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Chapter Three: Bill Weasley
By Starving_Author

Fenrir was awake; too awake for the hour. Unlike most werewolves, Fenrir got restless just before a full moon. Like an addict who was counting the hours until his next fix, Fenrir had trouble finding things to occupy him in his small home. He lived in a single bedroom house, just outside of Surrey. Both fortunately and unfortunately, there were not too many neighbors. There were too few to notice a missing person every month, yet just enough to tease his appetite when he visited the market. Fenrir stopped in front of a mirror.

“Calm down, handsome. You’ll worry yourself into old age,” the enchanted mirror replied to a question Fenrir didn’t ask. He jerked away from the mirror with a huff.

“Fine, be pouty.” Fenrir found himself in his kitchen. For the first time, he noticed he was hungry, but nothing seemed edible. In fact, it all seemed completely inedible at the moment except for that roast in his icebox – that tender, juicy, delightfully rare roast. He reached up and opened his cupboard, nearly tearing the door off its aged hinges in the process. He grabbed a pewter plate and a fork from the silver drawer. Setting the plate on his table, Fenrir opened the icebox and stabbed the roast with his fork. He brought the slab of meat over to his plate and without a second’s thought, sunk his sharpened incisors into the raw flesh.

Minutes later, Fenrir was seriously considering licking the remaining blood from his plate. The lingering taste in his mouth convinced him otherwise; it tasted too dead. Too weak. It wasn’t thick and syrupy. Most of all, it wasn’t warm. Fenrir sat there, staring at his plate, trying to will it into a saucer of warm blood. When he was close to the point of madness from staring at the plate, he noticed the pocket watch glowing on his kitchen table.

“Perhaps, tonight is the night?” he thought. He stood, Summoned his cloak, and Disapparated to the usual meeting place. He found himself amongst the usual people; Crabbe, Goyle, Alecto, and Amycus. They all had met several times now, planning something huge. Fenrir turned his attention to his Master. Voldemort was standing behind a dark wooden chair, his pale fingers gripping the back of the seat in what Fenrir couldn’t place as anger or excitement.

“It is almost time. Draco informs me that he has discovered the perfect way to slip you all into the castle. We just have a few. . . details. . . to take care of.” Voldemort eyed all his followers closely. His eyes paused slightly longer on Fenrir. Alecto began to grin and shift excitedly in her spot.

“Raid the castle! Raid the castle!” she whispered. Fenrir resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her immature behavior.

“When shall we be ready to attack my Lord?” Crabbe asked. Voldemort looked at him through slitted eyes.

“That is yet to be determined. And you shall not be attending. Nor you Goyle.” Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other in amazement. “I have others that are less. . . attached to the occupants in the castle.” Voldemort was of course referring to their sons. He had made that a sort of unspoken rule as of late. No family was to work together unless Voldemort wanted them to. Whatever details Voldemort chose to share were discussed and the group was dismissed.

“Greyback.” Fenrir stayed behind at Voldemort’s command. The Dark Lord sat in the chair he had been gripping so tightly and shifted so he was comfortable. “Come my servant.” Fenrir approached him and sank to his knees . Voldemort examined his face.

“Your time is close. I needn’t check the moon or an astrological calendar to tell me that.”

“Yes my Lord,” Fenrir said, bowing his head.

“You’re getting desperate. I can still smell the raw meat of,” he sniffed the air to be sure, “mutton?” Fenrir kept his eyes on the scuffed wooden floor. With a passing thought, Fenrir wondered how he could smell anything through those tiny slits that made up his nose. “Perhaps this will help sustain you longer. In four days time, you will be quenching your thirst. I had promised you prey for your services, had I not?” Fenrir looked up at Voldemort in surprise.

“Yes my Lord. You did.” Voldemort chuckled.

“Yes. And I always reward my loyal followers.”

Four days passed and Voldemort had kept his word. Fenrir literally found himself waiting alongside Voldemort one night, at the entrance to a dungeon. What he had been doing since his meeting a few days ago, Fenrir honestly could not say. Just the thought of young flesh had been occupying his thoughts.

“As I promised. You’ll find him down the stairs. After you transform, I’ll open the door to let him out. I know how you like the hunt almost more than the kill.” Voldemort stepped aside and opened the door with an unspoken spell. Fenrir couldn’t hold back his grin as he started to the steps.

“Fenrir!” he paused to hear what else Voldemort had to say. “Try not to mangle him up too much. He still has much to do.” Fenrir nodded, confused as to what Voldemort was talking about. The door slammed shut and Fenrir quickly made his way down to the bottom of the steps. What, or rather who, he found there took him slightly off guard. He blinked, staring at the thin boy cowered in the corner.

“Him!” Fenrir shouted, half laughing at his fortune. He quieted his laughter and glanced at the moonlight on the floor just inches from his feet. “Face your fears boy, and become what scares you the most.” He stepped forward, letting the chilling lunar rays start the tingle of transformation over his entire body. Sure, it was still painful after all these years, but it was a pain he had come to enjoy. He could just barely hear the boy’s screams over the sound of his own heartbeat and howling.

Again, just as Voldemort had promised, a door had opened seconds after Greyback had fully transformed and the boy fled. After he had got up, Greyback saw he was a little older than he would have preferred. But he wasn’t about to turn this down. He waited a few seconds, then set after the boy.

