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Chapter 8: Aberration;

Aberration- the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course.

“Brilliant Kaysey!” I said loudly, clapping enthusiastically. She stood up and bowed, her shiny hair flopping over her face.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling proudly.

“That was wonderful, you mastered that on your first try,” I praised. Her transfiguration skills were improving and her confidence was sky rocketing as well.

“You are such a great teacher,” she said, sighing with a huge smile on her face.

“Thanks,” I said, feeling my smile widen without my consent. I like the feeling teaching and tutoring give me. Like, when Kaysey gets it, she gets so happy and I get an amazing feeling knowing I helped her.

“That’s it, we can finish a little early,” I said, leaning back in my chair.

“You know, I think Regulus Black fancies you,” she said suddenly.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“When he leaves here, tutoring, he’s got the biggest smile on his face – and the stupidest grin imaginable,” she said, “plus, I see the way he looks at you, especially when my cousin’s around.”

“How do you know all of this?” I asked, as I watched her curiously. She really was an engaging girl; she had the best aura of wit about her. Completely unlike Solana, her stupid annoying dummy cousin.

“I am observant, obviously, unlike you,” she said cheekily, laughing.

“Oh you think so?” I said, smiling at her.

“I know so. He fancies you. And you know? I don’t think your boyfriend does,” she said thoughtfully.

“My boyfriend? He isn’t my boyfriend,” I said flatly.

“Mhm. If you had a choice, I would go for Regulus,” she said as she crossed her legs.

“Don’t even ask why,” she said as I opened my mouth to speak, “you know why. It’s because you’d both be really happy together.”

“Thanks Kaysey,” I said, sighing as I packed up my things.

“Glad I could be of some service to you, Mistress Tutor,” she said, smiling as she opened the door and we walked out together.

There was a boy, who looked her age, waiting out there.

“Bye Ashlynn,” she said as she walked off, hand in hand with the boy.

I nodded in his direction and winked, and she giggled before walking away.

I turned the corner and saw two people going at it so crazily I thought their brains would suffer from serious lack of oxygen.

Sirius Black and Mary Macdonald were sucking face.

And the strangest weirdest, most unexplainable thing happened to my insides at that moment – for a fleeting, brief second, I was actually jealous.

But of Mary? No. Hopefully not. Of the attention? Probably.

I brushed the thought away and purposefully let my bag smack the back of Black’s legs as I hurried past.

He looked up at me, and I instantly sneered in his face.

“Always knew you’d end up a manwhore,” I said, enjoying the face he made at me before I hurried towards the library to return a book.

That was absolutely brilliant! I threw his comeback in his face, interrupted a moment, and I think I embarrassed him, all at the same bloody time. Merlin, can this day get better?

Eventually, I made my way back to the dormitory, which was empty except for Narcissa, who was busy drawing. Which she does do on occasion, but only when she really needs to think.

“What’s up?” I asked, dropping my bag on the floor and walking over to examine the paper she was bent over.

It was just a mess of colors, vivid emerald green, and the brightest scarlet, bright blue, extraordinary canary yellow, thrown on to the page and swirled together messily. Yet there was something endearing about the mess of color. Something almost familiar.

“I fancy Nathan,” she said, smudging the corner with her thumb.

“WHAT?” I asked, grabbing her shoulders. Must. Not. Panic.

“He is going out with Alecto, you know that,” I said. I know she won’t be swayed though. She likes him, she’ll get him.

“Yes,” she replied, “but he sent me a letter. Asking to see me at your little soirée over Easter holidays.”

Her tongue was sticking out of her mouth at one side, and her hair was hanging over her face. She was deeply concentrating on blending and swirling.

I sunk to the floor next to her bed and massaged my temples. Evan is going to be heartbroken. This is horrible.

