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Sorry for the wait!! Hope you like it!  ; )

I groaned, tapping my fingers against the glass counter of the store we were in now, Wizard Wonderz. It had been exactly four hours and my mother had already spent around twenty thousand galleons. I sighed in despair, yes, I was one who was usually all up for shopping but when I had to spend four hours getting clothes that I didn’t think I really needed, it was excruciating. 

I watched my mother look down on the counter at various necklaces that were lain out in front of her to examine and choose. Sighing, I examined the scene as my mother picked up a pink diamond necklace in distaste. 

“How do people wear such colors?” she muttered, dropping it back down on the velvet cushion

I almost laughed, imagining myself walking into my wedding with a ridiculously pink, insanely puffy gown with the pink diamond necklace.


I turned my head in shock to meet my mothers, she was holding up a diamond necklace that held a black dark blue gem in the middle.

“So do you like it? I was thinking that we could get a blue dress, it would go along so well with your eyes.”

I nodded my head, bored of this. I looked up as the clerk came by, his eyes leering over the edge of the counter. He tapped the ends of his filthy fingertips together, asking my mother,

“So have you decided ma’am?”

“Yes, we’ll be taking this necklace, the bracelet, and earring to go with it as well. Oh and my daughter is getting married, so I want to give her mother-in-law something. I was thinking that diamond necklace, only could you take out the yellow stone and replace it with a back gem that has the Black Emblem upon it?”

“Yes ma’am, and a Black is it? I’m guessing the youngest son Regulus Black?” his voice asked his voice a mere hiss.

My mother merely nodded,

“Fitting match…very fitting, you see the older one, Sirius, they say that he‘s a blood traitor. Gallivanting off with mudbloods and the sort..” he said leering down at me with an awful smirk plastered on his pasty old face of his.

My mother cleared her throat daintily, collecting her things and rising,

“I hope to be excepting those things next week.” her voice said with a slight command in her tone. 

“Not a day late,” the clerk said his hand positioned in a leaving gesture. I followed my mother out of the shop quickly, wondering how she maintained her posture even now, without even the slightest grimace to her face.

I walked in line with my mother until we reached our next destination, I sighed upon looking at the sign, Witch Wardrobe. The faint tinkling of a bell informed the shopkeeper that someone had come. Because as soon as the bell tinkled, we were escorted quickly to a private showing room.

“We’re searching for formal dresses, and dress robes.”

The shopkeeper walked out quickly to search for some dresses. I waited impatiently anxious to go home. The shopkeeper returned with a rack of dresses behind her, she stopped the rack in front of my mother and bowed her way out. I rolled my eyes at this gesture, I never understood why people felt the need to be this formal. I mean yes I understood that we were a very high-classed, powerful, dark family who had connections. But really, did it matter? I almost rolled my eyes at my own stupidity.

“Come now Amore, try on the dresses.”

I obliged getting up from my seat to try on the rack of dresses that were placed before me. I tried on the dresses, almost like a zombie taking them off the racks and putting them on, then showing them to my mother who either said yes or no. I groaned out loud as I took the last dress of the rack. I walked into the changing room, closing the emerald silk curtain around me. I quickly put it on, so glad that I would finally be able to go home after trying this one on. Without looking in the mirror, I stepped outside to show my mother. She nodded in approval, and I changed back into my normal clothes, adding the midnight blue dress to the stack of dresses that have gone into the ‘yes’ pile.


I smiled in childish delight, loving the fact that I was going home after a long day of shopping. I laughed, Voldemort might scare the Death Eaters, but what they should really fear is my mother with a never-ending supply of money and her strong will to shop until the store closes. 

I looked in wonder as the door opened, hoping that it wasn’t my mother about to surprise me with another shopping trip! I almost laughed at the sight, there came Missy, our house-elf carrying all the bags that my mother had gotten today. Shaking my head, I went over to meet her, a smile rising on my face.

“Thank you Missy.” I said smiling, as she gathered up the bags in my sitting area. 

“Oh, don’t thank Missy miss, it was my job.” she replied her big eyes looking up at me.
“Miss, excuse Missy for asking but aren’t you supposed to be joining Misses downstairs?” 

I looked at her in wonder, what was she talking about? 


“Well miss, I don’t think it’s my place to talk, but if miss will excuse me I will tell you. Misses invited the Lestranges, Blacks, Notts, Goyles, Crabbes and many other dark-wizarding families over.” 

I raised my eyebrows in shock, 

“What for? And why didn’t I know about this.” 

“Ohhh, miss, Missy sorry, wasn’t supposed to tell you- the get together is strictly for adults only. Miss, Missy must go.”

