at your own will. 

Till next time,


ssb : )

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