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Chapter 4

Hermione grabbed the note, and began reading aloud.

“Dear Mr. Harry James Potter. I have what may be bad news. Prisoner Alecto Carrows has just been discovered to be pregnant in Askaban. We know that you were destroying Voldemort’s horcruxes. Do you know anything else about him that we didn‘t? We have suspicions, however we are not sure. Send word soon. O.P. You can share this with your friends Harry, but I suggest you limit it to a few people. There would be havoc at the ministry if word got out. Sincerely, Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt.”

No one spoke for a few moments.

“Harry- Wow,” said Hermione finally, unable to get her words out.

“What? So what if the old bat got herself pregnant?” snorted Ron, having no clue what was going on.

“Oh Ronald are you really that thick?”

“No, why? What’s so special about an imprisoned Death Eater being pregnant?” he asked sarcasticly.

“Ron! It says it right there,” said Hermione, tossing him the note, and feeling exasperated. “Read it again!”

There was a short silence whilst Ron read the letter, during which no one said anything, then:

“I still don’t get it.”

Everyone except the dim red head rolled their eyes.

“Ron,” said Harry in a hushed voice. “Voldemort. It could be his… baby.”

Ron sat down on the floor, comprehension dawning on his face. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” insisted Harry, his voice still hushed.

“Well, It’s not like people are born evil. Even he wasn’t born evil. It just depends how people are raised,” said Luna in a tone that was not her usual dreamy self.

“She’s right. I mean come on; we were not all born evil or good. It’s how we are raised that determines our final character,” said Ginny wisely.

“Yes, but how is it going to be raised. Azkaban is no place for a little baby,” said Ron loudly, having finally found his voice.

“Ronald! They won’t let a baby stay in Azkaban!” said Hermione, feeling flustered. “Let’s just let the ministry deal with it.”

Harry thought this was a good idea. “Okay Hermione, I’ll just owl the ministry telling them what we know,” he said, and sat down to write the letter.

Dear, Minister Shacklebolt.

We know no more than you, but we do have a few questions. Where is the baby going to be raised? Who is going to raise it? Has she said anything about who the father is?


He had just sent it with the ministry owl when Mrs. Weasley came down and saw them all sitting at the table, worry etched in their faces.

“You’re all up early,” she said in a concerned voice. “What’s the occasion? I thought you would all be sleeping in from the partying you did last night.”

No one answered her.

“Well is anyone going to say anything or are you all just going to sit there like a bump on a log?” she was getting anxious now.

“We got up to send a letter to Professor McGonagall,” explained Ginny finally.

Her mother beamed. “So you’re all going back to Hogwarts?” she asked happily.

“Yes,” replied Harry, his mind not on the subject.

Mrs. Weasley frowned. “Then why are you all looking so glum?”

“Here,” said Hermione quietly, and handed Molly the letter.

Her kind eyes widened as she read the note. “Oh my. How did you respond to this letter?” she asked, looking at Harry in concern.

Hermione explained, as Harry seemed a little preoccupied.

‘Well dears,’ said Mrs. Weasley, after listening to Hermione’s explanation. ‘You’ve done all that can be done for now, let the minister deal with the problem. Don’t bother yourself over something that could just be as simple as a woman pregnant with a normal man’s child.” Her words were calming and reassuring to hear, and everyone relaxed slightly. Molly smiled, and headed over to the sink. “Now, who’s for breakfast?” she asked.


Evening came, and the Weasleys plus their guests sat down to eat dinner.

“This food is really good Mrs. Weasley,” said Harry with his mouth stuffed.

“Thank you dear, and how many times do I have to say it? You are old enough to call me Molly.”

“Okay Mrs. urm Molly.”

“Now that wasn’t to bad was it?” smiled Molly, speaking in bright tones. “So what are you six planning to do tomorrow?”

“I don’t know,” replied Ron, intent on his food.

“Do you want to go to Diagon Alley with your father and I? We are going to get some new robes,” asked Molly.

“Sure mum, that sounds great to me,” said Ginny, putting on a fake smile. “What about you guys?”

“Sounds good to me too,” said Harry, winking at Ginny.

“Excellent, I han’t bing able to goat there in a nong tim,” said Ron with his mouth stuffed to a bursting point.

“Ronald, don’t talk with your mouth full,” scolded Hermione.

“Okay, mum,” he said, not paying attention.

“What did you just call me?” asked Hermione, feeling irritated.

Realizing what he had said, Ron turned a bright Weasley shade of red. “Um, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Did a wrackspurt get you Ron?” asked Luna enthusiastically.

“Er… sure. A wrackspurt got me Hermione,” said Ron sarcastically.


After dinner, the girls went upstairs to Ginny’s room.

“Your brother! His habits just drive me nuts!” complained an aggravated Hermione.

“Really? His habits drive me crazy too,” said Ginny laughing. “So which ones bother you the most?”

“The way he is always sarcastic about everything is very annoying! There are so many… I don’t know why I like him so much!”

Ginny chuckled. “That’s what I like about Harry. He is never sarcastic, at least not with me. Growing up with 6 sarcastic brothers, I am so glad to have him. I really wish he wasn’t such a slob though. I’m not talking just about his hair. It’s cute in a way, but he doesn’t keep his stuff clean. Know what I mean?” asked Ginny.

“Yeah,” agreed Luna in her patent, dreamy voice. “Neville isn’t really very neat either. It’s mainly because he’s so forgetful and unorganised.”

“Unorganised! Ron is so unorganised it’s not even funny! I don’t know how he even managed to scrape one O.W.L. let alone more! I don’t know how he will be able to get enough N.EW.T.s to be an auror!”

Ginny smiled sympathetically. “He can do it with your help, Hermione. You’ll need to help Harry too, though. I don’t have great study habits myself. What about Neville, Luna?”

“He’s not very good at studying. But he really only needs one N.E.W.T. though for what he wants to do, and he doesn’t need to study for that subject.”

“What subject would that be?” asked Hermione, rather confused.

“Herbology. He is going to be a Herbologist you know.”

“Really?” asked Ginny.

Hermione frowned slightly. “Wow! I knew he was good at Herbology, but as a career?”

“Yeah. Why not? Harry and Ron are good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, so they are going to be Aurors.”

Hermione looked thoughtful. “I suppose so,” she concluded.


Meanwhile, the boys had gone up to Ron’s room for the night. Neville and Harry were already in bed and almost asleep, but Ron was standing up with his ear pressed to the wall.

“Wow! If we listen hard enough, we can hear through the walls,” he said happily. “I wonder if they realize we can hear them too. ‘Mione is really aggravated isn’t she?”

“I guess so Ron,” murmured Harry as he drifted off to sleep.


Harry was back at the World Cup, and kissing Ginny. The cannons had won, and the crowd rose to their feet with tremendous applause and screaming… The scene changed. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were celebrating in a tent with them. Harry got down on his knees in front of Ginny, and made a proposal. The ring was white gold with three diamonds; two little ones on the outside and a large, heart shaped one in the middle. There was an inscription on the inside that read: ‘What we have been fighting for is love.’ He read her the inscription, and then his emerald green eyes meeting were meeting her sparkling chocolate brown ones. ‘Ginny will you marry me…’

A/N: Okay I know that last part was really really corny sorry. :D :P Oh well. Fluffy has joined my side and now it is just the war against applesauce!!! Join MY side!!! :D Sorry I know this chapter is a little better, but it's not very long. Sorry! I

Update: 11/19: I have edited this chapter slightly, it may be a bit easier to read now. :)

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