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Disclaimer: I really wish.... i wish... that my innitails spelled JKR !!!!! But they dont... so i'm not... a genius writer who made her own world. that I'm borrowing. How sad it is to own nothing the world of Harry Potter.. *sigh*

Ayra slowly drifted back to consciousness and tried to open her eyes. She listened to the noises opening around her. She heard the snoring of people and felt really warm for some reason. She snuggled closer. She slowly opened her eyes and saw……. Nothing.

She shifted and moved her head upward and saw….

Sirius’ face. Merlin's sweaty eyebrow! Black is holding me. Disgusting! She shifted around and felt an arm around her waist and the other was in her hair. Then suddenly she remembered what had happened. It all had rushed to her.

Dare. Bikini Dipping. Rescuer.

Then she realized what must have happened. He SAVED me? Huh? Oh yeah! Figure running to save me…That must have been it. looks like chivalry is still in existence after all...but sometimes is it too much to ask for someone else to enact that existence?someone other than... Oh I dunno... well, Black would be nice.

She grumbled to herself, not happy with her current position. 

Now to get out of here
…Ayra snuggled away from Sirius and moved his arm from her waist and quietly removed her hair from his hand. She sat up and saw where she was: The Gryffindor common room. All the girls were sleeping soundly. Apparently, they were all waiting for her to get up, but fell asleep in the process. Ayra picked herself off the couch and quietly stepped up the stairs to grab her Cloak of Illusion.

This cloak was kind of like an invisibility cloak, but far less expensive. It was made out of a special material that blended in with its surroundings. After a minute of rummaging, Ayra finally found the smooth fabric and draped it over herself. Nodding her approval of its great imitation of her side of the room, she left.

She quietly tip-toed down the girls stairs and into the common room. She watched all of her friends and enemies sleeping in the same room. James was sitting/ laying by lily who had her head on his shoulder, Remus was by Kalahan, and her head was on his lap, and Marietta was snuggled with peter. Ew. And Sirius was sprawled on the couch. Just like I left him. She tip toed to the portrait and swung it open. Now that the tube transportation wasn’t necessary, and she wasn’t in a hurry, she made her way up to her summer room.. She ran to the ballerina portrait and twirled in front of it.

The ballerina looked around the hall, “Who’s there? Show yourself!

Ayra laughed, “Relax Penny, it’s just me.”

Penny smiled, shaking her head.“ Ayra…you and that cloak.” She opened ever so slightly.

Ayra thanked her and stepped in the little room that used to be hers. She cast her cloak quickly off and sat on the little mattress. She looked around the room and noticed that nothing had changed. She quickly pulled out her book on animagus and flipped it open to the last page

: The final stage of an complete animagus is too point your wand, as you have already done, to yourself and say ‘Completus Animagus!” Making an swish in the shape of an infinity sign, all the while thinking about the animal that you want to become. If you are at this stage already, you must be able to change shape into 3 different types of animals. This spell gives you complete power of animagi in your area. Once you complete this spell, you will be able to tell animagi from non-animagi, take any animal form you want- fiction or non-fiction, and you will be able to speak to animals at will in human form. This is also a metamorphous spell. Your power has to be top to attempt this spell . Warning, if you have not completed the other tasks in this book completely, do not attempt this spell.


Best of LUCK! The End.

Ayra stared at the book and raised a confused eyebrow. "That’s it? Nothing else? What’ll happen if I’m not ready? Hmmmmm? Ever thought of that Mr. Author? Oh well, I guess I'll have to try sometime," she muttered to herself in dissatisfaction.

Ayra thought about all the summers she had been working on this. She could turn into an eagle, a cat, and a rabbit. Strangely though, every animal that she turned into had aqua blue eyes. She could take individual parts of any animal and make them her own, and she could turn from animal to animal without having to turn into a human in-between. I’m ready. Yeah. She took her wand and pointed it at herself. She opened her senses to the world around her and breathed in and out and calmed herself down. She took a deep breath and shouted ‘Completus Animagus!’

