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Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling owns everything whilst I own nothing except for the plot. A/N: I know Snape's attitude is strange but hey, it IS Snape - lol! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 2: Lessons Harry woke up the next morning, got into his robes, and went down to breakfast with Ron. When they got into the Great Hall they found Hermione already there examining their new schedules. Ron and Harry picked up theirs and looked them over. “ Today we start all of our N.E.W.T. classes, what fun. Today we have Transfiguration inn the morning and Charms in the afternoon. Tomorrow we only have Potions – God that will be rough. Wednesday Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures and Thursday we have Defense Against the Dark Arts and Fridays off. Not a bad schedule, what about you Hermione?” asked Ron. “ Well of course I have all the same except Arithmancy after Potions, Ancient Runes on Thursday afternoon and History of Magic and Astronomy Friday!” Hermione answered excitedly. “ God Hermione, don’t you want a break?” asked Harry. “ Of course not. You two hurry up breakfast. Transfiguration is starting in fifteen minutes,” replied Hermione. Harry and Ron ate a speedy breakfast and five minutes later found themselves waiting in line outside of Transfiguration along with all the other students from the four houses who decided to take this course. About a minute later Professor McGonagall was opening the door to let them in. “ Welcome everyone to N.E.W.T. Transfiguration class for sixth years. As in my usual class I will expect nothing but the best behavior or you can see yourselves out right now. Because that is settled let us do a quick review from last year. Will everyone take a look at the front please?” and with that she took Ron’s copy of Advanced Transfiguration and turned it into a small, white mouse, changed it back into the book and gave it back to Ron. “ Okay everyone, let’s see what you can do.” A few selected people like Hermione had no trouble doing this “ simple task” so she said but it took mostly everyone ‘til the end of class to succeed. The bell rang and off they went to their common rooms to lunch. After a nice lunch of Yorkshire pudding Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to their common rooms to get their things for Charms. They arrived in the crowded classroom just in time to find the last three seats together. Obviously this was all of the sixth years’ favorite class- it was also the easiest class. “Hello everyone and welcome back to Charms I hope you will enjoy this class and I hope it will help prepare you for life out side of Hogwarts,” greeted Professor Flitwick. “ Today let us start by reviewing some of the charms we learned in prior years.” The class went over silencing charms, levitation charms, and more alike. The far easiest one for Harry was the summoning charm, in his forth year he practiced it so hard he felt he was bound to remember it forever. The bell rang an hour and a half later. The classes filed out to go to their common rooms and get washed for dinner. Harry had talked to the team earlier and they had decided on having a meeting in the Common Room later that evening to discuss practice times and for the former team members to meet this years new ones. “ Well everyone, “ Harry started. “ It’s great to be back at Hogwarts and let us start off the year by us all introducing ourselves to the newer players. As you all know I am Harry, the team’s Seeker, and the captain.” “ I’m Ginny Weasley. Last year I was Seeker when Harry got kicked off the team but this year I’m a Chaser.” “ I’m Katie Bell, as most of you know I’m a Chaser and this is my final year at Hogwarts.” “ Hi, I’m Jack Sloper, a beater, just became one the middle of last year so I’m kind of new to Quidditch.” “ Andrew Kirke I am, I also am a beater. I came to the team the same time as Jack.” “ I’m Ronald Weasley,” Ron became a lot happier with Quidditch after he helped win the cup last year. “ I’m Keeper, was one since the beginning of last year.” “ And I am Natalie McDonald. This is my third year at Hogwarts, my first year on the team, I was a reserve Chaser last year, and I’m now a full time Chaser.” “ Well,” said Harry. “ Now that everyone is introduced I would like to schedule some practices. As you all know the first game we have will be sometime in November and it will be played against Slytherin. McGonagall has booked us the Quidditch pitch for team practices every Wednesday from six o’ clock till eight o’ clock, the same time for Friday, and on Saturday twelve until three. Additional practices will be scheduled as needed. I think we should practice hard and as long as we keep up with our training there will be no trouble for us winning the cup for the fourth year in a row. Any problems?” Harry looked around and since no one had any questions he continued. “ Now as that’s settled we will start the training this Saturday. Well that’s it so Good night everyone.” And with this he and the rest of the team departed and went to bed. ~ The next day Harry woke up relaxed and refreshed but was soon disappointed when he remembered he had Potions this morning. He went down to breakfast with Ron and they discussed the likelihood’s of Snape liking them better now that they were in N.E.W.T. Potions “ I say if anything Snape will be more sour because we actually managed to get into his Potions class, “ said Ron. “ I bet you anything he was counting the days until he could get rid of us. Oh well. Harry could you pass me some toast?” Ron could not have been more wrong. When he, Harry, and Hermione had reached the dungeon late Professor Snape merely wished them a good morning and told them to take a seat. He also gave Harry another one of his rare smiles. They also saw in this class, who did not look so happy, Draco Malfoy surrounded by his best friends and bodyguards Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. What they were so upset about nearly everyone knew by now. Just three months ago the world was alerted of the return of Lord Voldemort- something that the Ministry of Magic had been denying for a year- and Draco’s, along with his cronies’, parents had been accused of being Death Eaters and were thrown in Azkaban. Malfoy was no longer strutting around the school like he owned the place and Crabbe and Goyle seemed a lot less threatening. “ Ha, look at Malfoy, what a prat. I’m surprised they didn’t take away his Prefect’s badge after what his family did. I think the whole lot of Slytherin should be tossed out. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Ron said enthusiastically. “ Yeah, but you know Dumbledore. He’ll let anyone in no matter what their family background is. And really Malfoy being chucked out wouldn’t really affect us anymore. He’s harmless,” spoke Harry. Their conversation was cut short because Professor Snape just told the class to research a potion for class next week, a complex transfiguration potion, the Polyjuice Potion. “ Well at least we don’t have to worry about that assignment as we did it in second year,” whispered Hermione. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: Sorry if this chappie seems rushed but I had a deadline at certain sites. I'll slow down for the next one. Tell me if you want me to continue. Also if you have ideas post them or e-mail me. I'm always up fpr suggestions. Peace and Love - Rose Eva a.k.a. rose petals

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