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    The Seer and The Telekinetic

    “We know, Hermione,” Mrs. Weasley said softly interrupting the girl while holding her at arms’ length, “I think we are the ones who have to fill you in on many things."

    “What! You knew what had happened and nobody helped me?” Hermione exploded in anger, “Nobody helped the other students that are imprisoned in a place they once called home Where was everyone? You’re supposed to be the Order of the Phoe–”

    Mrs. Weasley put her hand up to silence Hermione, her eyes closed momentarily as if she were in deep thought. “We understand your anger and frustration, Hermione, but really it’s not as if the entire Order has been sitting upon their bums this whole time. After the initial shock of Hogwarts’s state only hours after you left and then finding Dumbledore’s body, not only the Order is in chaos. Even the ministry is-”

    “Dumbledore’s body!” Hermione shrieked shrilly, “What do you mean? He can’t be dead! Dumbledore can’t die.”

    A strong hand settled on Hermione delicate shoulder, “Do not worry. Dumbledore’s body was a fake but his whereabouts are unknown at the moment. Come sit down, Hermione.” He instructed her firmly, leading her into the living room and over to a couch.

    Standing or sitting around the living room was Ginny, Charlie, Tonks, and a few members of the Order, varying in appearances from looking like they haven’t slept in days to looking like they were recently run over by a rampaging hippogriff. Draco followed the two women into the living room and leaned on the wall nearest to the doorway that wasn’t being taken up by a plush but a worn armchair. Unbeknownst to Hermione he knew everything that had happened and he felt a pang of guilt that she was clueless. Perhaps he should have told her a bit of something.

    Hermione was simply fuming. These people knew so much and they didn’t bother saying anything to her. They didn’t storm Hogwarts or anything Her babies were still there in the clutches of those terrible people. How could they expect her to simply sit here and listen while more important things plagued her mind?

    “From the information we’ve collected it appears that this operation has been underway for many months now, but the Dark Lord only revealed it to his most trusted Death Eaters. Until the other night when the attack began that is.” Molly Weasley let out a deep sigh, “We cannot be completely sure yet what exactly happened that evening but we are assuming four Death Eaters were placed in the castle and attacked four young students. The innocent types that would never be seen as doing wrong; they impersonated them and infiltrated the common rooms. There they cast a silencing spell around the commons and waited.”

    “Around midnight other Death Eaters swarmed into the common rooms and they slowly crept into the dormitories.” Bill continued where his mother left off but his own voice soon trailed off into a silence that filled the room.

    A cold dread filled the young girl as she thought back on all the people she had seen locked away in the dungeons. She had seen Ernie, even spoke to him in fact but the true thoughts that everyone was there suffering, the harsh conditions were hard to swallow

    “What is the Order going to do? All the students are locked up in the dungeons. They need help and now. The conditions they are all living in are unacceptable.” Hermione asked frantically looking from person to person.

    Her eyes stopped once they reached Molly, “We don’t know, dear, we don’t know. It took McGonagall days to flee the castle and place herself in charge of the Order. You came a day too early to be looking for tons of information. There is a meeting tonight where the plans will be fully made.”

    “What about the Ministry? Aren’t they doing anything to help?”

    A small chuckle escaped from Remus Lupin, who stood across the room from Hermione, “Hermione, the Ministry if barely accepting that Lord Voldemort is back yet alone letting the public know that he has taken over Hogwarts. Everything is being kept very hushed up and few people actually know the truth. If our world knew that our children were under the reign of the most feared wizard alive there would be an uproar at the Ministry. Then consider the fact that the Dark Lord has much power in the Ministry. High officials and the heads of departments are under his control by either force or free will.”

    “Pretty much they’re keeping everyone in the dark.” Harry said darkly, his dislike of their wizarding government growing with the topic of conversation.

    Hermione wasn’t surprised by this new development. It had taken over a year for the Ministry to even accept and publicize the fact that the Dark Lord was back and kicking.

    “Dylan and Sofia,” She croaked, “Why does the Voldemort want them so badly? They’re just children.”

    An uncomfortable silence filled the small room, “Dylan and Sofia aren’t . . . normal children, Hermione.” Mrs. Weasley spoke softly, “Nor are their biological parents for that matter.”

    “Abnormal as in . . . ” The young girl was still very confused as to where the conversation was supposed to be going from here.

    “They possess powers that are much more than normal wizarding powers. They are descendants of a long line of Seers, real ones, and on the other side of the family they are descended from witches and wizards with mind-reading, telekinesis and that sort of thing. We will not be sure which power she possesses until she is older. Obviously, their parent’s weren’t married for love but to create the most powerful children.” Lupin explained softly to her.

    The brunette’s jaw dropped slightly, “You’re telling me that I have been watching a Seer and a telekinetic for months now and haven't noticed a thing?”

    “You shouldn’t have. The children are still a bit too young to be truly showing their powers although Dylan could be and just not telling anyone. Since he is so young there is a very good chance he doesn’t understand what he is See-ing.” Mr. Weasley spoke this time and Hermione couldn’t help but notice how his red hair seemed to be littered with more gray than usual.

    Hermione was at a loss for words. All the information she had to soak in was somehow just going over top of her head in a way. It was a strange feeling to not have the information just slip into her mind. She was the girl who practically memorized her school textbooks before school began and then read extra books and memorized almost all of the information.

    The conversation seemed to be over as everyone around the room began to move about, halting Hermione’s questions in their warpath. Draco took a step forward and laid his hand on Hermione’s shoulder gently.

    “You have a bed waiting for you in Ginny’s room if you’re tired and a trunk of clothes arrived from your parents. The sent them over as soon as they could.” He said lightly, taking her hand and leading her away from the chair.

    The young girl couldn’t help but not care who was leading her upstairs, exhaustion seemed to have an icy grip on her despite the fact that she had slept not too long ago. She was hungry as well, a loud rumble from her stomach reaching her ears. Luckily she was sure that Mrs. Weasley would be making a fantastic dinner later that evening.

    Inside Ginny’s room was an extra cot but as Hermione went to lay down in it like she had in many previous summers Ginny stopped her. “You haven’t had a proper bed to sleep in since you left on Christmas. Here, sleep in my bed.”

    “Thanks, Ginny.” She told the redhead. “I have been wanting a warm, soft bed instead of the sofa I’d been sleeping on.”

    The youngest Weasley nodded with a smile as she watched her brunette friend’s gaze turn to the window as she sat down on the bed. A far off look glazed her eyes and Ginny couldn’t help but feel her heart go out to her fellow Gryffindor. She couldn’t fully understand what it felt like to have two young children, who were like her own, be in the clutches of Death Eaters. However, she did know that while they were there all Ginny had wanted was a friendly hug and comfort every now and then.

    “They’ll be okay, Hermione. You heard everyone downstairs, You-Know-Who needs them for some plan.” Ginny sat next to her friend and put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

    A ragged but stifled sob shook Hermione body as she let her face fall into her hands, “I know but what if that plan involves hurting them in some way? It’s my fault. I should have kept them closer to me but I allowed them to be taken away by those vile people. I’d make a terrible mother.”

    “Nobody blames you in the least, Hermione. You were severely outnumbered there was no way for you to save yourself let alone them.”

    The room was quiet except for Hermione’s crying, which was dying down as the elder girl became in more control of her body. She didn’t speak though but looked up at Ginny with a nod as if to say that she knew Ginny was right but wasn’t going to say so out loud.

    “Get some rest, Hermione. I’m sure dinner will be ready when you wake up and the Order will have a plan ready.”

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