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Chapter 5:  unexpected Twists and Surprises

    We know that you were destroying his horcruxes. We know that you were destroying his horcruxes. We know that you were destroying his horcruxes. He was thinking over the words of the minister. How do they know that? He was in the Order, but I didn’t know they knew. How did they find out? Harry thought to himself as he laid on his bed, he had woken up earlier than he had planed so he decided it would be a good time to think. How on earth would he find out? Dumbledore didn’t tell anyone. Dumbledore, just one more person who had died in the war. Fred my friend and my best mate’s brother, Tonks, Lupin my favorite teacher and dads friend the last tie to my parents, Mad-eye Moody, Cedric, Sirius my Godfather, friend, and my dad’s best mate, Collin, Dobby the most loyal house elf the wizarding world ever saw, Snape who I didn’t know about until it was too late, and Hedwig. They are all gone, and it’s mainly my fault. Neville was starting to wake up, so Harry quickly closed his eyes and pretended he was still asleep. It took Neville a long time to get up and get dressed. Harry almost fell asleep it took so long. As soon as he went downstairs Harry got dressed and went down stairs, Ron wasn’t in his bed.

    Everyone was downstairs except for Hermione, Molly, and Ron, as he walked into the kitchen of the burrow.

“Harry! Your up!” said Ginny brightly.

“Er, yea. Why are your so, so hyper?” asked Harry his head fuzzy with all his thoughts.

“Well we are going to Diagon Alley in a exactly three hours and seventeen minutes. It’s the first time I’ve been anywhere in ages.” replied Ginny enthusiastically.

“Okay. I’ll need to go to Gringotts. I don’t have any money on me.” replied Harry nervously, he hated talking about money in front of the Weasleys as he was worth a small fortune and they were some of the poorest wizards around.

“Don’t worry about it Harry. I already got you some gold out, things are hectic at Gringotts.” said Bill as he slid a large bag of Galleons across the table to where Harry was sitting beside Ginny, “I’ll need to be off for work now.” he said as he left.

“I’d say they would be with all the wizards feeling safe enough to go out in public.” said George.

    They were all happy to hear George talking again. He had been silent for the past few days, and had just this morning started saying anything at all.

“So.. When are we leaving again?” asked Harry. He had been having trouble remembering things the past few days.

“Three hours and sixteen minutes exactly!” said Ginny looking down at her old battered watch.

“I should get you a new watch while we are out. Do you want to pick it out or do you want it to be a surprise?” Harry asked his girlfriend.

“Harry, I don’t need a new watch. Mine is fine.” said Ginny.

“Come on Ginny, it has stopped twice already this week.”

“Actually it was three times but still…”

“Does it have sentimental value like my earrings?”, Luna pointed to her dirigible plum earrings. They don’t work very well anymore but I remember when my mother and I made them.”

“It doesn’t have any sentimental value, but I still don’t want Harry to spend a lot of money on me.” said Ginny.

“Come on Ginny, I’ll buy you a cheep one, I like spending money on my girl, every good boyfriend does.” said Harry sweetly.

“Okay Harry, but don’t spend too much money okay?” asked Ginny pleadingly.

“Okay, Gin.”

She would never know how much money he spent if it was a surprise. He was not going to get her a cheep watch. Only the best for his Ginny. Ron and Hermione walked down the stairs together.

“Took you two long enough!” said Ginny in her agitated voice.

“What’s got her all wound up?” asked Hermione curiously.

“Probably just had a bit to much to drink. Are you a bit drunk Gin?” asked Ron.

“Ronald! What a highly scandalous thing to say! You take it back!“ replied Ginny with anger in her voice.

“Why should I? You are!”

“No I’m not!”

“Ron stop, or I’ll tell everyone how we got drunk last night.” Whispered Hermione into Ron’s ear grinning slightly.

“You wouldn’t!” said Ron, “Mum would kill me!”

Molly entered the room.

“What would I kill you for?” asked Mrs. Weasley in a voice not quite as cheery as Ginny’s.

Harry spit pumpkin juice all over his Chuddley Cannons shirt, he knew Ron was in for it.

“Er… Nothing mum.” said Ron looking down at his shoes, he was still a bit drunk, Hermione had cast a no-hangover spell so that they would still be slightly drunk in the morning, but they would not get a hangover.

Molly looked at her youngest son thinking, but decided to let him pass this time.

“If you are all up we may as well leave sooner. We are going to leave in 30 minutes. Get ready.” said Molly, mainly to prevent anyone from getting into trouble. She left the room.

“I’m going to go change my shirt, it has a stain. I’ll be back in a bit.” said Harry as he walked upstairs to Ron’s room.

Harry slipped into a black t-shirt. He didn’t go directly back down to the kitchen though. He stayed in Ron’s room a bit, thinking. When he went back down into the kitchen everyone was ready to leave, so they left.

Harry went with Ron, and Ginny went with Hermione shopping. They were going to meet up at The Leaky Cauldron for lunch at twelve. Neville and Luna were not going to meet them, they were on a date. Harry and Ron were walking to the wizard’s jewelry shop.

