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Chapter 16: Having it all

Lily had already disappeared up to the boy’s dorm by the time I reached the common room. I hesitated at the steps and went over to the couch. Maybe this wasn’t something I shouldn’t witness.

Besides, I soon realized that I could hear everything just fine from down here.






Hmm I wonder what secrets Lily has, and why did she share them with Potter.

“Lovely night for sleeping” Amy commented as she walked downstairs scrunching her eyes. “Kimberly is complaining about missing beauty sleep and whatnot”

“I would make a joke about that but it feels like a cheap shot” I said to her and followed up with a yawn.

She sat down next to me on the couch and we listened to some more shouting and then stomping footsteps came down the stairs.

“I bet you three knuts its Lily”

“Only three knuts, I thought you were a rich girl now you cheapskate”

Lily stormed across the room and sat on the couch with her arms crossed, her face almost as red as her hair.

“Hello Lily, were you and James having a spat or something, cause I thought I may have heard some raised voices” I greeted her.

“BOYS” she spat venomously. Her eyes were even blazing.

“Hypocrites” Amy muttered in disgust as she threw a pillow across the room.

“I see you’ve moved from sadness to anger” I noted.

“Why shouldn’t I? I mean everything Lily just said was true, I shouldn’t be punished for just wanting to know what my boyfriend was up to”

“Dammit, so are all you guys broken up now? If so this really sucks”

“I don’t know” Lily grumbled.

Amy slid onto the floor and rested her head on the sofa cushion “At least on have us has something good going”

I took it she meant me. “I guess so” I said quietly

I slumped down until I was almost off the couch along with her. What was I supposed to do now that I was the only girl in a normal intact relationship?

Wow there’s something I thought would never happen.


Breakfast was awkward, instead of getting up super early and waiting for whomever to come sit with me, I decided to grab a few extra Z’s and arrived last to the Great Hall.

One side, my new boyfriend, the other side, my two closest friends.

After contemplating for a bit I decided that I better go with the classic feminist strategy, chicks before di-…Well you know what I mean.

I gave a self-conscious wave to Sirius who seemed to let out a sigh as I walked past the guys.

“Morning ladies” I said as cheerfully as possible. I received two simultaneous grunts. Lovely. I watched enviously as the Marauders began laughing at something.

Maybe I could talk to Remus in Ancient Runes today, get him to see Amy’s side and then he will tell her his secret, then James will follow suit and tell Lily and they’ll make up and everything will be hunky dory. Of course if I happen to learn the secret myself than that will just be an added bonus.

“Better get to class early” I sing songed and got up, ignoring the questioning stares. They couldn’t just break up over some silly secret and I was going to make everything right. There was no way I was going to be the only girl half of a couple in my year.

When I arrived early got another weird look, this time from my professor but I ignored it, found a good seat and pulled out the chair next to me. I impatiently tapped my foot as other students came into the room. It was only a matter of time and everything would be right again.

Unfortunately Remus is a bonehead and messed with my plans. I had the chair next to me pulled and everything, and he just WALKS BY IT to the front of the room. As he took out his books I threw my quill at his head. This time it wasn’t an accidental twitch.

He turned around looking pretty annoyed. OH he’s annoyed, big deal I’m the one being shunned here.

“Oy Blockhead” I called. “What the heck did I do?”

“Nothing, besides call me a blockhead and throwing your writing utensil at me”

“Well that was just now, I meant just before just now”

He sighed, defeated and gathered his things and sat next to me. “I thought girls stuck together in this sort of thing” he told me as our professor walked to the front of the room to begin the class.

“We do, which is why I’m going to tell you to stop being an arse and make up with Amy already” I whispered.

“I can’t trust her”

“She can’t trust you; you guys are a perfect match”

“It’s not that simple”


“MISS SPRINGER” my professor bellowed. “For you’re disregard of classroom policy I feel you need to stay after class for some extra work. I groaned. Remus chuckled and moved his seat away from mine; oh he was so not getting away with this. When he turned and started copying the symbols off the board I reached into his bag and pulled out his runes homework. Then I proceeded to copy it, because I hadn’t done it in the first place and when I finished, I carefully tucked his away in my bag.