Ayra felt like she was on a roller coaster. She could smell amazing one second, then plain the next, then she opened her eyes and saw whirls of color. She shut her eyes and waited for the sensation to end. About 5 minutes of shape changing Ayra opened her eyes again and frantically looked for a mirror. After a minute of frantic searching and not finding, Ayra pulled out a knut out of her pocket and transfigured it into a mirror and looked at herself. She gasped. Her eyes had turned a vivid shade of aqua, and had silver flecks running through them, her hair had turned black, and her ears! They were pointed like an elves!! She focused on her eyes and thought hard.

Green. Turn Green! And literally, she watched as her eyes turned into a green color-but still retained the silver flecks.. She squealed in excitement and thought about her hair. Bubble Gum Pink! Her hair turned pink! Now Curl…Anything that she thought, it happened. She looked at her ears, and they rounded. Then she frowned and thought about the way that she used to look, and focused on that image. To her amazement, nothing happened. Then she realized That isn’t the real me anymore. The real me is the aqua black eyed girl now. She sighed and changed into her ‘normal self.’ and laid down on the bed. She drew a circle in the air, then x’d it out, and sent it up. The ceiling went invisible and revealed the stars. She sighed and watched a shooting star cross the sky.

I wish…That every time I saw a shooting star, my wish would actually come true. I’ve wished so much, and my wishes never come true. I wanted a friend, you gave me a couple, but I want love, and that you wont give me? Why? Ayra transformed her clothes into pj’s and closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep, but not before one crystal tear ran down her cheek..…

A light hit her in the face. Ayra groaned and covered her face with a pillow. “Not yet, Lily, Five more minutes.”

When there was no reply, Ayra frowned under the pillow. She pulled off the cover and gasped. The sun was in the middle of the sky, the ceiling was transparent, and she was still in bed. OH Merlin!!!! She looked at her watch. It was after 2, and-- “Merlin, Merlin, MERLIN!  I missed potions. I MISSED POTIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BLOODY YEARS!! Whoa. Wait. Transfiguration starts in 5 minutes! GHAHHHH!!!”

She quickly changed her pj’s and looked at her surroundings and saw the cracked mirror on the floor. She picked it up and looked at her self. She dropped the mirror. So it wasn’t a dream!

Ayra smiled as she rushed out the door. Students were exiting rooms from all directions. She couldn’t use tube transportation for fear of being seen. She smiled to random people in the hallway and noticed that she was turning a lot of heads and receiving some quizzical looks. Then she realized, she hadn’t rounded her ears.

Giving a brief thought to them, they rounded. Seeing that she had 2 minutes left to get to the 2nd floor, she began to run. Two seconds before the bell rang, Ayra entered the classroom and took a seat near the front. One second before the bell rang, two bodies sat beside her.

James Potter and Sirius Black.

Agh! Could my day get any better? Ayra thought to herself frustratingly. Sirius looked at her while Professor McGonagall got her things together

 “So sweetums, we haven’t seen you around…..What’s your name?”
Ayra laughed ,”Why, Mister Black, you don’t recognize me? 

Sirius looked closely at her as did James. They both gasped at the same time. “Ayra?” they whispered. 

Ayra looked at their faces in delight and smirked. “Why, you catch up real quick, don’t’cha?

“NO WAY!!!” James and Sirius shouted at the same time.

“Mr. Potter, and Mr. Black, please refrain from yelling in my room or I will have to give you both detention.” snapped Professor McGonagall.

James and Sirius quickly shut their mouths and “listened to the lesson” but that was all a fluke. Ayra looked from one mischievous face to the other.

It was Hogwarts Rumor that these two could read each others minds and could carry a conversation without speaking at all. Ayra made a face as James looked at her then at Sirius and wiggled his eyebrows. Sirius rolled his eyes, looked at her, then made a barfing face. James laughed at this silently and made some really odd gestures with his face. Sirius nodded solemnly and dug out something from his bag.

He pulled out an odd shaped granite rock with silver flecks and set it on the table in front of him. He took off the pink one that was on his desk (obviously something to transfigure something) and put that in his bag. He pulled out his wand out of his robes and pointed it at the rock. He took a breath and waved his and in a series of twists and turns and whispered, “ Florum Expectatom!”

