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Patricia Elliot looks up from her Quidditch Hotties magazine upon hearing a familiar voice from behind her.

"So I told him, get lost, right? Just that. And the loser started bawling his ass off..."

She nudges the girl beside her who was busy reading a novel. "Karla. Draco’s here."

Karla Haughton's face suddenly brightens up and pats her hair consciously. She and Patricia are both on the floor near the fireplace having some coffee, when Draco Malfoy entered the Slytherin common room with Blaise, his also rather attractive Quidditch team mate.

The two girls wave and smile at him. "Hey, Draco," Patricia calls out.

Draco glances in their direction and smiles back. "Hey, Patricia," he continues walking towards the couch in the common room’s extension, moving on with his conversation with Blaise.

Karla sighs longingly at his retreating back, "Why didn’t he say hi to me?"

Patricia rolls her eyes. She takes the book her friend's been reading in the past hour and throws it across the common room. "If you want Draco to notice you, maybe you should try reading something else other than a bloody Muggle novel."

"Hey!" Karla stands up and retrieves the book. "It’s quite interesting once you get into the thick of it." On her way back to her seat, she peeks at Draco and Blaise who are now in the middle of a game of Wizards’ Chess.

"Interesting or not, you shouldn’t be reading those stuff in front of him," Patricia advises, "You know how much he hates Muggles."

Karla ignores what she just said and sighs again, moving closer to the fireplace. "He is such a hottie."

"I know," Patricia agrees, stealing a glance at him. "Nice hair..."

"Handsome eyes..."

"And he's got a bit of a nice bum on him, too," Karla giggles. "And--"


The two girls jump up from the floor and start shrieking like crazy. Severus Snape’s head just appeared in the fireplace and startled them.

"Calm down, both of you! It’s just me!" he shouts at them. "Where’s Draco?"

Patricia points a shaking finger at the common room extension.

"Well, what are you waiting for? GO GET HIM!" In a flash, Patricia runs to Draco to tell him about the call.

Meanwhile, Snape lectures Karla on reading Muggle-written books. "You should know better than read things written by them, especially him! He portrayed a Slytherin who has great mind powers as a lunatic with no love life! And her mother wasn’t ignorant of magic. She was one of the best wizards I have seen around. Deplorable author, this King person."

"What is it?" Draco, who is already behind Karla, asks. "I’m resting here and—"

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Snape shouts.

At this, Karla walks away from them and lingers close but out of sight to be able to hear their conversation. Patricia slips behind one of the common room drapes.

"Trying to slip out of detention with another letter to your father? Well, I just talked to him and thank goodness he sees the sense of discipline."

Draco’s brows furrow. "What are you talking about? He’s making me take THAT detention?!"

"Yes," Snape answers in a calmer tone, "And you will be reporting tomorrow night at the Infirmary—ALONE. Ms. Granger was already informed of this. She won’t be showing up then so make sure YOU are!" Before Draco could retort, Snape’s head disappears from the crackling flames of the fireplace.

As soon as he was sure Snape was gone, Draco curses, kicks a chair and storms up to his room. Blaise peeks in from the extension looking puzzled. Patricia and Karla emerge from their hiding places and exchanged looks.

"He’s taking detention WITH ugly Granger?" Karla says, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"Eew," Patricia adds. "No wonder he’s mad," she sighs, "Poor baby."

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