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The next day Hermione wasn't at breakfast, neither were most of the girls.

'Where's Hermione?' asked Harry looking around, Ron merely shrugged and continued eating his breakfast hungrily.

At their first lessons, potions, Hermione arrived just in time looking tired but fierce, 'where were you?' asked Harry.

As Hermione opened her mouth to answer but at that moment their bitter and horrible teacher professor Snape entered the room.

He had long black greasy hair and cold black eyes, he hated everyone apart from the people in his own house, Slytherin, as he was the head of them.

'Quiet Miss Granger,' snarled Snape, 'you may be new but you will be treated like the rest of you're class members.'

Hermione blushed but stared at him raising her eyebrows.

At the end of the lesson Snape looked at all of the potions, making comments, when he came to Hermione's he didn't say anything, that meant hers was perfect.

At the end of class Hermione pulled Harry and Ron aside, hands, once more, on her hips.

'Right,' she said, 'when is the first challenge? We need to decide.'

'You need to get your team sorted don't you?' said Ron.

'Already done,' said Hermione raising her eyebrows, 'I told them last night and we practised all morning.'

'Bloody hell,' said Ron.

'You'd better hurry up and get your team together becaus the challenge is going to be tommorrow,' said Hermione smiling cheekily, 'oh and by the way, you're going to think of the challenge.'

'Harry?' asked Ron, Hermione was still observing closely.

'Sorry mate,' said Harry, 'I'm not competing against Hermione.'

Hermione smiled at him gratefully, 'I didn't want to compete against you Harry, you're alright.'

Ron whispered something in his ear and Harry said 'you wouldn't, how do you know?'

'It's kinda obvious mate,' said Ron.

'What?' asked Hermione.

Harry didn't answer her, 'I have to compete against you, I've been blackmailed,' said Harry.

Hermione frowned at Ron and said to Harry, 'it's okay Harry, I understand.'

When she left Harry turned to Ron 'how can you threaten to tell her I fancy her. I don't!'

'Yeah, yeah,' said Ron sarcastically, 'I'll get the team together and we'll be practising later.'

The next day Ron had chosen fighting as the challenge.

Hermione's team contained herself, Parvati, Lavender, Luna, and a few other girls. Ron smiled at Luna and she returned it, Harry grinned to himself.

Ron's team contained himself, Harry, Dean, Seamus, Neville and a few other boys. Ernie and Susan were refferees.

'Right,' said Ron, 'our challenge is fighting,' he tried to conjure a wrestling ring, he only managed half of it.

'Honestly!' said Hermione 'let me,' she waved her wand and completed the wrestling ring.

'Basically you're fighting and the first to get their opponent to the floor wins,' said Ron. 'Luna picks the first boy and I will pick the first girl.'

'Harry,' said Luna.

'Hermione,' said Ron.

Hermione climbed into the wrestling ring, Harry glared at Ron but followed her.

'GO!' yelled Ron but neither Harry nor Hermione moved. 'GO!' repeated Ron.

'You first, I don't want to hurt you,' muttered Hermione.

'I don't want to hurt you, you first,' muttered Harry.

Hermione feebly pushed Harry and Ron snorted, 'I'll let you win,' breathed Harry so only Hermione could hear, 'but last it out a bit, try and hurt me like you would Ron.'

Hermione nodded briskly and pushed Harry a little harder, it looked as if it would hurt but it didn't.

'I've mentally put a charm on you,' she whispered, 'I can't hurt you no matter how much I push you or hit you, it's the same for me.'

Harry pulled her into a headlock and tried to look as if he was trying to get her to the floor. Hermione twisted around and pushed him to the floor, she landed on top of him.

'The winner is Hermione,' said Ernie and Susan and the girls cheered.

Hermione smiled at Harry and he smiled back, his hand was in her hair.

She got up and so did Harry, they shook hands smiling at each other.

'Thanks,' muttered Hermione.

'No problem,' muttered Harry, he held onto her hand and she smiled again.

'Harry!' yelled Ron 'you've got beaten by a girl!'

Harry shrugged 'Hermione's cool, she deserved it.'

Hermione squeezed his hand gratefully.

'You let her win,' said Ron, 'rematch, me and her.'

'Okay,' said Hermione before Harry could speak.

Harry climbed out of the ring and Ron climbed in.

Ernie shouted go and Hermione immediately grabbed Ron's arm and threw him over her shoulder.

He landed uncomfortably on the floor.

'Over within ten seconds Ron,' shouted Harry 'that must be a record.'

Hermione grinned at him, and he blushed.

Everyone cleared out and Harry and Hermione were the only ones left.

'Thanks again,' said Hermione moving closer to him.

'That's okay again,' said Harry.

Hermione hugged him and then turned away and began to walk out. She turned back and said 'you're not like the rest of the boys, I like you. And don't worry, Ron won't be sexist when we've finished this girls vs boys tournament.'

'I like you too,' said Harry and for once Hermione blushed.

'See you,' said Hermione and she disappeared out of the door.

'You're not like the rest of the boys. I like you'. These words rung in his head, when he turned over in his sleep that night, he pictured her, then smiling, he fell asleep.

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