I stuck my hand out to stop her, but all I caught was a air. I sighed, now Missy was going to go iron her hands for telling me. Walking over to my bed, I wondered why my mother would be inviting them all over.



I turned from reading the daily prophet to the door, when I heard my mum’s voice. Getting up, I opened the door, only to see the smiling face of my mother, who was holding a gown and velvet box on her arm. 

“Well, seeing as how we are having tea tonight for all the adults. Your father and I decided that we could invite the kids to come to the upstairs ballroom.”

I closed my mouth and listened, pretending like I had just only found out that we were having all the dark-wizarding families over, for as my mom put it ‘tea’.

“Seeing as how they should be arriving in an hour, here’s your dress, and jewelry. I assumed that you would have the shoes with you. I nodded my head, a question on the tip of my tongue.

“Mother, is Regulus coming?” I asked trying to be as nonchalant as possible.
My mother turned around, her smile widening, 

“I knew that you would take to the boy, he is quite charming. Yes, of course Regulus is coming.”

How lovely I though smiling falsely, as my mum walked out of my room. I groaned in despair, why oh why did he have to come to the party? 


I twirled around once, my nose slightly wrinkled in distaste. I was wearing a completely black dress with an overly huge set of diamond earrings, and a necklace that probably weighed half as much as I did.

Looking at the total effect wasn’t as overbearing, the dress itself was gorgeous. It was strapless, with diamond encrusted chains looped over my shoulders. The front of the dress was fine with the stylish cuts, and tulles. The back I had a problem with however, it was a little to low for my liking. The tip of the V reaching way past my mid-back. It wasn’t the V that bothered me it, was the fact that my tattoo could be exposed if one looked close enough. 

The tattoo, that I had deemed an accident, was really a painfully permanent reminder of the ONE crazy night that I had in 7th year in Hogsmeade. I was in a very, you could say rebellious mood that particular night. So I just had to go get drunk of fire whiskey and somehow ended myself up in Troll Tattoo Tunnel. Of course it wasn’t just me, Bella, Cissa, and Sandy had happened to be there as well. But thank Merlin they hadn’t told anybody. For they personally found it amusing to their own benefit, and enjoyed watching me squirm every time I heard the word tattoo. That along with the fact that they had also gotten one themselves, of course in a less drunken state of mind. 

I shook my head, knowing that I would never hear the end of it tonight. But my mother and father didn’t know about it either. Which I deemed better, if my father were to have found out he would have been proud of me until he found out what the picture actually was. But my mother would either way throw a tantrum, giving me a lecture on how ‘ladies’ aren’t meant to tattoo or pierce certain parts of their ‘fragile’ bodies. The idea of a tattoo itself wasn’t that bad, but when the picture of it came into play I think I would much rather behead myself. 

But I couldn’t really think to much more of that, because my mom was standing at the door wearing a dark-grey dress, standing next to her was a girl that I had never seen before. My mother gestured her forward, 

“Amore this is Daria, Daria, my daughter Amore. Amore take her to the ballroom and introduce yourselves. She’s new around here.” my mother said pointedly. 

I nodded my head in understanding, walking towards the door, but not before discretely snatching up my engagement ring from the dresser. Leading Daria out of my doorway and into the hallway, I put my ring on hiding it in the folds of my dress. 

I lead her to the miniature ballroom, she seated herself down on the chair of a table. Taking this time to actually look at her. I saw that she had lovely brown locks, and her dress was just as lovely. But when it came to her face, lovely really wasn’t what I could use. She didn’t look awful, but she had certain look plastered on her face. Her nose upturned as though something smelled, her eyes were mere slits, her lips barely even there and it didn’t help that she had caked herself with what seemed like layers of make-up. 

Mentally thanking god, that Narcissa only used this look when she saw ‘mud bloods,’ or other people she didn’t quite like. I looked around sitting down on the table top, that was next to her. I opened my mouth to clear the awkward silence that had fallen, 

“So, where are you from?” 

She scoffed before answering, 

“My mother,” she said her voice sneering at me, “I figured most people would know that by now.” 

My eyes widened in surprise, for some odd reason I didn’t like this girl; one bit. 

“I mean before you moved here.” I muttered, trying not to yell in her face. 

“What are you my stalker? If you must know I used to live in France, before I was dragged to this dump.” 

I wanted to rip her throat out, 

“Well I love this so-called ‘dump’.” 

“Of course you do, it suits you very well.” she sneered watching as other kids started to file in. 