“So, what type of watch are you going to get her?” asked Ron.

‘I don’t know. Her favorite stone is emerald right?”

“Probably anything that matches her dear Harry.” said Ron in a sarcastic voice.

“Oh shut up.”

“That’s not the only thing I am getting her.”

“Really? What else?”

“Opps I forgot something, I’ll meet you at the shop Ron.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a bit then.” said Ron slightly confused.

Harry ran to Flourish and Botts, he knew Ron’s parent’s would be there getting their schoolbooks for next year.

“Harry dear, where is Ronald?” asked Molly slightly confused.

“He’s back at the jewelry shop, can I ask you two something important?”  asked Harry nervously.

“Sure Harry, anything of course.” said Molly with concern in her voice.

“Oh, nothings wrong Mrs. Weasley.” he said while guiding them to some comfy green chairs in the middle of the shop. “I would like to ask if,” he paused and let out the breath he had been holding. “If could have your daughters hand in marriage. We won’t get married right away, I don’t plan on proposing to her for a few weeks yet, I just thought it would be a good time to get the ring now.” He said all in one breath. He was relived to get that out.

“Oh Harry!” said Mrs.Weasley pulling him into a big hug, when he was finally released from her grip Mr. Weasley spoke.

“We have been waiting for this day since Ginny started Hogwarts Harry.” He said with a grin, “Of course you can marry our Ginny.”

“Thank you so much Mr. And Mrs. Weasley.” said Harry with a big smile.

“Now Harry, you can’t keep calling us that. You can call us Mum and Dad, or Arthur, and Molly. Your family Harry.” said Mrs. Weasley with a smile.

“I better be going, thanks so much M.. er.. Mum and Dad.” said Harry with a smile, as he rushed out the door.

When he got back to the jewelry store Ron was looking at the necklaces.

“I might get one for Hermione, I’ve been saving my money. How about this one Harry.”

“Looks good to me Ron, she‘ll love it.” said Harry looking at the necklace Ron was pointing to. It  had five diamonds on the pendant. They formed a little wave surrounded by little gems that changed their properties with the season, topaz was fall, opal for summer, sapphire for winter, and peridot for spring.

Harry looked around in the watches. He finally settled on one that was silver, with little emerald numbers, and emeralds at the end of the hands. He sent Ron back to The Leaky Cauldron so he could get a ring for Ginny. He found one exactly like the one in his dream. It was white gold with three diamonds two medium sized ones on the outside and a large Heart shaped one in the middle. He thought for a moment before telling the witch what to inscribe on the inside,

He walked back to the Leaky Cauldron very slowly. When he arrived all the Weasleys plus Hermione and Lee were sitting at a table. He took a seat by Ginny.

“Hey Gin! I got you a watch.” he said as he handed her a beautifully wrapped box.

“Oh, Harry! It’s beautiful!”

“Ginny, you haven’t even opened it yet!”

“Well, the box is so beautiful, I guess I’ll have to find out what it looks like now.” she said opening the box.

“Oh Harry! It’s so beautiful. It must have cost much to much!”

“Not at all Ginny. I love you.” he said looking into her watery chocolate eyes.

After lunch Harry and Ginny were walking down Diagon Alley holding hands and talking, just talking. Ginny was very happy. Happier then she had ever been. All of a sudden Harry’s hand felt limp in hers. Harry was laying on the ground as if dead.

“Harry!” screamed Ginny. Ginny was panicking and the people in Diagon Alley were too. She started crying she didn’t understand what was going on. Mrs. Weasley came rushing up to her.

“Ginny dear come with me, Arthur is going to take him to St.Mungo’s.” Ginny didn’t budge she was still holding his hand firmly, ”Come on Ginny, Ginny dear, come with me.” Mrs. Weasley finally got Ginny to let go.

Arthur appairated Harry into St.Mungo’s, leaving Ginny and Mrs. Weasley there in the middle of the Alley, crying. Ron and Hermione came rushing up.

“What happened? Where is Harry? Why is Ginny crying?” Ron asked very quickly.

“Harry is at St.Mungo’s. We don’t know anything. We are going to the Burrow, Arthur is going to send word as soon as anything happens.” said Molly very quickly.

They all appairated to the Burrow. The girls were all crying, including Mrs.Weasley. Ron, George, Percy, and Lee were sitting on the couch not saying anything. Horrible thoughts were going through Ron’s mind. He thought his best friend had just been killed by an angry death eater who hadn’t been caught yet. Similar thought’s were going through everyone’s heads.

“I just realized something.” said Ron solemnly, “Neville and Luna are still on their date, they have no idea what’s going on.”

“Oh well.” said Ginny sobbing, “Let them enjoy themselves for a while.”

A/N: Clift Hanger!!! Okay, sorry to leave you hanging there, okay I’m not, but yea. So… R&R Please review more. I might write more. Expect the next chapter in 7 days. Thaks for taking time to read. I’m Hyper! Okay. It might possibly be 8 days for the next update, but I have a real life to you know. Sorry. If this sucks tell me how to make it better! Leave me a review and I might improve the way I need too. This chapter was a bit longer.



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