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                                        Tears of the Virulent.

Hermione walked down the hallway towards the Head Dormitory, her head lowered, hands shoved in the pockets of her dirty jeans, she hadn’t even gone back to her dorm to change. She’d stayed outside for nearly an hour, and was surprised that Remus hadn’t come to find her yet.

She the sound of footsteps running in her direction from behind her, ‘Speak of the Devil.’ She thought a small smile tugging at her lips as she stopped and turned around, watching Remus jog towards her. His hair was disheveled, tie gone, shirt un-tucked, he was so, completely un-Remus looking. When he came up to her he didn’t say anything only tilted her head up, looking into her depressed eyes, then pulling her into a bone-crushing hug.

He pulled away from her after a few moments and she grimaced from the way he had held her tightly, nearly crushing the air out of her lungs, which didn’t feel great because of her earlier wounds. “Oh Merlin.” He whispered, his fingers ghosting over her sides, the look in his eyes told her that he was afraid to touch her. “What happened? You’re hurt. I smell blood.” He whispered, eyes searching her body.

”I got hurt.” She whispered sadly, “A punctured lung, a few broken ribs,” She paused to see his reaction, his face remained emotionless, but his eyes were glistening with worry. “Madam Pomfrey fixed me up though, don’t worry. I’m just a little bruised that’s all.” She said and he remained silent, licking his lips once. “Hey, I just ache a bit that’s all. Really.” She said reaching up to run her fingers through his hair to sooth him.

He let out a quiet sigh and leaned his head into her hand lowering his eyes too look her over once more. “J-James…” He said softly and Hermione smiled weakly.

“Yes, I’d rather not talk about it… in all honesty.” She whispered and Remus nodded.

“Understandable. He’s a mess though,” Remus said as he pulled his head away from her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulders gently and steered in the direction of the Head Dorm. “Walked right passed us to Lily and nearly collapsed, just stood there, I could see his face but I could see the tear drops falling on the stone. It was horrible.” He whispered his voice hoarse.

They made their way silently to the dorm, and Hermione stepped inside, standing hesitantly near Remus in the doorway. She saw Lily sitting on the couch, James fast asleep with his head in her lap, his face blotchy from crying, Peter in a chair staring into the fire, his eyes glistening in the light and Sirius sitting on the windowsill his fingers clutching his trousers tightly. Lily looked up at them and met her eyes, she nodded to Hermione silently and slowly got up from the couch, setting James’ head on a pillow with Remus’ help.

“You look like shit.” She said, wrapping an arm around Hermione’s shoulders and leading her up to her room. “Come on, you can use my bath, and I’ll let you borrow some pajamas.” She said and opened the door to her room, leading Hermione to the bathroom.

When Hermione emerged into Lily’s room she found Lily had already changed into her pajamas and was sitting on her bed, rubbing her hands nervously. She looked up at Hermione, her eyes bright with tears. “I don’t know what to do for him.” She whispered, tears falling now. Hermione went over to her and held her tightly, allowing Lily to cry.

“I know… but you can only be there with him when he needs you,” Hermione whispered softly, closing her eyes as she to started to cry.


Three days had passed and Hermione was standing in front of James’ home, people were walking by her, dressed in funeral attire, all wearing the same bleak depressed look. The wake the night before had been a closed casket, some other Order members having found their tortured bodies. Albus had forbid James on seeing them, but he had looked anyway. The look in his eyes now told Hermione that those images would be etched in the back of his brain forever.

Lily was constantly at his side, and didn’t seem to mind, James needed her, that much was evident. Peter was off on his own most recently, hovering near when James was at his worst, but other than that he was quiet, more so than Remus. Remus was another story, he was hovering, Hermione knew he meant well, but for the past three days he had been hovering over not James, but her.

He knew she had been involved somehow, and that it was connected with the Order. She had yet to tell him the details because the grief was still to close to home. But she had sent him off, finally, to help James and Lily with something, leaving Hermione to deal with the last Marauder. Sirius.