“Oh, and I figured out the plan you and Evan hatched up,” she said absent-mindedly, “nice one, but it didn’t exactly…work…”

She was acting like this was normal small talk. And it was really bothering me how much she was concentrating on this stupid piece of paper. You are single handedly unraveling everything, woman!

“Anything else?” I asked, throwing my hands in the air.

“I got a letter from Bellatrix. She’s got a pretty dark mark on her forearm she’s particularly proud of,” Narcissa added, looking somewhat disgusted.

“Where am I when all of this happens?” I asked, picking up the letter from her nightstand and reading it myself.

“Wow, she is proud of it,” I murmured as I put the letter back.

“Told you,” Narcissa said, nodding.

“Everything is going to change, do you realize that?” I exclaimed, standing up and kicking my trunk.

“I know,” she said, looking up at me, “we just have to accept it, I guess.”

“No, you don’t get it. Our entire future, everything is different now. He is going to get stronger, he is going to become hugely powerful, I think. And you know? I think we’ll be ostracized if we choose his side,” I said.

“We already are ostracized,” she said, sighing.

“What do you mean?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. Her eyes were blazing; I knew I had struck a nerve. She was gonna blow!

“Name five people outside of Slytherin that you are friends with that you trust.”

I faltered. “Uh…”

“Exactly. You have no one outside of our little pureblood circle, our group. No one. Haven’t you realized we’re limited? We always have been. You know bloody well we couldn’t be friends with anyone, maybe a pureblood Ravenclaw, but that’s it and you know it. There is no variety, it’s the same people. And you know what else? Not only are we all closely knit, but most of us are related!”

I watched Narcissa rant. She had so much passion bottled up about this, there was so much inside of her that this whole business with the Dark Lord was arising, or setting free.

And she was completely right.

“My sister was different,” she said, “my sister was brave, and my sister wanted variety, change. And you know what? She got it, and there are some days when I wish I could do what she did. I love my family, but I love living so much more.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. No one ever dared mention Andromeda. No one, ever.

“Or Sirius. He was brave, he’s happy, he’s friends with the people who truly love him, who accept him for who he is and what he’s done. He’s allowed to go to dinner parties and not wear a tie. He is allowed to eat how ever much he wants at galas. He doesn’t even have to go to any of those things anymore, and you know what? I envy him. And Andromeda.”

I was wordless. She had rendered me incapable of normal speech. These words, these treasonous words. They almost hurt my ears.

“So you’d rather be friends with mudbloods then us?” I asked, staring at her. The words didn’t even faze her.

“Not necessarily. But I’d like to have the choice. I love you guys, I truly, sincerely love you, you and Reg and Sev and Evan and I would die for you, but sometimes I feel like if I had been as daring as Andy was, you’d hate me. Just because you were told to. And you’d never get to know the real me. So how many people out there could be just as close to you, but you’ll never get to know? Because your mumsey told you not to talk to them?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. And I couldn’t believe that she was actually making sense; that her crazy, reckless thoughts were tempting, appealing to believe.

“You must think I am some sort of fool,” she said, breathing heavily.

“No, Cissa, I don’t. Not at all," I said softly. She is amazing. Brave, she's brave to even think those thoughts.

She is this girl who is able to open up her mind and heart to possibilities, ones that defy everything she knows. She is able to always find a bright side; she always wants to make people happy.

“But I love my family too much,” she said, breaking the silence, “I love them too much to act on any of my feelings.”

That, I think, may be her biggest flaw.

Her burning need to please people, to have everyone else happy before herself, because that’s just who she is.

“Let’s go to sleep,” I said, changing into my pajamas.

“You can,” she said, “but I am going to finish this picture.”

And I realized how familiar all of the colors looked.

She was blending the House colors together.

* * *

“Evan,” I said, sitting down next to him in the Common Room. He had been playing chess with Regulus, and Solana had been watching Regulus adoringly.

“Wait, love I’m trying to play chess,” he said as he moved his little guy thing and it crushed Regulus’s little guy thing. I never learned how to play chess. Hard to believe, huh?

