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A/N – This is the point in time where you run after me with pitchforks and torches. I’ve started school, so my time is all chopped up. But I promise, I will make the most effort I can to keep updating! I’ve finally figured out how to get internet at one of my jobs, so I’ll be able to update there. Please enjoy this next chapter. I’m debating on whether or not I should do short chapters with quicker updates or longer chapters with more time between updates…we’ll see. 

Chapter 7


George loved the looks on their faces. Well really, he just loved Hermione’s face. But that was off the subject. He grinned for a moment longer before starting to explain, “Just a small little gathering. A few friends and such.”

“I never figured you two for the sort of people to throw balls,” Hermione continued to look at him strangely. 

“Well, we have to keep you on your toes now,” George replied. 

Catching on to the idea, Fred added, “Actually on your feet. We’ll make sure there are enough blokes there to keep you busy all night.”

“Come on guys, you can’t be serious. I’m not dancing,” Hermione said flatly. 

“Nonsense!” Fred exclaimed as him and George put their arms around her shoulders. 

“You have to dance, Hermione. You have to be an appropriate hostess,” George explained. 

“All Cinderella-style. Except you’re switching spots with Prince Charming.”

“You both are joking.”

“Not really,” George suddenly became serious, “Hermione, this is the proper way to get into a relationship.”

She looked at him like he was crazy, “A ball? You want me to hook up with someone at a ball?”

“Not exactly hook-up,” Fred tried to sooth the situation. 

“What exactly do you mean then?” Hermione asked with slight fury in her eyes.

“Just that you get a feel of what’s out there for you. Kind of like options, you know?” George explained. 

“Options for what?” Hermione’s look was dark. And the twins knew they were treading on dark waters. Dark scary waters. 

“Look, Hermione. It’s just a ball. Something to reward all of our hard work. A social event. And I really hate to do this, but since you’re being so difficult,” Hermione threw him a glare, “I must insist as your provider and caretaker that you attend the event and be a gracious hostess,” Fred finalized. 

George grinned at his brother. He was a genius. 

“Fine,” Hermione huffed and started to leave the room. Before leaving completely though she told them severely, “I’m not wearing a fancy dress though!”

They laughed as she exited, knowing they’d be able to get her into a dress one way or the other. 

“You want to handle that one?” George asked. 

“If I must,” Fred sighed and they started chuckling again. 

“I suppose that could have been worse,” Fred observed. 

“Definitely,” George agreed, “I’m just glad she didn’t bring up what exactly we expected her to do at the ball.”

Fred’s eyes lit up, “what did you have in mind?”

“Well I was thinking,” George started.

“You know I love it when you do that.”

“Well yes,” George chuckled, “And the thing is, we really need to expose her to the entire wizarding world. We need to make sure all the fish are there in her sea of options, you know?”

“I get you,” Fred answered, “so you’re inviting everyone.”

“Not everyone,” George amended, “We’ll need to preselect first, of course.”

“A guest list! We could make her deliver the invitations!” 


“Then whichever one she chooses,” Fred started.

“Wait, wait!” George stopped him, “What if the one she chooses isn’t the best for her?”

“I thought that’s why we were pre-selecting…” Fred answered a little confused.

“But shouldn’t he be the best of the best?” George asked earnestly. 

Fred saw the look in his brother’s eyes. The doubt…and the feeling he was trying to hide. Fred nodded, “Best of the best. You’re right, George. We won’t let her pick one the night of the ball. They’ll have to prove themselves.”

“Perfect,” George agreed, “We’ll have contests. They’ll have to fight to be chosen by her.”

Fred laughed, “Sounds great. After all, Hermione is too precious. She must be won.”

“Any bloke who can survive us, our contests, and convince Hermione of their feelings truly deserves her,” George continued.

“Any bloke who tries that hard must really love her,” Fred murmured. 

George kept going on with the plans of the ball. 

George and Fred sat down that night for dinner. Instead of gobbling down Hermione’s delicious dinner, they sat with a pen and paper writing down every eligible young man they could think of. 

“You two can’t be serious,” Hermione rolled her eyes. 

“Victor Krum?” Fred suggested. 

“If we must,” George grumbled. 

“Victor is coming?” Hermione’s eyes lit up. 

“Of course, Hermione,” George said trying to be patient, “So is Harry, Ron, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Oliver Wood, Blaise Zabini, Ernie Macmillan, Roger Davis, Draco Malfoy, Justin Finch-Fletchy, Zachar…”

The list was cut off though when Hermione tackled George and grabbed the paper out of his hands.

“Draco Malofy!?!?”

“Now Hermione, calm down,” Fred said gently as he tried to retrieve the paper from her death grip. 

“He’ll most likely only be here for one night,” George soothed.

“Most likely?” Hermione seethed. 

“He’s not all that bad,” Fred tried this time.

“Unbearable ferret…” Hermione muttered.

“He’ll be on his best behavior Hermione,” George assured her, “It is afterall a huge social event. Everyone must act a certain way. And he will. And you must also.” 

“Do I really have to?” Hermione winced. 

Fred smiled, knowing they had won her over, “Of course. Now we’ll need to take you to Hogsmeade right away.”

“What for?” George and Hermione both asked. 

“To get you a dress,” Fred answered.

“I told you I’m not wearing a fancy…” Hermione was cut off by George.

“Now Hermione, you have to. You won’t be a civilized if you go in jeans and a tshirt. You’ll be completely underdressed. And then what will people say? Our business will crash, just because you don’t want to…”

“Alright, alright. I’ll wear the dress,” Hermione grumbled. 

“Well, actually guys…” Fred grinned, “I was talking about just a simple dress to go hand out invitations in.”

George’s grin matched his twin's as Hermione’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened in disbelief. 

“You mean I have to see everyone before the ball even starts?”

It was amusing. It was working. The plan that would keep Hermione sane, and the twins' business in…well business. Everything was working out. 

A/N – Sorry it’s so short once again. However, now that I’ve filled this gap in my outline planning, I’ll be able to update more frequently and such. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed! Truly, I’m floored! Please keep reading and reviewing.

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