I looked around desperately searching for Bella, Cissa, and Sandy. I knew that they along with the boys would come up in a group, but it was my first time ever wishing that Bella would get here.

“Speaking of dump, what are you wearing. It looks like you tore it apart in the back.” came her sneering voice.

I grabbed a flute of champagne from the nearby tray chugging it down in a gulp, well wouldn’t this be just lovely.


“Having fun?” asked a voice. 

I looked up from levitating silverware with my wand, onto the faces of amused faces Bella, Cissa, Sandy. Not to mention Rodolphus, Blaise, Nott, Avery, and Black who were a few steps behind. I jumped up in joy, hugging her as the silverware fell with a clatter to the floor. 

“Thank Merlin you’re here, I was about to pull my hair out,” I murmured.
Bella looked at me with almost a grin on her face, 

“Why?” asked Cissa, looking around at the already filled up ballroom. 

Just as I was about to answer I heard a cool sneer-like voice coming from beside me, I groaned sitting back on the table. I could feel the groups eyes on me, but I ignored that, my attention much more focused on the arrogant bitch in front of me. 

“Daria Cullox, I was wondering when I would meet people of my caliber.” she sneered sticking out a pale, and bony hand. I grimaced as Bella took her hand, Daria’s death-like grip tightening. 

“Pleasure,” Cissa muttered disgusted, not attempting to shake her hand. 

I rolled my eyes as Daria’s eyes closed in on the boys, much like a snake closing in on it’s prey. 

“Daria, and you are?” she questioned fluttering her eyelashes at Regulus. 

I snorted, causing Daria and the rest to look at me. 

“What?” she said, going back to her old sneer. 

“Nothing, just the thought that you would make the perfect couple” I retorted grinning, loud-enough for them all to hear. Bella smirked, as did the other boys. While Cissa and Sandy out-right laughed. Regulus looked at me, his eye’s turning dark black. The smirk on his face faltering, 

“Regulus Black.” smirked Blaise, introducing Regulus to Daria. 

Daria turned to Blaise, who stuck his hands up in the air, 

“Sorry sexy, I’m already taken.” he replied scooting towards me, his hand snaking around my small waist. “I got Blondie over here.” 

I shook his wandering hand off in irritation, while Daria merely shook her light-bulb shaped- head as to say your loss, and finished introducing herself to the rest. Blaise turned to look at me, the smirk on his face only widening, 

“So, what have you been up to lately?” he asked, wagging his eyebrows up and down. I chose to plain out ignore him, taking my fourth flute of champagne that night, from the nearby tray. 

“So how is the new girl?” 

Looking up at Sandy, grateful for the distraction I replied, 

“Annoying bitch, she is, down right called me ‘low-caliber’ and said some delightfully wonderful comments about my dress being to revealing.” I finished adding school-girl pep to the last thought. 

“Oh she’s not to bad, so far.” Bella responded, swallowing a flute of champagne. 

“Oh really?” asked Sandy pointing to Daria. 

Bella turned to look at her, she had her hands on Rodolphus, her face plastered with what I registered to be a ‘sexy’ grin. Bella got up angrily setting her flute down so hard that it cracked. I rolled my eyes as she walked over pulling Rodolphus by his sleeve and Daria by her arm out into the hall. Avery shook his head at poor Rodolphus, him, 

Black, and Nott joining our group around the table. 

Blaise waited till Regulus was back before reopening his big mouth. 

“But love, you have to admit the girl’s got a point-” 

The confused expression on my face stayed until I realized he had picked up where we had left off. I opened my mouth angrily to interrupt him, but he went on. 

“Your dress, isn’t revealing according to my standards, but to girl standards. It is so awfully revealing.” he said, saying this all in an overly-girly voice. 

Glaring at him I opened my mouth, 

“No it’s not,” I muttered angrily. 

He gave me a shove with his hand, as to prove a point. I fell of the edge of the table, stumbling onto the tips of my heels. 

“See, look.” 

Cissa gave him a death-like glare, he held his hands up in defense, 

“So your saying that if she was to shag you, you would complain?” drawled Nott, from Regulus’s side. I turned to look at him, only to see him smirking with Black, and Avery. Both of whom were wearing identical smirks on their faces. But Regulus’s for some reason affected me the most, it was as though he was taunting me, without saying a word. 

“Oh no, I definitely would. Like I said I’m not, and never will be complaining.” Blaise replied. I turned back towards the table pushing him off angrily. Was this going to be a long night or what? 



This is a very long chapter- well because it's a very long party! But this chapter and the next chapter go together. Sorry for the wait, I know it's really not explainable so you can vent in the reviews!! ; ) 


ssb : )

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