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A/N: Well, this is the last chapter of Dark Memories Draco's Story. Hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it! 
Thanks to everyone who has been reading and especially those of you lovely enough to review.
Please let me know what you think of this last chapter- Enjoy.

Chapter 6

Everyone Has A Past

Luna shook her head against his neck, there couldn’t be more, there couldn’t be anything else left to tell her. She wasn’t sure how she would react to any more horrors from Draco’s past. She was hurting too much inside to listen to anymore. Luna's heart ached unbearably for him, her distraught tears burning behind her eyes and clogging in her throat.

Draco could feel the tips of her fingers digging into his back as she clung on to him, her body shaking with heart wrenching sobs for the little boy he had once been. He winced, he hadn’t even thought that his story would upset her to the point where she wouldn’t release the rigid grasp she had round his neck.

“It’s ok, Luna, don’t cry. I won’t tell you anymore,” Draco promised quietly, running his fingers through the length of her hair.

She tried to gulp back the remaining tears to enable her to speak to him, but she couldn’t bring herself to let Draco go. The strong, disturbed feeling in her mind refused to budge, Luna felt psychically ill when she thought of all the distress and turmoil Draco had had to contend with at seven years old.

Of all the people in the world it had been his own father to inflict the suffering upon him, and the one person who should have been protecting him had left him alone and helpless. What kind of mother did Draco have? Never before had Luna felt such a violent rage and hate for someone as she did towards Lucius Malfoy at this very moment. How could Draco have lived through that with him? How could he look at him and call him father when the man had been anything but?

What had Draco said? He had locked him in a coffin and in… something else, Draco hadn’t finished his sentence.

Did she want to know? Could she actually handle hearing any more? Was there anything that could be worse than having your own father burying you alive to teach you to listen?

What was she doing? She was a trembling, jittering, emotional wreck, and she was supposed to be comforting Draco not the other way around.

Breathing deeply Luna pulled back so that she could look at him. Draco was still crying; crying silent tears that made him scream on the inside but he would refuse to show it. Pressing her forehead to his, closing her eyes she took another shaky breath. “I want you to tell me. You’ve come this far, you can tell me the rest. I’ll listen I promise.”

Draco closed his own eyes briefly, he wasn’t sure if he could talk anymore. There was more to say but he didn’t know if he wanted to talk about it all. Maybe this was enough for today. It had seemed to do the trick anyway, he hadn’t been assaulted by memories when he had been talking, managing  to get through it without losing his mind; even if he had broken down and sobbed to Luna Lovegood.

Luna didn’t seem to mind, she understood him, she had listened and cried with him. Cupping the side of her face he used his thumb to wipe at the steady flow of tears that still ran down her cheeks. Draco knew Luna was sickened at what he had said, knew it disturbed her. Still she was offering to listen to him if he wanted to continue to pour his heart out to her.

Luna was not the person he had thought her to be, she was made of much sterner stuff than the usually flimsy dreaminess that hung around her. As delicate as she was physically, Luna had a strong heart and she was willing to be there for him when he needed her.

Draco wasn’t sure if he liked to admit it to himself at the moment, but he desperately needed Luna.

It was so silent in the cupboard that he could hear her unsteady breathing. Her eyes fluttered open, she was so close to him he could see the tears clinging to her lashes, see the watery blue of her eyes, the disgust, the pity and the pain deep within their depths. He could feel her warm breath against his cheek and the hot patches of skin on the back of his neck where her fingers rested.

Tilting his head slightly Draco closed the small gap between them.

His lips brushed against hers with a feather light touch. When she didn’t pull away Draco applied more pressure to her mouth.

Luna didn’t think, she just acted. Her fingers laced together behind his neck pulling him closer, allowing herself to relax against his chest, sink into his kiss and enjoy the feel of his arms around her. Somehow, no matter how much she pressed herself against him she couldn’t get close enough. Luna needed to be closer to Draco, needed to feel the strength from within him that would give her the strength to be there for him.

She had just learned the awful truth behind the Malfoy family façade and it had disturbed her so much the only way she would receive any comfort would be from the boy who’d had to go through it. Only Draco would know how she was feeling.

She felt herself moving backwards until her back hit the wall and she was suddenly pressed between the coolness of the stone and the warmth of Draco. It was Draco she leant into when he deepened his kiss, until she was unable to move at all due to the weight of him against her.