He had been the quietest out of all of them, barely speaking a word since he’d found out, not even to lighten James’ spirits with a witty joke or mentioning the start of a prank. She wanted to talk to him, if only she could find him. As soon as they had returned from the funeral he’d gone off as they got out of the car, making sure he was right next to the door, the first one out.
Peter happened to walk by her then and she gently reached out to the shorter boy, “Pete?” She whispered hesitantly and he looked up with her depressed eyes, not saying anything. “Have you see Sirius?” He nodded silently.

“Saw him duck around the back of the house not too long ago.” Peter said softly, shifting uneasily. Hermione nodded.

“Thank you Peter, James is inside if you’re looking for him,” He nodded silently again, his lips forming a half smile in thanks before he walked into the house.

With a sigh she walked around the side of the house and scanned the large yard for any signs of Sirius. She saw him, over by the trees lining the start of the woods. When she saw what he was doing she ran towards him, thankful she hadn’t worn her long skirt. When she got to him she grabbed his wrist just mere seconds before his fist collided with the tree trunk again.

“What are you doing!” She nearly yelled, and he recoiled away from her, tugging his arm from her grasp. “Let me see.” She said, reaching out for his arm, but he danced away from her glaring at her. “Sirius!”

“No.” He growled, his face hidden from view as he stared at the ground. “Leave me alone.” He said his voice becoming raspy.

“No. You’ve barely spoken in four days, everyone was too busy worrying over James… and comforting James… but you…” She whispered slowly stopping in what she was saying.

“They were like my parents.” He said after a few moments of silence. “Well, not like my real parents, but they were practically my real parents… I mean they took me in, me, a Black, even though I had nothing to give them, and they wouldn’t take my money even when I had some… they were nice people… nice people don’t deserve to die like that.” He whispered, his voice becoming more etched with anger as he spoke.

Hermione noticed his fist clenching, the blood from his scraped and probably broken knuckles dripping onto the slight dusting of snow. “No they did not, now, can you please allow me to heal your hand?” She whispered crossing her arms and glaring at him.

He held it out to her and Hermione had to grimace at it, he was probably in a lot of pain, it was definitely broken, his knuckles smashed, blood everywhere on his hand, skin torn. “This is going to hurt.” She said as she took out her wand and raised it over his hand, murmuring a spell, water mixed with anticeptic poured from her wand as she cleaned his cuts. He groaned and his hand twitched in hers. She then tucked her wand in her pocket and used her fingers to ghost over the cleans wounds murmuring something softly and the skin began to knit itself back together.  Hermione smiled softly up at him and he pulled away, flexing his fingers.

“Thank you.” He whispered, reaching out to stroke her cheek with his hand. He took a step forward and leaned down, place a hesitant kiss on her cheek. Hermione pulled him close to her, hugging him tightly and he shifted, pressing his now wet face against her neck, his sobs muffled in her cloak.


James looked up at Lily, her red hair pulled back in a way that made her look beautiful. Even though he felt like the world had just caved in around him and left him all alone in the dark there was still this light, and that light was Lily. Every time he looked at her he felt some of the pain go-away. It was the night after the funeral, he was back at school with Lily, in their dorm. He was sitting on the windowsill, looking out at the crescent moon, when Lily came over to him, kissed him softly before he pulled her down to rest with him. He sat with his back pressed against the wall and Lily laying in between his legs.

He was running his fingers through her hair as they sit there silently, and he wanted desperately to ask her something. He paused for a moment, dreading her answer, hoping she would flee from him in horror, but knowing her she would just say something like, “James… you’re still grieving, and therefore not thinking about what you’re saying…”Yes. He was sure she’d say something like that. “Hey Lils?” He whispered.

“Hmm?” She hummed leaning back against him more, taking his other hand in her own.

“Want to get married after graduation?” He said quietly, kissing the top of her head, she shifted a bit, turning to bury her head in his chest, already dozing.

“Sure.” She murmured before falling asleep, James soon following.

I know it's short, but I wanted to get it out.  Next chapter we will have a scene or two from the present time.

Thanks to my readers and reviews you guys are great. :)

All comments welcome.

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