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Chapter Name- A Prophecy

A/N: Special thanks to my beta, teenage_firestarter, she's great.

Harry and Crystal would spent the night making repairs to the Room, but first Harry had to speak with Dumbledore, and he had to get Element back.

"I'm going to go speak with Dumbledore, Ill be back soon. Call me if he comes back"

"I will." And with a quick peck on her cheek and a comforting hand on her back, he left.

She lay down and began thinking about what had just happened… letting herself drift off into the dreamlands of sleep..

Harry walked toward Dumbledore's office and knocked quietly.

"Come in."


"Sit down, Harry. What can I help you with?"

Harry did as he was told and sat in the chair across from the headmaster. Element flew from the cage he was in and landed on Harry's lap. Harry put a soothing hand on the birds wings, and it closed its eyes, just sitting there with his rescuer.

"Professor, there was a, er, disturbance tonight."


"Yes, sir, Voldemort came to the room. We don’t know how he got there, were thinking it may have been something he hid on one of us that he used to transport himself in with. But he attacked us. He wanted, well, he wanted the kids." His face blushed slightly as he said 'the kids'. He knew it wasn’t exactly the best thing to have twins at his age. But he would soon be out of here as within a week they would be leaving with the rest of the students to go to the new house. There were boxes scattered through the Room.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, Crystal used her elemental powers. She was amazing," He said it with a smile, but then his smile faded. "But I don’t know why he would want our children." He said, blushing ever so slightly again.

He was proud to be a father, but talking to his headmaster was something entirely different. He wasn’t entirely sure that Dumbledore saw him as a man yet. He thought he still saw him as the boy who fought his way through his schooling, the boy who lived. Not the man.

"He might have wanted to finish what he couldn’t have all those years ago. Seeing as the boy who lived has children of his own, he could stop the line."

"I understood tonight why that love was so strong, a mothers love. But I love them the same. I would give my life for them." Harry was now slightly lost in his thoughts.

"Killing two birds with one stone." Dumbledore spoke softly.

"What?" He was pulled, but not all the way out of the puzzle in front of his mind.

"Voldemort wants to end the blood line, and he knows you love them enough to give your life for them, so he wants to take out both of you at once. Killing your children would also take you out, so why not? It would fulfill all of is plans, Harry."

This snapped Harry's mined back to the present, away from the ever growing puzzle in his mind. All these changes were impairing his thoughts, his focus on his missions.

"He… he, wants them.. He wants them d-dead? No, he cant take them away from me!" Harry was standing now, he was furious with that snake- that thing. He couldn’t take away his children, he just couldn’t.

"I wont let him!" With that, Harry stormed out, fists clenched.

"I'm sorry, Professor, but I need to talk to Crystal, Ill be back in the morning."

At the foot of the steps, he broke into a jog, and by the time he reached the next set of steps, he was at a run.



'You heard it didn’t you?'


Harry put all of his strength into his feet, and took off, faster than he had run before. He wanted to be back to her.

He reached the Room, which they had put a spell on so they could get into it without all that three times nonsense.

He spoke the password.

The door opened, and Harry paused briefly at it before sprinting to her and holding her ever so tightly.

"I'll never let you go. Never. I love you too much. And he wont ever lay a finger on those kids." Tears were simply a torrent down his face, they mixed with hers against his cheek.

He kissed her forehead, and hand in hand, connecting the scars yet again, they walked to their children. Alex was stirring, but he needed to be fed. Lily lay still, sleeping peacefully.

Hermione popped in unexpectedly.

"Is everyone ok?"

"Yeah, were ok." Crystal said as she pulled her into a hug. "Thank you. It might have saved their lives."

"No, YOU saved their lives. I just moved them. You two didn’t know it, but I popped back in to see it, and help if you needed it, but you seemed to have it under control after screaming that, umm. Thing." She laughed slightly, causing Crystal to laugh. They released form their friendly embrace.

"Yeah, I think it may have stunned him a little. Screaming fuck this at him may have put him off a little. I may have worked with him, but I never told him I was an Elemental. I think it scared him. There's only five of us every hundred years. He's never even been near one."

"Hey, Hermione?"

"Yeah, Harry?"

"Can you help us pack? We need to be out of here soon, and look around, there's still a lot to do. And I need your help at the new house… Actually, can we talk alone?"

"Yeah, we can. Are you ok, Crystal?"

"Yeah, Ill be ok. You two go. It's ok."

Harry walked over to her, pulling her hand up into his, turning his back to Hermione.

"Ill give you two a minute." She said as she apparated to the new house.

Harry pulled her closer, and she slowly reached her hand up to his head to push through his hair. He leaned in to rest his forehead on hers.

"I'm sorry, Crystal. I didn’t mean for you to be all tangled in this. But I knew you would. I love you. Please forgive me?"

She raised a finger to his lips. "Don't, you didn’t do anything wrong. I knew what trouble I was in, and together we are in twice as much, but if we break apart, we are weaker. Together, we can defeat him. Kill him. Gone. Forever." She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him lightly.

"Nevermore." He said as he picked her up ad hugged her again. He kissed her for a few more minutes before she unwrapped her legs from behind his.

"I need to go. If you need me, call me. Ill be here before you finish your sentence. I love you. See you soon." He began to walk away, holding her hand as long as possible, and as soon as they left each others hand, the sparks they hadn't noticed before died down, and he apparated mid-step.

'I love you, too Harry. With all of my heart.'

Suddenly, without realizing it, they had sealed their future. that’s all it took. Giving one to someone with all of their heart would seal the prophecy…

A/N: DUN DUN DUN!!! Lol, you'll have to wait for the next chapter… and im not the happiest with this chapter.. but oh well. I cant change it now that its up, I would have to change a lot.

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