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Chapter Six: Confrontation

Harry struggled to maintain his balance as he lugged his belongings up the stairs towards the Head Boy’s room. With Hedwig’s cage in one hand and few books on the other, he almost lost his balance. Hedwig hooted in agitation at the sporadic movements of the cage as Harry entered the room and set it down, dropping his books on the table nearby. He plopped onto the huge king-sized bed and sighed while thinking about living the rest of the year living with Pansy Parkinson, the Slytherin

 What did he do to deserve this? It was his last year at Hogwarts and now he was away from his friends, away from his house dormitory, and stuck with Parkinson. Brilliant he sighed as he left his bed and entered the common room.

The room was indulged in both green and gold, from the curtains to the chairs. Dumbledore did one heck of a job trying to bring the two houses together. This caused Harry to snort in disgust. Trying to combine Slytherin and Gryffindor wouldn’t change anything. They would always be rivals, and it would take one heck of a plan to change that.

He glanced around, trying to look for Parkinson. A truce seemed plausible to him, but he doubted that she would be willing to cooperate. So far all the ideas he was plotting at the moment were somewhere along the lines of: Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. Deal?

“Potter,” she stated simply. There was nothing more to say. Harry could only look at her while she seemed to observe him for a moment.

“Parkinson,” he eventually said. A smirk seemed to rush to her face as he said it.

“Just wanted to let you know that nothing is going to change,” she stated and walked away.

“Ok?” Harry said stupidly to himself. “Women,” he muttered and walked back into his room, mulling over his potions assignment.

The next few hours were spent in silence except for the scratching of his quill. He flipped through his Potions textbook gathering facts, data, and quotes to support his thesis. Snape loved to torment his students by assigning long, difficult essays that were due faster than you could say ‘Quidditch’.

Harry sighed, dropped his quill, and quickly scanned his work. Frankly, he should really have gone back and perfected the draft, but he decided Snape wasn’t worth it. He’d never appreciate Harry’s work. If anything he’d look for errors; even if there weren’t any.

He quickly glanced at the frame he had placed on the corner of his desk. It was a picture of Ginny and him just outside the Forbidden Forest on one of their many trips with Hagrid. He slowly picked it up and smiled. Ginny was laughing as Harry’s arms wrapped around her waist, fitting perfectly with the curves of her body. Like any other relationship, they had their share of problems, but Harry learned to take the bad along with the good. Hell, he’d take anything, as long as it was with Ginny. He loved her and he had finally admitted it to himself, Ron, and Hermione. Ginny was the only one he hadn’t told this to. To put it simply, he was scared of confessing his love for her and then not being there; stuck somewhere after an unfortunate turn of events, also known as the story of his life. After Sirius’s death, he broke it off out of fear of losing her, but he soon realized that he couldn’t live without her.

Ginny had a passion for life and living it to the fullest. She managed to teach him to lighten up a little, helping him realize that the past was over and gone, but the future was in their hands. As much as Harry admired Ginny’s optimism, he knew that it wasn’t true, though. Voldemort had returned and he’d have to face him sooner rather than later. Dumbledore had always been supportive and kept him up to date about the remaining Horcruxes, but both of them knew this was just the tip of the iceberg and a long, grim battle awaited them.

A knock on the door interrupted his train of thoughts, and he hurriedly got up to answer it. There at the open door stood Ginny, silently looking up into his face. He quietly let her in and closed the door behind her.

“Hey Harry,” she said quietly.

“Hey,” he replied softy. Right now their relationship was definitely taking a beating, and it was Harry to blame. The past few days had been spent arguing about the course of their relationship after he was going to leave Hogwarts. He wasn’t surprised to find that Ginny, out of all people, was thinking about the future. As usual one thing led to another, and they both said some things that he knew they shouldn’t have.

“Harry, we need to think about next year whether you like it or not,” she told him, glancing deeply into his emerald green eyes.

“The way I see it, if I live next year we’ll still be together,” he said coolly. He hated talking about the future, especially with Ginny. She always looked at it with utmost importance.

“What do you mean ‘if I live next year’?” Ginny said, irritated by his insensitiveness towards the topic.

“I might have to fight Voldemort this year, and there is a good chance that I might die while doing it,” he snapped. Ginny glared at him, this time he’d gone too far and he knew it. She always saw the brighter side of things, especially when it came to surviving the war.

“Fine, then we shouldn’t even be worrying about this,” she said and started to leave. Harry clenched his fist trying to control his anger and quickly blocked the exit before Ginny could reach the knob.

“What the fuck do you want me to say?” he yelled furiously. When she didn’t reply, he continued, “Gin, why are you thinking about the future? Live for the moment, remember?” Harry said slowly regaining composure following his outburst.

“Because I want this moment to last forever” she broke down and covered her face with her hands. “Harry, if anything happens to you—” she stopped midway choking on her tears. Harry quickly embraced her tightly and noticed his vision clouding as well.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” He whispered, knowing she didn’t believe him. Heck, he didn’t even believe it himself.

“Harry, what if I never see you again after this year? What if I don’t see you after Hogwarts?” she whispered, staring long and hard into his face for a reply.

“Now, let’s not get paranoid,” he said. Ginny pulled free and gave him an icy stare.

“Why do you always push me away when I’m trying to be realistic?” she snapped. She seemed so like Mrs. Weasley when she was angry at him. Harry looked down, because he wasn't sure how to answer her. Actually, he did, but he didn’t know whether she was ready to hear it.

“I’m afraid to lose you Ginny,” he said, staring up into her eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said looking at him sadly as she held his hand, reassuring her support.

“You don’t get it,” he said quietly.

“Maybe I would if you just tell me,” she said frustrated by his oblivious responses. Harry clenched his fist again, tightening his jaw, trying to control the rush of emotion that was running through him. He was contemplating on whether or not to convey his feelings to her at this point in time. There was no time better than the present, wasn’t there?

“I Love you, alright?” he said, feeling both anxious and relieved at the same time. He was afraid to look at her, afraid of her reaction. He gently felt her arms wrap around his neck and heard her softly cry as she held him. He wasn’t sure how much time had elapsed and honestly he didn’t care, he was happy to be in her arms. His future may have seemed desolate, but Ginny was like a ray of hope, a cause to fight for.

“I love you too,” she finally whispered. Harry was caught off guard, but he didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to ruin this moment, even though he knew it wouldn’t last forever. The tranquil atmosphere was royally shattered when Pansy Parkinson decided to grace them with her presence, strolling into the room.

“Potter, we have duty tonight so can you continue this later?” she asked sarcastically, wearing her signature Slytherin smirk. Harry glared at her, and he knew that living with Parkinson was going to be hell on earth.


Sorry for the late update...ambushed with assignments..hope you like this one and I'll be sure to reply to reviews..I just don't have the time...argh..:(

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Oh, and thank you to my wonderful beta reader Pottergirl17 who worked with my grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, pointless sentences, etc. and made this chapter infinitely better.

Take care,

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