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Seven Minutes in heaven might not be long enough


By star11rox


“I can’t believe I got roped into this” Lily thought bitterly. Just because her best friend Maria White was, of course temporarily, dating Sirius Black didn’t mean she had to hang out with them with the Marauders with her. But, her 3 other friends Sarah Jenkins, Alice Kessler and Molly Lambert had wanted to as well, so she grudgingly agreed.


            Lily, Maria, Sarah, Alice, and Molly were getting ready in Lily’s Head Girl room to go outside to the Head Common room. Alice and Molly were lucky. They had boyfriends. Well, Alice had a sweet boyfriend, named Frank Longbottom, and Molly a charming fellow named Arthur Weasley. But Molly and Arthur weren’t officially dating, but they were as good as. They flirted every second of every day. Every time anyone asked them if they were dating, they both blushed a scarlet that matched each of their red hair.


            Naturally, neither one of their red hair could compare with Lily’s. Lily Evans had flaming red hair redder than Godric Gryffindor himself. Not only that, she also had emerald green eyes that complimented her scarlet hair perfectly. She knew that, because James Potter told her that daily.


James Potter. Now there was a subject Lily hated. Yet she could go on for hours about him. All her friends used to tell her that she was secretly in love with him, but stopped once she learned how to curse people. Supposedly, she hated him, but the reasons for hating him were growing fewer. He didn’t mess up his already messy hair anymore, he didn’t curse people for fun anymore, he didn’t make fun of Snape anymore, and it was driving Lily mad. She hated him because she didn’t have a reason to hate him anymore.


“Lily, we’re going downstairs now!” Maria called from the door. Lily broke out of her thinking spell and ran outside.




“What do you want to do?” Alice asked, holding hand with Frank. The Marauders, Frank, Arthur, and the girls were sitting in a circle on the floor in the Head Common room. They had played Fanged Frisbee, Exploding Snap, wizards chess, and just about every other game that they could think of.


“How about we pull a prank?” suggested Sirius.


“NO!!!” Lily screamed.


“Jeez, testy woman,” Sirius muttered.


Lily gave him a Lily Look, it was #8 on James’s Lily Look List. One of his favorites.


“I have an idea,” Maria announced.


“What?” Remus asked.


 “I played this one summer with some friends in my neighborhood. It’s a version of Seven Minutes in Heaven. First, you draw someone’s name out of a hat. Then, that person  is assigned someone to have theirs with by there friends, and then the opposite friends, which means they go twice. One time their friends pick and the next the Marauders get to pick.



Everyone agreed, so they started. Maria placed a charm on the closet to be used so you had to kiss in it. Alice drew out of the hat first. “Sirius,” she read.


The girls got in a huddle. “That will be you, Maria, of course.” Lily decided. The girls agreed.


“Are you ready?” Alice asked the boys.


“Yeah,” the boys said. Lily noticed Sirius looked rather like he wanted to club James. Lily was about to egg him on when Sarah began speaking. “We girls agreed on Maria,”

she spoke.


“We guys agreed on Molly,” James said, rather smugly.


“WHAT?” Maria and Arthur shouted.


In Sirius’s face, James said, “In your face.”




After a few shocking rounds and people ready to kill each  other, Lily’s name finally came out.


“James,” All the girls agreed at once.


“What-no!” Lily shouted.


The guys felt the same, so since it was James and Lily twice, it was 14 minutes instead of seven.



Sirius threw her over his shoulder and threw her in the closet. James walked in.


“Lily, I didn’t plan this, I swear.” James said quietly.


“I know.”


“Well, I guess we have to kiss,” James said as he leaned in and met her lips with his.


I’m baaack! Who missed me? Just kidding! This is my first novel, so I need lots of help from you, and you know what that means- review! Oh and also check out my author page. Thanks!

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