Ayra watched amazed as the rock began to shimmer. The black morphed into a haunting midnight color and sparkled with dots that looked like stars. The rock suddenly began to whir and twist and turn. By now the whole class was watching in awe, Slytherins and Gryffindors alike. A huge blast came from the whistling rock-a flash of light emitted from it and blinded the class for a moment.

When every ones eyes had adjusted back to the dimly light room, they looked at the table. An amazing rose, black as midnight, with star dots twinkling on the petals, and a stem a dark forest green adorned with leaves tipped with silver shimmered on the desk.

Even Professor McGonagall stared at it with amazement etched all over her face. Slowly she smiled and said, “25 points to Gryffindor!!! This is amazing!! Mr. Black, just where did you learn to do that? That magic is far out of your magical capacity..”

"Not that you have much of that at all," Ayra muttered under her breath.

Sirius brushed off Ayra’s comment, and grinned and put the rose in his bag saying , “Lots of Practice, ill make your flower arrangements when you get married to Professor Dumbledore..”

Minevera frowned sharply and announced, “ Mr. Black. You have now earned yourself detention. All day long." and as an after thought she added " Hmm. Ha! On This Saturday, in fact!" She dished out the detention with vengeance.

"“But that’s Hogsma-” Sirius was quickly cut of by Professor McGonagall “ Anyone else have anything to say?”

Ayra raised her hand ,” But Professor, we really want to know. Are you going to get married to Da, erm, Dumbledore?”

Professor McGonagall’s face turned a vicious shade of pink. “You will be serving detention with Mr. Black on Saturday Mrs. woods. And its Professor Dumbledore to you.”

The Professor stated, eyes shooting hazel sparks. With that being said, she turned and walked out of the room. The bell rang and the students rushed out the doors.

Sirius looked at Ayra with disgust. “I have to serve detention with you? How can this weekend get any worse?” his voice echoed through the empty classroom.

Ayra sneered “You could be serving detention with one of your many ex's and have them coo and cry to you all day long."

"Well at least they would give me what i wanted." He raised his eyebrows suggestively at her. "And we all know that you would die to be in their place..."

Ayra shuddered in disc guest. "In your deepest and darkest dreams, Black."

A flicker of something Ayra didn’t recognize shone in those endless grey eyes.. He smirked. "Why Woods, I didn’t know you were kinky...."

She looked at him, "Why Mr. Black, I didn’t know you liked it like that. Is that what your slave girls to do you?"

"They are not my slave girls!" He said heatedly.

"Sure they aren’t. And class is over. I don’t need or want to be around you more than I need to be. So later Black. If you don’t die before i do. Which would be a shame now wouldn’t it?” She tuned to open the door.

”At least i wouldn’t have to see your face," he sneered at her.

Ayra stopped, her back facing to him. pulled on her school uniform tie, and loosened it a bit. She ruffled her hair and magically shortened her skirt by a few inches at least. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned her shirt a few buttons, just enough to show a hint of cleavage, and turned around to a smirking Black. Three strides later she was an inch from his face.

Ayra pulled on his tie to bring him just half an inch closer. She heard him gasp for air. "Are you so sure about that?” Sirius seemed to be at loss for words. His school nemesis seemed to have turned into a seductress in 1.6 seconds flat! Her lips where pursed, and the silver flecks in her eyes we're asking him to drown in them... " I.....I...." he stuttered. Then with resolve, "Yes. Yes I’m sure. " He shook this image away. It was supposed to be disgusting!

Ayra put both hands on his chest and backed him up into the wall roughly in a “Do you like this?“ manner, and brushed her fingers ever so softly against his lips. "Are you really sure, Black?”

She leaned forward, lips just about to brush his, and he closed his eyes in anticipation of those lovely soft lips coming in contact with his. But somehow he thought, it was all so right on many levels. What kind of passion would their hate spark? He wondered.

Ayra looked at the boy in front of her, eyes closed, lips parted to take her to her wildest dreams. She rolled her eyes and stepped back. "Typical."

Sirius' eyes opened to the sound of a shutting door. He laughed hoarsely. "Merlin. She's bloody good at that." After taking a moment to compose himself, he headed out of the door, making a mental not to never be alone with Ayra Woods in an empty room.

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