Greyback lifted his nose in the air and sniffed. A young, nervous scent filled his nostrils when he turned south. Like a house elf running after his master, Greyback was flying through the trees surrounding the house Voldemort had led him to. Greyback could sense the autumn crispness that was just permeating the late summer air, as only a werewolf could sense it. No human being could sense this slight change. No mere human could see things they way he could, smell what he could. No human stood a chance against him in his true form.

Greyback charged through the trees faster yet, his adrenaline coursing through his veins like Felix Felicis at this thought. He felt his power growing with each pace of his paws, each beat of his heart. The small part of his subconscious that remained aware during the full moon began working out a way to sustain this form even when there wasn’t a full moon.

He suddenly stopped and turned to his left. That’s where the little brat was hiding. Just under that fallen tree up there. Greyback slowed his breathing and crept silently around moss covered trunk. The boy’s heart was racing and Greyback could hear every valve slapping shut. It was a beautiful melody that only a werewolf could appreciate.

It had been months since that night. Fenrir still looked to that night as one of his most satisfying. But now, he was just as restless as ever. This time nothing will be handed to him. He ran his tongue across his teeth, feeling each sharp point scrap across his taste buds. He had taken extra special care to sharpen them to their finest point that night. A tinge of blood seeped from a scratch and Fenrir swirled it across his palate, savoring every bit of it. It was just a matter of minutes before the Death Eaters could enter the castle. The door to the cabinet swung open and the Death Eaters followed Fenrir through their secret entrance.

He wasn’t in this transfigured state, but Fenrir didn’t need that. The halls were empty as Fenrir ran up to the tower to send up the Dark Mark. He quickly accomplished his task and returned to the halls of his childhood school. It was not the same hallway he had just run through. Word travels fast in a closed campus and this night was no exception. Fenrir took a moment to walk through the crowd as if he was enjoying a spring afternoon. Several students saw him and quickly evaded him. If only they knew he wasn’t in a killing mood tonight. Just a simple mangling.

His eye was drawn to a particularly vocal girl. Long black hair, pale skin. She ran screaming down the hall past Fenrir and he followed her around a corner. This was her. Young, lively, still very impressionable. Fenrir strolled after her, knowing eventually he would take her. He always wanted a daughter. Soon he was jogging after her, creeping around the corners, spying her every move, although he was certain she knew he was after her.

“Hey! Hey! Calm down! You’ll be alright!” Fenrir was shocked to hear an older man’s voice from around the corner where his adoptive daughter had just ran. Fenrir followed the voice to see a man with a long red ponytail calming her down. His hands were on her biceps, steadying her as she caught her breath. Both became quickly cognizant of the werewolf approaching them. The man, no doubt a Weasley, Fenrir thought, pushed the girl behind him.

“Weasley, am I correct?”

“Does it matter?” He pushed the girl away and she ran off. The Weasley man pointed his wand at him. “Expelliarmus!” he shouted and Fenrir’s wand was no longer in his hand, but bouncing off the nearest wall with a high plinking sound. He kept advancing though, he didn’t need his wand. Bill Weasley hardly got the chance to protect himself any further when Fenrir pounced. Greyback took over momentarily as the intoxicating nectar filled his mouth and spilled down over his chin. He couldn’t even hear the man’s screams as he lapped up every drop.

“Fenrir!” Amycus yelled as he ran past. Fenrir paid him no mind, as he was rather occupied. “Fenrir!” Amycus tried again, this time grabbing the dominating man’s shoulder. Greyback flinched, turning quickly toward Amycus. His teeth were bared and bloody and his eyes were dangerous. Amycus knew one didn’t want a werewolf to be looking at him the way Fenrir was looking at him right now. Was it Fenrir or was it Greyback that was looking at him? Amycus really could not tell, not when he was like this. “Dumbledore’s here! In the tower!” Amycus headed off toward the tower. Fenrir got up, leaving the body behind as if it were a devoured chicken bone, and followed. His thoughts returned to the girl that was supposed to be his tonight.

“Oh well, another night perhaps,” he thought. It took him and Amycus a while to reach their destination. A few straggling students impeded their progress and Fenrir was once again united with the girl with long black hair.

“Hello, sweetie!” he said menacingly. The girl shook, her brown eyes wide with fear and glittering with unshed tears. A taller light haired boy ran past, grabbing her around the waist and carrying her to safety like a sack of potatoes. Fenrir watched them escape, vowing that it wouldn’t be long before they all meet again. Perhaps just in time for the next full moon.

Fenrir saw Amycus and his sister running up a spiral staircase. He followed them up the cracked and stony stairs, his steps a little heavier. He always got a little depressed when he was denied his prey. Fenrir allowed himself the chance to glance back down at his old school. The halls were empty now, rank with blood, sweat, and fear. Wait, that blood smell was coming from him. Fenrir’s tongue darted out to partake in the fruit of his labor.

“So tonight wasn’t a complete waste of time,” he thought, tasting some more of the quickly cooling syrup from his upper lip. Turning his back on that part of the night, Fenrir took the steps two at a time. Upon entering, he was greeted with a sight he never thought he would have seen. After exchanging pleasantries, Fenrir grinned, showing his teeth, lazily licking his lips. He savored the last of the blood he found there before speaking.

“But you know how much I like kids, Dumbledore.”

Author’s Note: Thanks to LovlyRita for beta-reading this chapter. Please read and review!

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