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"Ooof!!!" Draco exclaimed as he landed face down on the floor of Borgin and Burkes. Before he had time to get up, Adalia stepped out of the fireplace and walked on him as if he were a carpet.

Draco groaned when he saw her smirking, "What?"

Adalia laughed, "Nothing. It's just that... well it's just... Did anyone ever tell you that you would've made a lovely rug, especially right in front of a fireplace?"

Draco growled and muttered something that sounded like 'I would've made a lovely anything'.

Adalia giggled and walked out of the store with a slightly annoyed Draco. They walked down the dark streets of Knockturn Alley before stepping out into the bright ones of Diagon Alley.

Draco and Adalia walked around Diagon Alley, buying all their school supplies and Blaise's as well. Draco told Adalia that he wanted to go to the Quidditch Supplies shop and said that he would meet her at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.

"Ok, you can go to that little Quidditch shop of yours but you better be quick Malfoy, I don't want to be around a lot of scum by myself, for too long," she added smirking evily. Draco eyed her suspiciously and ran off to the Quidditch shop. Adalia went to the ice cream parlor and settled for a bowl of ice cream called 'Cookie Doughn't You Want Some?' (A/N: This flavor of ice cream is from a favorite ice cream place of mine called Cold Stone Creamery. The best ice cream ever!!! Back to the story.)

Harry, Ron, and Ginny walked down Diagon Alley talking and laughing. Ginny and Harry had started dating over the summer and were now a happy couple, to Ron's dismay. Sure Harry was his best friend, but Ginny was his little sister and nobody will ever be worthy of Ginny in Ron's eyes, not even his best friend. Ron and Harry were talking about going to Hogwarts for their last year while Ginny listened to them jealously.

"It's not fair! I wish it was my last year too. I mean you guys are going to leave and I'll be all alone. Harry, I won't be able to go out with you for a whole year!!!" Ginny whined. Harry chuckled lightly and pulled Ginny into a big bear hug.

"Oh c'mon Gin! You have me now, and we're not leaving until next year. Why are you making such a big deal about it? Ron will probably tell you the same thing, right Ron?" Harry said happily. Ron didn't respond so Harry turned to face his best friend, "Ron? Hey Ron! What's up man? What's gotten into you?" Harry said worriedly. Ron's mouth was hanging open and Ginny could've sworn she saw him drooling.

"He's probably day dreaming about food or something," Ginny said disgustedly.

Ron's head snapped up at this moment and he glared at his sister, "No I wasn't! I saw... I saw someone, that's all. Someone very... very pretty.... no not pretty.... HOTT!!!"

Harry's eyes lit up at the mention of someone hott, "Where? Who? Ron show me!"

Ginny glared at Harry and hit him upside the head, "HARRY JAMES POTTER!!! I AM YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND YOU WILL NOT CALL OTHER GIRLS HOTT WHILE I AM STILL AROUND!!!" Harry cringed at the sound of his full name being yelled out loud in the middle of Diagon Alley.

Adalia was eating her ice cream when she heard a familiar voice yelling in the middle of the street. She turned around in her seat and smirked at the sight of Harry cringing while Ginny was yelling at him. What made her smirk even wider was that Ron was looking around the street, blushing. His eyes locked with hers and his face turned the color of his flaming hair. Ewwww! A dirty Weasel was checking me out, and he's the worst Weasel of them all. Although I think he's better than Percy but still, ewwww! Adalia finished her ice cream and threw the bowl into the garbage can. Actually, this can turn out to be quite fun. She stood up and began walking towards the trio.

Ginny was still yelling at Harry when Adalia came up to them. Ron was staring at Adalia with wide eyes when she stopped right in back of Ginny.

"Excuse me, but if you don't mind me saying, you're causing quite a show," Adalia said quietly. Ginny stopped shouting and looked around to see a crowd of people watching her with amused expressions. She blushed a deep crimson and looked down at her feet.

"Alright, alright. Show's over everyone, you may all go back to what you were doing," Adalia said loudly enough for the crowd to hear. The crowd began to disperse until nobody was left except for the four teens.

Ginny looked up and thanked Adalia. Adalia smiled and then looked up to see Draco coming their way with a huge smirk plastered on his face.

"Aah... Potty, Weasel, and Weaslette. Fancy seeing you here in this part of London, shouldn't you be with the filthy muggles in their filthy part of London. So, Adalia what did the muggle lover and the blood traitors do this time? They didn't touch you, did they? Because I would hate to see any of your sexy clothing have to get burned." The trio glared at Malfoy and Ron was about to say something but was cut off by the hott girl who stood by him.

"Now now, play nicely Malfoy. It's not nice to be rude to Potter and the Weasleys. Don't you know who Potter is, Malfoy? I mean, if he can defeat Voldemort more than four times, what makes you think that he can't wipe you out the first time he tries," Adalia said smirking.

Draco snorted at the way Potter looked at Adalia in awe, "Oh please Potter, don't tell me you fell for that. She was just toying with you three. You are nothing but the dirt underneath her shoes. And speaking of dirt underneath shoes, where is your dear old Mudblood?" Draco smirked at the glares he was getting from the two boys.

"Oi Malfoy! Why don't you just piss off and leave us four alone?" Ron said venemously. Adalia laughed loudly and moved from Ron's side to Draco's.

