Lily walked around the school with a pleasant smile on her face. James was always with her, right by her side. They would laugh as they walked along the corridors as he told her of the pranks he pulled. His friend Sirius was always around too, together they were so amazing, every other thing they said made Lily laugh, it was a great double act.

People looked at Lily, actually they starred at her, like she was an animal in the zoo. Some people whispered and pointed, but none dare approach her.

“Why are they like that around me?” Lily asked James as they walked to charms.

“Because they don't know you anymore. You were once really popular, but not in the good way, you're different now... They don't understand.” James tried to explain.

“How could I be popular in a bad way?” Lily asked with a giggle.

“Honestly?” James asked slowly.

“Yeah, honestly.”

“Because you brought down the people you needed to, and kept down everyone else. You dated a git for his status. You were a bitch.” James said. “And you want t know what is worse, after a year it all fell apart, you desperately wanted out of it. But short of destroying yourself there was no way out, people knew too much and were too ruthless. You couldn't escape.” James explained with a great sigh.

“That sounds... Why, why would I do that... How could I?” Lily asked shocked.

“Because sometimes people do things to protect themselves, just to get hurt anyway.” James replied.

Lily didn't say anything for a long time, only when dinner was served did she speak again.

“I slept with him didn't I?” Lily asked.

“You did, yes.” James replied.

“Did I loose it with him?” Lily asked with a slight blush.

“Erm... No...” James said after a pause. Suddenly he really didn't want to be next to her, he didn't want to be talking about this...

“Then who?” Lily asked not noticing his discomfort.

“Well, actually.. er.. It was me.” James said finally. Lily stared at him for a minute or so before blushing and turning towards the chocolate cheesecake sitting on the plate before her.

That night Lily sat on the Gryffindor sofa in front of the fire, staring at the orange flames, she was thinking, but what of she wasn't entirely sure. Suddenly she felt someone sit down beside her and turned to see James sitting there. He looked awkward.

“James.” Lily said softly. He turned towards her with dancing eyes.

Lily took it all in, his smooth skin, his thoughtful eyes, unruly hair, he was no more then any other boy and yet there was something about him. Something that made her stomach tickle and her mind go fuzzier then it already was.

So she leant forward and captured his lips with hers. So soft, he tasted like butterbeer. James cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, then pulled away a little bit, so their lip were only a whisper away.

“There are so many things Lily that you just don't understand.” James said softly, his lips lightly touching hers.

“Then help me.”

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