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Well, I must say, NOBODY REVIEWED! Okay, 2 people did. So this chapter is dedicated to those 2 reviewers, iloveharry1234, and theothermarauders. Good job for them! So please review!


                                    Seven Minutes in Heaven

                                   Chapter 2: I Never Thought.




The kiss was long. And serious, Lily thought as she tangled her hands in James’s hair. If an hour ago Lily had known she would be kissing James Potter, she would have beat her head with a stick.


But that was then, this was now. Lily had been kissing James for the last 10 and a half minutes and- dare she say it- she was enjoying it.


NO! Lily mentally kicked herself. She could not be enjoying kissing him, which would mean that she liked him. That would go against everything she believed in.


Oh well. She would worry about that later. She HAD to be kissing him right now, so she did just that.


James wrapped his arms around Lily’s waist. She responded by lowering her hands off his hair and onto his chest.


He opened his mouth and ran his tongue around the bottom of her lip, begging. She obediently opened her mouth and he slid his tongue in.


Sirius walked in. “Okay guys you can,” he stopped when he saw the sight before him. James was now on top of Lily, and kissing her with all the energy he could muster.


“Oh. My. GOD!” Sirius screamed at the top of his lungs. James and Lily sprung apart, panting from the loss of breath. Lily was sure she wasn’t going to enjoy the next few hours.





“YOU WERE SNOGGING JAMES POTTER?” Maria shrieked. “I cannot BELIEVE you!”


“Would you calm down? I was just 7 minutes in heaven. Its not like I would really do it,” Lily reasoned, mostly trying to convince herself.


“But here’s what you don’t know. You were allowed to come out after 14 minutes. Sirius came in after 20 minutes.” Maria replied, triumphantly.


Lily was absolutely gobsmacked. In shock. She was gobshocked. “Oh-Oh”. A single tear rolled down her face and she ran out of the Head Common Room. She came to a stop at her Head Girl bedroom. I need a place to think, She thought, because hr room was a room of requirement. The door appeared and Lily walked in.


The room was extremely peaceful; it was easy to see that. Yoga mats littered the floor and several large couches were scattered around the room. A small bookcase was next to one of the couches. Lily pulled out a book at random and read its title. How To Admit That You’re in Love, by Amelia Smithies. “Are you trying to tell me something?” She asked, and threw the book across the room.


She selected another. Learning to Love, by Julie Hopkins. “Even the books hate me,” Lily muttered. “Forget them, I’ll just think.”


She sat on a couch and let her mind wander. As far as she tried to take it, her mind wandered back to the kiss. Even my mind hates me, She thought.


Molly walked in. “Lily?” she asked tentatively.


“Yeah?” She said absentmindedly.


“Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I am just thinking. I never thought this would ever happen,”


“What would happen?”


“I never though I would fall in love with James Potter,” She said, and walked out.


Molly stared at her.


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