It had never occurred to Luna that the lips of Draco Malfoy which were usually curled into a smirk, or sneering at someone, could be so soft when paired with her own, that he could give such gentle, tender kisses that made her quiver in delight.

The sharp stabbing of disappointment she felt when he pulled away from her took her by surprise. Luna didn’t want him to stop, didn’t want him to move away from her. She wanted him to stay next to her and keep kissing her.

“Sit with me, Luna?” Draco asked, his voice all raspy.

Luna just nodded and settled herself comfortably against him on the hard dirty floor. Brushing her hair from her face and pulling his arms around her, she looked up at him expectantly.

Draco was glad she had chosen to sit back between his legs. He felt better when he could hold on to her and watch her face when he spoke, it helped him to focus. He was shocked at his actions, he couldn’t believe that he had kissed Luna Lovegood, and more to the point, he wanted to kiss her again. Draco hadn’t wanted to stop kissing her.

He shrugged the thought away. It was most likely due to the fact that both their emotions were running high at the moment and they were both very vulnerable to think of seeing or feeling something that wasn’t actually there.

Clearing his throat he considered for a few minutes wondering where to begin.

“In your own time, Draco,” Luna murmured, resting her head on his shoulder trying to secretly wipe away the tears that had started to pool in her eyes again.

“Do you believe in wishing wells?”

“What?” she frowned up at him.

“Wishing wells, you know what a wishing well is don’t you?”

“Well of course I know what a wishing well is.”

“Do you believe in them?” he asked again.

“Yes I do, and wishing on stars. If you want something badly enough and you truly deserve it then I think you’ll get it eventually. If you wish hard enough,” she told him dreamily.

Draco rolled his eyes but smiled in spite of himself. Wasn’t that just like Luna to believe in that kind of thing? They knew magic existed, they lived with it everyday of their lives, but the muggles didn’t, they made up their own kind of magic such as wishing. For some reason muggles wished on anything, wells, fountains, stars, even a mangled chicken’s carcass. They all believed in that little bit of magic that made them feel better. Even when they were adults they could still believe it, they’d been brought up with it and for some reason it seemed to cling to their lives, wishing was real. If you wished long and hard you’d get what you wanted.

Draco mused it could be nice to be a muggle and have that kind of hope to carry around with you every day.

“Jack taught me about wishing wells, and about making a wish on the brightest star in the sky, but if you saw a shooting or falling star then your wish would be doubly strong and more likely to come true sooner. Once I was forbidden to see Jack any more and I’d been taught my lesson about listening and being a Malfoy I used to wish on the brightest star that I could be friends with Jack again, that my father would never do anything like that again. That was my biggest wish. That my father would leave me alone.”

Draco sighed heavily scowling at himself, at the idiot he had been. When did wishing ever get you anywhere?

Luna’s fingers trailed down his damp cheek, “He didn’t did he?” she whispered fearfully, she didn’t really want to hear the rest of it, Luna was unsure of what exactly Draco could come out with to make matters worse.

“No, he didn’t,” Draco sighed again. “We have a well in the back garden. Well, I say garden, it’s more like a field, but still. Anyway, it was a good three weeks later, I knew Jack would have gone back to school now and I wouldn’t get to see him but I still wished that maybe I could on the weekends, that we could play together again. The wishes on the stars didn’t seem to be working and I wished every night, I looked for a shooting star or a falling star to help my wish along, but I didn’t ever see one. So, I went to the well to make a wish. I was so wrapped up in my wishing that I didn’t realise he was standing there watching me.”

“He heard your wish?”

Draco nodded, “Yes, he heard me wishing for Jack and he heard me wishing for my father to be nice.” He frowned, “I’m not sure which one made him madder.”

“He got mad then?” Luna asked, although she already knew the answer to that question.

“Yeah he got mad alright, said something about how I obviously had a problem with listening, and respect for my parents. I need to learn to respect my father and to listen to what he was telling me.”

Luna glanced up, Draco had gone quiet again, staring moodily at the wall half forgetting that she was there while he probed about in his memories. 

Draco blinked and his eyes came back to focus on her face when he felt her fingers grazing his forehead as she pushed his hair from his face. “What happened?” Luna asked quietly running her hand down his cheek to dab at the still falling tears.

Screwing his eyes tightly shut Draco turned his face into her palm. Controlling the tears was easy compared to controlling the trembling of his voice that came out all choked up with anger, hurt and tears when he spoke.

“He said if I liked to wish so much he would give me something to wish for.”

Luna sucked in her breath, what the hell had Lucius done this time?