It was my turn to laugh when the professor came around and he couldn’t find it. After another minute of searching I decided to speak up. “Professor, I feel that this is a disregard of the rules as well, I mean pretending you did the homework but can’t find it, the absolute oldest trick in the book.” I noted and gave my best scholar smile.

“Remus you will stay after class as well.”

I stuck my tongue out at him as our teacher checked over my homework and nodded in approval.

I enjoy having the mentality of a first year.


“And now I’m going to be late for my second class because of you” Remus complained after we stayed after class, and received an extra assignment as well.

“Boo freaking hoo, my friend is sad because you’re a big baby, I win”

“Shouldn’t you two be in class” an authoritative voice said from behind us and we both jumped. I turned around and found myself grinning at the laughing figure leaning against the wall.

Remus grumbled and began walking down the corridor on our right “Later Padfoot” was all he said before disappearing.

“And what are you doing out of class?” I asked him. All of a sudden for some reason I had a weird feeling in my stomach.

“Essay due today, thought I’d hand it in Monday instead, you?” Sirius replied.

“Disregarded a few rules, kept after class, brought another man down with me, that sort of thing”

He walked over and took my hand into his. “Well since we both aren’t where we’re supposed to be, let’s enjoy ourselves”

“And what do you suggest we do with our not-so-spare time?”

“Stroll the grounds, romantic dinner in the kitchens, skinny dipping in the lake”

“The lake? Sirius it’s the middle of the day”

“Well if you prefer to do it at night I can wait”

A part of me wanted to spend the rest of my Friday morning just being with Sirius but the strange feeling in my stomach won out and I decided against it.

“I don’t know I was thinking I’d go find Amy, she should be done her classes for the day”

He mocked pouting. “Alright well I’ll see you at dinner”

“See you” I smiled and waved, feeling guilty inside as I walked away.


“What does the R stand for Amy” Lily asked, she was holding a freshly cleaned monogrammed towel that was folded on her bed. It read A.R.D in fancy cursive writing; Amy’s mother gave it to her as a gift for Christmas in our second year. Honestly I’m not even kidding she gave her own daughter monogrammed towels as a gift.

Amy looked up sharply and narrowed her eyes at me “Don’t you dare”

Ohhhh I had almost forgotten, my face lit up “I know what it stands for” I grinned evilly.

“What?” Lily asked

“Oh Merlin you just had to get her started” Amy complained.


“That’s not a bad name Amy”

You don't have to wear that dress tonight

“I never minded it until she started singing that bloody song every time middle names were brought up, including the time she first me my mother”

You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

“I guess I can see what you mean, so have you talked to Remus lately?”

“No, it’s starting to really bug me what a prick he’s being, have you talked or yelled at James lately?

I loved you since I knew you

“Mostly I’ve given him the cold shoulder, I at least thought he would have come to apologize or try and make up with me but he probably doesn’t even think he has done anything wrong.”

“Boys are so thick”

I have you to tell just how I feel; I won't share you with another boy

“Wow she isn’t the least bit shy about how awful she is at singing”


“Paige has always been tone deaf”

“Shut it Roxy” I retorted, feeling my throat getting a little sore I stopped singing. Not that it wasn’t an amazing performance despite their disagreements.

Amy winced “Are you quite finished?”

“I suppose”

“Excellent, I’m starved lets go to dinner”

“Always full of good ideas, that Amy of mine” I cooed and patted her on the head.

I then linked my arms with my two favourite dorm mates and tugged them along. Food always cheers people up.

Of course Murphy’s Law had the marauders come down the steps from the boy’s dorm and the same time as us, no doubt heading for the Great Hall as well. Amy and Lily began to match my hastened pace and we walked ahead of them.

