Disclaimer: I own nothing! *** Last Time: Liz forced the tears down, “Is that what you want?” she asked quietly. “What?” Sirius asked looking at the group. “I asked you a question Sirius!” Liz said standing up, “Is that why you don’t tell them to go away,” She said pointing to the girls by them, “Is it because you like being around girls other than your girlfriend?” That was it for Liz tears streamed down her face and she ran out of the great hall. Lily jumped up, gave Sirius a nasty look and ran out after Liz. The boys looked after the girls and then at Sirius, they knew that he made a mistake and it was going to take a whole lot more than sorry to fix it. *** Lily ran up to her dorm and found Liz throwing her things around the dorm room. Lily didn’t know what to do. Liz seemed so angry yet so heartbroken. Lily ran over to her and grabbed her defense against the dark arts book out of her hands. She needed to calm her down. If she kept this up she would do something stupid. “Stop it Liz!” Lily yelled. “Why?” Liz said yelling back. “Because your hurt right now and you need to calm down,” Lily said lowering her voice. Liz sat down on her bed and Lily sat down beside her. Lily didn’t know what to do; Liz never acted like this with any of her past boyfriends. Liz got up and started to walk towards the door. She opened the door and said, “I’m going for a walk,” and walked out. Lily sighed not knowing what to do; she walked out and into the common room to find Sirius and James on the couch. Lily went over and sat down opposite from them. She knew Liz was hurting and also knew she still wanted to be with Sirius. She wanted to help her friend and the only way she knew how was to talk to Sirius. “Sirius, you have to talk to her,” Lily said. “I can’t,” Sirius said. “Yes you can,” Lily said. “No, he can’t,” James said. Lily turned to James, “What do you mean he can’t?” “Ok well, it’s not that he can’t, it’s just he doesn’t know how,” James explained. “Huh?” Lily was confused and that was saying something. “Look Lily, I don’t usually get into fights with girls. They usually just agree with everything I say, that’s why I wanted to be with Liz. Liz doesn’t just say, yes Sirius your right, she has a mind of her own. I didn’t mean that I didn’t want to be with her. I wish just saying for James since he’s not going out with anybody,” Sirius said. “Sirius! You can talk to girls! You just did! All you have to say is say everything you said to me. Just tell her that you are sorry and you didn’t mean it like that,” Lily said. Sirius looked at her strangely and then shook his head. Lily knew she was going to have to do something and soon, “Look Sirius, how about I teach you how to have a conversation with girls.” Sirius looked like he was about to say something, “Sirius, I’ve seen you and all you do is talk about Quidditch. Liz likes Quidditch true, but she doesn’t want to talk about it contently.” Sirius nodded and walked away. “So Lily are you staying for winter break?” James asked. Lily snapped her head towards James, “What?” “I asked you if you were going to stay for winter break.” “No,” Lily totally forgot winter break was in two weeks which meant going home to her father. *** Dear Dairy, I need help! Winter break is coming up! It’s in two weeks, I don’t know what to do. Father is going to be horrible, I really don’t want to go. I really miss mum but I’m scared. I’m scared that he’s going to Hurt me. I wish I could talk to someone But I can’t. I know what they would say, They would think I was some kind of slut. But maybe I am, maybe I could have Done something to make him stop. What Would I have done though? I’m only 15 years old. Liz and Sirius are fighting, Liz is really hurt. I don’t know how to help her. She don’t seem like she’s going to forgive Sirius any time soon. I wish there was something I could do for them. I’m giving Sirius lessons on how to talk to girls. He’s not used to dating girls like Liz. All I can Say is it’s going to be intrusting teaching him. I don’t think there is anything I can do for Liz Though. I wish there was but I can’t think of anything… Love, Me *** Lily spent the next week in a half with James; she found that he was a really good friend. Though a lot of girls instantly became jealous. Rob Peterson pushed practices to after winter break because most of the team were 5th years and they need time to study. Lily was grateful. They was just so much going on at the moment. Liz and Sirius still hadn’t made up. Lily promised Sirius that they would start the lessons after winter break; she wanted to get as much work done before break. Lily was really scared for winter break to come, she knew what would happen the first night her mother had work. It was now a couple days till break and she was with James, they were building a snowman. “Not very talkative today are you?” “No,” Lily replied. “Lily, is there something wrong?” James asked. “No,” Lily repeated. James knew something wasn’t right but he didn’t want to say anything to get her upset. It was becoming obvious that Lily was scared or nervous about something. What, he didn’t know. The only thing he could think of was it had to do with winter break. *** The morning Lily was to leave for winter break had no came. She hadn’t gotten much sleep that night. She didn’t know what to expect, she knew her father was upset out her leaving in a hurry. Though she did have other worries now, Liz was getting on her nerves. She would snap at Lily for no reason and Lily was getting tired of it. She had been nice to Liz and had not said anything about it. In fact she hadn’t even brought up Sirius for the past week. “God Lily! Could you be a bit quieter?” Liz snapped at Lily. “What the he// is your problem!” Lily snapped. “Like you don’t know!” Liz said. “No I don’t!” Lily yelled. “Your right you don’t! Only because you aren’t around any more!” Liz yelled. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Lily asked. “You’re always with James!” Liz replied, “And you’ve been spending a lot of time with Sirius to! Was that your plan Lily? To break me and Sirius up and then try to get him for yourself?” Liz yelled. Lily noticed that their dorm mates were up and watching them with interest, “Liz you know that’s not true! I’m trying to help you!” Lily said not believe what her friend said about her. “Yeah right!” Liz snapped and walked into the bathroom. Lily couldn’t believe what just happened; she grabbed her clock and ran down to the common room. Tears teamed down her face, she had never had a fight with Liz before. She couldn’t believe that Liz would say something like that to her; she thought they were stronger than that. She had seen girls fight with their friends over guys before but she never thought that it would happen to them. “Lily?” James said from the couch. “James!” Lily said through her tears. James walked over to Lily and brought her to the couch. She sat down next time him and just cried, she didn’t want to lose her best friend. She didn’t eve think that the tries were just from the fight either. “What’s wrong, flower?” James asked. Lily looked up and smiled, nobody had called her that in a long time. Well her father did sometimes but not in that voice. “Liz and I had a fight,” Lily said. “Lily, don’t cry. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad,” James said. “James you don’t understand, Liz and I had never had a fight. The things that she said.” Lily told him everything and James sat and listened. After Lily had talked herself out James helped her to the great hall. An hour later they were sitting in the school train to take them home for winter break. Lily hated the fact that Liz didn’t sit with them. She didn’t want Christmas to come with her best friend mad at her. Though she was mad at Liz for saying the things she did to her. Lily kept herself alive during holidays at home knowing she had friends at Hogwarts and she couldn’t die. Now that Liz was mad at her she didn’t know if she could survive the break. Hopefully someone, anyone cared… *** Hey! Thank you for reviewing! I’ve been trying to think of things to happen in my story, I want something new. If any of you have any suggestions please let me know! Thank you, Steep littleaquarianprincess nymphomaniac ShellyV929 lemongirl08 hotshot567 Next Time: -What’s going on with Daisy? -What’s going to happen now that Lily’s home? -Will Liz and Lily make up? THANK YOU ALL! PLEASE REVIEW!

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