Chapter Four: One from Personal Experience

It was in a protracted length of time it took to see each and everyone's face. The boy's she had met on the train looked up at her and frowned, the entire house looked away uninterested.
Then the house seating next to the table of red and hold, looked away, the house of yellow and black had been seating next to the house of blue and maroon and had followed their lead. The house of green and silver clapped, shouted and some even stood up to welcome her, but as she looked at them, each and everyone who was not in the first year were all cold and heartless eyes.

In an instant it took to see everyone's reaction, the hat had been taken off and the words swam around her head, words that she hated to hear. "She really is like her, the two will fall.

Biting her tongue from shouting out, she felt sweet metallic fill her mouth. Sweet metallic fear, bringing pain into the very core of humanity. Selestia shook her head and glanced at the Ravenclaw table where Jason sat. A frown was on his face as he looked at hurt.

Was it possible that he actually looked hurt? Regardless of the answer she continued her steps to the Slytherin table, where she sat and looked at everyone. The teachers all seem to be upset or troubled, was it something she did?

"Welcome to Slytherin Love." She looked at the girl who said it, her lips curved into a perfect smirk, her eyes were darker then the darkening night and her features were pale like a vampiric goddess. "The name's Olivia."

As Selestia stared at the girl, she wondered what she had jus got herself into, "My name's Selestia." She placed herself down next to Olivia, looking at her nails, she saw them a deep blue, or Indigo, and she wasn't sure.

"Look luv, I can tell by the way you stand that you weren't brought up like a Pure-blood, watch what you say around here, the guys and especially the girls have a lot of bite." Selestia nodded before picking up her fork and reaching over for some food.

"What's Hogwarts like? And why do the other houses not like this house?" Picking at her food, she patiently waited for Olivia to say something.

"Luv, the entire wizarding word is against us, half of us re against each other, but I'll drop a hint for you, something is going on, not your usual dark secrets, no, this feels like a war coming aboard us, something that hasn't been done for a century or even more, I think the last one was in the Salem Trials, many of us died."

The way she said us made Selestia realise that she had waltz into something tat could possibly darker then her secret. "But the Salem Trials war is a Myth, no Wizard or Witch would kill their own kin."

"Luv, we having been doing that for more then a few centuries, the purebloods will do anything to keep our blood straight and untainted, we refuse to live in a world of no magic and we will keep it that way, there are more of us now then you may think."

"Do you know when the war will start? Does anyone actually know if there is going to actually be a war?"

"You ask a lot of questions Luv, but there is going to be a war, we're due for one, besides, our opinions are getting stronger with each generation, and this generation, possibly the next, will be in a war, just like the vampire war-"

Selestia stopped and looked at her, she had never heard of the vampire war in her history classes, "What vampire war?" She said, interrupting Olivia's speech.

"The one where the mud-bloods, half-breeds and traitors decided that vampires had no right in society what so ever, so they destroyed them all, al except four."

"Belladonna, Lucifer, Alucard and Claudia." The vampires that made history, they weren't as well known as Dracula, a muggle vampire coming from a man who murdered woman. But they were famous in the vampiric world.

"Exactly, the vampire war was much worse then the Salem war, in fact, more deaths were caused in the vampiric war then any other war, well not until the war coming, there are a lot of deaths already and it hasn't really began yet." Selestia nodded her head in agreement, she had read about all the deaths in the newspaper.

"Does anyone know whose behind it?"

"Of course some people know, just not us, well some younger siblings may, I have a feeling Rabastan knows more then he's saying."


"Lestrange, his elder brother, Rodolphus married into the Black family, you must know the Black's."

"Every wizarding family knows the Black's, Always Pure is there motto isn't it?"

"Yeah, but Bellatrix, who Rodolphus married, she gives Black an entire knew meaning, Bella would of used a cruciatus curse in Hogwarts, in fact I believe she did, no one really knows if it's a rumour or not though."

"This school carries more secrets then I would of guest, it seems everyone is hiding their own dark secret." A grim smile crossed over Olivia's face.

"And a grim secret we may never tell, some of us hide something so dark only a selected few will ever know, those few will probably die before ever whispering the first syllable, other's have had it thrown and gossiped about for years, while a few students who are lucky, have no one but themselves to know their secret until their dying day."

It seemed to Selestia that Olivia talked about those three cases from personal experience, thinking of a way to get to know that secret, she remained silent and tried not to let on what devious plan was forming in her head.

"Don't bother Luv, no one will know my secret, ever." The slyness in Olivia's cool, deep eyes showed the truth, "But I'll let you on a little one, one that you'll find out soon enough, I'm a girl who rather not sleep with the opposite sex."

"You're a dyke?" The word slipped out before she could take it back. Like blood oozing off the side of her glass, it slips until it's too late.

"If you would call that, then yes, but I'd rather say that I just find women better looking." A secret that had spread through the entire school, so one of the had been from personal experience.

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