“Oy girlfriend” Sirius called to me, I turned my head around but was now a victim of my own arm linkage and was unable to stop or slow down due to the ladies next to me.

“Yes what is it?” I called back

“Fancy a walk after dinner?”

“Err I have a lot of homework I probably should be doing, maybe later” I answered meekly.

He looked disappointed “We’ve actually got something planned for tonight, tomorrow?” he replied mysteriously.

“Oh well I guess we’ll see” I answered. “Lots of homework you know” Then I began to concentrate on keeping up with my friends without being dragged along.

This was actually true; I did have a lot of homework so it wasn’t like I was making up some lame excuse. Still, I could feel Amy’s stare nonetheless.

When we sat at our table she flicked me in the head.


“A lot of homework?” She questioned mockingly. “You twit if you are brushing of Sirius for the reason I think you are I’m going to flick you in the head every 5 minutes for the rest of the year”

I shielded my head protectively “And what reason do you think I have for brushing off Sirius which I certainly am not doing.”

She sighed “I admire your loyalty but sabotaging your relationship because mine went up in flames is not necessary”

“I am not sabotaging my relationship” I cried

“Maybe you don’t realize it consciously, but you totally are, I’m you best friend I can see these things, I’m unhappy and subconsciously you are trying to make yourself unhappy as well”

“I am definitely not doing that! You are completely wrong “

“Oh look Shepard’s pie, Yum!” Amy said, ignoring me. I narrowed my eyes at her.

I wasn’t ruining my relationship with him, was I?

“Well if you are serious about doing homework, I’m going to the library to work on my Astronomy if you’d like to join me” Lily informed me.

“Actually….I was..” I looked over at Amy smirking “going to as well, of course I will join you” Amy sighed and flicked me in the head again.

“Hey, I’m not allowed to be concerned with my studies you know N.E.W.T.S are just around the corner missy and I know you have DADA essay to write on dangerous creatures”

“Ugh thanks for the reminder Miss Ravenclaw” Amy moaned and pushed her food away, “definitely lost my appetite”

“Good” I said sitting up, “let’s move out girls”

We walked past the boys again and I pretended to check my watch. This was probably very stupid looking seeing as I wasn’t wearing a watch. I really don’t know how I get by every day.

The library was practically empty so we had our pick of tables to sit at. Lily immediately got to work, I slowly looked over my extra Ancient Ruins assignment and Amy leaned back in her chair looking bored as she read through her DADA book.

“I’ll probably never be in contact with half these dangerous creatures anyways” she complained.

“Less complaining more writing” I said in a stern voice. Ugh I really was Miss Ravenclaw.

Amy grumbled but took out her quill and began to write, still leaning back in her chair. I grew bored after a few minutes of translating and looked over at Lily’s astronomy homework which involved drawing the moon’s different stages.

“I wish I was drawing moons” I said enviously

“Its very complicated actually I need to be able to predict and sketch which phase the moon will be in every day for the next month”

“Quick test then, which is it tonight?” I asked her.

“Easy, full, will be tomorrow and the day after as well” she answered with a smile

“Alright what about-“ I was interrupted with a crash.

Amy had fallen out of her chair and into a bookcase.

I looked around for our mad in the head librarian but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Geez, I thought I was the clumsy one” I remarked as I started picking up fallen books. She got up slowly, looking very pale.

“Oh my god, it can’t be possible” She whispered.

“What can’t be possible?” Lily asked.

“It fits perfectly, I mean its all right here in the book, it all fits but that’s so crazy” She said, talking to herself.

“I think you are the one who is starting to sound crazy” I joked but she continued to ignore us and mutter to herself. Okay now I was getting a little concerned.

“I have to go” she announced suddenly and packed her books quickly and ran out of the room.

Lily and I watched her disappear through the library entrance.

“What was that about” Lily asked me. I may be Amy’s best friend but even I couldn’t figure that out.

“I really don’t know, but I half suspect it was a ruse to get out of finishing her assignment” I joked.

Lily raised an eyebrow at me.