"Oh c'mon Weasley, you didn't actually think that someone like me would stay with you and Potter, did you? I would gladly stay with your sister but not with you pathetic boys. I mean, seriously. Potter, did it ever occur to you that when you have a girlfriend, you don't say that another girl is hott right in front of her face? You know, if I were your girlfriend and you would say that in front of my face I would cause an uproar like the Weasly girl did. But I wouldn't leave it that, I would dump you in front of everyone, so that they can see what an ass their hero really is," Adalia said smirking evily. Ron and Harry gaped at her while Ginny just stood there not knowing whether to smile or glare.

"So Potter, are you going to stand there like some kind of idiot or are you going to answer my question? Where is your Mudblood?" Draco asked smirking. Harry and Ron stopped gaping and returned to glaring.

"I don't know where Hermione is, Malfoy. She hasn't written to us all summer. Why do you care so much Malfoy?" Harry said menacingly.

Draco was about to answer when Ron's eyes widened and he growled, "What have you done with her Malfoy!? Where is Hermione!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?" Draco's smirk only got bigger in response to Ron's question.

"I haven't done anything with her Weasel, although I must say that I hope something deadly attacked her," Draco drawled emphasizing on the word deadly. 

Ron jumped onto Draco but froze in midair. He was frozen in midair with a look of confusion on his face. Harry, Ginny, and Draco turned to see Adalia looking angrily at the confused Ron.

"So Weasley, you think it's ok to attack people for no reason? I think so too, BUT NOT WHEN IT"S MY PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING ATTACKED!" Adalia viciously thrust her hand forward and a wave of electricity hit Ron, making him fly backwards into Harry, knocking them both to the ground. Everyone in Diagon Alley stopped to watch the scene before them.

Harry got up and helped a shaking Ron get up as well. "As for your Mudblood Weasley, I just want to let you know that she and her family died when their house caught fire," Adalia spat.

Draco smirked at the faces of the crowd and at the horrific faces of Harry and Ron. "You're lying. Dumbledore would've contacted us right away. Somebody would've contacted us right away," Harry said nervously.

Adalia smirked and pointed her finger at the trio. She motioned for them to come closer, so reluctantly, they did. Adalia and Draco stood across from the trio so that only they can hear what was going to be said next. Adalia looked down at the floor. "I swear, I didn't do it on purpose," She said lifting her head with a sinister smirk. Adalia's smirk got bigger when she saw Ron's and Harry's faces.

When she turned to see Ginny's reaction, she was completely thrown off guard to see a smile flicker on her face and then watched as she burst into tears.

"You Bitch!" Ron roared as he brought his head up to look Adalia in the eyes.

Ginny looked up as well, "What is your problem!?" she said through her fake sobs. Adalia smirked at Ginny's wonderful acting. I don't have one but soon I'll find out yours Ginny. What is it that you've been hidind all these years when I thought you were my friend Adalia thought to herself while keeping the smirk on her face.

Harry finally looked up to face Adalia. His face was covered in tears and he suddenly roared outloud for the whole street to hear, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?"

Adalia was about to answer but Draco beat her to it. "Allow me to introduce the only girl who could ever be this beautiful. The only girl who could ever be this powerful. The only girl who could ever make me bow down before her. Allow me to introduce Adalia Riddle, the only heir to Tom Marvolo Riddle. Allow me to introduce, the Dark Lord's only daughter," Draco said while bowing down in front of her.

Adalia smirked wildly at the three shocked faces and winked at Ginny before grabbing Draco's shoulder and apparating them back to Malfoy Manor.

Blaise just finished sending out the last of the invitations when there was an extremely loud pop. Adalia and Draco apparated into the living room of the Malfoy Manor and scared the hell out of Blaise.

"God! You guys scared the hell out of me! So, how was Diagon Alley? I'm sure I missed out on a lot of fun," Blaise said grinning. Adalia and Draco smirked at each other and told Blaise the whole story.

Blaise was shocked at first but then smirked when they finished telling him everything. "Wow! I'm so mad that I missed that! Guys, I'm never letting you go anywhere without me again," Blaise said angrily.

Draco snorted, "So Blaise, are you going to go to bed with me too?"

Blaise raised an eyebrow and replied, "Do you want me too? Although I wouldn't mind if we had a threesome". Adalia laughed at this while Draco looked bewildered that Blaise even answered that question.

"Time to get ready for the party but before I go, Blaise can you do me a favor real quickly?" Adalia asked as nicely as the Dark Lord's daughter can.

Blaise looked at her curiously, "Sure. What's up?"

Adalia smiled mischeiviously and said, "Send one more invitation out. This one is going to Ginny Weasley, I found her behavior a little Slytherinish today".

Blaise smirked and Draco looked curious but did not question Adalia's actions. You want to play games Ginny? Better to play them with us than with Potter and your dumbass brother. I'm going to find out everything about the real Ginny Weasley, and I'm going to use it to my advantage. Adalia smirked inwardly and walked up the stairs to go and get ready for her party tonight, one that would hold many surprising answers.

A/N: Yay! Chappie 4 is done! See, I told you guys, no more long periods of time between new chappies. I hope you all liked it and if you didn't... well... then you didn't. Chappie 5 will be up as soon as possible, and believe me that will be soon. Remeber I love all of my readers and I love my reviewers even more, lol.
                                                                                                                  Love, MalfoyHugger.

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