“Obviously,” I snapped.

“Evan,” I repeated, tugging at his sleeve.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Ev, it’s something I’d like to talk about alone,” I said, sitting down on his lap, blocking his view of the game, “I’m not moving until you promise you’ll come with me.”

He peered around me. “After this game?”

“Evan,” I whispered in his ear, “this is major. You know what is completely over.”

I looked at his face, not bothering to move my head away from his ear.

“Regulus, I’ll be back okay? Let Solana play for me or something,” he said as he stood up, causing me to quickly jump to my feet so we could hurry out into the hallway.

“What?!” he asked, staring at me.

“Over,” I said firmly.

“What happened?” he asked, looking slightly crestfallen.

“Evan, Narcissa figured it out. And, well, there’s one more thing,” I said, wringing my hands nervously.

“Just spit it out,” he said impatiently.

“She likes my brother,” I said, wincing. His expression fell, and he looked really hurt by the whole thing.

“I thought you should know,” he said, “that I don’t want the plan to stop.”

“Why?” I asked. What’s he got up his sleeve?

“Regulus told me he…well he’s been acting different, hasn’t he? It’s working on him. And the other day, I found out that Solana fancies me.”

I smiled. “So you want to continue with this because it will crack Regulus and make him realize his true, undying feelings of love towards me?”

“And because when that happens, Solana goes down.”

“You are brilliant!” I exclaimed, jumping on him.

“I know,” he said, as I kissed his cheek.

“Come, let’s go back, I’m sure Solana is having a horrible time trying to play chess,” he teased, laughing as we walked back into the Common Room, and sat back down next to Evan, my feet stretched across his legs.

I watched them play, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Evan. He was surely feeling bothered, sad that Narcissa didn’t return his affections, but he was going to put up with this charade until I got what I wanted.

To help me.

It may not be such a big deal to some people, but it really meant a lot to me.

* * *

“No Reggie, stay here!” Solana whined.

Narcissa and I shot her identical looks of disgust as she clung to Regulus.

“’Lana – I have to pee,” he said, tugging his hand out of her grasp.

“You haven’t let me out of your sight for the past three hours!” Regulus added.

“But I love you darling,” Solana whined.

“If you love me you’ll let me pee!” And with that he walked away, shaking his head. I covered my mouth, trying hard not to laugh. I was trying, trying, trying –

“Haha.” The treasonous sounds escaped me! I’m going to pay for this.

“Something funny?” Solana said nastily, turning to look at me. Her dark eyes and dark hair made her look really very scary when she squinted her eyes like that.

“N-nothing,” I said, choking on my words. Regulus had simply made the cutest face ever when he had attempted a sneer. It was amazing. And it was directed at her, Solana the idiot. The huge idiot who will be boyfriendless soon.

She is everywhere these days, she follows Regulus around like he’s Merlin, fixing his hair and whining stupid little phrases in his ear. She didn’t open her mouth when we have group conversations usually, so she was semi-tolerable, but Salazar Slytherin, she is annoying!

“I have to go to tutoring anyway,” I said, standing up.

“But Regulus had to pee, he won’t be ready to start,” Narcissa said.

“It’s Kaysey first tonight; she’s got a big exam tomorrow,” Evan said, before I could even open my mouth.

“Wow, you actually listen to her when she drones on?” Narcissa teased.

“Bye guys,” I said, as I headed off to tutoring.

My friends are brilliant.

A/N- I enjoyed this chapter and I wrote it weeeks ago. Maybe not weeeeks, but at least two. Hope you enjoyed it. School is getting crazier, but swimming hasn't started yet, nor CCD, so I still have some free time to write. Chapter nine and ten are done, eleven is going to be started in about five minutes. I hope I stay aheaddd. My goal is to get this done by Halloween. Because I have a Remus/OC in the works after this.

Review, lovelies.

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