“Kidding, we’ll find out later probably, that girl can’t keep anything to herself for more than five minutes.”

“Alright” Lily said but she still looked worried as she began her sketching again.

It was probably no big deal anyways. Probably something to do with Remus and she has a big plan to get back with him and everything will go back to being alright like I hoped.

I wasn’t worried at all.


Okay I’m a giant liar I was a little worried, but now I’m very very worried. It was way past curfew and Amy hadn’t come back to our room. I managed to convince Lily she would be back soon and she went to sleep but I stayed up hoping she would return with good news. An hour went by and I knew it was past midnight. This was getting scary, I needed to find her.

I took a chance and checked the boy’s dorm and was only slightly bemused to find they were missing as well. They could be off pranking but deep down I knew this might be all connected. I guess it was time for some after hours corridor roaming.

“You shouldn’t be awake” The fat lady yawned as I exited the portrait.

“Well Hogwarts shouldn’t have annoying talking portraits as entrances to its houses” I muttered.

“I heard that young lady”

I raced down the staircase as quietly as possible. No time to argue with the local overweight one women peanut gallery.

Now where to first? My first choice would be the dungeons, that’s where the Slytherins were and maybe Amy made up with everyone and they were down there right now setting off dung bombs. Or fireworks. Hopefully they were up to something and this wasn’t just an easy lie I was telling myself.

As I went down the stairs I ran into my first problem, I could hear lone footsteps coming up towards me, I darted back trying at the same time to have speed and silent footsteps in the echoing corridor. I finally reached a floor with a rug going across the hall and was able to sprint down the hall and around the corner which led me to the doors leading out to the Hogwarts grounds, and there was a new problem. The doors were opening.

I moved into the shadows and braced myself for a professor or possibly even Hagrid the gamekeeper to enter.

But it wasn’t a professor or Hagrid, it was nobody, but how had the doors opened? I was confused until I heard a voice that sounded exactly like Sirius’s say “Okay its clear come on guys”

That’s when I noticed legs and feet appearing and disappearing near the ground. They must be all under the invisibility clock and it wasn’t covering them properly. They also probably hadn’t noticed me in the shadows. Relief flooded over me, I was in the clear and I could get some help looking for Amy if she wasn’t under there with them.

I took a few steps forward “Guys, it’s me Paige, you have no idea how glad I am to see…uhh.. well know you guys are here“

The footstep noises ceased, I guessed they had come to a halt.

“Paige?” Sirius whispered quietly.

“Yeah I said it was me” I whispered as I began walking towards the direction I had last seen a pant leg. Something was wrong though; shouldn’t they have uncovered themselves by now? I pulled out my wand and whispered “Lumos” as I looked around for them.

“Come on guys show yourselves, I need your help, Amy is missing” I said to the darkness.

“No, she’s here” a voice identical to Peter’s piped up

“PETER!” a simultaneous harsh but quiet hiss came from both James and Sirius.

“Amy thank god, um Lily was so um worried about you” I exclaimed and reached my arms out trying to find them, why hadn’t she spoken yet and why were they still invisible?

“Paige you need to leave” Sirius said urgently but his words were too late I had managed to grip the smooth cloth of the invisibility clock, pull it off as my lit wand helped me see what they had been hiding from me. My mouth opened to shout but Sirius acted fast, his left hand covered my mouth and his other arm restrained me from running forward.

“You guys take her to the infirmary, remember the falling down stairs story I’ll get Paige back to her room” he ordered as I struggled against him.

This wasn't happening, this definitely couldn't be real. If it was why wouldn't he let me go?

I was thrashing wildly, my legs were kicking everywhere. I was attempting to yell as my boyfriend dragged me up the stairs and I was forced to watch as Peter and James carried off my best friend, who was unconscious, bleeding and covered in bruises.


A/N: a bit of a cliff ending, what a mean author I am, I don’t update for ages and I give a cliffy. Well I won’t let this stay open ended as I hope to update soon. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

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