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Wonderful chapter by Anna_Black @TDA

Nicole bounded down the stairs loudly as the girls passing by her glared tiredly. Spotting her dark haired friend she stopped in the middle of the stairs, both girls creating a whining line up of tiered girls wanting to go to bed and whining about beauty sleep.

“ Like its going to do you any good.” She told a small third year with blonde hair, sticking her tongue out in a child like behaviour.  “ Where are you off to ?” She asked Emma after turning her back towards the girls, ignoring their groans once more.

“ Going to sleep, I got to be prepared for tomorrow. “ She said with an eye roll.  Nicole smiled, tomorrow would be Emma’s first meeting with Dumbledore concerning her situation since they had arrived at Hogwarts.  Nicole smirk as she spotted the already visible bump under the girls baggy night shirt, with a goodnight they went their separate ways to the relief of their fellow female Gryffindors.

The common room was deserted for the acceptation of three seventh year students who sat in front of the fire. Nicole silently crept towards the big couch where Sirius and Remus sat taking in hushed tones, Skylar who was sitting in a chair not far off spotted her friend and smirked knowing what she was up to.  Nicole smirked as well as she jumped up , springing herself into the laps of the boys taking them by complete surprise.  Looking up the small dark haired girl grinning as she noticed Skylar in a fit of giggles over the boys surprised and shocked expressions.

After coming to his senses and over coming the annoyance which is Nicole , Sirius addressed his friends.

“What’s on the agenda tonight mates ? “  Nicole smiled in mischief. “No Lamoure dear, we are not breaking into the heads common room again - “

“Why not?” The girl cried out cutting him off.

“ First because its too easy seeing as we know the password and all and secondly I promised James I wouldn’t allow you to. “ Crossing her arms Nicole pouted mumbling over unfair things.  Her pouting came to an end when Sirius suddenly sprang from the couch and up the boys stair case,  Nicole jumped up suddenly and onto Remus’s lap.

“Where’s the dragon?!” She half yelled causing her friends to chuckle at her obvious behaviour. Before Remus or Skylar could question either of their friends sanities Sirius came rushing down once more with a bottle of Jack Daniels in hand.

“I don’t thin- “  Sky was cut of my Nicole and Sirius’s sudden  shushes.  

“Darling its tradition!” He said fiercely dropping the bottle as well as four shot glasses on the coffee table, he took his seat on the other side of Nicole.

“I’m with Sky - “

“ Shut up Remus” Nicole said, scooting toward the coffee table eagerly, in a matter of seconds she was filling the glasses.  When she was done  and everyone had a glass in hand Sirius began with the rules.

“ The game is called Have you ever,  we know the rules, there isn’t any. You simply start off with Have you ever…… and finish off with something, if you’ve done it you take a swig. The drunkest person buys a round of butterbeers at the next Hogsmead trip - “

“ And chocolate. “ Remus added, Sirius smirked knowing this was his friends way of saying he’s in.

“ Sugar quills - “

“ Lollipops!” Nicole said cutting off Skylar who sent her a playful smirk before quickly turning to Sirius and nodding vigorously.

“ Fine, Butterbeers, Chocolate frogs, Sugar quills and Lollipops. “ He said ticking them off. With a smirk the games started.   An hour had gone by and the bottle was three quarters empty which was mostly consumed by the wasted Sirius who seemed to have done a lot of odd and embarrassing things .

“I have never done anything sexually related in a Professors classroom. “ Skylar said receiving a loud groan from the boy across from her as he took yet another shot. No one bothered to ask what happened anymore for Sirius probably wouldn’t remember but what took up their interest was when Nicole also took a shot.

“ Fifth year, James saw me and Lily walking down the hall after hours so he slipped into a classroom and well lets say he grabbed the wrong girl which he didn’t notice until he was done snogging me.  With a loud giggle she filled her glass and lifting it up as if in a toast she started.

“ I have never kissed a Professor to get out of detention or a bad grad. “ A loud string of giggles escaped the girls mouths as Sirius yet again took another swing, Remus looked upon his friend with disgust.  “ I’m not even going to ask” Nicole said as she held her sides.  While Sirius mumbled angrily Remus picked up his glass and thought for a moment.

“ Lets go Remmy - hit us with your best shot!” Skylar said rather loudly.

“I have never… gone skinny dipping ?” He said uncertain.

“Liar!” Sirius shouted  as he took a drink. Remus shrugged  and took a swig also, Skylar mirrored his movements.

“ You’ve got to be kidding me!” Skylar half screamed as she looked wide eyes at her friends still full glass.  Nicole’s blue eyes looked at her three companions innocently.  “ Its like an important thing in every teenagers life, it’s a have to!” She said waving her hands around her head getting them caught in her long wavy blond locks, looking rather mad.

“ That’s it you’ve got to do it “ Remus said smirking, at the very moment Nicole could have chocked the boy till he turned blue but she guessed that the ministry wasn’t to kind to murder and he was most likely stronger then her.

“No, I’m not - “

“ Fine I dark you and Remus to do it. “ Sirius slurred, his eyes going crooked.  Her anger turned to Sirius who seemed unfazed.

“Wait, no! Sirius - “ Remus’s warning were cut off by Nicole’s smirk as she muttered Fine.  Remus shot her a shocked looked that turned to one of annoyance and anger.  Standing up they headed towards the portrait hole, Skylar and Sirius, though a bit disoriented, were excited while Nicole was determined and Remus, well being him knew something bad was about to unfold.