Draco began to shake, his voice choking up again. “H….he…he d….drained the well, p….put…..put me in….in it and s….sealed it o….over.”

He heard the strangled sounding gasp that came from Luna but he didn’t look at her. Draco couldn’t bear to see her appalled expression, couldn’t face the grief in her eyes when she looked at him, it would break him down and he might not recover from it for a long time.

“You have no idea what it feels like being trapped in a tiny space where you can’t move at all for hours, in the dark and the dirt. You can’t breathe, the dirt sticks everywhere, on your clothes, in your hair, in your ears, in your eyes, up your nose, down your throat. It’s awful. And there’s nothing to do except beg the person who put you there to let you out, even when you know that they’ve gone about their business and aren’t there to hear you. So, you scream for someone, anyone to come and help you to get you out and take you away. But no-one comes. Not even your mother, but you still call for her, even when your voice has gone all hoarse. You still call for your mother. She’s all you want.”

Rushing on with his story hadn’t helped him, it just got to him even more. The violent sobs that echoed from his throat pierced Luna’s already aching heart, causing her tears to fall quicker and harder than before at the vicious and sadistic way a father could hurt his son who was only a child and unable to fight back alone or with magic.

And what the hell had his mother been doing all this time? When her baby was suffering? Where had she been? Why hadn’t she been there?

Luna realised she probably wasn’t asking herself one question that Draco hadn’t asked himself over and over again, then and now.

“How long were you trapped in those places?” she wondered, fearful of his reply.

“All day and all night,“ Draco told her despondently before he managed to gasp out, “I thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to kill me. And she didn’t come, my mother, she didn’t help me.”

“It’s alright now, it won’t ever happen again. He can’t hurt you now, Draco.” Luna’s voice was a lot more stable and firmer than she had thought it would be, although she could still hear the anguish that filled her reflect in her tone.

Luna realised that Draco had kept it all hidden away, he’d had no-one to turn to, no-one to protect him and no-one to talk to. He had been seven years old, alone and petrified. It was only now, all those years later that Draco was daring to speak about it because they had accidentally locked themselves in a broom cupboard where his past had jumped up to attack him, come back to haunt him, as she knew it would now haunt her.

“Oh, Draco,” Her free hand cupped his other cheek and before Luna fully realised what she was doing her lips were against his again.

Draco had kept his eyes closed when he had felt her other hand on his cheek. He still did not want to see the look on her face, he knew she was upset, knew he had actually hurt her with his stories, that she was aching and hurting for him. Draco was grateful for her support, grateful that Luna cared enough to sit through it to try to help him. However, that didn’t mean he wanted to look at her, Draco wasn’t sure if he was emotionally strong enough to deal with Luna's misery as well as his own.

His memories had chilled him right through to the bone, and he had for a brief few moments; become his seven year old self again, petrified that he was going to die alone in the dark. The thought disappeared as soon as he felt her kiss him. Draco felt the same weird feeling as last time when he had kissed her, a slow warmth spreading through him, a strong desire to keep hold of her and keep kissing her.

Draco’s arms snaked around Luna's back, pulling her body closer while he kissed her back, effortlessly sliding his tongue between her lips that parted eagerly for him, almost welcoming him to her. The warmth he was feeling throughout his body slowly began to turn into a sizzling heat in the pit of his stomach, shooting small sparks into his blood to force themselves erratically through his veins.

Everything faded into the background and there was suddenly nothing else for him except Luna. There was only Luna. Luna who cared about him, Luna who had cried for him, Luna who was sending shock waves of pleasure through his body with her tender and caring kisses.

Luna’s hands slid up Draco’s face to entangle in the silken, platinum locks of his hair pressing his lips harder to hers. She moaned softly when his tongue ran smoothly over the roof of her mouth causing her to shiver and tiny goose-bumps to appear on her arms.

Deepening the kiss Draco carefully eased her backwards to the floor, groaning profoundly at the feel of her body beneath him. His hands left her back to run down her side, trailing tiny kisses across her chin.

Luna gasped, startled, when she felt his hand slide beneath her skirt to rest warm and firm on the bare skin of her thigh.

“Draco…I…. I don’t think….” She stuttered weakly.

Draco pressed his forehead against hers locking their eyes. “It’s ok Luna, just don’t think,” he replied huskily.

Luna just sighed softly, her eyes fluttering shut again as Draco leant in to capture her mouth with a hot, searing kiss.

