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The next morning Hermione was waiting in the common room for them.

'Morning Mione,' said Harry as he and Ron entered the common room

'Morning Harry,' said Hermione giving him a smile that made him falter. 'I've chosen the next task,' she continued turning to Ron, 'I want this tournament over and done with, so I can sort my homework. I've scheduled it for this afternoon, during dinner.'

'What!' shouted Ron, attracting lots of stares, 'that's too soon,' he said lowering his voice, 'we need time to practise.'

'Specially as how bad you did yesterday in the first task,' snorted Hermione.

Ron looked to Harry and Harry said, 'she's right y'know.'

Ron scowled, 'fine!' he said and he stormed to breakfast.

'I'm sorry,' said Harry glancing after him.

'That's alright,' said Hermione, 'he won't be sexist once I've finished with him. Or not as sexist anyway.'

Harry grinned at her and she grinned back, they shared a connection at that moment.

After a few minutes Harry still couldn't look away, neither could Hermione. His eyes feasted on her.

Finally, after at least ten minutes of looking into each others eyes, Hermione bent her head shyly.

Harry leant in, and just as the noses touched Lavevnder and Pavarti came up to them.

Harry and Hermione jumped apart. 'We need to practice,' said Lavender surveying them with interest.

'Oh,' said Hermione looking flustered, 'okay - I'll catch you up -'

'No we've got to go now,' said Pavarti 'or -'

'Coming,' said Hermione 'Harry, I'll see you at the challenge, we'll meet in the room of requirment during lunch.'

'I'll see you,' said Harry, he watched her leave, before she went out through the fat lady portrait she looked back at him and smiled.

Ron wasn't speaking to him all morning for siding with Hermione, Harry knew this wouldn't last long but was thoroughly annoyed by it.

The challenge loomed alarmingly, before Harry knew it, they were outside of the room of requirement and entering it.

'Hi,' said Hermione.

'Hi,' said Harry and Ron grunted what sounded like ''lo'

When everyone had arrived Hermione conjured  a microphone and said 'Right. I've chosen the challenge, it's wand duelling. Easy enough, all you've got to do is stun you're opponent. All the girls will vs all the boys, the majority of winners on the same side wins.'

Harry was paired with Parvati, who gave him a flirty look, Ron was paired with Hermione, and so on.

'Expelliarmus!' yelled Harry when someone shouted go, he caught Parvati's wand, which flew out of her hand, 'Stupify,' said Harry and Parvati was stunned.

Most of the girls were rubbish, Hermione stunned Ron within her first spell and Luna stunned her opponant, Dean, within her fifth spell. The rest of the girls were stunned.

Hermione grinned at Harry but turned her expression to a defeated look that Harry knew was fake. She brought every one back. 'Well done,' she said shaking a surprised Ron's hand.

That day Hermione had lost purposely, and Ron, he learnt an important lesson in friendship and good sportsmanship. That was half the job done.

Everyone left, Harry and Hermione were the last ones there again.

'You let him win,' said Harry approaching Hermione.

'So what if I did,' she said grinning at him 'he's learnt how to value good sportsmanship, that's better than winning.'

Harry grinned, he admired her for her determination for teaching Ron all of this. He was more pleasant than ever.

'You've made a difference,' he said moving closer to her.

'I haven't finished yet,' she said. He leant in and so did she, their noses touched and their lips were almost touching when...

'Oh Harry,' said Pavarti coming in, 'walk me to dinner?'


'Good good, come on we haven't got long,' interupted Pavarti.

Harry gave Hermione an apolegetic look and she smiled and gave him a push.

Harry got to the door, where Pavarti was standing, when he got there, she grabbed his school tie and kissed him.

Hermione's mouth fell open, she pushed past them.

Harry pulled away from Pavarti in time to see Hermione's cloak whip around the door.

Harry glared at Pavarti, who gave him an innocent look, and grabbed his tie again as if to kiss him again, but Harry pushed her away and ran out of the room after Hermione.

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