“ Come on guys, take it off!” Sirius shouted, sounding like a hormonal teenager, which he in fact was.

“ Sirius, shuve off if you think I’m taking my knickers off in front of you!”  Sirius maniacal smirk only grew as he wiggled his eyebrows at Nicole.

“Of course not but Remus is a totally different case. “ She glared alongside Remus as the boy practically tripped over himself with excitement. “ Just get in there you hormonal animals. “ He yelled the last word with a manly giggle.

Chuckling Nicole turned her eyes toward Remus who was working on getting undressed and glaring at his fellow Marauder. Looking at his shirt less chest she spotted several long and thing scars  and wondered if there were many more. How would one get such scars? Was he abused? Maybe an accident?  Some look recent, she thought as she spotted one on his shoulder.  Though he didn’t play Quidditch with the rest of them, instead chose to stay in the bleachers with Lily and Emma , he had a toned and muscular chest which was rather pale.  Looking down at herself Nicole resumed that she was also rather pall.  As she caught his eyes on her own she turned away and slowly took off her jeans.

Remus looked down at the small girl, her thin frame innerved him, she was pale and she reminded him of a skeleton.  He had never really noticed how small she was for she usually wore baggy or layered clothing.  It looked as If he could wrap his arms around her twice and still have enough room to hug Sirius.  As her eyes met him he looked away, hardly  noticing her do the same.

Catching their breaths they each set a smile on their faces and looked back towards the other.

“Ready? “ Remus nodded and she gave him a small smirk before grabbing his hand.  He felt awkward standing there mostly naked in front of his friends, looking back down at her body his cheeks tinged pink. She was perfect in every way, from her long wavy dark locks that travelled down her back to her large sky blue eyes that reminded him of  summer mornings.  It was her pixie thin body that rattled him.

“Let’s go already.” Skylar groaned.

Taking one last look at each other they tightened their grips before running down the dock and jumping into the frozen cold lake.  Nicole felt as if she would never come up and if it wasn’t for Remus’s hand grasping her own she probably wouldn’t, as they resurfaces she chocked up water she hadn’t realised she’d swallowed.

“What was that?” He asked and she simply shrugged.

“Sorry, I’m tipsy. “ She said giving him one of her many excuses, the truth was lately she been feeling rather tiered and weak, she hated the feeling, she felt vulnerable.  “ Oh Merlin” She whined as she spotted her friends retreating into the castle, their clothes in hand.  “ You’ve got to be pissing me!”  Getting out of the water she leaned on Remus for support.

“ Don’t worry. “ He said pulling out his wand, Nicole smile glad that one of them had been thinking to bring it out with them, she had long forgotten it on her night stand in her dormitories. With a swish of his wand and a silent mutter they spotted a cloak zipping through the air and out the boys dormitory window towards them, as is landed in his hands he did it once more but no cloak came.  Arching his brow, he was obviously confused but the  reason to his problem was heard laughing from the window as Sirius and Skylar stuck their heads out, grinning like maniacs.

“Suckers!” Skylar shouted as they shut the window.  Remus tried many more spells but none worked, with a final sigh he looked down at the cloak in his hands to the girls beside him, a smirk etching its way on his face.

“ I don’t like that look “ Nicole said, with a glance at the cloak she lunged for it but Remus was to fast and ripped it from her gasp. “Come on Remus, be a gentleman. “ She pleaded but the boy tisked as he pulled the cloak over his wet and cold body.

“ As I recall you were the one to agree with Sirius. “ Nicole groan and with one last glare she headed toward the castle only in her knickers and bra, Remus trailing behind her.

“ I can’t believe them…. I hope Sky doesn’t take advantage of the poor bloke. “ Nicole smirked at Remus’s shocked expression. “ Joking.. “ He nodded, of course she was , it would most likely be the other way around in which Sirius would make a complete fool out of his drunken self.  “So.. How was your summer?” He tried but once she sent him an odd, questioning glance he shut up and they trudged on in silence. Finally they came upon the school doors, prying them open she welcome the comfort of the cold walls of Hogwarts and its safety.

“ Do you hear that Mrs. Norris ?” They stopped mid step as they heard the voice of the care taken Filch.  Sending Remus an alarmed looked Nicole grabbed his arm and pulled him quietly down the hall, hoping to find a classroom on their way but she was taken by surprise when the boy pulled her behind a painting and into a tiny storage room which seemed to be ten times colder then the castle.

“ Shh” He said  putting a finger to his lips as he pushed her against the wall, the place was half the size of any other closet in the whole castle and she would quickly admit her discomfort to the closeness with her male friend, especially when they were both soaking wet and half naked.   Figuring Filch would disappear quick enough they were proven wrong, in their hast to get away they forgot about they dripping wet bodies and the foot prints they  left behind that seemed to stop right in front of the painting.

It must have been an hour later,  they were both sitting on the grown with their knees pressed to their chests, they were mostly dry by now but still cold.  Sending Nicole a pitying glance Remus took off the cloak and wrapped it around her small frame.  Turning towards him with tiered eyes she smiled, picking up the cloak she draped it over the both of them before letting her arms dropped to her sides.

“Are you alright? “ He asked sending her a concerned look, she nodded with a  smile and simply muttered ‘tiered’ before laying her head against his naked shoulder, she tried to ignored the slight shake of her body that she put aside as the cold.

Before she knew it she had fallen asleep on Remus’s shoulder only to wake a couple hours later disoriented with a killer head ache wondering how in Merlin she got to her bed in the dormitory.  

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