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*AN*this is a response to Feanaro’s vampire challenge. Details bellow.*

It was a moonless night, the blackness a curtain that hid everything from they prying eyes of any who dared to brave the unseasonably cold night. Rows of houses lined the silent street. The houses where alike in there design; all two story blocks of houses ‘Lego Land’ Hermione had called it when she was little.
The white house with elegant blue trim sat back from the road with blood red roses growing on either side of the door, gave no hint to the bright young witch that called it home. The young witch in question lay still in sleep, busy hair fanned out over her pillow. The feather blanket lay warm over the sleeping form. Soft white curtains quivered in the light breeze that came in the open window. Silently a shadow glided through the window. It paused near the bed as the shape began to form, a tight fit black shirt showed the lean mussels of a predator. Silky white skin contrasted the black cape that fell to the ground like a waterfall. Black pants and gothic style boots completed the look as the creature lowered one hand to the sleeping teen’s cheek. Turning slightly in dream her face brushed his hand; drawing back for a moment as the moon shone on the tips of white fangs and glittered on the Vampires deep purple eyes.

“Mazy” he whispered softer then a snowflake touching the ground. Hermione tossed and opened her eyes. With inhumane speed He lent forward and covered her mouth. Fear covered her amber eyes and his predatory senses smelt it, heard her heart beat quicken and his eyes saw the pure childish terror pass across her face.

“I will move my hand but you must not scream” his voice was smooth, disarming and had charmed many a hunter to there death with its hypnotic power. Hermione nodded fearfully as the Vampire sat on the edge of her bed; His shadowy locks falling into his eyes.

“tell me my precious, what is your name” before she could answer  with a snappy remark there eyes meet; if his voice was smooth it was nothing on his eyes so deep they seemed to draw you in

“Hermione Granger” she whispered reaching out he traced a single hand down her face moving a lock of her hair off her face.

“And how old are you my precious?”  His hands where as cold as death and made her shiver slightly

“16” she said faintly

“Tell me precious, would you leave with me?” Hermione blinked weakening the hypnotic power he held over her

“my friends, I couldn’t leave them” he drew his lips back slightly on one side in what was not a smirk but not a smile either; it was a sinister look as he lent forward and brushed his lips against her exposed neck. His head was pounding from lack of blood but there was something about this child that made him want to claim her, feelings he had suppressed centuries ago where making them selves known. Hermione shivered again but not just from the cold, her eyes closed of there own accord as she felt him so close to her waiting for the pain of his fangs piercing her neck but none came.

“Come with me precious” Hermione whimpered as he picked her up like a small child.

“Hush my pet” he said softly placing a single kiss on her forehead that sent her into a deep sleep. Glancing around the room he picked up her wand and pulled his cape around them both; the air seemed to shimmer as they dissolved into the shadows. Had anyone been looking they would have seen a no more then a trick of light as a shadow slipped out the open window and vanished into the moonless sky.


 *Here are the basics:
(possible) Genres: romance, horror, au, angst
Time: probably after OotP
Starting place: Hermione's bedroom

Sounds exiting? Ok, here's the plot:
A vampire breaks into Hermione's house in order to get an easy meal. He is starving but as he stands beside her bed he stops. Her face remind him of his long lost love. As he hesitates, Hermione wokes up. And the story begins... the rest is up to you. wink.gif

Ok, now to the vampire. First I must say that I do appreciate J.K.Rowlings books and all, but her vampires... are not that good. Garlic? Not going to work in this story. The same goes with crosses and running water. Stakes do not kill, they merely paralyze.

So, a bit about the vampire himself:
Name: Gabriel, the Angel of Death
Age: appears to be around 20, real age 221 years

Gabriel is coldhearted and cruel. His heart is filled with hatered and sorrow. His first and only love was murdered over 200 years ago and he still carries the memory of her with him. Gabriel is extremely powerful and vicious. devil.gifHe doesn't care about mortals; he only sees them as a source of food or possible obstacles. His humanity has degenerated during the centuries. He isn't mean, he just doesn't care anymore. His emotional scars are deep and they still hurt even after all these years. And as he sees Hermiones face... he is forced to go through the pain and suffering again. Only this time it doesn't hurt so much. He feels a strange connection towards this girl, wheter he addmits it or not. Can a lion be friends with a sheep?

Gabriel is an old vampire. An elder to be exact. He is respected and feared by the vampire society. His name has haunted the Ministery of Magic for quite some time, but they are afraid to take action against him. And since Gabriel hasn't really taken interest on opposing the Ministery, they have left him alone. He was offered to join in Vordemort's forces but he declined. And send several Death Eaters to their grave.*

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