Luna’s body seemed to take on a life of its own, arching up to him as much as his weight above her and the floor below her would allow, her legs wrapping around his waist drawing him closer. She moan faintly as his hand slowly inched its way up her thigh.

“Luna,” Draco murmured, his lips grazing her ear, breathing in the familiar, comforting and now oddly tantalising scent of coconuts.

Luna forgot the dim, dankness of the room, forgot the dirty floor and the horror of the past few hours when his lips found the sensitive spot behind her ear and she moaned again. There was nothing except Draco’s leisurely touch and demanding lips, his comfortable weight on top of her and the sound of raised voices out in the hall way.

Raised voices in the hallway? Someone was coming!

“Draco!” she cried out suddenly.

“Humwhat?” he muttered lazily.

“There’s someone out in the hall, they can let you out,” Luna prodded him in the back, trying to get him to listen.

“Huh?” he dragged his head from her neck as she began to wiggle about.

“Draco, there’s someone outside, they can let you out. You don’t have to stay in here anymore. It’s all overh Draco,” 

Someone outside? He could get out, he could escape the nightmare the evening had dragged him through. Draco was shocked to find that part of him wanted to stay with Luna. It had to be the part of him that was relieved he had finally opened up to someone.

But he didn’t have to be in a broom cupboard to be with Luna did he?

Draco hurriedly scrambled to his feet hauling Luna after him.

“Hey! Who’s out there? Let us out!” Draco yelled through the door.

The handle creaked as the door was pulled open.

“What are you doing in there?” Filch demanded, his tone implying they had gone in there purely to irritate him.

“We were stuck. We’ve been in here all evening. I suggest that you check your cupboard doors to make sure that they open from the inside in future,” Draco snapped haughtily, before storming from the room.

Luna smiled weakly at Filch who was glaring at their bedraggled state suspiciously as she followed Draco out of the room. He waited a few steps ahead of her. They walked down the corridor together in silence. Draco was busy fighting the urge he had to drag her into an empty classroom and Luna was wondering how to bring up his past without upsetting him.

When they reached the crossway where they would go their separate ways to their own common rooms Luna spoke up.

“Look, Draco, I just want to let you know that I won’t say anything, not a word. You can trust me, and not just because I say you can, but because you know you can,” Luna informed him firmly.

Draco nodded, jamming his hands in his pockets. “I know I can. Luna, I, um, well, thanks for today. Thanks for being there. I won’t forget it.”

She knew he meant it, knew he would forever be that Draco to her, nice Draco not smirking Draco. She smiled softly. “You're welcome, Draco. I won’t forget it either.” 

Draco noticed the faint blush that crept into her cheeks and he couldn’t stop the smirk appearing on his face. He had got carried away he would admit that, but there had been something about Luna Lovegood that had somehow managed to take him over and push all the nightmarish fears from him. Draco would forever be grateful to Luna for helping him, holding him and caring about him.

“Thanks for understanding, Luna.” It was new to Draco to feel real sincerity towards someone and he wanted her to know how he felt. Luna knew almost everything about his feelings except the good feelings, and Draco wanted her to know that he could feel them as well.

Smiling again she tiptoed up pressing her lips lightly to his before quickly moving away again before he could touch her.

“You don’t have to feel weird, Draco. I know what it was all about, it’s been a very emotional few hours, things tend to spill out of control when emotions get heightened.”

Draco frowned, “Actually Luna, I….”

She cut him off waving her hand at him, “It’s ok, Draco. Really it is. I’m really glad that it was me there with you. I wouldn’t change it.”

“Neither would I. But I don’t think….”

“That’s right Draco, don’t think.” She smiled again. “I’d better get going, I feel like a warm bath after that cupboard. Night, Draco.” Luna only walked a few steps before she turned quickly back to him. “If you ever want to talk to me, Draco you can. I’ll always be there. Just remember that everyone has a past. ”

Draco stood and stared after her as she made her way down the corridor towards her common room. He felt lost again as he watched her retreating back, her hair glowing in the dim candle light. He wanted Luna to come back, talk to him, touch him and kiss him again.

Had Luna been right? Did he want her so much because he was an emotional wreck? Would he feel different tomorrow? 

Draco waited until she rounded the corner grinning and waving back at her. At least she’d took another look at him. Sighing heavily he headed in the direction of the Slytherin common room.

He frowned what had Luna just said? What did she mean everyone has a past?

TO BE CONTINUED IN- Dark Memories- Luna’s Story

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